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Baby V4 in the USA: 1988 Honda NC30 for Sale

1988 Honda NC30 R Side

The Honda NC30 was officially introduced in 1989, although this one obviously slipped in under the wire as, according to the seller, it was manufactured in December of 1988. This was the first year of the smaller V4 to feature the iconic look seen here, with dual round headlamps to match the single-sided swingarm and overall look of the bigger RC30.

1988 Honda NC30 Fairing

Internally, this was also the first year for the 360° “big bang” firing order that has the combustion events occurring close together, instead of spaced evenly. This theoretically allows the tire to regain traction briefly between pulses, increasing grip, improving tire life, and making a much cooler noise as a bonus! Front tire was a 17″ with the rear 18″, making tire choice a bit limited today.

1988 Honda NC30 Rear Wheel

The little 400cc motor makes an underwhelming 53hp, although handling is another story and the NC30 is definitely about corner speed and momentum.

And the right side of the bike may be the good side, with all that single-sided-y goodness. But it always makes me worry that the un-photographed side hides some dark secret…

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NC30 for Sale

December 1988 Honda NC30 VFR400. This bike is one of the first off the production in Japan and I have a letter from Honda to prove along with it confirming its correct engine and frame numbers.

These were only ever made for Japanese market. Never sold here.

Legally imported and registered with a clean and clear title which I have in hand. I owned this machine in England where I used it and then legally imported it when I moved here.

It’s in the very rare seed silver.

Wheels are immaculate.

Good Bridgestone battleax tires.

Just serviced all with official Honda parts.

Air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, and oil.

Recent new front brake pads.

Absolutely no leaks anywhere.

All original panels no cheap reproduction.

Blue flame exhaust but also has its original uncut system included.

Has a black double bobble screen but also has it original screen (still has Japanese decal)

Recently fitted speedo converter when I moved here, Now reads in MPH rather than KMH

Other than the mentioned this bike is completely standard. Has the original rubber seals around the headlights, the infill panels between the panels and the frame. The drain pipes and hoses are in place along with the holders in their positions as they should be.

Renthal chain and sprocket set.

Spares include front discs (rotors)

Spark plugs 

Fork dust seals

Speedo cable.

Just a extremely clean and reliable bike for 27 years old. A iconic collectors bike. Not another forsale in the whole country that I can find.

I use the bike regularly. 

Nothing else looks or sounds like it.

1988 Honda NC30 Front

The NC30 was produced for the Japanese market, but some were officially sold in select European markets. Bikes did manage to find their way to North America by way of Canada and, in this case, individuals jumping through the hoops required to import them. In spite of their rarity and exotic specifications however, prices have been generally much less than the more famous 750cc version.

1988 Honda NC30 Rear

They’re far from fast bikes, but they handle beautifully and, if you’re looking for genuine Honda racing heritage with gear-driven V4 whine and your funds won’t stretch to an RC30 or RC45, this is a pretty good way to get a very polished piece of exotica you can actually use every day.


1988 Honda NC30 R Side2

Baby V4 in the USA: 1988 Honda NC30 for Sale
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Grey Market Goodies – 1994 Honda VFR400

1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay


Grey Market imports are always a bit of a rare bird over here in the States.  With our long, flat roads and lack of a graduated licensing system, the 400s just didn’t have a market here and that’s a shame.  (Yes, I know we got the FZR400, but it’s not really in the same league… no hate mail please, Fizzer Fans).  The VFR400 is basically a scaled down version of Honda’s iconic RC30 but it’s still packed with it’s big brother’s trick goodies like the gear driven cams and the single sided swingarm.  Power from the 399cc V4 is respectable if not overwhelming with Honda claiming 60hp at the crank and it is nice and light, tipping the scales at only 340lbs.  So you know what that means…  Keep the RPMs up and learn to carry your corner speed and the VFR400 becomes a great track weapon.


This particular VFR400 looks like it’s seem some track days based on the sellers description and modifications, but it does come with a clean and clear title out of California, so you should have no problems registering it and riding it on the street as well.  This is the “NC30” model which was the final evolution of the VFR400 and it was well refined by this point.  Most consider it to be the most desirable of the VFR400 models.  You can read more in the seller’s eBay auction here: 1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay

California titled Honda NC30 VFR400R motorcycle. Clean title. Very trick race-bred restoration!! It’s a  real ripper!

This bike was never available in the United States. It is a 1994 model fully registered and titled in California as a 2004 model with a 11 digit VIN. It is ready to ride. There is simply nothing like the howl of this V-4’s gear driven cams in the high RPMs – where this machine was made to run. Everything on this bike is bred from the expensive development of racing NC 30’s in the San Francisco Bay Area

This bike is in fantastic shape- built and ridden by a long time NC enthusiast and racer.

-Full tune performed
-Fresh brake fluid, oil,coolant
-New oil filter, air filter, plugs
-New Rubber front and rear
-Custom Fairing Paint
-Properly jetted Yoshimura race exhaust
-Brand spanking new chain and sprockets
-Fully adjustable rear suspension
-Front Ohlins steering damper
-New front brake wave rotors
-New fork seals
-Brand new custom painted tank
-New intake manifolds
-Fully rebuilt carburetors
-Custom front and rear brake lines
-New battery
-Charging System charging
-New brake pads
-Freshly powder coated rims,front and rear
-Race grade cooling system upgrade



Grey Market Goodies – 1994 Honda VFR400
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Baby Superbike: 1989 Honda VFR400R NC30


RSBFS faithful know – and generally love – the NC30. Posing as a RC30 (especially with this livery), but in smaller size, less weight and a screaming 400cc V-four, the NC30 is the less expensive choice. But you don’t give up fun for that; what you trade in outright HP you gain in smiles per RPM. And there are a lot of RPMs to play with. This particular bike appears to be well-loved and mostly stock – although the seller notes an updated exhaust system and a Hagon rear shock. While not offering the bling of an Ohlins or even high-end Showa unit, the Hagon replacement is a popular choice for riders of older machines; it is a budget conscious purchase that should work for the majority of excursions. If you are targeting this as a track-day only machine, you should probably budget for some upgrades in the suspension department.


1989 Honda NC30 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This auction is for my Extremely Nice 1989 VFR400R NC30. If you are looking at this auction, you already know how remarkable these machines are. The 1989 model year is the first year for the NC30, and is the only year with this paint scheme, which matches it’s big brother, the RC30; and is by far the most popular paint scheme! This bike Starts, Runs, and Rides absolutely superbly! The carburetor jetting is perfect, and it just runs remarkably!! This bike has no smoke or leaks at all, and needs absolutely nothing. It is ready to ride. I recently installed new spark plugs, and I just installed a brand new Bridgestone Battalax BT090 Rear Tire, which matches the front tire.


Based in Ohio, this VFR400R has its adoption papers at the ready. Forget the comparison to the big brother RC30 and judge this model on its own merits: you are looking at what is likely the class of the 400cc field. The GSX-R might be more rare, the FZR might be more economical to purchase, but short of a Bimota YB7 you are not likely to find a sweeter package that combines handling and performance. Throw in legendary Honda fit and finish and you have a bike worth holding on to for a long, long time. Check out all of the details here, and then leave us a message in the comments: what is your favorite 400cc sportbike? Good Luck!


Baby Superbike: 1989 Honda VFR400R NC30
Honda October 16, 2014 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in California

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 for sale

Practically an RSBFS staple, the NC30 is always a welcomed treat. While much nicer than the last NC30 we posted, it might be a bit of a stretch calling it fully restored as advertised. On the other hand I’d be proud too as it’s obviously been cleaned up a lot more than some of the JDM imports we see. The seller has included many close ups for you to decide for yourself. This example has 26k miles and is California plated with the 11 digit VIN. Current bid is past $7500 with reserve not met and over 6 days remaining on the auction.


1992 Honda VFR400R for sale on eBay



from the seller:

Originally produced for the Japanese Domestic Market this NC30 is 400cc sibling of the RC30. If you were old enough to ride in the early 90’s then the bike needs no introduction. It’s not a rare bike in the UK in but they still command $4-$10k in fair to good condition. That being said there are only a handful of them in the US and even more rare are ones registered in California. I have yet to see one for sale in this condition ever at any price.

Full restoration less than a year ago under the supervision of RC30/V4 authority Jim Granger

Everything was completely gone through, reconditioned or replaced

Unmolested original example. Stock and OEM everything where possible including exhaust . Only exception is the windscreen that’s rarer than an albino unicorn.

Paint done by Jim Granger on original OEM bodywork in exact RC30 detail with OEM decals with a custom-fabricated solo seat cover (pillion Included)

Wheels- HRC Magnesium replicas in correct HRC gold

Derestricted UK ECU- no speed limiter

Everything that was done would be a long list, if you have questions just ask.

The story- I bought the bike in 2006 from an Air Force serviceman who brought it to the US on a Japanese MSO. It ran but hadn’t been ridden for a few years and the bike needed some TLC. I registered it with no issues in Washington State and left it with a shop to restore and long story short three-years later I boxed up the partial basket case and shipped it to Los Angeles. By miracle I found Jim Granger in Reseda, probably one of the world’s foremost authorities on the RC30’s and V4 motors and we spent the better part of a year restoring the bike.

We stripped it down to the swing arm and frame in Jan 2013 and completed it in Oct 2013. Jim went to work on all the mechanicals and we dissembled the entire bike bit by bit. My daily project was to degrease, scrub, wire brush, polish, prime, paint and clear-coat every piece. EVERYTHING was reconditioned or replaced when necessary. Every seal and hose was gone through or replaced. ALL fluids were changed. I even disassembled the clocks to ensure there was no fog on the interior glass of the speedo, tach and temp gauge. I replaced the bulbs in them too. A true nut and bolt resto and nothing was done half-ass.

Its a dream to ride and completely dialed in. Restoring it was one of the best educations i’ve received and now its time for the next. I’ve got a new toy and projects under way. If you know of an OWO1 I’m on the hunt too.

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in California
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Shade of Grey: 1993 Honda VFR400 NC30


The Honda VFR400 model – also known as the NC30 or Baby RC30 – is one of the bikes that defines the grey-bike movement. It’s not all about two strokes with a side of ring-a-ding ding when it comes to rarities and imports. Models with actual moving valves (disk and reed valves notwithstanding) also qualify. And in this group, the little NC30 is a real gem. Sporting a V4 configuration with gear driven cams, no other 400cc bike can match the sound of the VFR. Throw in RC30 themed body work, a single sided swingarm, and enough Honda technology to back up the looks, and you can see why the NC series is seen as the pinnacle of the 400cc segment. Style, power and sophistication – it’s the Honda way.


1993 Honda VFR400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:

Rare 1993 VFR 400 NC30, correctly titled as 1993 Honda with 11 digit VIN, current 2014 tags and has been CA titled over 15 years!

This is one of my project bikes I am clearing out as I have not had time to work on it over the last year, I need to finish another bike and the NC needs to go.

There is a large number of spares that come with the bike, some new some used, lots of good stuff and a couple thousand dollars worth new.


This particular bike is not exactly mint nor museum. That is not uncommon for these models, and many have had a pretty hard life. The seller indicates that this one could likely use a complete disassembly, cleaning and so forth. The good news is that there is a CA title and a ton of spares included. If you are looking for ride-away condition, you best look elsewhere. However if you are in the mood for a project, this one likely has your name on it. Check it out here (along with a lot of seller details and more pictures), and let us know what you think. Good luck!!


Shade of Grey: 1993 Honda VFR400 NC30
Honda August 8, 2014 posted by

CA Titled: 1994 Honda VFR400R NC30


While some believe the gray market bike craze in the US was built around importing two strokes, there is a dedicated group of enthusiasts that believe it should refer to 400cc machines not ordinarily found in this country. The legendary VFR400R – baby brother to the vaunted RC30 – is one of those models. Built under the philosophy of “less is more” the NC30 offered a smaller package and less weight than a traditional middleweight; the upside was all in handling. This particular example sports a California title, which is not an easy item to obtain.

1994 Honda NC30 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This bike was never available in the United States, however it is fully registered in california with a 11 digit VIN as a 2004model. In reality it is from 94. Don’t let the age fool you, this is an incredible late vintage motorcycle. Usually only available from the UK it’s rather well known for its niche. This gray market motorcycle is fully titled and ready to ride. There is simply nothing like the howl of this V-4’s gear driven cams in the high RPMs – where this machine was made to run.


According to the seller, this bike has had some major work done on it, including a service, paint, tires, suspension, cooling, exhaust and more. Sounds like it could be ready for some serious riding by the new owner. Located in San Francisco, this bike is looking for a new home. Prices on these models vary, and this one has a Buy It Now price of $9,000. That seems a bit steep, but the seller is open to offers. Normally a CA title raises the value of a gray market bike, as it can be registered and utilized by the new owner; regardless, prospective buyers are advised to check this out carefully. The VFR400R is a real gem in the 400cc market, and nothing looks or sounds like one. Check it out here!


CA Titled: 1994 Honda VFR400R NC30
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Red, White, and Blue: 1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in New York

1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 for sale

Here’s a great looking NC30 that is a welcomed breathe of fresh air from all the two smokers we’ve been seeing on the market this spring. This one has clearly been loved by it’s current owner as evidenced by his 2+ page description of the bike. It comes with OEM and spare bodywork, thoughtful upgrades like the VFR800 rear wheel and modified CDI, and is overall mostly stock. -dc

1989 Honda VFR400R for sale on eBay



from the seller:

Complete set of unrestored Tri Color Honda OEM body work and Original Gas Tank with all home market stickers and warning labels in place.
-Complete MotoStar ABS Tri Color Honda replica body work – OEM gas tank with professional restoration of OEM colors and stickers maybe negotiated separately, but not included with the bike.

-Upgraded CDI and de-restriction (raises rev and MPH limit)
-Ethos Half System Rear Race kit pipes combined with Front OEM header – popular upgrade / race setup in Japan at the time. Produces a smooth mid-range power delivery.
-Tyga SS exhaust can with OEM hanger (OEM passenger foot pegs in place)
-OEM forks with Rick Oliver upgraded spring kit for weight range of 180-200 pound rider – OEM springs included
-Newly Powder coated white OEM front wheel and 17” Rick Oliver rear wheel conversion – VFR750F 5 spoke rear rim with fully modified Rick Oliver Center Hub/Suspension linkage / rocker included.

-Original OEM unrestored 18” rear rim/tire and linkage parts included

-OEM rear Suspension
-COERCE` Race Rear Sets- Japanese made and an expensive `top of the range` item– these were on the bike when I bought it and there are no OEM front pegs with the bike.

-Hel Steel Braided brake lines in Blue – OEM brake lines included.
-Adjustable Shorty Billet Brake and Clutch Levers – OEM Levers included

-Brand new Sintered Racing Brake Pads installed – OEM pads included

– Brand New Dunlop Q2 tires – 17”

-OEM Directionals (blue housings) on OEM body work – Aftermarket black OEM Pattern style Included.

Original OEM passenger Pegs and Mounting brackets included.

-Original OEM rider and passenger seats in perfect condition – NO rips or excessive wear or fading.

-Fuel Tap rebuild kit and full replacement of all fuel lines with Rick Oliver OEM replacement parts.

– All Gaskets replaced 5/10/2014 along with a new battery and oil change.

-HiFlo air filter installed – OEM included. OEM Airbox is unmodified.

-Original OEM gas Cap key matched to Original Ignition included.

One OEM Key and one aftermarket Honda blank included.

-OEM Mirrors installed – Replica Originals included.

– Speedo reads in KM – NOT MPH! Converter overlay included.
-Multiple windscreens – Extra MotoStar Windscreen included – OEM windscreen installed on OEM body work with all original warning stickers in place.


Red, White, and Blue:  1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in New York