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Honda October 30, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda VFR400R NC30 in Canada!

For Sale: 1991 Honda VFR400R NC30

The 400cc gray market class is one of the most popular bikes on RSBFS – with the Honda NC30 leading the way – as evidenced by this post HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE! We constantly receive reader feedback about these little rockets, and most riders understand the draw: lightweight chassis with low overall mass and excellent handling coupled to a reasonably powerful motive force (figure approx 60 ponies from the V4) that revs into the stratosphere. All of that equates to great fun on twisty roads and race tracks!

When it comes to components, the NC30 is no slouch. In addition to the aforementioned V4 engine (with 16 valves, naturally), the little VFR sports an aluminum frame and a single-sided swingarm, just like its big brother the RC30. This bike was really built around a racing platform, and the end result shows the effort Honda made on what us North Americans call a “starter bike.” It is truly a pity that the smaller classes did not gain traction in the West, as we now lament the lack of 250cc two strokes and these fine 400cc mounts.

From the seller:
Hi what I have here is a 1991 Honda VFR400R NC30. It’s the little brother to the RC30. I imported this bike from Japan in 2007 along with 16 other different bikes that I intended to resell but lost intrest so they have been in dry storage at my shop since. This bike has never been licenced for the road here yet, but it is fully able to licence in Canada. All you need is to have an out of province inspection done to make sure the bike is road worthy, which I beleive it is but than again I’m not a licenced mechanic(just a back yard). this bike was put down at somepoint before I bought it. there are some minor scratches on the tank. It does have new plastic now and I do have some of the old beatup plastic(fiber glass) pieces to go with it., front shield , side panels, and lower cowel. Tires are very soft rubber (track tires) with some life still in them. all the lights work, and the bike runs good. This is a unique bike that is quite rare here in North America. I am willing to help with shipping but it will be the resposibility of the buyer.

Like almost every NC30 I have come across, the one has been down and the bodywork is not stock. That is not necessarily a deal killer, mind you, but this is not quite as pampered as one might hope to find. Still all the pieces are there, the mileage is reasonable (the seller notes 9K), and the bike is undeniably a rare find on this side of the Pacific.

This auction is going on right now, and there has been only light interest thus far. The current bid is only at $3,000, which is not a lot of cash for something as fun as an NC30. While we have seen cleaner models run much higher than this current figure, prices have not exactly skyrocketed on these models. For more information and to check out all of the pictures and details, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Honda June 8, 2011 posted by

Baby VFR: 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Miles: 7,500
Price: $7,700

With the price of the Honda RC30 constantly on the rise, many of us who would love to own one find ourselves only dreaming of having one in the stable. But there is still hope of having some of that Honda racing DNA in our possession. The VFR400R sure does look the part with its dual round headlamps and single sided swing arm. It also offers a 60hp V4 that revs all the way to 14,500rpm while the bike only weighs in at 360lbs (think Ninja250R plus 30lbs). With its lightweight aluminum frame and aggressive riding position, this little VFR offers endless amounts of fun (see photo below).

The particular bike for sale here has relatively low miles and appears to be all stock. Though, a better description and more detailed photos would be greatly appreciated. However, an email from the seller did state that the bike was being stored in a climate controlled storage and could get more photos upon request. Check out this RSBFS post from a year ago to get an idea of what a similar NC30 looks like.

From the seller:

1992 Honda VFR-400 {NC-30}. This is the 400cc V-4 version of the RC-30. Aoaki edtion, 350lbs, single sided swingarm, Gear driven Cams with a redline of 14,500 up !! The bike is near Mint condtion with around 7,500 Miles.This rare bike handles like a Razor !

The price seems a little on the high side, but with the availability of these VFR400Rs being sparse here in the US, who knows when another clean and unmodified example will come about. If you must have this little brother of the RC30 in your possession, take a look at the seller’s ad here!


Honda April 23, 2011 posted by

Petite VFR: 1993 Honda VFR400R NC30

For Sale: 1993 Honda VFR400R NC30

Update 4.23.2011: This bike has been relisted. Link updated. -dc

Next to 250cc two strokes (NSRs, Gammas and the like), the 400cc four stroke class has got to be one of the most popular import entries on RSBFS. And what’s not to like? Decent power, stratospheric redlines and fantastic handling all wrapped up in mini-GP bodywork – coupled with decent exclusivity. In short, these are what gray-market import bikes are all about.

Today’s bike, a ’93 VFR400R, has not apparently had life on easy street. Unlike many of the 400s we see on these pages that are pampered and fawned over, this particular VFR was the victim of trackdays and road rash. The seller has made no attempt to hide the damage, and the bike is still quite presentable despite its unfortunate history.

From the seller:
you just can’t imagine the sorrow i feel writing this.this is most likely the last NC30 i will ever have had the privilege to own. i’ve owned several over the years and i swore that i’d never sell this last one.unfortunately that time is here.

the bike-
almost a tragedy really.i don’t have any history on it. previous owner should have used an old EX250 to get his trackday jollys but choose a VERY nice original 1993 model NC30 and crashed it during said trackday.
new bodywork, or china knock or even a respray to me were out of the question.i think i patched it up pretty good.
subframe is not and was not bent. the upper fairing/ windscreen bracket was tweaked a bit but it’s back to perfect or so…
approaching from 15 feet out you’d hafta start looking to see the flaws. once up on it of course. there they are.
having said all that-
this is a fine example of an iconic motorcycle.

buy it. ride it. look closely- bid often.

So the good, the bad and the downright ugly are out in the open. Still, this *is* a VFR400R, which continues to be a desireable import model, right? As stated earlier, this is a popular class of bike on RSBFS, as evidenced by this post HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE!

If you peruse those earlier posts, you will find some bikes in fantastic condition and others in not so fantastic condition. You will also find a price range that is downright reasonable for a cutting-edge sportbike these days. Which brings us to the brass tacks on today’s offering: This auction has a starting price of $3,000 with reserve on. Given the condition of the bike, I predict that the auction starting price and the auction ending price will be close together, and so it all comes down to how high the seller has set the reserve.

Check it out yourself by and jumping over to the auction. And after you see all of the details, let us know what you think. Good luck!


Exclusive July 6, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 For Sale

When I first saw an NC30 in this red/black color combo earlier this year, I thought it was stunning. Unbelievable we get a second chance to feature this great looking bike in these colors!

Part of the collection for sale from Ozzie, this bike appears to be every bit as well looked after as the others. As a sucker for dual round lamps, this one does it for me on a number of levels. The 400 puts out 60hp and spins all the way to 14.5k, all the while evoking sensations and emotions that remind you it’s connected to it’s bigger brother, the RC30, and Honda’s racing pedigree.

quote from the seller:

This is a VFR400 (NC30) considered a baby brother to the VFR750R (RC30) Homologation model. This is prime example of a clean bike with just 10k miles. This bike came just before the RVF400 (NC35) and shares most of its features including the engine. It came is a variety of colors of which this black and red was the most desirable. This bike is all/mostly original with 15,000KM (9300miles) (has a red passenger seat) I also have a dual (stacked) Kevlar exhaust system that came of a race bike I had several years ago. Would be available with or without this exhaust. Exhaust is no longer available in Japan and had a value of $1800.00. Will sell bike as pictured for $7200.00 plus tax and title fees approx $400.00. The race exhaust is $600.00


As you can tell by now, I agree with Ozzie that the black and red is the best looking!

Good luck with the sale Ozzie, and thank you supporting us a featured listing for your collection!


Honda May 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 Titled & Registered In California

This is a fantastic looking VFR400R in California!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 with 15,500 miles.  The seller states that this bike has never been down or raced, is in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition.  The bike features Two-Brothers SS exhaust with a carbon silencer with a jet kit to match–the rear stand shown is also included.  The asking price of $6,500 is a bit higher than what we’ve been seeing but, this one does look to be in above average condition and, I wouldn’t call this outrageous at all heading into summer.  See a listing of the NC30’s we’ve seen here.

These VFR400R’s are some of the lightest wight and best handling four strokes you can buy on the used market.  They go around corners like any bike should, are lightweight like a bike should be, and look like an RC30–which a bike should.  We’ve seen these 400cc bikes pretty regularly but, if one pops up in your area you should absolutely go down and take a look at it and, unfortunately for your other bikes, you’ll probably come back with it!  See the for sale ad with extra-large photos here.  See the for sale thread on BayAreaRidersForum here.


Honda April 7, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda VFR400R NC30 In California

Here is a VFR400R located in California!  Located in San Mateo, California is a 1990 Honda VFR400R.  The seller states that this bike has been “…brought up to EPA and DOT standards.”  At a cost of $8,000.  However, registration hasn’t been renewed since 2007.  It should be known that, in California, you’re required to pay all back licensing fees when registration is finally renewed; that means by, you, the buyer should you choose to keep it in California.  For being a 1990, this bike has a different headlight and tail piece.  Does anyone know the reasoning for that–certain market pieces?  The bike also features a non-stock paint scheme.  The asking price is $5,000; which is higher than we’ve seen for California titled NC30’s but, it would be interesting to know if this bike is completely legal without any loopholes or grandfathering in it’s past.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda March 20, 2010 posted by

Honda VFR400R NC30 In California For $3,700

This looks to be a very nice NC30 at a very good price!  Located in Azusa, California is a Honda VFR400R with no year or miles listed.  This ad is quite sparse and only lists that this has new tires and runs like new.  I’m going to assume that this is titled as it looks to have a plate on it but the ad doesn’t state if it is or not.  The asking price of $3,700 is very good–if it is titled.  These little VFR’s have outstanding handling because of their lightweight and can be loads of fun for cheap.  See the bike on Craigslist here.