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Aprilia December 30, 2009 posted by

Private Collection in New Jersey

I haven’t see this website before but, Motorcycles For Sale Classic, is apparently a broker for a collection of motorcycles out of New Jersey.  It looks to have been recently updated but has some obvious errors–make sure to contact the seller by phone to confirm anything on their site.  Anyhow, these are some of the bikes that are still available that I found interesting:

  • 1977 MV Agusta 850SS with 1,791 original miles.
  • 1977 Ducati 900SS with 2,500 original miles.
  • 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition with 2,358 original miles (Vance & Hines exhaust fitted).
  • 1985 Suzuki RG500 with 385 original miles.
  • Yamaha TZR250 with 22,245 miles.
  • 1984 Yamaha RD500 with 31,600 miles.
  • A second Yamaha RD500 with less miles.
  • Aprilia RS250 with 610 original miles.
  • 1995 Cagiva Mito.

These aren’t all the bikes listed on the site–and more appear in the background of photos–but again, I would caution anyone against acting too quickly.  The website listed features errors and older dates but, I haven’t seen these photos featured anywhere else and they all look to be correct and from the same location.  Titles and registration isn’t mentioned and only a few bikes have asking prices.  Regardless, take a look at the site as it may be an undiscovered mine!


Suzuki December 30, 2009 posted by

1986 & 1989 Suzuki GSXR’s with 15 miles total!

This is one of those moments in your life that you may never experience again. For me it is one of those things that you think may be out there somewhere, but are just unsure until you see it. All I can say is “WOW, Absolutely Amazing!” Can you believe these are being offered for sale? Can you believe they even exist in this condition? I think it is awesome that they are being offered to the public and not to Barber or kept closed in private circles. Anyone care to guess what the reserve is?

From the seller:




These are already rare bikes, but to throw the “as new, 15 miles total” into the mix puts them in a whole new level of collectible RSBFS.

We’ve posted a couple of 86′ GSX-R LE’s recently, but the only differences between regular and LE GSX-R’s were a dry clutch and solo seat tail section. However, the RR version had numerous differences, but they were never brought to the US. Some of the differences included, but aren’t limited to, 40mm Slingshot Carbs, close ratio gear box, single seat and an aluminum gas tank. Personally, I’m digging the red number plate on the tail section. I’m going to keep an close eye on the auction and I’ll let everyone know how it ends.



Kawasaki December 29, 2009 posted by

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 —— Rare Survivor

Our RSBFS Scout Jim is at it again and once again he has sent us a beauty.

A 1989 ZX-7 survivor with only 5821 miles and it looks fantastic! Located in Greensboro, NC this 20 year old gem looks to be all stock down to the rear mud flap that is still in tact.

Most of these were either trashed, bashed or crashed on the track, but this one somehow escaped the torture.

The 89’/90′ (H1/H2) ZX-7’s weren’t produced in the 7R Homologation versions like the 91’/92′ (K1/K2), but the H1/H2 represent Kawasaki’s first steps into the modern Replica Racer era. Kawasaki built a winner out of the box with the ZX-7 and in 1990 Doug Chandler won the AMA Super Bike Championship in only it’s second year of production.

Just in case anyone wants to know… These babies produced a whopping 84hp at the rear wheel and weighed in at over 500lb wet. Now, that is not so good by today’s standards, but wasn’t too shabby back in the day.


Seller says:

This bike is a true collector’s item. Completely factory and in pristine condition. Must see to believe!

The owner has a lofty price of $8,999.00 on Kawasaki’s first year Super Bike. That is pretty steep considering the 7R I posted, that had everything going for it, only sold for $9,855.00. Now, I know there are some die hard ZX fans that follow our site so if your collection is missing the 89′ give these guys a ring see what can be worked out.



Bimota December 28, 2009 posted by

2002 Bimota YB11 Edizione Speciale #4 of 50 made

First off, I need to apologize to the reader who sent this in originally. I must have deleted the email, but it is much appreciated and better late than never. Thanks for everyone’s submissions and keep them coming. dd

Up for your viewing pleasure is a very fine piece of Italian exotica known as the Bimota YB11 Edizione Speciale. This one is #4 of 50 made available to the buying public and only has 29 original miles. Located in St. Louis, MO with a asking price of $10,900.00. This one is decked out in an unusual Blue/Silver scheme as most of the Bimoto’s we’ve posted have been the traditional Italian White/Red/Green color schemes. I know my co-author Phil is a Bimoto guy and he probably has all of the specifications on this particular model, so maybe he’ll chime in here and give us the 411. As some of you may know the YB11 uses the Yamaha Thunderace power plant, but Bimota applies their knowledge and slightly modifies it to suit their taste.

The seller doesn’t give any information about the bike other than a phone number. So if you are in the mood for a a piece of exotic Italian machinery give this one a look because $10,900 seems like a great deal when compared to the others we’ve posted. Did I mention it only has 29 miles?



Honda December 16, 2009 posted by

2002 RC51 with 1 mile on the clock

You read correctly, 1 mile on a 2002 RC51. This fine piece of Nicky Hayden history is . Yes, I know this is not a Nicky Hayden replica, but it is the year in which he won the AMA Super Bike Title on the RC51.


So why is this being listed on Well, it falls under the “Survivor” category for

The owner says:

Well how about a………………BRAND NEW MOTORCYCLE , A 2002 Honda RC51 RVT 1000cc 6-speed Red & Silver Metallic that is. So now this is it, this is your last chance to own a BRAND NEW RC-51 V-Twin liquid cooled Super Bike. This year model has the improved PGM-FI, (fuel injection system),suspension and swing arm, same as 2006 model. This bike is brand new, out of the crate, from the dealer to my garage. Not a mark, not a scratch, or even been sat on, no disappointments. Only 1 MILE from factory. Bike comes with owners manual, tool kit and a new oil filter. The battery is brand new, and the bike has been run periodically. This is a unmolested motorcycle, so why would you buy used and abused when you can have a BRAND NEW BIKE? I lost interest so my loss your gain. Serious Offers Considered

Honda no longer makes the RC51 so if you have a Honda Collection or simply have a thing for Japanese V-twins you definitely should give this one a look. It’s like stepping back in time to 2002. I had the opportunity to ride a 2002 demo model and was impressed by the linear power it produced. As a matter of fact, at the time I sold one of my FZR400’s and was going to buy a RC51, but then life happened and those plans fell through and I lost my FZR in the process 🙁

Click here to view some of the past RSBFS RC51 we’ve posted.



Yamaha December 14, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 with only 1,139 miles!!!!

Yet another 2 stroke for you to enjoy. This one is located in Derry, PA and is all original and clean as a whistle!


Story behind the super low miles as told by the seller:

I added this beauty to my collection a few years ago and now sadly it is time for it to go to a new owner. It is a really clean, low mileage (1833.0 Km which is just 1138.0 mile since new) 1985 Yamaha RZ500 V4 liquid cooled two stroke. I have all of the original import documentation from the original owner who imported it new from Canada. I have the customs forms, sales receipt, export declaration the warranty card and assembly manual. The bike has a valid PA title that is in my name. I would ride it occasionally and it runs perfect.

The engine has never been apart and is cosmetically very nice. The front fairing and gas tank have been painted as has the seat cowling. There are some flaws that I took pictures of that include a crack where the left mirror exits the fairing. A minor dent an the lower left pipe that looks like it came that way. The paint appears to be OE on the pipe. A crack on the seat cowling an couple of chips. One on the front fender another on the left side cover in the back and one near the grab handle.

The guy I got it from said he new the Dr. that bought it new. They were in a small town and I was told that the bike was ridden very little and was put away after the mans son knocked it over in the driveway. He said that they remover the upper cowl to repair it but never did. And that’s how he got it. He repainted the parts and then sold it to me. My inspection of the bike seemed to confirm the story and I had no reservations buying the bike.

I have the only receipt that he had and that was for the purchase of the seat cowling from the dealer in Canada.

Study the photos and you can see how clean the bike is. It should be in a museum.

Whenever I see one of these come up for sale visions of me doing power wheelies pops in my head. I guess I’ve watched too many videos of guys showing off the power of these big 2 strokes. I’ve checked our archives and I couldn’t find a lower mileage RZ500 that’s ever been posted by us and I can only expect the sale price, if met, will reflect it. This one does have it’s share of flaws, but considering it is almost an antique at 24 years old one should expect some dings over the years. This one did hail from Canada and the owner states that it is registered with the state of Pennsylvania. So if you have several thousand burning a hole in your pocket and like 500cc 2 strokes this might be for you. There are more pictures available via the ebay link at the top of this post.


Honda December 13, 2009 posted by

1991 Honda NSR250 MC21

I must say I am surprised to see so many 2 strokes for sale as of late. I think this makes three that I’ve posted with-in the last week and that’s not to mention the others from Alex that he put up this week.

On to the good stuff- 91 MC21 with a mere 13,944 or 8,648 on the clock, which is way low for a bike of this year. As many of you may recognize this is not a factory color scheme, but is in fact a set of Chinese aftermarket bodywork. However, the seller states that he does have the original set that came with the bike, but discloses that it has some scrapes and scratches. He also states that the fit and finish on the aftermarket set is pretty good and was installed with no modification needed. I will say that is surprising to me!

Listing quote:

1991 nsr250 that was all original when I got it right down to the tires. I replaced the OEM plastic with Hong Kong plastic. Believe it or not it all fit very well with no modifications. I powder coated the rims and put new Pirelli tires, chain and sprockets, and brake pads and had the bike serviced with all new fluids and spark plugs. There is 150pound in each cylinder and the bike starts rite up and idles and runs great. I will include the original plastic with the sale and have included a pic of it on the bike. It has some blemishes so I went with the repsol look. It has the original Japan title. It is not registered in the USA but the VIN is present. Everything works on the bike all lights injection system and even the horn.

Sounds like this could be a nice one considering everything works and is un-modified. I’m not a huge fan of aftermarket parts on rare sport bikes, but this one doesn’t strike me too far off base. The “low mileage and all original” more than make up for the Hong Kong addition. So if this sounds like your cup of Tea, click the ebay link above and have a look at the rest of the pictures. The seller has his phone number listed for those who are interested.



Honda December 7, 2009 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R

Here we go boys and girls… You might want to get a towel to wipe away the drool before you look.


RC 30 located in Northern Ohio and it appears to be a perfect collector. It has been ridden, but not too much, it has all the original equipment and a complete “collector’s package” as well. Seeing one of these babies makes me more giddy than a 16 year old on a date with an older woman.

The seller has a lot to say about his bike so read on:

For your consideration today is a very rare find in the motorcycle world. An all-original U.S. spec 1990 Honda VFR-750R ‘RC-30’ Sport bike. One of 300 ever imported. This legendary hand-built Japanese Superbike has always been collector owned having accrued just 2976 miles since new. ”This bike is Museum Quality” a 9 in a scale of 1 to 10. It is finished in the classic Red/White/Blue RC-30 color scheme. Always properly stored and garage kept. Absolutely has never seen any weather!
For those who aren’t all that familiar with the Honda RC-30, volumes have been written about it in print magazines as well as here on the internet. It is literally a street legal racing machine with the only concessions towards legality being lighting equipment and a horn. Hand-laid fiberglass fairings. Aluminum fuel tank. 408-lbs. incredibly strong, lightweight Titanium connecting rods. Single-sided swing arm from Honda’s endurance racing program… this is absolutely the crown jewel of Honda production motorcycles. There was simply never anything like it before… or likely ever will be again. Truly hand built by HRC in Japan by a small dedicated staff of high-ranking Honda employees. No corner cutting or regard for cost ever entered into the equation.
This bike is 100% in running condition, the mileage that is on it was to keep it mechanically sound, I have maintained this bike always with a certified Honda technician, All services have been done. To me I believe this to be better for the motorcycle than just being shoved in a corner and never ridden. “Keeps the blood flowing” The powerful liquid-cooled V-four is completely untouched. It is 100% stock and ‘as-delivered’ from the factory almost 20 years ago.
This iconic motorcycle is still stunning in appearance and is sure to draw a crowd even all these years after its original introduction. Prepare to be bombarded with questions and admiring stares if you opt to ride this one. Surely one of the finest condition low mileage RC-30’s left in existence.
To sweeten the deal even further, included with the purchase of this motorcycle are tons of extras and rare memorabilia including Factory brochures, Portfolio which includes full reviews from 1990, the original tool kit, all of the OEM Warning labels new in packaging, new OEM upper triple clamp, new molding and rubber for around the headlights, new heal guards, Honda parts catalog, extra owner’s manual, a original set of OEM tires, an un-built Tamiya model, RC30 clock, the correct original rear wheel stand, and all that you see in the photos. Please note that everything is being sold together as a lot… I’m not interested in selling off bits and pieces at this time.
This motorcycle shows literally as close to ‘showroom new’ as one is ever likely to find. The small amount that it was ridden was always carefully and maturely by an adult rider. There will be absolutely no disappointments with this rare RC… it is in EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION… what you see in the photos below is exactly what you will receive. No trickery or ‘Photo shopping’ whatsoever. I simply believe in complete divulgence and wish for the buyer to be completely thrilled with their purchase, as I’m sure will be the case.
Any and all additional questions are welcomed prior to the close of the auction. Local pickup in Northern Ohio is preferred but will assist buyer where possible. Please do not inquire regarding the reserve price as it is not considerate to other prospective buyers, but rest assured it is set at a market-correct value, particularly in consideration of all the extras which are being passed along to the new owner. It is not an inexpensive motorcycle, but this is a virtually irreplaceable RC and will assuredly prove to be an excellent investment for the astute collector.

If you have any questions are concerns PLEASE feel free to e-mail me.

At post time bidding had been brisk to say the least. There have been 11 bids so far and the bid sits at $14,100 with the reserve not met. As the owner states, in not so clear terms, he isn’t going to give it away. If you want it you should be prepared to pay “market” for it and I can’t blame the seller one bit! This is one rare piece of exotica and anyone bidding knows it. You can check out some older listing from here for $ reference, but bottom line is you better saddle up because this one appears to be the one to have.