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Ducati January 27, 2023 posted by

Foggy Seattle – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Carl Fogarty Edition #220

A Monster 900 yes, but the S4 has the four valve 916 engine, and the Fogarty Commemorative with better components and quite a bit of carbon fiber.  Today’s seller apparently knows what they have and have prepared it beautifully.

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Carl Fogarty Edition for sale on eBay

Derived from the ST4, the S4’s trellis frame almost disappears making room for the 101 hp desmoquattro, but holding steady under the 101 hp.  Suspension is fully adjustable, with Showa USD forks and Sachs monoshock.  Semi-floating Brembo brakes and 17-inch alloys complete the components, and the metals contrast the carbon fiber mudguards, radiator shrouds, side and clutch covers, exhaust shields and engine scoop.  Foggy’s angry eyes adorn the the bikini fairing and tank, with a special numbered plaque.

Evidently the first owner was well-connected and arranged Foggy’s signature on the front fender, and though a signed helmet is mentioned, it might want to be displayed rather than worn.  Outstanding condition overall, super clean and seemingly original.  Part of the eBay auction‘s comments –

Foggy Special Edition S4 with signed front fender and helmet by Carl Fogarty.

A tribute to 4 times World Champion; 300 manufactured and fewer than 75 shipped to USA. Number 220 with 6,216 miles. 6,000-mile service completed by Desmoto-Sport, San Francisco.

Carbon fiber extras, never been down, super clean.  Have original parts, keys, code card and manual. Original front and rear stands. Some light scratches on right fork strut. Most like when reflector removed.

Key differences in this edition include larger rear sprocket for quicker acceleration, a modified airbox and ECU bump horsepower 9hp, and suspension components that are visually unique to the Foggy.

The front fender and Arai Ducati Helmet has been signed by Carl Fogarty after arrangements were made with Carl’s Manager Neil Bramwell in Australia and coordinated with friends in UK.

World Superbikes’ winningest rider until Jonathan Rea came along, Foggy was also a winner at Isle of Man, Formula One ( bikes ), plus the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Bol d’Or on the way to a Endurance World Championship.  All before the age of 35, as he retired from racing after a tough crash in 2000.  One of just 300, today’s example is quite special but with a few miles, so the next collector needn’t resist the urge to add more.


Foggy Seattle – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Carl Fogarty Edition #220
Bimota January 25, 2023 posted by

Motorv8R – 2005 Bimota SB8R

Buying a very limited edition might entail undue risk, or be a leap of faith.  The fabulous condition of today’s Bimota seems to have a calming influence on everything but the eyes.

2005 Bimota SB8R for sale on eBay UK


Bimota went with their winning formula – a great powertrain supplied by an engineering powerhouse with an in-house chassis and bespoke components.  Suzuki’s brilliant four valve V-twin lays down 135 hp and gobs of torque, but Bimota’s aluminum spars and carbon sideplates allow it to shine.  Add ( or subtract ) the weight savings from the carbon seat subframe and the SB8R tips the scales some 46 pounds lighter than the Suzuki.  46mm Paoli forks, Brembo’s current 320mm brakes, and wide Antera alloy rims testify in defense of the $23.5K MSRP.  The massive looking fresh air intakes and long underseat exhaust fib a bit, and the SB8R reviewed as an agile superbike with WSBK on its agenda.

Just one question mark, as the auction states the SB8R is a 2005 – which seems to be a year for the later SB8K, but this example certainly has the early tail section.  Bears checking, but doesn’t take away from the outstanding condition in every photo.  Mum’s the word in the walkaround – video – but there are a few notes in the eBay auction –

A perfect original example of this iconic super sport limited edition SB8R.
Only done 3,798 miles from new.
Only 250 SB8R ever made.
Superb looking machine with beautiful looking frame, swingarm, plenty of carbon, stainless exhaust system, Antera wheels, Paioli forks, Brembo brakes with Suzuki V-twin TL1000 engine used.
Very very clean all round including paintwork, wheels, frame, exhaust system and swingarm.
A real gem for any collection.

On the comeback trail from their V-Due debacle, the SB8R gave the company a little breathing room.  The evolved SB8K won a World Superbike race in 2000 with Anthony Gobert aboard, unfortunately Bimota wasn’t really in a position to capitalize on that success.  Recent support from Kawasaki should reassure prospective Bimota buyers, even if theirs is a classic example such as this.



Motorv8R – 2005 Bimota SB8R
Ducati January 23, 2023 posted by

Short Timer – 2007 Ducati 1098S

Might be the wrong year for a quick turnover, but this 1098S owner is ready to move on and luckily the bike looks great.   The 1098S also had a relatively short model run, but it did include two Superbike world championships.

2007 Ducati 1098S for sale on eBay

Playing some high stakes poker with FIM, Ducati developed a new engine and presented the narrow head 1098, which cranked out 160 hp in road trim but would have to wait until 2008 to race.  Lightness was the focus, and the minimal trellis frame helped excellent power-to-weight numbers.  Components on the S were outstanding, with 330mm radial brakes, Öhlins forks, monoshock and steering damper, and forged Marchesini wheels.  Styling reached back past the 999 days for a very sculptural fairing evoking the 916 era.

This 1098S looks excellent and the seller has made an effort to show the few chips that are there.  Several carbon accessories have been added, along with some upgraded footpegs – which might have been in response to an almost tipover that gouged the swingarm.  Comments from the eBay auction –

An exceptionally nice bike and a model that is getting harder and harder to find nice examples of.
When I purchased the bike I had it completely gone thru front to back by the master Ducati tech at GoAz. This included:
– Flush and renewal of all fluids (brakes, coolant, engine, etc)
– New timing belts
– New alternator due to oil seal leak
Total bill was $2,400

Bike has some nice tasteful upgrades including the most important full Termi exhaust system. Most plastic trim parts were replaced with DP carbon fiber bits. Upgraded Ohlins TTX shock, Luimoto seat, etc. 

I have 2 keys for it, service manual binder and a few spare parts as well. I took pics of any cosmetic blemishes that were obvious such as a few small chips on the wheels, frame, swingarm and a scuff on the tail and lower tank in front of the seat. I don’t believe the bike has ever been dropped, definitely not by me. Overall I would say the bike is a 9 out of 10.

The 1098S might be notable these days for it’s reliance on the rider to keep the shiny side up – the electronics package can record lap times, but all the power and braking are available regardless of conditions.  In 2008, Troy Bayliss won 8 of the 14 WSBK Superpole qualifiers, and was on the podium at 12 of the 14 rounds ( each had two races ).  Since the twin rules went right to 1200cc, the 1098 had a fast life, though successful and memorable.  The 1098S might be a little much for most streets, but like spending the Powerball jackpot, it would be something to try.


Short Timer – 2007 Ducati 1098S
Honda January 18, 2023 posted by

90-Something – Honda CBR400RR / NC29

Toward the end of the Baby ‘Blade’s development, Honda brought out a asymmetrical alloy swingarm which identifies this CBR400RR as a 1990 or later example.  Thoroughly renovated by its owner, it’s waiting out the weather in the living room and still priced such that a shipping container beckons.

Honda CBR400RR / NC29 for sale on eBay UK

Mostly intended for the home market, the littler CBR continues to be a popular gray market import.  Similarities with the flagship are many, with the twin alloy frame spars, twin headlights, 17-inch wheels, and of course lookalike livery.  Because of the lofty rpm’s needed to generate its 59 hp, the 400 uses gear driven cams, giving it a unique audio signature.  Dampers are on the budget end of the scale, but right-sized for the light weight, and dual front disks might have been a little more marketing than engineering. 

Peculiar that this owner doesn’t state the year anywhere in the auction, but it looks great with many new parts and a nice rendition of the torn paper paint.  Even if the odometer has quit, km’s are probably close and at 8,099 quite low.  A long list of refurbishments in the eBay auction –

Since purchasing it in 2015 I have only done around 500 miles and spent a fortune on it.
I spent the first 12 to 24 months working on it with professional help.
It is/was always stored in a dry, dehumidified garage and only ever ridden by me in sunshine.
05-01-23 Just had 4 new plugs, 4 new carb seals, New brake fluid, MOT.
03-08-2019 New Coolant
05-07-2018 Carb clean and new jets.
14-02-2018 Front Fork Rebuild, Fork seals and fork oil, rear brake service and fluid.
08-06-2016 New Fairing Parts, New Ignition Switch, New Screen, New Hagon Rear Shock, New Chain & Sprockets, New Pirelli Diablo Rosso 11 Tyres, New Brake Pads Front & Rear,New Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust System & Black Widow Silencer(sounds awesome), New Fuel Pump, New Grips, New Handle Bars, New Mirrors, Pillion Seat Re Upholster,Speedo Converter kph to mph (works a treat, mph matches what it says on the clock, so much easier than trying to work it out or putting stickers on the clock), New Rectifier, Complete Motorcycle Re Spray By Dream Machine
Sounds fantastic and gets admiring looks wherever it goes.
There is a slight scrape to one engine casing (please see pic), but it never really bothered me so I never sorted it.
Also the odometer does not seem to be working but the trip does so again I never really bothered getting it sorted.

Yearly updates seem to have slowed to a crawl with the gull arm, and stopped in 1994, though some sources say the model was sold until the year 2000.  Even the full-size FireBlade was a shoehorn fit, and the 400 has a second seat which should leave room for a size M rider.  Even accounting for shipping and importation this CBR looks like a winner.


90-Something – Honda CBR400RR / NC29
Suzuki January 16, 2023 posted by

Swatch Me – 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 !

Might be too nice to leave sitting around the pits all day, but today’s GSX-R50 seems to have a lock on rarity by the pound. 

1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 ( Switzerland ) for sale on eBay


Accompanying bigger GSX-R’s to the showroom in select markets, the littlest Gixxer was reportedly first to the market but took an early exit after just a year in production.  The fairing and livery template the GSX-R1100, though at at 139 lbs. weighs less than the superbike’s engine.   Differing from most other pocket sportbikes, the R50 is said to have an alloy chassis and four stroke engine.  Performance was off compared to 49cc smokers, but since it was never here, rarity is off the charts.

Knowing a market waiting for an unusual gem, this Swiss owner has listed his GSX-R50 on stateside eBay, and started with a healthy minimum bid.  It appears that required DOT equipment is in place, though it’s unclear whether road registration would be required or even desired.  Even Hamamatsu was in on the joke with the Suzuki Advance Comical System decals.  Owner’s comments from the eBay auction –

Real rarity!!!
Most likely the only one in Switzerland with official road approval
Mileage currently 230 ( Kilometers !!! Not Miles )
4 Gears – Top speed 60 km/h
Spiegler steel braided brake line
Rim edges chromed, rim star painted blue
Gear lever, Kick-starter and clutch bracket (at the engine) chromed
Polished muffler cover
Front brake caliper painted gold
Chain guard painted blue
Gold colored chain
Saddle with embroidered Suzuki “S”
New maintenance-free battery fitted in May 2022
Tire profile: 95%

This mini-GSX-R might be a little spendy after a plane ride and an appointment with customs, but will surely be the only one at the show.  By all means the nicest GSX-R50 to grace our pages over the years, and worth every effort to win the smiles per cc title.


Swatch Me – 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 !
Suzuki January 11, 2023 posted by

Colorful – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

In plucky defiance of the almost subdued red and bronze LE featured earlier this week, today’s GSX-R is a stateside version, with a few differences to the home market version, and quite an upgrade to base model.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

Good as the showroom GSX-R750 was, Suzuki needed to homologate certain features for racers, and the Limited Edition was almost half again the cost of the standard.  Hard parts like the dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, and a slightly larger fuel tank were only part of the story.  Some markets got 29mm Mikuni flat-slide carbs, but the stateside version came a year later and this example appears with a constant velocity set-up.  Other special components on the LE included electrically NEAS operated anti-dive forks, steering damper and beefier clip-ons.  The Japanese model was tuned for just 77 hp, but the ROW model claimed 100, and beside a few items conforming to each DOT rules, just the muffler and livery differentiate the two variants.

Presented by a collector with another GSX-R available, this one looks very collectible, with low miles and no apparent “experience”.  A fairing touch-up is noted but not visible in the pictures provided.  All other finishes look about 1/33 of their age.  Detailed comments from the eBay auction –

The example before you has never been subject to any major abuse or racing. It appears to have made it through unscathed. History of bike from what I know. It was originally from Massachusetts then made its way to Wisconsin and changed hands twice from the vehicle history report. It then made its way to Georgia where I purchased it in 2018. Owner did not register it as Georgia doesn’t require a title for bikes over 25 years old. Previous owner did mention that the upper fairing on the upper right side had been touched up due to a garage mishap. Not even noticeable. Owner rode it twice and stored it the rest of the time. All other body work is original. No cracks, no hair-line cracks, no scratches. Bike runs/idles/ shifts great. All electrical works as it should. I’ve put about 100 miles on it since 2018. 

In the last year I had RMC Moto motorcycle shop do:
New fork seals and fluid
Fresh Motul oil and Suzuki oil filter
New OEM air cleaner 
Rear shock completely rebuilt. 
New NKG spark plugs 
New brake fluid/bleed
New clutch fluid/bleed
Chain lubed and adjusted 
Carbs cleaned / adjusted / synched 
Tires are about 2-3 years old (probably 10-15 miles on them)
Battery is about two years old 
Bike is currently stored with fuel stabilizer in it. And on a battery tender. 

This bike sounds amazing at any speed and begs to be given more throttle. A very fun bike to ride. Whether for pleasure or investment, you will not be disappointed with this purchase as it’s sure to be a discussion piece and will continue to appreciate in value.

This model changed the look of superbike grids in national and world championships, and some described it as the first modern superbike.  No denying it belongs in any serious collector’s gallery.  Three days left in the auction and the mid-teens have arrived but haven’t met the reserve.  Hopefully knowledgeable readers will weigh in and maybe even bid.


Colorful – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition
Kawasaki January 1, 2023 posted by

Starting Off with a Bang ! – 1994 Kawasaki ZXR-400R

“Wouldn’t that be neat to try”, is all the response a bike that was never sold here could want of those with the motorbike affliction.  The ZXR-400R has that in buckets, and while the ask might be irrationally exuberant, at least this owner presents an excellent example.

1994 Kawasaki ZXR-400R for sale on eBay

Never seen down at your local Green dealer, the 400R was focused on the home market and a few progressive license countries.  Small bore but high tech, it used four valve heads, 12.0-to-1 compression and 30mm carbs to come up with 59 hp.  The carefully shaped twin spars hold things steady for 41mm USD forks and Uni-Trak monoshock.  300mm brakes are seen on much larger supersports, but 17-inch tires were sized for the 390 lb. full tank weight.

Bargains in the 400cc market are way off in the rear view mirror, but it’s hard to call this buy-it-now from an eBayer with no history anything more than a conversation starter.  The bike itself looks great, with just 3,564 miles, a largely stock appearance, super clean, and even an intact rear mudguard.  One photo shows a license plate, but title status isn’t mentioned in the eBay auction –

Super clean vintage classic Kawasaki.. extremely rare to be found in US for sale.
It’s never been down, it has Kilometers odometer, 
It has a steering dampener. 


The ZXR400R reviewed as fairly roomy for a smaller sport, and handled better than average, but the power was mostly in the upper half of the rev range.  Might be something to find a way to try and see if you’ll enjoy, before spending sports car money on one, even as nice as this.  Hopefully the seller is for real and the make offer button can talk them out of the stratosphere.

– donn

Starting Off with a Bang ! – 1994 Kawasaki ZXR-400R
Laverda December 29, 2022 posted by

Zanèy – 1999 Laverda 650 Sport Kevlar Edition

The naked Ghost Strike models are seen here more often for some reason, but in the late 90’s Laverda’s 650 Sport was good competition for contemporary supersports.  This very collectible example apparently has limited edition kevlar bodywork and wicked British Racing Green paint.

1999 Laverda 650 Sport for sale on eBay UK

Laverda had a long history of parallel twins, and developed a new four-valve twin in the early 1990’s.  668 air/oil-cooled cc’s brought 70 hp to bear, with electronic fuel injection.  The alloy twin-spar chassis was fabricated from rectangular tubing and side plate castings, finished in black.  Appointments are excellent, with W-P upside down forks and monoshock, and 320mm Brembo brakes.  The full fairing is molded in kevlar fiber, which has a certain imperfect attraction, and helped keep the dry weight to just over 400 lbs.

Evidently a personal bike from an eBay dealer with an eclectic presentation, this Laverda looks basically new and is hardly used with a hair over 2,200 miles.  Somehow it has escaped the garage elves and though most parts are painted, even the bare aluminum parts hardly have surface corrosion from long term storage.  A walkaround – video – runs the bike toward the end, and enthusiastic comments are part of the eBay listing –

Selling a couple of my cherry picked toys and in my humble opinion this is probably one of the lowest mileage and one of the rarest colours and being the Kevlar bodywork series with the numbered plaque it wants to be tucked away in a collection although this will really make you feel special every time you throw your leg over it, if it doesn’t you have no soul. 

Up against the 748 in its day, the 748 was a bit quicker whilst the Laverda which handles like a charm with all the top spec components lavished on it, is now the much rarer bike and for the collector rare is key.

It has 3,729 kms which equates to just over 2k miles has been in a good long slumber and has been woken up and sounds great,it has been part of a collection for long enough,its not perfection but it is in terms of originality.  The Kevlar panels were never perfect when new and haven’t got any better with age more like a race panel ,engine cases good etc.  Marchesini wheels look superb too, it’s a piece of motorcycling history that can be used or enjoyed in a mancave forever.

The 668 was product of a revitalization effort and built at a new facility in Zanè, not for from the company’s birthplace in Breganze.  Sticking with a parallel twin, it was an all new affair and suffered some reliability issues, but these were cleared up by the time this 650 Sport was built.  The ask here is just under $6K, and though it still has to take a boat ride and visit DMV, pretty reasonable for a very good-looking and sporty Laverda.


Zanèy – 1999 Laverda 650 Sport Kevlar Edition