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Aprilia February 20, 2010 posted by

2002 Aprilia RS 250 w/ Cali registration!!!

2002 Aprilia RS 250 for sale with some super upgrades…

Submitted by Adam, the bikes owner, and located in California is this Super Fine RS. Titled and plated in California this one is sure to please. Priced at $8,900, but with a kicker… Adam is accepting trades and has what he is interested in, listed for any would be horse traders.

– Cagiva Mito 125
– Aprilia RS125
– NSR 250 MC 21 or MC 28
– Ducati 888 or 851
– Ducati 748R
– Ducati 916
– MV F4
– Any Bimota
– Honda VFR 400 NC30
– Kawasaki ZX 7R/RR
– Suzuki RG500 Gamma
– Anything that is rare or unique

I’d say he is our kind of guy wouldn’t you?

Take a look at the long list of upgrades on this RS:

– New Top End at 3K miles with Pro-X Pistons
– Arrow Aprilia Racing Exhaust
– Ohlins Rear Shock
– Race-Tech Fork Springs with Showa Forks
– Woodcraft Rearsets
– Michelin Power Race Tires with 200 miles on them
– New Plugs
– New Front Ferodo Pads
– DID Chain
– Brand New Factory Fork Seals installed 500 miles ago

Ohlins, Arrow, Woodcraft along with some super sticky Michelin Power Race Rubber make this one ready for the track or street duty. Personally, I’m killing some canyon mosquito’s with this one. It is priced a little higher than most RS 250’s we’ve posted, but it offers a lot and looks to be in great shape. I appreciate the full size high res pictures. It always make me wonder what a seller is hiding by posting up low light or fuzzy pictures. Adam has his bike listed on the LA Craigslist and you can view it here.



Aprilia February 5, 2010 posted by

Four Aprilia Two Strokes, All In The U.S.A.

These are the RS125s and RS250s for sale in the U.S. today!

Located in Mountain View, California is a California titled & registered 2006 Aprilia RS125.  The seller states that this bike is only available this week/weekend and if it isn’t sold by next week will become living-room art.  2006 is the first year of the new fairing, and features two headlights, digital gauges, and multi-spoke wheels.  This example comes equipped with an Arrow pipe, EK gold chain, fender eliminator, frame sliders and the spares are:  Two power-valves, two balance shaft gears, the stock parts and two stock exhaust systems.  The asking price is $5,200.  See it on here.  See it on Craigslist here.

Located in Beverly Hills, California is a California titled & registered 2002 Aprilia RS125.  The story is this bike was brought back from Italy and successfully titled and registered in California.  However, the photo used in the ad features a European License plate so be cautious–or it could just be an old photo.  This is one of the rarer paint schemes for bikes in the U.S.  The asking price for this example is $5,800.  See it on Craigslist here.

Located in Orange County, California is a California titled & registered (First Generation) Aprilia RS250 in unoriginal colors.  The seller states that this bike has been sitting for three years so, it will need to be properly gone through before use.  The bike has been down at some point and features prominent scratches on the left-hand side.  The asking price is $5,400.  See it on Craigslist here.

Lastly, we have a 1999 Aprilia RS250 race/track bike that I don’t believe we’ve seen before.  The seller states that this is a one owner bike with 1,834 miles.  The seller states that there is some very minor wear and tear on the bike.  The asking price is $4,500; and is located in Miami, Florida.  See the bike on Craigslist here.

If any of these strike your fancy, check them out and make sure to tell the seller you saw it on RSBFS!


Aprilia January 25, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250

The wording in the ad leads me to believe this to be a titled and registered Cup bike!  Located in Ackworth, Georgia is a 1999 Aprilia RS250 that was originally an Aprilia Cup bike.  These have become a mainstay at RSBFS as they are a fabulous, modern, two-stroke twins that are sometimes often enough street registered.  The seller of this specific example states that it has a headlight and taillight; he doesn’t state whether it has a title, or is registered, but my thinking is that it possibly is as there is no other reason to put those on a track machine!  The other possible indicator is that–regardless of aftermarket goodies–this bike is priced at $5,000; putting it somewhere between a pure cup bike and a titled, very original, road machine.  The seller states that the accessories on this bike are:  Woodcraft Rear sets, SS brake lines, 1/4 turn Domino throttle, three RGV250 cylinders & heads, transmission, power valves, Penske rear shock, Tyga SS exhaust–and completely unrelated, a titled RSV Mille frame.

If you’re interested in a possible street bike–I would lean towards it probably isn’t though–see the ad on here.


Aprilia January 24, 2010 posted by

2009 Aprilia RS125 Titled & Registered

This is a street legal 2009 Aprilia RS125 located in Tucson, Arizona and priced very nicely.  The 2009 Aprilia RS125 was the ultimate two stroke tease; as always, available in Europe as a street bike, the latest in Aprilia two stroke and frame technology, and Aprilia then had the audacity to bring them to U.S. showrooms for us to drool over!  These come to the U.S. with a VIN plate that clearly says for off-road use only, and a title that reiterates that fact however, physically, they are only missing the European wiring harness,  license plate mount, front & rear turn signals, and I believe headlight bulbs to be operationally street legal.  The wiring harness and the title have always been the toughest things to get.  When they were first imported in early 2009 the Euro harnesses were essentially unobtainable unless you knew someone who could purchase and ship one from Europe/U.K.  now they are easily available from AF1 Racing and other sites for around $480.  As everyone knows though, it’s the title that is the problem.  This brings us to this bike, it has the harness–however in the photos it isn’t shown to have turn signals–and was titled and registered from new!  The asking price is $5,000; making it appear that these bikes have begun to depreciate as the street titled ones used to carry an understandable premium over the stock bikes, the price of this current bike is under the original MSRP of the off-road only bikes.  The local Aprilia/Ducati still has–from what I saw–three of these in stock so dealers obviously aren’t sold out of these.  So, to sum it all up, the 2009 RS125s appear to finally be depreciating–including the registered ones–so if you’d like a discounted, street legal, Aprilia RS125; see the ad on here.  Also, see the bike on WERA here.


Aprilia January 20, 2010 posted by

2000 Aprilia Cup bike on ebay

We love the Aprilia RS 250’s on RSBFS and this one looks to be a beauty. Located Spotsylvania, VA(?) this all stock RS is said to have a new top end and is ready for the track. We all know these are lightweight, fast and look even faster sitting on the rear stand. You don’t find many of these in this shape these days and for good reason. These were purpose built bikes that were good out of the box and when a motorcycle is as good as the RS, everybody has to have one. The Aprilia Cup was in full swing when I was racing in the Midwest and I often thought of buying one, but never did. Hindsight is 20/20 now that I’m middle-aged and a few pounds heavier and long for the good ol’ days. I’m always on the look out for a reasonably priced street conversion so if you have one send it our way 🙂 . This one doesn’t fit what I’m looking for, but it might just be what you’re after. The current bid is $1,225.00 at the time of this post and the reserve is still on. If your in the market for a good looking, all original RS250 you may want to throw your hat in the ring for this one. It looks nice and there are plenty more pictures on the auction site for your viewing pleasure.

A low 3,999 miles!

00 Aprilia, raced in Aprilia Cup 2001-2002, minor scratches, in very good condition, original condition. Ready for trackday or for the street.

I’m not sure about it being ready for the street, but it definitely looks ready for the track or possibly a street conversion 😉



Aprilia January 17, 2010 posted by

2008 Aprilia RSV Factory w/1060 engine built by AMA’s KWS Motorsports

Awhile back, we posted race bikes offered by KWS (3 – 2009 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory race bikes for sale!) but some of you might be looking for something you can use for the street. Well, here is your answer: 2008 KWS RSV1060R Factory for $13,498.

This Aprilia is brand new but KWS went ahead and installed a new big-bore 1060 engine. Don’t let the 145 HP fool you, this is not the over-inflated number you would typically see on a bike night dyno. Chip from KWS says “It would not have been fair to let us run that motor [in the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike Series]. Our race motors made almost his much power with stock bore…..with another 10hp and our chassis it would have been a slaughter.”

2008 Aprilia RSV Factory w/1060 engine built by AMA’s KWS Motorsports for sale

2008 Aprilia RSV Factory w/1060 engine built by AMA’s KWS Motorsports for sale

More information from the seller:

2008 RSV1060R Factory Brand New! 145hp!!! This is a brand new fully kitted RSVR Factory for less money than a new “R!”

1060cc KWS CP Pistons
KWS CNC Pro Heads
KWS Web Cam Camsafts
LeoVince Full System
PowerCommander PCIIIUSB
K&N Air Filter
KWS Tuned
53 Dyno Miles only!!!!

Considering all you would be getting for less than the MSRP of a base RSV, you should not overlook this one.


Aprilia January 17, 2010 posted by

2009 Aprilia RS125 For Sale in Washington

Another ‘converted’ 2009 RS125 surfaces on my radar this morning. Take a look at this Aprilia RS125 2 stroker for sale on Seattle Craigslist for $6495:

quote from seller’s listing:

Price: $6,495
Tax, title, and license additional

Approx. Mileage: 200

Washington State title – clean & clear, not salvage
Mileage statement

Includes (not pictured):
Street license expiring November, 2010
CD of factory service manual
Race bodywork
Rain tires
Extra cylinder and pistons, etc.

I think the dealer’s listing says it all. We’ve seen Aprilia RS125‘s in both streetable gray market form in the $6k range, and other 2009’s listed significantly higher than that with similar paperwork. So this asking is about right.

I sat on one of these at last year’s Seattle International Motorcycle Show and it was astonishing how light this bike is. And very good looking in person too. Here is a link to my (poorly lit) pictures on Flickr of show.

Here’s a video review from Motorcycle USA on the 2009 RS125:


Aprilia January 16, 2010 posted by

1995 Aprilia RS 250 Prototype

One of a kind, 1995 Aprilia RS 250 Prototype VIN#00001. This rare little gem is located in Italy, but is listed on with a current bid of $1,657 usd. This is actually for sale by the same shop that has the Supermono that I posted last night, even though they weren’t submitted by the same viewer. I would like to thank Mike for pushing it our way. We normally don’t post bikes outside the states, but sometimes you have to make exceptions to the rule and take the heat from the big man. I guess it’s a good thing that I have a flame suit.

We’ve always liked RS 250’s on RSBFS and posted a number of them late last year, but none of them with the rare qualities of this one. It is said to be serial #1 of the 1995 Aprilia RS 250 Factory test bikes. The first picture is a little blurry, but it is clear enough to see all of the zero’s followed by the #1. There isn’t much history given for the bike, but I would like to know if it is still in the original factory body work? Was it painted or is it as it was developed? I agree with the seller in that it is rare to see a prototype test bike for sale, but if there is any proof that it is as tested, that would make it worth more to me.

Since the bike is located in Italy and being listed on, the listing description is a little broken, but it is understandable.



This is the bike used by the the Factory to devenlope the road best seller model RS250. Frame is hand welded with still on it sticker “progetti vari” from prototype’s department of the factory; seat unit and tank are in carbon fibre, engine is -as all the first RS250’s- Suzuki but this one is tuned with flat Mikuni’s; exhaust is double race type.

Various spare parts comes with the bike, i.e. plastic tank and seat, road exhaust, etc.

Bike i say is in good conditions but stored for a few years so it will need a clean and set up before to be used but of course it is more a bike to collect and a sure strong investment.