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Ducati July 7, 2010 posted by Jay

2005 Ducati 749R with 2900 Miles!! $8500

At first glance it looks like any other 749, but what a mistake that is! I love the 749R, because of its shorter stroke the mother rev’s almost like an inline 4 and just has a whole different feel. Built to homologate the 749 in World SuperSport Ducati had to produce only a handful of these beautiful street legal weapons. Built only in 2005 they came equiped with ti rods, valves, hi-lift cams, stiffer chassis and swingarm, and the standard race issue Ohlins front and back. At a rated 121hp stock you can modify the bike with Corsa parts and get it rippin’ to over 130hp+ (if moneys not a big issue). An “overlooked” bike here in America (because if you don’t have a liter bike, you’re a girl) this one boasts great low mileage but may have a “story” that goes with it as it has a 999 fuel tail, rims that were just re-powder coated and aftermarket clip-ons, all tell tale signs that say, “I had to lay her down dude…”.  On EBay with a B.I.N. of $8500 and located in Vancouver Washington, it has only  1 day left on EBay. Crash on over for the jump.

The “dude” states:

2005 Ducati 749r with 2,990 miles. Bike is number 373 0f 500 made in 2005. I am the second owner, I bought used from a seller in California a few years ago. Bike had 2,300 miles on it when I bought it. It has always been maintained at the dealer and way over serviced. Bike just had all fluids changed, new tires and a new battery. Bike has full Ohlins suspension, Brembo Radial brakes and full racing Slipper clutch, Titanium internals in the motor, carbon fiber front and rear fender, aftermarket tail fairing with custom paint to look like corsa, Woodcraft clip on handlebars, 520 chain conversion with Gold Renthal Chain, smoke double bubble windscreen, titanium clutch cover and reverse Gp shifter (this reverses the shift pattern) Bike has Michelin pilot power 2ct tires on it. Please note that the cams have been degreed in motor. 749r gas tank has been changed with 999 gas tank (gas tank has a few dings from non proper installation very very minor, dings have been touched up with color right pen, pen is included in auction, you can not notice the dings now so pictures will not help, also gas vent tubes have been eliminated and one vent tube connects both vents now.) Wheels are 749 wheels that have been freshly powder coated and look new. Clean clear title in hand. Bike comes with two black key’s, one is tapped to the key transponder, one red key sorry no key card. Paypal deposit of 500.00 must be made to purchase the auction, deposit is non refundable and full payment must be made within 10 days of auctions close or deposit shall be forfeited. Please see detailed pictures for more detail on the bike. Bike is sold in as is condition with no warranty.
Please note that this has been on the track with the previous owner and some of the bolts are still wired for the track, also note that it is the stock exhaust system

So, in my own opinion, this would make a great track bike or streetbike/track bike. It’s a real bummer it’s missing the special 749R race tank (or not? hard to tell from the author) and other unique bits so  that really de-values the bike but also this is the cheapest 749R I’ve ever seen. I would want to find out exactly what the bike comes with and what it doesn’t comes with. These bikes were new in 05 for $22k and good examples still get $13k-ish today, so at $8500 the bike is cheap, period. Get some $$ and buy it, you really can’t lose.

Ciao for now……Jay

Sport Bikes For Sale June 29, 2010 posted by Jay


Okay these bikes are pretty rare, I believe only 535 made in ’79 but we seem to have listed quite a few of these in the past several months which is really, well…weird!  Anyway 1979 (Van Halen rocks!), I was working at a Honda/Suzuki dealer and we just got in two of these gems. Both were already pre-sold, one to our lead service tech and one to our Suzuki sales guys (who just happens to be the GM of Yamaha for the US today, wazz-up Bob?). I remember uncrating them and we were blown away by the small cafe fairing because at the time it just meant, “total race bike” and no other Japanese bike had it.

This ones a bit  “cosmetically” challenged but it looks to be all there which is a huge plus. I just love these bikes and really believe they will be an even greater collector’s item given a bit more time. Cooley won the AMA Superbike Class on the Yoshimira Suzuki GS1000 and this bike is the “replica” version. Located in Columbus Ohio on EBay with 3 days left and a starting bid of $2500. Click “” to jump back into 1979 folks.

The ad reads:

1979 “Wes Cooley Replica”, Restorable Condition,  Made only in 1979 and 1980,  1979 cam with the 140 MPH Speedo

Bike is Very Complete !,  This is a very simple restoration,   and the following are the thing that need replaced or Attention:

Front brake lever is bent,  and needs Replaced,  Knob missing from Clock Set Screw and head light “ON” switch.

Missing Underneath Seat Pan Trim  (plastic White Painted Trim,  shown in pics,  but was off of the 1980 GS1000ST).

The bike also needs the air box Cover and mounting screw,  Several of the Screws,  Bolts, Washers and Fasteners

Need to be replaced with OEM original or aftermarket,  and there are a few of the above that are missing !

Fairing is in need of Minor Repair an has a Real bad Paint Job.

Right Rear Exhaust Pipe has a few scratches, And a small dent at the end.

Gas Tank Has Been Dented on both Sides,  Left Side Worst than the Right Side.

Carb’s Need Sinked, And  the bike needs Detailed. I Have a grab rail for the seat, but it is just not installed.

(Tank, Tail, Fairing and front fender Need Re-painted to bring this limited Edition back to it’s original glory) .

The paint and stripe work will cost about 600.00,  I spent over 500.00 in parts and 600.00 in labor,  New parts are:

New Keys, Battery, Turn Signals, NOS Seat Cover, Starter Clutch, Front brake Switch, New Oil and Filter,  Brakes have been Bled,

Had the Carb’s Rebuilt,  Bike Starts Up Very easy,  No Smoke,   Ran it around the Block a few times,   Runs Good !

Tires are in Very good shape,  Not bad for a bike that has not been Ridden or started for over 10 Years. 

At a $2500 starting bid that seems real reasonable, the bike is definitely a great candidate for having a perfectly restored Wes “I’m so cool” Cooley Replica, bid it up and be the first on your block, you won’t be sorry!

Ciao for now…Jay

Aprilia June 16, 2010 posted by Jay



Well I gotta tell you, I know these bikes real well and this my friends is the “dogs bollocks”. I’d bet my Max Biaggi blow up doll that this bike is as the owner claims. I’ve scanned the pictures pretty good and this bike looks perfect and correct, right down to the owner’s manual, pillion seat, tool kit, passenger pegs, etc. I haven’t seen one this clean since they were new and this one even sports a title. Built to commemorate Max Biaggi’s World 250 Championship with major cigarette sponsor “Chesterfield”, the “Roman Emperor” cleaned up the 250 class in style. The 90’s were the best Aprilia days ever and Ivano Beggio (president/owner) was the driving force behind all this. I was part of Aprilia back then and now all I have is a bunch pictures with some great memories to remind me how good it was to be involved. Anyway, this mofo is coming at you on EBay out of New York State with a B.I.N. of $12,000 (cheap!). Jump into 1995 .

The ad reads: 

Up for auction is my 1995 Aprilia RS250 Max Biaggi Race Replica.  I have owned this bike from brand new. I bought it at a Ducati dealer in Florida in 1997 from their showroom floor (I have the original bill of sale).  I was able (no small feat) to eventually title and register this bike in New York. The bike only has 1996  km (1250 miles) on it.  I put all these miles on the bike.  The bike has never been raced, dropped or abused (I am 53 yrs old).  I stopped riding the bike in 2004 and put it on display in my home (all the gas was drained).  I have the original tools, owner’s manual (in Italian), both keys and the passenger pegs with passenger seat (which I removed when I bought the bike).  The bike is entirely stock with the exception of carbon fiber front and rear fenders.  I have the original fenders that will go with the bike.  The bike is in pristine immaculate condition.  There is only one small mark on the “e” in the Chesterfield sticker on the right side (can see in photo).  Otherwise the bike is perfect.  This is not a refitted Challenge bike but an original factory Max Biaggi replica.  It has full lighting and can easily be registered (not sure about California…please check if you live there). The tires are original and should be changed if the buyer is going to ride it.   I hate to part with the bike but it is time. Other interests call.  Anyone looking at this auction knows what this bike is all about.  It is an incredible machine with close to 70 hp and razor sharp handling.  This bike is on display at the Barber Motorcycle Museum. It is truly a legend and very collectable.  Two strokes of this type are no longer produced by any manufacturer.  This bike is expensive and well worth it for someone looking for one.  You will find none better.  It has low mileage and has never been abused.

So, this bike is a real piece of history and the motors are exactly the same as a 2004 RS250 so you’ve got a good 60+ rwhp. Known as one of the best street 250’s you can get, get out the Visa card and start bidding, you won’t be sorry!

Ciao for now….Jay

Aprilia June 15, 2010 posted by Jay


Ahh, probably my favorite bike of all time. Bought my first one in 1995 and never looked back, just something about these things. Like the first “hot” girlfriend you had, the memories never go away nor do the stories. Anyway, enough of that, I know this bike as it came from here in Oregon as a very good friend of mine owned it before selling it to this guy in Seattle. This bike was pretty nice and original when my friend owned it which was about a year ago, the new owner added the Rossi “46” decals and RS Taichi stickers. Otherwise the bike is pretty much like when he bought it about a year ago. These things just keep climbing in price as the years go on and there are less and less nice low miles ones available. Located in Seatlle on Craig’s List  for $9000,click “Rossi’s-out -for-the-season” to jump on to it!

The ad reads:

2000 WA street titled RS250 with 68xx miles is for sale. The bike is in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. I bought this bike from an Aprilia privateer race team (Veloce) in Oregon as a collector item. This RS250 is not a converted cup bike. It is imported by the previous owner with 17 digit VIN. It has not been raced or tracked – a true collector’s dream especially for Valentino Rossi’s fans. If you are not familiar with the history of Aprilia RS250, this may not be your bike. The bike has the orginal street fairing (Rossi replica) with the Woodcraft rearset and Jollymoto pipes. All original parts are available including rear passenger seat and footpegs with the exception of the original exhaust.  My asking price is $9000. Reason for selling is due to having other toys (09 C63 AMG & 07 GT3) and too little time with my work schedule. I am not planning to get back to motorcycling anytime soon so trade is not an option

I believe the tail section has some scrapes from perhaps transport/etc but all in all the bike was nice and I assume it is in the same condition. $9000 is a pretty fair price for a decent mile “nice and clean” RS250 even if the paint scheme isn’t the coolest.

Ciao for now….Jay

Sport Bikes For Sale June 13, 2010 posted by Jay

Step Right Up Folks, 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited, 99.9% Stock

Well, we’ve seen a few of these floating around recenty so at least we have some data on prices vs conditions, just search “1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited” on our site and see.  I just love these bikes because back in 1986 I almost bought one but opt’d for the GSXR 1100 instead (stupid me). A plus for anyone’s cool collection these babies are indeed RARE . This one looks like a fairly tidy example and it’s pretty much all stock except the windscreen which is the way you want them. Located in BC Canada and is on Ebay now so jump on over to join the bidding.

The ad (which gave me a head ache) reads…..

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

After many years of owning this rare and exotic bike , I am willing to let it go for the right price. After getting a letter from Suzuki USA stating the rarity of a bone stock  LTD gsx-r 750 , this is what they said. Suzuki produced 5,000 of these bikes in 1986, aprox 4,000 were used for track purpose and were never returned to the street, leaving aprox 1000 of them in street form, of that 1000 ,aprox 500 of them were destroyed in crashes, leaving 500 of them in street form. Of that 500, their guess is that at least 400 of those 500 were modified and never returned to STOCK , leaving aprox 100 of these rare and beautiful unique bikes in street form. Of that 100, aprox 50 of these bikes were up dated and modified with up to date parts (forks,wheels,pipes,ect,ect) leaving aprox only about 50 in the world in BONE  STOCK trim, meaning , all the stock warning labels are still in place, stock mirrors are still on the bike, signals have not been altered, mud guard’s are still intact and not chopped.

Now we come to my bike, a Bone Stock 1986 GSX-R LTD Eddition with dry clutch and flat slide carbs from the factory,nothing altered except for the aftermarket windshield. This bike was also offered with a rare (because of the $300 price tag) FACTORY pit/race stand (seen in pictures) Seem’s not to many people wanted to drop the extra $300 after spending the $8500 back in 1986 for a mere stand with a badge on the side of it saying GSX-R but that makes it just that much rarer. This bike was professionally stored back in 2000 with the gas drained from the tank and carbs the inside sprayed with an oil like fluid to prevent rust( and it worked flawlessly) the bike has been in my heated house for 8 years and at the local Suzuki dealer for the last 2 years hanging from the roof on a secured platform. With only 22,000 kms (aprox 12,000 mi) this is going to be one of the lowest mile GSX-R LTD ED you will find ! The 2 things that are not perfect on this bike are a small dent the size of a pencil eracer on the tank (sorry I don’t have a pic of it, but I will send a pic to the interested buyer if needed) and some light scratches on the lower body pannel from falling half way over against some plywood in my garage(never did hit the ground) This bike has been carefully ridden and maintained since new and is a verry rare find. I will crate it in one of my spare Ducati crates and help with shipping arrangements.  reserve is set a 1986 showroom price.     


So, what’s really cool is that I’ve never even seen the rear track stand, I’m impressed! I think the price at $8500 was in Canadian dollars back then because I do remember these bikes being $6500 US, I may be wrong but that’s what I remember because I thought “why would I want a $6500 750 solo seater?” at that time. Anyway the bike looks nice but not prestine and the miles are okay, so I think (and I repeat) “I think”, the bike should be somewhere about the $7000 US mark. So chime in and tell me I’m wrong, right or waaaay off 🙂

Ciao for now….Jay

Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2010 posted by Jay

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Nicely modified…..!

These things are…. well, just plain cool. Based on KR’s (Kenny Roberts) YZR500 from 1983 this V4 500cc 2-stroke packed quite the punch in 1985 with about 80hp at the wheel. The bike was  quite  heavy at about 470 lbs but if you are lucky you can find the super rare RZV500R which was a Japanese only bike that was about 30 lbs less because it sported a cool aluminum frame. Dripping with bitchn’ 80’s technology like 16″ front wheel, anti-dive valve forks (with an INSANE 37mm diameter), this baby is like the mullet, ( business up front, but all party in the back). Not available in the US because of our new EPA laws at the time, most of these bikes came in from Canada. This one seems to have just about the right mods and probably makes some decent hp.

Located in Simi Valley California on EBay with a BIN for $12,500 it only has 3 days left, click now for the jump.

The bike is currently bid up to $7745 at the time of this writing so it will be interesting to see where it ends up. At the $12,500 BIN price it still seems a bit steep even though it has a host of mods. Nice clean RZ500’s are getting harder and harder to find and this one seems like a fine example, do a search on our site  for RZ500‘s and see what others have been doing and selling for.  With the 125GP supposedly ending in 2012, it will be a sad day when we see the last of the 2-stroke era.

Ciao for now….Jay

Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha RZ[/AffomaticEbay]

Bimota May 27, 2010 posted by Jay

1981 BIMOTA KB-1 1200 MILES, MINT!

Wow, here’s a real collectable one for your stable. Back when Bimota was “kickin ass and taken names” these bikes just get more rare over the years. I had a ’78 SB2 that I just sold last year so I have an idea why these old Bimota’s were ahead of the Japanese. Bimota, basically a frame and chassis company used primarily Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Ducati power plants, except the V-Due which was a Bimota designed engine. Back in the 70’s and 80’s these Bimota’s were just plain lighter and handle better than their Japanese counterparts. As time and technology grew the Japanese caught up and in the 90’s over took the performance package that came in the little Bimota. Bimota could never make a come back after that. The KB-1 used the Kawasaki liter king Z1000 motor although you could also put their 900cc in that same chassis. It had a great frame and mono shock swing arm with adjustable pivot as well at adjustable steering head, magnesium wheels and cool Brembo brakes for that era. About 800 of these examples were made and they were about 3 times the price of a normal sport bike at that time. Located in Germany with a Buy It Now for $17k, it is probably one of the best examples of a KB-1 out there. Click for the jump to EBay.

The ad reads: Original Bimota KB1. I think one of the best in the world. The bike had a full restoration and is in liek new condition. 2760 kilometrers since that. Original German bike. Only 2 preowners. German documents. It runs perfect. This is an strong investment for the driver or the Bimota collector. I can help arranging transport to GB or other countries.
This is a private sale.paypal only for downpayment, as they charge hig fees.Cash on pick up or banc transfer only

“Bimota 101”, just so we’re all on the same page you can tell what engine is in a Bimota buy its name. Example “KB-1 = Kawasaki/Bimota”, “SB2 = Suzuki/Bimota, “DB-2 = Ducati/Bimota”…and so on. Not as rare as other Bimota’s because of the number’s made (800 KB-1’s vs SB-2’s 140) this one is still high on the collectors list to have. The BIN price is pretty reasonable for what you are getting so you’re just one click away!

ciao for now…Jay

Moto Guzzi May 26, 2010 posted by Jay


Don’t ask me why, but I really have no idea why Moto Guzzi made this bike. The company at the time had just been bought by Aprilia in 2000 for 65 million euros and Aprilia (I guess) wanted to take the company in a little different direction, hence the MGS01. It was 2003 and I was visiting Aprilia and Moto Guzzi factories on our yearly dealer trip. At the Moto Guzzi factory they were very excited to show us the first finished MGS01, sure it was cool but who’s going to buy such an expensive air cooled shaft drive race bike? I remember Doug Polen took the bike for a few laps in California, there was a small press release about it and then the whole thing just died. They were available to US Moto Guzzi dealers via special order, I believe the cost was about $35k.  In 2004 the Piaggio Group buys Aprilia and gets Moto Guzzi in that package, still the brand struggles to keep afloat, kinda sad since the old Guzzi’s from the 70’s and earlier are really cool. My tag line for Guzzi stills stands, “Moto Guzzi, going out of business since 1921”. Here’s the real deal on EBay located in Christchurch (that name just cracks me up), New Zealand. Click for the jump to EBay.

With a starting bid of $39,999 US, the ad reads: Moto Guzzi MGS01 Race Bike. Super exotic racer in top condition. Competitive ‘Sound of Thunder’ racer, rare as hen’s teeth. Most of these are in the hands of collectors and have never been fired up, this one’s a winner. Worldwide freight easily arranged, you could be racing this in a few weeks. All questions answered, cheers Chris.Thanks for looking

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a used one for sale so I don’t have much data on pricing. I’m sure it will be really collectable at some point in time but for now since it’s air cooled, makes a killer BOT (battle of the twins) class racer. I remember the bike was very trick for what it is, it’s not something just thrown together, it was well thought out and a full on race bike. Well in any case, let’s all watch and see what this thing does…good luck Chris!

Ciao for now…Jay