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Aprilia January 9, 2010 posted by

3 – 2009 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory race bikes for sale!

3 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory Race Bikes for sale!

That’s right, you can own the same Factory supported RSV1000R’s that Chaz Davies and Aaron Gobert used in the 2009 AMA season. All three have been gone through with fresh motors and suspension by KWS, and are ready for the track. Make no mistake these are factory race bikes with all the trick components that are not always available to the general public. Some of those components are KWS Super Bike spec motors cranking out 140hp, Millennium Technologies adjustable triple clamps, top of the line Ohlins forks and shocks, Millennium Technologies quick change brake hanger (just in case you need to change your rear tire in 13 seconds), 5.5″ rear wheel, a nice sprinkling of exotic Brembo brake components, Kevlar fuel cell, and some really trick Millennium Technologies rear sets.

The 2010 season is drawing near and I can only imagine Chip would love to move these to a good home. The price is $14,985.00 per bike. If you consider the 2010 RSV4R’s have a retail of $15,999.00 and $20,999.00 for the RSV4 R Factory, KWS is practically giving them away. Imagine showing up at your local track day on a Factory Aprilia racer and blowing past your buddy on his 1098 or pulling the trigger on one of these in a regional Heavyweight Twins race. They wouldn’t know what hit them!

You know the one thing I haven’t mentioned is the super cool paint scheme on these bikes. Can a race bike look any better than these?

Heck, if racing isn’t your thing you can poke around on ebay, buy some stock parts and put it on the street as a sleeper.

You can contact Chip at 843-552-7177 or

There are more pictures available on the KWS Motorsports site and I would recommend checking them out. They are pure eye candy!

If you’ve got an extra 10 minutes to spare check out this video. You can listen to the guys at KWS talk about developing the RSV 4R into a competitive racer. You can also listen the sweet, sweet music the Leo Vince exhaust makes.



Aprilia January 5, 2010 posted by

2004 Aprilia RSV Mille — Flat Track Race Bike!?!?

Yes, this bike will sale and the bid is currently $2,551.00. Bike is listed as an ex Larry Pegram/Henry Wiles factory supported racer. Obviously, in the hands of either one of those talented riders the bike was a front runner. I searched and searched for any information that would lend support to the claim behind this bike, but had no luck. However,Lloyd Brothers is the factory Flat Track race team for Aprilia USA, both riders are on board with Lloyd Brothers, but in 09′ Pegram raced Flat Track on a Lloyd Brothers Duacti Classic 1000 – slightly modified of course 🙂

Auction notes:

Lloyd Brothers Factory Built Aprilia Flattrack bike . Collectable Motocycle. This bike made the main even at the Ledgendary Springfied Mile with Larry Pegram as the rider.The bike was also ridden by 5 time Peoria TT Champion Henry Wiles,This is a no reserve auction Good luck bidding.

In case your scratching your head and asking “how does this qualify for RSBFS?” On a very broad plane it is a heavily modified RSV Mille, it was built by the highly respected Lloyd Brothers, raced by two of the highest caliber Flat Trackers in the country and most importantly Dan said so 🙂

So if you’re a collector looking for an off-beat, cheap racer to add to your collection or an active Flat Track racer looking for a competitive edge, jump over to eBay and give it a look. I guarantee you can’t build it for the current bid.

A big thanks goes out to Justin for the heads up; we appreciate it.



Update: If you liked this flat tracker, maybe this is up your alley too: A 70’s Yamaha 750 flat track bike done in Kenny Roberts livery on San Fran Craigslist.

Thanks to “gotmymojo” for this forward.

I don’t think this is a trend we’ll continue, but hey, variety is the spice of life right?!


Aprilia January 1, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS50 With KDX200 Swap

Located in Acworth, Georgia is a 1999 Aprilia RS50 with a 200cc motor.  Normally, replacement motors and motor swaps aren’t something we share on RSBFS but I’m all for putting a big–relatively–two stroke in a street bike.  This RS50 is now powered by a Kawasaki KDX200 which gives out around twenty-seven horsepower.  The bike is titled and registered as a moped (as a 50cc bike).  The bike comes with a fitted Penske shock with remote reservoir and front suspension set-up.  The asking price is $2,000.  I don’t doubt this bike is a hoot and all the work has already been done on it.  If you’re interested in this type of bike, see it on Craigslist here.

And a couple videos (the sound is very low):

Start & run

First ride


Aprilia December 30, 2009 posted by

Private Collection in New Jersey

I haven’t see this website before but, Motorcycles For Sale Classic, is apparently a broker for a collection of motorcycles out of New Jersey.  It looks to have been recently updated but has some obvious errors–make sure to contact the seller by phone to confirm anything on their site.  Anyhow, these are some of the bikes that are still available that I found interesting:

  • 1977 MV Agusta 850SS with 1,791 original miles.
  • 1977 Ducati 900SS with 2,500 original miles.
  • 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition with 2,358 original miles (Vance & Hines exhaust fitted).
  • 1985 Suzuki RG500 with 385 original miles.
  • Yamaha TZR250 with 22,245 miles.
  • 1984 Yamaha RD500 with 31,600 miles.
  • A second Yamaha RD500 with less miles.
  • Aprilia RS250 with 610 original miles.
  • 1995 Cagiva Mito.

These aren’t all the bikes listed on the site–and more appear in the background of photos–but again, I would caution anyone against acting too quickly.  The website listed features errors and older dates but, I haven’t seen these photos featured anywhere else and they all look to be correct and from the same location.  Titles and registration isn’t mentioned and only a few bikes have asking prices.  Regardless, take a look at the site as it may be an undiscovered mine!


Aprilia December 27, 2009 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Following up that fantastic NS400R is a 1999 Aprilia RS250 located in Monrovia, California.  The bike is a track bike and has a California Off-Road title (I wonder if they use the red/green sticker system for things other than dirt bikes).  Sellers description of the bikes condition:

There are a couple small scratches on the left side of the swingarm. There is a small nickel size ding in the right frame spar. The paint is clean but not perfect, after all it’s a track bike. Otherwise it runs great.

There appears to be no spares included which is unfortunate but they can still easily be had.  The asking price of $4,200 is consistent with other track RS250s we’ve seen.  See the bike here on Craigslist.


Aprilia December 26, 2009 posted by

2002 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Located in Gilbert, Arizona is a 2002 Aprilia Cup RS250. This bike is sold by the original owner with a bill of sale. The bike comes with a set of Marchesini magnesium wheels (originals are also included) with brake rotors; The engine was just rebuilt by Seacoast Sport Cycle. The Spider Man replica scheme isn’t for everyone but spices it up from the usual black (the lower faring is included and shown in the photos). The asking price is $4,500. See this bike on Craigslist here.


Aprilia December 26, 2009 posted by

1998 Aprilia RS 250 Cup Bike

1998 Aprilia RS 250 racer for sale

This one’s not perfect, but the asking price of $4,800.00 seems to be in line for the condition and history. Bike is located in Atlanta and is said to have a fresh build on the “street” version motor. I’m really digging the paint job even though it does appear to be peeling a little on the tank. The seller doesn’t give much info about the condition other than it is straight and ready to race. Visually, I can see the some rash on the right side, a dent in the expansion chamber, and as mentioned the paint is peeling on the tank. It appears to have been wrenched on by the boys at Speedwerks so it has to be fast right? I know they made my 400 run like a scalded dog so I speak from experience.

I know I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking about RS’s for sale and how they’ve been on the look out for them. And as promised, I’m posting a pure racer for your consideration. And if a racer isn’t up your alley there is a real that we’ve had posted before on



Aprilia December 10, 2009 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS 250 Cup bike on ebay


Found, what looks like, a very clean RS Cup Bike with relatively low miles at 3,404 on ebay today. As our regular readers know these are one of our favs on so its probably no secret that I post everyone I come across. This one has a few spares to go along with it that includes 2 extra sets of silencers; one of the sets being Jolly Moto. I always chuckle when I say “Jolly Moto” – not sure why, but I do. The seller states this particular RS has spent its entire life on the track, but at 3,404 miles and 9 years old, I would say that’s not too bad. My calculations say it clocked a mere 378 miles a year.

Here’s what the seller has to say:

This bike is in great shape and has been on the track all of its life. These bikes were brought over for the aprilia cup challenge in 2000, it has never had a title and will only come with a bill of sale, this is a Pure race bike. The bike is just the way i bought it, here’s a list of upgrades from stock. The front forks were done by traxxion dynamics for 175lbs rider; full Jolly Moto exhaust, retail around 1,000; Woodcraft rear sets, retail 350; 2″ Exhaust temperature gauge, retail 200; also comes with stock pipes, hanger, extra race upper fairing, not pictured, stock front springs, extra levers, stock rear sets, extra front and rear sprockets 2 each, new ek gold chain in box, oil,spark plug, new in package clutch plates, metal and friction, head gaskets, center case gasket, and exhaust o-rings.

I put on new f-1 grips. The tires are new, they only have one track day on them and are in great condition. The brakes, chain & sprockets are all in great shape. It needs nothing but a rider. You’ll receive the service manual, supplement, receipts and the paperwork I received with it from the previous owner. In the paper works it states on 7/12/05 a new complete top end by PowerMotorSports, Paul Bounds. If you have any other question please contact me.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would be tickled pink if I found this under my tree in two weeks (note: send link to wife)