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Classic Sport Bikes For Sale April 13, 2010 posted by

New Features: RSBFS Facebook Page and Now Offering Classifieds!

Rare SportBikes For Sale Facebook PageFirst up is our brand new Facebook page. We’re going to use this area to connect with our friends on Facebook and talk about the listings, lifestyle, and fun the RSBFS site affords all of us. Stop by and friend us, share a picture of your bike (maybe even with a RSBFS decal on it), and tell us what we can do for you.

Rare SportBikes For Sale ClassifiedsNext is our new classifieds section of the website. This is still in Beta mode, which is programmer speak for 90% complete but close enough to use — just be patient with the process. You can use it to list your spare motorcycle parts, project bikes, or general motorcycle goodies for sale. For only $5 a listing per month, your ads will be available to over 40k sportbike fans a month!

As always, thanks for reading!


BMW April 13, 2010 posted by

2004 BMW-R Series Boxer Cup replica #209 of 300

2004 BMW-R Boxer Cup Replica for sale and is #209 of 300

A quick search of tells me that we’ve only posted 1 BMW on our site. So what better way to kick off a Tuesday morning other than posting this fine BMW BCR. Forwarded to us by viewer Dave (twice now, sorry!) is this low mileage BMW LE complete with Randy Mamola’s signature… well, not his real one. Once, again I’ll have to admit that I don’t know squat about a bike, which is very humbling, but anyone in the know can help me out by making comments 🙂

The first thing that jumped out at me was how clean the bike appears to be. And it also appears that this bike has never had it’s cases rubbed on asphalt which is a good thing when street riding a collectible cycle with carbon case covers.

The next thing I noticed was how simplistic BMW made adjusting the pre-load on the rear shock. No more clumsy wrenches eh?

Here’s some quotes from the listing:

2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica. Only 4k Miles, #209 of 300 Produced, And This Bike Is Flawless!!!! The only reason I am selling the bike is because I lost my job. Any questions about the bike, shipping, etc… please email me, I will respond right away.

Bike has been garaged is whole life, and you won’t fine a nicer more well maintained low mile example of a Boxer Cup Replica anywhere. Recently serviced at the BMW dealership….New battery, new Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier high performance rear tire, also comes with a new BMW power socket (for Battery Tender or heated clothing). Very smooth BMW shaft drive, 6 speed transmission, lots of carbon fiber parts including the valve covers, forged magnesium wheels, adjustable suspension, and very fun to ride, never abused or down, always adult owned.

Prefer German over Italian or Japanese products? This one is ready to roll with new tires, recent service and it looks like a million bucks or maybe $8,500 because that is the . Jump on over and check it out should you be interested. Since it is shaft driven it would make for a great sport tourer or Sunday sport rider. Whichever tickles your fancy, this one is worth a look.



Sport Bikes For Sale April 11, 2010 posted by

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 -survivor-

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 ‘Slingshot’ in Red, White and Black with only 6,330 miles.

Located in Marion, IA is this clean, low mileage Gixxer 750 and it looks to be the real deal Holyfield. It appears to be all stock except for the Yoshi, an aftermarket tinted windscreen and the ever present shorty and flush turn signals. These early oil-cooled Suzukis had an intimidating look and stance about them and I always like them. I remember thinking how fat the rear tire was back in the day and wishing that my 88 Ninja had one to match it.

Even though these beast weighed in at 515#’s they had good balance and a proven oil-cooled engine that offered up 112hp at 11,500 RPM’s. The owner states that he’s never pulled a wheelie, but that’s almost hard to believe because I remember these things being like a pogo stick with the front wheel always bouncing off the pavement. This one is listed on ebay with a current bid of .01. That’s right 1 penny is the current bid, but the reserves is obviously still on.

Take a look at this time capsule:

Quotes from the seller:

Bike is in very good shape with only 6,330 miles. I have never had this bike at full throttle, I have never pulled a wheelie or anything like that as it is very powerful. It has 50 Miles ON REAR TIRE, 50 Miles ON ALL NEW BRAKES, 50 MILES ON SYNTHETIC OIL CHANGE, front tire is good, no leaks, starts perfect and runs great. I cover the bike indoors when storing it winters and always keep it indoors when I’m not riding it. I really only ride it to work and back during summers sometimes about 5 miles each way. Original owners manual included.

New tires, fresh oil change and it runs great! What are you waiting for??? and check it out..



Sport Bikes For Sale January 22, 2010 posted by

Second of three very rare vintage race bikes for sale on ebay

The second bike is also from the seller of the Steyr – Daimler – Puch road racer posted earlier (actually, all three of these rare vintage race bikes that I am posting are from the same seller!) is a :

A beautiful museum quality restoration by Kent Riches

Any Italian motorcycle collector worth his weight in salt will know that a Motobi racer is one of the most desirable and sought after machines… A Motobi racer rarely makes it to the open market… They are usually passed around between collectors, friends and museums… Now is your opportunity to add a highly desirable brand to your Italian collection…

This classic racer has had a no-expense spared restoration to make this piece a true museum quality motorcycle.

Flawless paint, accurate decals and badging are just some of the fine detailed work.  Other features are…

Zanzani frame modifications for road racing

C2 camshaft

Ceriani forks

Grimica brakes

Radelli rims

Rob North megaphone exhaust

Dellorto carb

Fiberglass fairing tank and tail

The motor is fresh and ready to run

This restoration is the best of the best and almost to nice to race. If you have ever thought about vintage road racing this would be an excellent bike

Again, I don’t know much about Motobi except that it was founded by the eldest of the Benelli brothers – Giuseppe Benelli – because of a family feud. Motobi racers were also quite successful in their time, winning quite a few Italian championships in 125cc, 175cc, and 250cc classes. You can read up on some of that interesting Motobi history here.