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The most expensive Ducatis ever? A pair (yes, a PAIR) of MH900e for $995,000!

A PAIR of zero miles 2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluziones for sale at $995,000!

We love Ducati’s MH900e here at RSBFS, but that’s not the reason we posted these – rather it’s because they have got to be the most expensive Ducati’s ever at $497,500 EACH!  Let us see why:

2x Rare and Vintage Ducati motorcycles for sale..


Redheads.  Two examples of the finest contemporary design Ducati has given us in this 21st century.
They are inseparable – for sale as a pair..  #’s 1588 & 1740. They are the two lowest mileage specimens in the US, possibly the world [hmm…possibly, but very unlikely].  With zero and three miles respectively, these two motorcycles are as collectible as can be.

Let me be perfectly clear:  This auction is for TWO MOTORCYCLES.  They are the two lowest mileage examples of the MH900E to be found in the US, possibly the world.

Half of the proceeds of this auction: at least $497,500 – will be donated to charity – I prefer Habitat for Humanity or Feed the Children, but if you have a strong preference, I’ll consider it. [so what happens to the other half of the proceeds from the auction?]

From Wikipedia: Wikipedia: The Art of the Motorcycle

“The Art of the Motorcycle was an exhibition that presented 114 motorcycles chosen for their historic importance or design excellence in a display designed by Frank Gehry in the curved rotunda of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, running for three months in late 1998.

The exhibition attracted the largest crowds ever at that museum.”

The bike that Ducati called the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione is possibly one of the most beautiful motorcycles to be launched in the 21st century.

That this motorcycle was launched and sold out completely on the very first day of the new century, the new millennium, was remarkable.

In a stroke of marketing genius, Ducati offers the motorcycle for one day – January 1st, 2000, to celebrate the new millennium.  The entire production run sells out in one day – gone

The MH 900e is not just unmistakably a Ducati, with the silencers underneath the tailpiece, it’s what Ducati makes when they intend to create a machine as art.  Form does not follow function on this machine.  Form is everything…

We have two MH900e’s for auction here…

Sisters, if you will. One has 3 miles, the other, zero.  It’s a dry bike – uncrated and stored. They are for sale, but only together, as sisters.  I will not separate them. [oh, that’s rich…]

That is what makes this auction unique.  Two..  Delivered…  by Christmas morning…

The shape is neo-classicical.  You can’t tell if it’s a prototype of a bike they might build in two years, or a machine from the 80’s.  The L-twin engine is exposed to view and the curvalicious minimal front fairing is the most beautiful front end we’ve seen in years.

We offer both of our Pierre Terblanche designed Ducati MH900e’s to add to your collection.

These are a museum quality pieces, they are both completely stock, and certain to take center stage amongst any collection.  We imagine them flanking the the Christmas tree…, or arranged in a V at the bottom of the stairs..

We at AteliersVelocette cater to A-list clients.  Delivery is discreet and bonded. Delivery anywhere in the world, by Christmas morning, included in the final price. All paperwork, keys, stands, T-shirts, etc. included.

Half the proceeds of this sale go to Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans, Doctors without Borders, Haiti, or Feed the Children, at your direction.

(This award of 50% of the proceeds will most likely take place in a publicized event after the auction completes, on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah or Ellen by AteliersVelocette’s founder.)

There you have it, but it still leaves me scratching my head why I would want to pay close to a million dollars for two Ducati MH900e’s.  Just in case you’re wondering what the market price is on the MH900e, click here to see previous listings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging charitable donations by any means, but by my logic it seems that the buyer (if there will be one) will be paying $497,500 for two MH900e’s and the other $497,500 to appear “in a publicized event…on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah or Ellen…”

What baffles me is that  a.) I can think of much cheaper ways to get a pair of low mileage Mike Hailwood replicas (might not be ‘sisters’ though – heh)  b.) there are other (or cheaper) ways to appear in a publicized event  c.) if I have that kind of money to donate to charity, I probably wouldn’t need to do it through an ebay auction!

But hey, any ebay seller by the name of “worldsbestguy” must surely know more than I do! So if you’re looking to buy a pair of zero miles (well, one with 3 miles) Ducati MH900e’s, have $995,000 burning a hole in your pocket that you want to donate to charity AND appear in a publicized event, .



  • HoHoHo, HaHaha, HeeHeeHee; Merry Xmas Everybodee…

    If you want more laughs, check out the Ferrari motorcyle on ebay.uk; it’s a steal too……

    • The Ferrari is coming up too! 😉

  • Only half the money to charity? lol

  • The other half goes to himself –

    Me: Trying to put two kids through ridiculously expensive colleges while raising some big money and awareness for people way needier than my kids..

  • Mike is rolling over in his grave right now!

  • Obvisouly this guy is just trying to get attention.

  • So, you can get insanely ripped off on not one, but two bikes, and donate half a mil to charity. If I had that kind of money wouldn’t I go ahead and make my own donation to charity while enjoying my fleet of comparable motorcycles?

  • If you check this guy’s feedback you will see that he bought the 3-mile bike on eBay in September for $15,500 (!)

    Whatta flip!!!

  • This guy needs to sell these for a million bucks so he can continue to buy the crack he is obviously smoking.

  • He changed the charity share to 90% .. but that would still mean he’d be selling them for $99,500. Even with the eBay fees and the “free delivery anywhere in the world” he would still get well over $45,000 EACH for them.. and he only paid $15,500 for one recently.

    Did anyone notice this bit: “If you donate the motorcycles to a museum or another auction, the entire price becomes a charitable donation.” He’ll still keep his 10% ($99,500) though.

  • […] There’s not too much additional info on the web other than what’s listed, but I did find out that the last time this bike was on the market was back in December 2008 in one of Bonham’s auctions. It didn’t sell at the expected price of $300,000 (perhaps the fact that it looks like the bastard child of a Ferrari Testarossa, a Suzuki RF900 and an early 90s Suzuki GSX-R has something to do with it?) back then, so what do you think the odds are this time around at a price of $395,000?  But hey, at least it’s a better deal than the pair of Ducati MH900e’s at close to a million dollars! […]

  • dickheads should be shot

  • If you believe any of this hype you should check into the best mental hospital that money can buy.

  • A PAIR of zero miles 2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluziones for sale at $995,000!We love Ducati

  • Hey!!! I’ve chosen RSB4S to break the news !!!
    I am letting go my two “sister” Goldwings to the LUCKY PERSON who first delivers the $100 000 US to me. It must be either cash or a cashier’s check from a local bank up here in the GoldCoast of America, Seattle. This lucky person will WIN my Black 1979 GL 1000 (vary rare, one of only 30 000 give or take ever made) and my gorgeous Burgundy GL1200 (also quite rare, one of only 40 or 50 thousand ever made! And get this: THIS ONE RUNS!!!)

    I can hear all your little brains thinking, “WOW PHIL, that’s a great deal, but aren’t you going to throw in something extra to sweeten the deal??? How opportune of you to ask!!! You folks know me to well! You know that if I didn’t offer you a deal that you couldn’t brag about for the next year, I just wouldn’t be doing the thing right!! I’m going to DONATE EVERY LAST PENNY OVER $25 000 US, to one of my favorite charities like Mother Teresa’s Home For Precocious Young Teen Girls (not that Mother Teresa, you know the one, she has that “house” down on the other side of the brewery. She has taken in a couple of girls over the weekend and I’d love to see what I could do to help.)

    So as soon as I get that check from (Know what? Me being the kind of guy that I am, have just decided RIGHT here on the spot, that anyone who wants to pay in cash, will get an INSTANT TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT!!) that lucky person, I’ll be happy to deliver that GORGEOUS 1984 Goldwing, and I’ll talk to my brother-in-law about borrowing his pick up so I can deliver the Black ’79. Right now I got a load of cow manure in my p’up so I can’t use it. Anyhow the cops know it too well and since that little incident with the kegger and the grade school kids, I gotta keep a low profile if you know what I mean Vern…

    So there y’all got it! What would you rather do? Get ripped off by some Armani wearing, Perrier guzzling, Courvoisier sippin’ limp wristed effete namby pamby fancy pants for $960 000 US or get burned for $96 000 US by some good ol’ boy, who would invest that money helping some “wayward girls”, who could spend that money on pretty clothes, tattoos and piercings, you know, things that would make them feel better about themselves, and maybe I could buy myself some teeth…

    Now really, what is the better deal???

  • I’m too lazy to sign up at ebay. If I did i’d like to send a note to person offering the MHE’s. It would be the same message I sent to someone in Florida who had a late seventies Yammy 400 for sale. It had seen a lot of miles, rust quite evident, dented tank. Described as “Rare Yamaha 400, good shape, ride or restore $3,200”. My message back was to the effect, “Somewhere an extra number must have inadvertently been added between the decimal point and the dollar sign. May I ask you two questions? WTF are you smoking and Can you get me some?>?:

    Holy effing SH*T I’m 56 today!! I’m too young and immature to be an old man!!!!!
    Peace and Blessings! old hipple near seattle

  • […] of hours. Some low and zero miles models here have been offered for some seriously high prices (a pair for $995,000 anyone? Although the seller claimed half went to charity, still…). This bike is $14,500 BIN which may […]

  • […] for a stratospheric $21k – which would certainly be a record for one of these MHe machines (notwithstanding this seller looking for $1m for a pair of them in 2010). But since a bike can only be zero miles and “new” once, this seller definitely has an […]

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