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Aprilia November 14, 2015 posted by

1 of 3: 1983 Waddon 250cc race bike/works racer on ebay UK

Here is one that to my knowledge has only been on RSBFS once before, a  Wadon 250cc powered by a tandem twin two stroke.  The pictures aren’t very good but the concept behind the bike is certainly interesting and this is supposed to be one of the Waddon company works racers so I thought it was worth a post.

waddon 6

NOTE:  The pic above is of a different bike than the one in the auction (note the different tank decal) but I posted due to the low number of pics in the actual auction.

Personally I wasn’t familiar with the tandem two stroke concept prior to writing this post but what I can find out, back in the mid 1980’s Rotax offered a 250cc tandem two stroke engine as a powerplant.  The engine was essential a pair of two stroke cylinder units whose pistons rose and fell together but one cylinder ran forward and the other backward while tandem gears were linked to the cranks and kept everything in sync.  The engine came with power valved exhaust ports, rotary valved intake ports and incorporated a dry clutch, straight cut primary gears and water-cooling.   While it sounds a bit wonky the result was apparently quite something, with a properly tuned tandem two stroke Rotax able to produce around 90hp which was big power for a 250cc in the mid 1980’s.
The Rotax engine allowed smaller manufacturers to go racing, with perhaps the most well known of these being Aprilia. In this case it was used by the Waddon Performance Products company in the UK (which was predominantly a frame maker) as the powerplant in a series of racing motorcycles.  The Waddon racing effort was launched in 1981 and featured the rotax engine mounted in the tubular spine frame the company was renowned for.  The bike was competitive but not wildly succesful and Waddon folder up shop shortly after.
Here is what the seller has posted in their ebay uk listing.   Its a bit sparse and more pics would be nice.
  • One of only three Waddon 250cc racing machines (verified in writing by the manager of their Race Team).
  • It needs slight re-commissioning and possibly crack testing of some components (it is, after all, a fast race bike).
  • There are some spares and documents with it.
  • A rare opportunity to own an exotic piece of machinery. A complete change of plans has resulted in this machine being put up for sale. Now fitted with the correct rear wheel


What is this piece of British motorcycle racing history worth?   Well bikes from the early 1980’s that fall into the “Classic Grand Prix” class seem to be creeping up in value but most of the trading seems to be occurring between serious collectors or curators.  Prices seem to still be hovering around 15,000 USD as evidenced by Bonhams listings from a few years ago and what we have seen previously on RSBFS.     While it is interesting and is certainly a rare sportbike, I think this one will appeal most to the technically minded collector or someone who remembers the bike from their youth.


1 of 3:  1983 Waddon 250cc race bike/works racer on ebay UK
Cushman April 1, 2015 posted by

Dawn Patroller – Restored 1993 Cushman ATM 800 Utility Scooter

After Ransomes of U.K. bought Cushman Motors production continued at a lower pace, concentrating on the police and factory markets.  The 9 and 18hp OMC engines long since exhausted, the company turned to Dihatsu for their 800cc mill and automatic transmission.

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter left front

1993 Cushman Utility Scooter for sale on eBay

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter front 20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter right

The water-cooled 800cc triple pushing 27 ponies against the 650 lb. weight give the three 400-8 bias-ply tires a test.  With speeds approaching 35 mph, this Truckster is street legal.  Front cow catcher and rear bumper are ready for action.

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter interior right 20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter left trunk

Retired from the Iowa City traffic department, this 1993 was treated to a full restoration, fresh navy blue over a black frame, with red wheels ( even the steering wheel ! )  New carpeting and weather seals for the cargo bay, and fresh interior.  Not so long ago, one might have seen one like this in any major city nationwide.

From the eBay auction:

We are offering a 3-wheeler ATM Police Cushman w/3cyl water cooled 27hp gas engine.  3-speed manual transmission w/ reverse.  Restored and dependable.  Comes with complete parts manuals for body/engine & even accessories. This Cushman has the complete weather protection cab, with removeable doors, and covered trunk. The performance will surprise you, it’s much quicker than you expect.  Vehicle is licensed and titled for street usage.

20150401 cushman ad 20150401 cushman tugger

Since Textron brought the brand back to U.S. they have concentrated on “gator” type vehicles and a comprehensive line of golf carts.  The venerable trike is relegated to the “Tugger” factory vehicle pictured above.  The last Patrol Truckster was built in 2002, and this lovingly restored Cushman revives a bygone era of community policing.

– donn

Dawn Patroller – Restored 1993 Cushman ATM 800 Utility Scooter
Sport Bikes For Sale February 4, 2015 posted by

SOLD: 1989 Moto Paton 500cc four cylinder two stroke

NOTE: This bike sold while I was writing the post but since its a brand/manufacturer that has NEVER been on RSBFS before, I thought I would go ahead and post it anyway.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Never heard of Moto Paton?  The story is actually pretty interesting: back in 1959 a bunch of the Italian motorcycle manufacturers all got together and decided they would all agree to reduce their racing efforts.  This “abstention pact” was signed by Mondial, MV Agusta and Moto Guzzi.  Moto Paton was founded by two former employees of the racing department of Mondial; Giuseppe Pattoni and Lino Tonti.  Similar to the later Bimota, the founders names were used as the basis of the new company (hence the name “Pa ton”).   The early Paton motorcycles blew away the competitors of the day such the Matchless G50 or Manx Norton and were ridden to success against top level racers of the day, including the legendary Agostini.


1989 Moto Paton 500cc two stroke for sale

The full history of Paton is available on the Paton website (here) but as was typical for small manufacturers the company always seemed to be flirting with financial insolvency.   By the early 1980’s Paton had begun to seriously struggle and even stopped racing for a few years but development quietly continued.  In 1983 Paton returned to racing and introduced a new four cylinder V configure two-stroke liquid-cooled unit, known as the C90 due to the 90 degrees between the engine cylinder banks.  In 1986 another another engine was introduced, this time a V engine with 115 ° angle between the cylinder banks and prodcuing 140 bhp.  It was this configuration that actually gave Paton some racing success in the predessor to MotoGP.

Note:  More info about the Paton models development history can be found here and on wikipedia.


This bike is supposed to be one of only four (4) made and the only one that has survived in original condition.  The bike looks pretty close to the pictures on the Paton website except for the wheel color.   Overall the bike looks to be very clean but there isn’t much other info and pics do seem to show a worn rear tire and what appears to be a modern rear shock.

motopatton merged

So now we come to the question of whether this bike is worth the $67,500 USD asking price  Well it will probably only appeal to to a serious collector but its certainly a rare piece.  Even though Paton has restarted operations in 2010, Paton is not something you will likely see at any events.   While it probably wont appreciate like a Supermono, it would still look very cool parked in the living room.

Note:  As stated previously, this bike sold while this post was underway.  Not sure if the $67,500 USD asking price was met.   Even though it was sold I thought it was interesting and we had never had a Moto Paton on RSBFS so I decided to post it anyway.


SOLD:  1989 Moto Paton 500cc four cylinder two stroke
Uncategorized January 15, 2013 posted by

WINNER! RSBFS Charity Auction for the Red Cross

Over the holidays RSBFS auctioned off some logo gear on eBay for the benefit of the Red Cross. We were overwhelmed with support by our readers, and are pleased to announce that $120 was donated directly to charity as a result. We donated all of the merchandise and all of the auction proceeds, but it was the faithful RSBFS readers who stepped up and bid the package well beyond the face value.

Charity Auction Package

Our winner is a RSBFS reader who, in addition to earning everything in the originally offered prize package (two RSBFS tee shirts in black and white, RSBFS logo mug, RSBFS stickers and koozie) will be able to select additional items from our RSBFS Logo Store to pad out the difference.


We still need to determine sizes and what additional merchandise might be desired. So Jeff, please contact us when you get you a chance. We would love to get your prize package to you as soon as possible!!

Thanks to all who helped RSBFS give back for the holidays!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 1, 2012 posted by

MotoGP Promotion: Snag a RSBFS hat for $12.95!

MotoGP is almost here – and RSBFS can’t wait a minute longer! To make sure that you are ready to fly the colors for the upcoming MotoGP season, you can snag a high-quality, RSBFS stiched logo hat for only $12.95! (plus taxes and shipping) Supplies are limited, and the offer ends when the green flag drops in Qatar on April 15.

These embroidered logo hats feature white piping on the brim and a velcro enclosure at the back. Perfect for a day at the track, or a day indoors watching the action on TV.

Be sure and order soon, as supplied are limited. $12.95 is a real bargain, and represents more than 30% savings. We have another batch of hats on order, but we’re blowing these out at rock-bottom prices for now.

Help us celebrate the opening of the MotoGP season and be sure to let us know who you are cheering for! Hit up the RSBFS Merchandise Store for more info.

Uncategorized March 28, 2012 posted by

Where there’s smoke there’s fire: 2004 MTT Y2K Jet Turbine

For Sale: 2004 MTT Y2K Jet Turbine

Just for fun, here is a rare sport bike that will rip the headlights out of whatever you are riding enroute to its record-breaking top speed (reported to be in the 230 mph range). Go ahead and turbo charge your ‘Busa or Zx14 for all the good that it will do you. This ground missle is powered by a helicopter jet turbine. Good luck keeping up.

Besides the top speed number, everything else related to the Y2K is big. Check out that sewer pipe-sized exhaust! Forget your Termis, FBF, Leo Vince or Yoshimura slip ons. Got size envy? This Rolls Royce jet turbine needs some big pipes to breathe through on the way to its 320 shaft HP rating. Harnessing all that power is an innovative 2-speed automatic gearbox. Throttle lag is noted to be a problem at lower (i.e. street legal) speeds, but does anybody really buy one of these for the morning commute in stop and go traffic? Doubtful.

After the “push comes to shove” acceleration aspect of the MTT Y2K bike, we have pure and simple physics to deal with: a 500 pound motorcycle traveling over 2 bills requires some serious stopping power. The twin 320 mm discs and Brembo calipers look the part, but I think I would prefer some monoblocs clamping down on carbon-carbon rotors. Personally, I’m looking for the parachute release switch…..

From the seller:
MTT Y2K Jet Turbine Motorcycle – LOW MILES

World famous Y2K motorcycle in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest and most expensive motorcycle in the world! One of 12 made in the world, here is your opportunity to actually own one. Mint condition, under 800 miles, polished in chrome chassis with carbon fiber wheels. Full carbon fiber body featuring a Rolls Royce c-18 helicopter jet engine equipped with full helicopter and motorcycle electronics. Easy to ride, and easy to start.

The front end of this thing has quite the bug-eyed look, but with 300+ HP on tap not too many folks will be witnessing that view. And since jet turbines are pretty versatile powerplants, they can be configured to run on a number of fuels: kerosene, diesel or even the Jet-A served by your local biz-jet accessible airport!

The Y2K bike always creates a sensation – all due to the wretched excess. That excess includes the price – new these were $175,000 – $195,000 purchases. Toys for the rich boys. The used market has helped some, as this bike is being offered for the relative bargain of $145,000 OBO (less than 1,000 miles on the odometer). Check out the auction here and then jump back and let us know what you think. If you had the cash would this be a bucket bike for you?


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Look for RSBFS at a racetrack near you!

RSBFS is growing, and we are attending more events this year than any other in our history. The great news is we get to talk to fellow RSBFS enthusiasts everywhere we go!

Back in May we attended the West Coast Moto Jam at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. The Moto Jam was a massive weekend including motocross, dirt track, Super Moto, and AMA Superbike racing – with all tracks located on the Infineon premises. While it was cloudy, the weather held and we saw some great racing. We also had the opportunity to meet with some super fans (including some of the guys from Peterson-Caterpillar). Watching the racing from the stands was great, but viewing the action high above the racetrack in the sky box suites was even sweeter! RSBFS does it up in style. Some lucky fans even got to go home with new RSBFS swag.

The next stop for the RSBFS crew was Laguna Seca, CA – Round 10 of the Red Bull Moto GP World Championship. With sunny weather, great racing and lots of RSBFS fans to talk to, what could be better?

The Laguna Seca event was a combo Moto GP and AMA Superbike event, with a reported 136,285 in attendence. And while intense racing action was happening on the track, the infield was full of major OEM displays (Ducati, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha) as well as related vendors. Ducati in particular had an impressive area, and invited select owners a strategic place to park. See photos for some of the choice rides parked throughout the area.

With the manufacturers so involved in Moto GP, there were some amazing celebrities on hand to provide demos and Q&A for the fans: 500cc World Champion Randy Mamola was on hand to terrify passengers with Ducati Moto GP X2 rides; Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey were on hand to help celebrate Yamaha’s 50th anniversary of Grand Prix racing, and Kevin Schwantz was on hand as well. Kenny had almost as much track time as the Moto GP boys, touring on the YZR-M1 alongside Eddie on Saturday (see track photo below), and then lapping the track on Sunday on his 1980 Yamaha 500cc two stroke GP bike. Great stuff, and great to talk to RSBFS fans in the stands!

So what is next for RSBFS? Well, if you are headed to the Moto GP race at Indy, better get your shirts ready – because we will be there too. So be sure to be on the lookout, because we will be looking for you! Leave a comment below if you’d like us to bring out a shirt for you. We have S, L, and XL’s left.