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MV Agusta November 28, 2010 posted by

2004 MV Agusta SPR F4 750 For Sale!

2004 MV Agusta SPR F4

Location: Sugarland, TX
Mileage: 7200
Price: $10,000.00

So you're not into flashy Italian hardware or you like to do fly by's like a Stealth Bomber? This MV Agusta SPR should fill your needs nicely..

SPR's are loaded with Caron Fiber and this one has a few tasty upgrades as well. The 749cc MV F4 SPR pumps out 146hp and only weighs 414# dry. I'm going to guess that this baby not only looks the part, but is all business when called upon.

Make no mistake- MV's are purpose built machines are meant to be ridden and with 7200 miles on the clock this one is broken in. I personally love the matte black finish coupled with the 5 star aluminum alloy rims and I can only imagine the cored exhaust note is a little obnoxious- But, would we want it any other way?

From the seller:

-Number 235/300
-DynoJet PCIII USB Power Commander.
-Cored exhaust.
-Muzzy aluminum radiator fans.
-Ferracci bar risers.
-AFAM 43 tooth rear sprocket.
-HID headlight.
-Recently serviced with oil changed, fuel tank flush with acid wash with new fuel pump and fuel lines.
-Metal fuel connectors replaced.

The SPR's are a limited run of 300 and when new had a MSRP that bumped $23,000.00. This one looks to be in great shape and ready to carve up a canyon road near you.

We've featured several MV SPR's on before and this one seems to be right in line on pricing at $10k.

I've talked to the seller several times and he's always willing to answer any and all questions in a timely manner. Click here to get in touch with the seller.

Good luck with the sale-



MV Agusta November 22, 2010 posted by

2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO (as in Agostini) limited edition #35 of 300

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2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO limited, #35 of 300, with 6214 miles.

The MV Agusta F4 has been touted as one of the most beautiful bikes ever (and I tend to agree), but my beef with MV is that there are simply way too many different versions of essentially the same bike: the Serie Oro, the Nieman Marcus Edition, the Senna edition (since when did Senna raced motorcycles?), the SPR / SP...etc.

Of course, there are versions with significant mechanical differences, such as the F4 Tamburini, the F4 CC (for Claudio Castiglioni), and the F4 Veltro. But of the various editions with mostly cosmetic differences, my pick would be the F4 AGO because a.) it's the first of the 1000cc F4's and b.) it makes the sense because AGO (Giacomo Agostini) won many of his victories on an MV.


Most MVs have been pampered, and so has this one, but to a lesser extent than ones that have we have listed previously here on RSBFS.  Considering previous samples - which seem to have been much well taken care of and with much more detail and documentation - this one seems pricey at $14,990.  Also, all photos that I have seen of the F4 AGO come with 10 spoke wheels, so this one with the star wheels look a bit suspect.

If you are interested, I'd make an offer.  Who knows, maybe some lucky buyer can pick up a nice and rare MV F4 AGO for close to $10,000 (one can dream)?  .


MV Agusta November 2, 2010 posted by

Aliens And MV’s: 2004 MV Agusta F4-750 SPR In Roswell, NM

Aliens And MV's:  2004 MV Agusta F4-750 SPR In Roswell, NM

This bike just proves that the military isn't the only one running "black projects" in the deserts of New Mexico.  Unless I'm missing something this SPR seems to be a heck of a deal.  Let's see, a limited and modded version of MV Agusta's F4, just over 3,500 miles and a buy it now price of $9,995.  Am I that far off  in thinking that someone should have scooped this thing up by now?  I my mind (granted it doesn't always work properly), I always considered the SPR the most desirable of the limited edition F4's (excluding the Oro of course).  Maybe I'm just a sucker for that  matte grey, preseason look.


I like them lines!  If by chance aliens had abducted you for the past few years and the SPR is news to you, the SPR was supposed to be the culmination of the F4 750 line.  They were a limited run of 300 bikes and featured improved performance,  larger 50mm Marzzochi forks, some carbon fiber sprinkled in and the matte grey finish.  Check out the specifics here.


The goodies:

If you are curious, the original MSRP was $22,695.  That price and what buyers actually paid are two different things but I'm assuming  it was in that range.  What am I missing here?  Is under $10,000 not a decent deal for a bike like this?  Unfortunately the seller provided absolutely no info on the bike in the auction.  Instead they just copied and pasted some press material from the MV Agusta website.  Another pet peeve of mine: people,  put a little effort into your ad.  The first thing that comes to mind is maybe some title issues.  The auction does state a clear title though.  If interested,  I'd sure ask some questions.  If everything comes up roses I still say it is a nice deal. .


MV Agusta October 6, 2010 posted by

2002 MV Agusta F4 750 For Sale with Only 448 Miles!

While most agree the later versions of the F4 are more desirable, I still find the original 750 very attractive. We've noted a couple examples with very reasonable asking prices, and this one is an opportunity to get a nearly new bike for about half of the original MSRP.

quote from the seller's listing:

Almost brand new, under 500 miles, Agusta F4 750, exactly like this one -

Perfect condition; battery died due to prolonged non-use and needs to be swapped out. Comes with a stand and a cover.

NOTE: This bike is 49 state compliant and can't be registered for street riding in California (reason why I am selling). You can register it in any other state or use it as a track bike.

Wouldn't have killed the seller to at least swiffer the years of dust off the bike before taking pictures, but otherwise this sounds pretty good to me. Would you keep it a museum piece or consider it a half off sale on a bike you wanted when new?


MV Agusta September 27, 2010 posted by

4 Miles And No Reserve-2000 MV Agusta F4

2000 MV Agusta F4 with 4 Miles And No Reserve-

This one is pretty straight forward.  If you want a brand new 2000 MV Agusta F4, here it is.  Long story short, the owner was too busy with work to enjoy his Italian toy.  You are now the beneficiary of his busy work schedule. 

Remember 750cc sport/race bikes?  It is funny to think that they are all gone except for the GSX-R.  My point is this is a pre-1000cc F4.  Do you remember all the hype about MV Agusta's comeback back then?   This bike was supposed to set the racing world on fire and be a world beater.  That didn't exactly happen but MV Agusta carved out a nice niche for itself and I think very few of us would say "no" if offered a ride on one. 

The story behind it:

I am the original owner. The bike has never been ridden even around the block. It has never had tags. I have the odometer certificate that shows 4 miles when I purchased it and there are 4 miles on it now ( see photo ). I know the first question will be, "Why?". Just after I got it, my company lost funding for the project I was on. I had to look for contracts/projects out of state ever since. I kept it all this time planning to ride and enjoy it, but was not able to get settled back in Florida. I’ll be moving out permanently in a few months and I’d rather let it go than drag it around the country with me. That's the situation. Come by and see the bike if you’d like and you'll see for yourself. It’s sparkling new and it's 100% stock. Obviously no test rides and I'm selling it as-is, which is a new unused bike as you see it. You can look it over, wheel to wheel, and you'll see it's never been out of the garage or uncovered, tires smooth, nubs still there and not even scuffed. The paint still looks as bright as when new. This one has to be the only new one left, outside of MV's showroom in Italy. I have to get this taken care of, so someone’s going to get a one-of-a-kind great deal. I hope it’s someone who truly appreciates this spectacular bike. I'm including the original MV Stand, Toolkit, Owner's Books, Spare Key still in the sleeve, and the MV Shop Manual for both Engine and Chassis ( CD version ).

I've kept it ready to run. I've kept Sta-Bil in the gas and changed it when needed. Kept the battery on a trickle charger (has a 2 1/2 year old battery in it now). I also installed new OEM (CRC) quick connects & fuel lines. When starting it periodically, everything worked perfectly and beautifully and the sound always put a huge grin on my face. Although I’ve kept it flowing freely all this time, the fuel pump recently quit. Bike owners know this drill well. It’s often due to a clogged filter. Changing it and cleaning the pump screen is usually all that’s needed ( should be done annually anyway ). I’m an engineer so I do everything myself on my vehicles. I verified the pump is getting electricity and is not shorted (which means it's the filter/pump & likely just a clog). You can do the change/cleaning or just replace the whole pre-assembled filter/pump cluster ( easiest way - just swap it ). I literally don’t have a single minute to spare right now and even taking the tank to the dealer is a day trip ( twice ). I'm including MV's Shop Manual with the bike ( on CD – OEM ). It shows you step-by-step how to do it. It’s not difficult, just a bit time consuming if you do it right.

It is red, it is Italian, it is brand spankin new and you have a chance at getting it for a decent price.  The stars have aligned for you if you've always wanted a MV Agusta.  The auction is starting to wind down so don't waste any time and .


MV Agusta September 15, 2010 posted by

Unwanted Ago’s: #173 And #87 Looking For New Homes

Unwanted Ago's:  #173 And #87 Looking For New Homes

We might have to stop calling these rare if this run continues.  For the past three months or so there has been a steady stream of Ago's up for sale.  Below are the latest two.


Ago #1 is number 173 of the 300 bike run.  It has covered only 1,198 in its' lifetime.  As with most of the Ago's that have appeared for sale, this one has been lovingly cared for and is practically showroom fresh.  I want this darn thing just for the MV Agusta jumpsuit that comes with it (check out the auction).  MV Ago's should not be wrenched on  in mere jeans and t-shirts.

The auction details:

I have decided to sell my AGO due to an imminent move in November. The bike has always been stored in a garage under a felt cover. After delivery, the bike’s road history is three rides only. It was taken down to Carmel for the MV Augusta Concur and then again the year afterward for Moto GP that’s it. No racing. No track time. Everything is bone-stock.

All the accessories are still in the original package and include:

  • MV Agusta Corse Mechanics Suit
  • MV Agusta AGO satin cover
  • MV Agusta Corse grip covers
  • MV Agusta Corse Ti Pipes
  • MV Agusta Ti mid pipe
  • MV Agusta Corse chip
  • CRC Certificate
  • Cagiva USA COV
  • MV Agusta display stand
  • All books, tools and charger
  • 2 keys

 This is it!

The most beautiful motorcycle CRC built at the very height of their existence. The F4 AGO 173/300. Massimo Tamburini, Claudio Castiglioni and Giacomo Agostini built a motorcycle for the ages. Timeless beauty. This was their opus in  my opinion. All the other bikes afterwards were derivations of this model.

The bike is perfect as it was new. The only disclosure is a small scratch on the right mirror. You can see it in the photo. It was there from the shipping container. It is very slight.

Can ship internationally. Contact me to discuss any international transactions.

 How about that seat?  I'm not sure I'm sold on that.  Plenty of people have no problem with it as there seems to be quite a bit of interest in this one with quite a few bids.  She still hasn't met reserve though.  If have room in the garage of this beauty .


Ago #2 came of the production line a little earlier and is #87.  Your first question to the seller should be, "Do I get the MV Agusta jumpsuit?".  As seems to be usual this bike has very low miles and looks to be in excellent condition. 

 Not much info from the ad:

2005 MV Agusta AGO series #087/300 Excellent condition 2978 miles

The owner is asking $16,000 for the bike and it is located on Albuquerque Craigslist.  Have a heart and pick one of these bikes up as they should always have a loving home.