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2005 MV AGUSTA F4 1000S + full Mamba kit!

For Sale: 2005 MV AGUSTA F4 1000S with full Mamba kit

When you think about it, the modern incarnation of MV Agusta produces some pretty sweet – and pretty expensive – motorcycles. Back in 2005, the base model F4 1000S retailed for $21,795. At that price some degree of exclusivity was automatically in the cards, but the S was not nearly as exclusive (or expensive) as the Ago, Tamburini or Senna models. What’s an MV owner to do to stay current and unique?

To address this issue, MV Agusta released a series of Mamba kits, which allowed owners to dress up their pedestrian rides and convert them into carbon fiber wonders…. for a price. There are multiple levels of Mamba kits: A Standard kit, with no limited numbers, a Base kit, limited to 300 units and containing more bits than the standard kit, and finally the range topping Full kit, limited to 300 units and offering a complete “stem to stern” upgrade of the bike. The top level kit retailed for nearly $13k – which was placed on top of the cost of the bike!

From the seller:

at the crankshaft) 122 Kw (166 HP) at 11750 – Lim. 12700 r.p.m.


MVSP F4-1000 MAMBA Full Option Kit
Part Number SP 03 – Limited Edition of 300 Mamba Kits worldwide

The Full Option Kit includes:
Carbon Fiber front mudguard, Red/Clear painted
Titanium treated Red-tint windscreen
Carbon Fiber front fairing, Black/Clear painted
Black painted plastic right and left mirrors
Carbon Fiber right air duct
Carbon Fiber left air duct
Carbon Fiber right wire harness cover
Carbon Fiber left wire harness cover
Carbon Fiber ignition switch cover
Black painted plastic airbox
Carbon Fiber right side airbox panel
Carbon Fiber left side airbox panel
Black painted metal fuel tank
Red painted plastic right side fuel tank panel
Red painted plastic left side fuel tank panel
Carbon Fiber right side fairing panel, Black/Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber left side fairing panel, Black/Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber lower fairing, Clear-coated
Black “Alcantara” seat
Black “Alcantara” back pad
Carbon Fiber single seat tail fairing, Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber plate support
Carbon Fiber upper chain guard
Carbon Fiber lower chain guard
Carbon Fiber exhaust guard
Carbon Fiber right footrest guard
Carbon Fiber left footrest guard
Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum front wheel rim
Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum rear wheel rim

As you can see, the Full Mamba kit is really quite extensive! And there is no doubt that the Mamba kit adds a unique look to what is normally the classic sliver/red MV Agusta. I think it looks sharp, and adds a menacing look to an already superbly designed motorcycle. It is also shockingly expensive as a package. The good news for collectors is that sticker shock on used bikes is not really a worry.

This auction is on right now, and there has been a good number of interested bidders. The current bid was up to $9,000 (with reserve still in place) at the time of writing this piece, and the BIN is set for a very reasonable $12,999. The seller appears to be motivated, and the sharks can smell blood in the water. To get a glimpse of this ultra rare MV before it heads off to a new home, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


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The Stuff of Legends: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna

For Sale: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition

Miles: 1,800

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Price: $16,500

Take one Claudio Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta and close personal friend of Ayrton Senna (regarded by many as the finest Formula 1 driver of the modern era), add noted designer Massimo Tamburini to the mix (you might remember him as the guy that created the Ducati 916), stir in a Ferrari designed in-line four cylinder engine, wrap it up in carbon fiber bodywork and perch the whole package on stunning composite alloy wheels. This, my friends, is the numbered and rare MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition.

Today’s bike is a featured listing on RSBFS: MV Agusta Senna #175 of 300!

With only two owners and 1,800 miles (how do you people do that??), this nearly new motorcycle is ready to go to a new home. And when it does, the lucky buyer will be getting an amazing motorcycle in spotless condition – at a great price!

From the seller:
2002 Senna, one of the most beautiful MV Agusta’s ever, in my opinion.
Excellent condition, only 1800 miles.
I am the second owner, bought it about three years ago from MotoForza in Oceanside, CA, and put about 100 miles on it, if that. Bought as a more of a collector’s piece, but would start and run it regularly to keep the fluids moving.

Has the racing Arrow exhaust fitted, and comes complete with
rear stand, MV Agusta Factory indoor cover, stock exhaust, user manual, etc.

It is in beautiful condition, I apologize the pics are not great and do not do the bike justice. But anyone looking at this ad has seen one before and it looks as good as any you have seen. Reluctantly selling because of another bike purchase, and can’t keep everything!

Plus if you are in CA, you can transfer the license plate to you which reads “F4 MV”….that alone is worth $16,500. Just kidding.

Please send me PM or email to if interested. Will ship or help deliver in California within reason

When the Senna Edition was released in 2002, it retailed for $24,995. All 300 bikes were sold with the proceeds going directly to the Instituto Ayrton Senna – a charity benefitting Brazillian children – set up after the racer’s death. Sharp looks with performance and handling to match, the MV F4 continues to be a desirable motorcycle. These limited edition models only enhance the value of the bike.

According to the seller, this bike comes with a cover, a manual, personalized CA plates, a rear stand and the stock exhaust cans. With low miles, lots of additional pieces, absolutely sanitary condition and a fair price, this one should not last long. If you are interested, email the seller at the address above. But you’d better do it quick; I don’t see this deal hanging around very long!


[AffomaticEbay]MV Agusta F4[/AffomaticEbay]

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Oro Or America? Your Choice. 2004 MV Agusta Brutale Oro and 2006 Brutale America

Oro Or America?  Your Choice.  2004 MV Agusta Brutale Oro and 2006 Brutale America

Good news for those of you that like it naked and exotic (who doesn’t huh?).  A couple of nice limited edition Brutale’s are looking for new owners.


Of course I have to start with the Oro.   Everyone knows when you see “MV Agusta” and “Oro” together it is a good thing.  Just like the limited edition F4 Oro’s the Brutale Oro’s got the good stuff; nicer suspension, sprinkles of magnesium parts, detail upgrades and of course more engine.  Here is the official list of goodies.

The details about the bike for sale:

The Serie Oro was an MV Agusta factory limited edition special. It was offered for one year only in 2004. Total production was limited to 300 machines for world wide distribution. The USA received only 22 units total according to the Cagiva importer. This Brutale Serie Oro is number 189. The authenticating gold plaque for this serial number can be seen on the upper triple clamp.

The standard 750 Brutale was in many respects a better handling, more refined machine than the larger displacement versions. The Serie Oro carried this refinement even further. This was accomplished through the use of exotic light weight materials in key components. Notably, the swingarm, swingarm support plates, triple clamp, and wheels are all Magnesium. The Serie Oro also came with a Ti Nitrided 50mm Marzocchi racing front fork.

Beyond the already high spec components that came from the factory on this rare machine, MV Agusta offered Brtuale owners a few more exotic parts. This Serie Oro includes the full titanium exhaust ($4,000 by itself) and Eprom chip. Also included is the Ohlins Brutale F4 rear shock ($1,500). This shock is unique to the Brutale. It was made specifically for the Brutale Serie Oro 750 and is no longer available from MV Agusta or Ohlins. 

This Serie Oro has 6000 miles on it now. It looks like new. It runs like new. The stock exhaust is on the bike now. I can put the Titanium exhaust on at no charge at the buyers request. In either case the Ti exhaust goes with the bike. This Serie Oro has the following upgrades:

Power Commander, Matris steering damper, Sato rearsets, Ferraci frame plugs, CRG mirrors, Omega eng. metal quick release fuel line fittings, fuel injectors were blueprinted by Doug Lofgren at Ducati of MN (this improved throttle response and really improved fuel consumption), billet exhaust hangars, front and rear wheel stands, C/F Corse fender. 15 tooth front sprocket.

Tires are decent but I will put a new set on prior to sale of the bike at no additional cost. Original tires are Michelin Pilot Powers. They work excellently on this bike. This bike sold new for $29,000 before any upgrades. The listed upgrades cost an additional $8,500. Someone is going to get an increadible deal on a very rare and beautiful machine. All maintenence has bee done before recommended intervals. This bike needs nothing. 

MSRP was originally almost $29,000! 

Oh my!  Let me gather my thoughts.  That is simply art and on a naked bike you get to show it off.


If it is a limited edition it must have a badge.  I haven’t followed Brutale resale prices closely so I’m probably off on guessing a price but I would think it would be somewhere in the low 20’s, possibly high teens.  This one is rare, clean, has low miles and some nice upgrades so I’d assume the reserve would be on the higher side.  .


How about an “America” in of all places: Kuwait.  Go figure.   That isn’t exactly next door but there were only 300 of these kits produced so if it is a must have it’s time to call your local shipper.   The seller does state he is willing  to ship world wide.

Unlike the Oro the America was not a separate model but rather a kit you could order to add to your beloved Brutale.  There were two kits to choose from, the basic and full option.  This bike appears to have the full option kit.  Click here for all the details on it from MV.

Goodies from the kit include:

  • Carbon Fiber front mudguard
  • Carbon Fiber dashboard cover
  • Carbon Fiber oil cooler guard
  • Carbon Fiber ignition switch cover
  • Carbon Fiber right side air-box panel
  • Carbon Fiber left side air-box panel
  • Red/White/Blue painted plastic fuel tank
  • Carbon Fiber right side fuel tank panel
  • Carbon Fiber left side fuel tank panel
  • Carbon Fiber right rear cylinder cover
  • Carbon Fiber left rear cylinder cover
  • Blue right and left painted plastic tail section panels
  • Red “Alcantara” front seat
  • Blue “Alcantara” rear seat
  • Carbon Fiber taillight surround
  • Carbon Fiber upper chain guard
  • Carbon Fiber lower chain guard
  • Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum front wheel rim
  • Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum rear wheel rim
  • Engraved plaque with the number of the bike and matching “Limited Edition” certificate


I think the America one ups the Oro in the looks department (excluding those Ti pipes for course).  My eyes have grown weary of all the red MV’s, it is nice to see something a bit  different like the America.  What I failed to find was an original price for the kit.  Nothing from MV Agusta is cheap but I’m curious what these ran originally.  Any RSBFS readers in the know?  If you are game for some long distance shipping .

The rest of the eye candy:


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From M-G to M-V: 2000 MV Agusta 750

For Sale: 2000 MV Agusta 750

After posting a seemingly endless string of Moto Guzzis, I have decided to make my way further down the alphabet and post something different. From MG I have made it to MV – as in MV Agusta – to post this pretty 750. Pity that folks who own such beautiful motorcycles are so terrible with taking pictures – for these are the only pictures of the bike offered.

From the seller:
I have a mint condition 2000 MV Agusta 750 for sale. It books out just over $7600. I’m open to offers. Don’t have the storage space or time to ride anymore. It has about 9700 miles on it. Tires have lots of tread left, hardly used. Never been down, no scratches. Halogen headlight, kick-ass single swing arm. This bike is my dream bike, sad to see it go but, I’d feel even worse making it sit inside all summer. It comes with a few extras…a stand, helmet, tools, 2011 tabs and license paid for. The rear cowl was after-market, it says 1000 on it because they don’t make a 2-up passenger cowl for this model, had to get it from a different year…fits the same though. This thing is a beauty. I live in St. Paul but, have the bike stored at my parents’ place up in Foley. Like I said, I don’t have any room for it down here in my parking ramp anymore.

Designed by Massimo Tamburini of Ducati 916 fame, the modern MV Agusta is a striking motorcycle in the classic red/silver livery. The info states that this bike has approx 9,700 miles on it, which is not much considering the age. The BIN price is also not bad, at only $7,490, plus the seller is open to offers.

To jump into the wonderful world of MV Agusta (or at least the Cagiva-owned era) and make an offer on this bike, click the link and . Good Luck!


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2006 MV Agusta F4 CC

2006 MV Agusta F4 CC

1 mile

Greenwood Village, CO

So you’re a motorcycle industry magnate, you spearheaded the revival of one of your country’s most famous motorcycle marques (Ducati) and then you take the helm at another national treasure (MV Agusta); what’s left to do after playing masters of the motorcycle universe for decades? Well, if you are Claudio Castiglioni, the answer is name an exclusive limited edition model after yourself, of course. Oh, sorry, the official story is that Massimo Tamburini (of 916 design fame) and Claudio’s own son had to talk him into a namesake model because he was reluctant at first, uh, yeah sure.

If you’re into marketing jargon, check out the MV site as it is filled with more hyperbole than you can shake a stick at (they talk about Claudio’s dreams, evening dresses and priceless paintings). Anyhow, for the real gear heads that frequent this site, let’s get on to the good stuff. Limited to 100 units worldwide, the factory claims 200 HP at the crank and a top speed of 195 MPH. Carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium, carbon nitride and even platinum are featured throughout (talk about rare air). About the only gripe I can make about this bike is the Sachs suspension front and rear. While I have not ridden this bike (shocker), my experience is that the high end Sachs components are equivalent to Ohlins’ entry level offerings. For a $120,000.00 new, I want a shock & fork straight off of Valentino’s ride.

This bike is rare even as compared to other MV Agusta models. Value is tough to assess as the $50k BIN is less than half of the original MSRP, however I would have a hard time assuring a potential buyer that this bike will actually appreciate in value. If you are a serious collector and this is the gem missing from your stable, .


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Claudio’s Bike: 2006 MV Agusta F4CC W/1 Mile

Claudio’s Bike:  2006 MV Agusta F4CC  W/1 Mile

I think you’ve made it when you run a motorcycle company, create a bike with all your finest bits and then name it after yourself.  If you haven’t figured it out, the “CC” stands for Claudio Castiglioni, the managing director of MV Agusta.  I guess you could say this is the top dog of the MV line.  It is the most expensive bike they produced and has the highest horsepower figures as well.  Only 100 F4CC’s  were produced so you definitely get some exclusivity for the price:  $120,000 MSRP by the way.

Have no fear if you didn’t have the shekels to  buy it back in 2006.  This F4CC has been someones eye candy for the past 5 years and now can be yours for $59,999 and with only 1 mile on it.  Patience pays off!  Hey you even get the watch an sweat, sweat jacket (that’s a little sarcasm on the jacket).

Damn, there isn’t even dust on it!  From MV Agusta’s website here is what is unique about the F4CC:

The F4CC is at the absolute top of the F4 hierarchy. The main differences between it and the more “commercial” F4R can be summed up as follows:

  • Over 90% of the components are individually tailor made
  • Brake and clutch levers that “fold” at the tip in the event of a fall
  • 1078 cc engine
  • 200 CV maximum power with titanium racing exhaust system
  • New timing system
  • Smaller alternator
  • One-off mechanical type slipper clutch
  • New forks interior set-up and mono shock absorber
  • Brembo Racing monoblock brakes
  • Curb weight 187 kilos without fuel


Just a bit from the auction:

This bike was in a collection, it has 1 mile and comes with all the original equipment it came with from the factory.  This includes the Jacket which is a large and the watch.

Doesn’t 50% off sound great?  It does but I just don’t know in this market right now, it is a buyers market to say the least.  I’ve really been surprised to see some of the low prices other (arguably less exclusive) limited edition MV models have sold for.  I can’t tell for sure but this bike may have been on the market for some time.  We posted this F4CC back in 09 and it had similar asking price.  If that 50% off is too much to resist .

Some nice close ups. Photos and video don’t do this bike justice.

A chic in high heels from the Los Angeles Times doing a review of the F4CC. You figure it out.


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2004 MV Agusta SPR F4 750 For Sale!

2004 MV Agusta SPR F4

Location: Sugarland, TX
Mileage: 7200
Price: $10,000.00

So you’re not into flashy Italian hardware or you like to do fly by’s like a Stealth Bomber? This MV Agusta SPR should fill your needs nicely..

SPR’s are loaded with Caron Fiber and this one has a few tasty upgrades as well. The 749cc MV F4 SPR pumps out 146hp and only weighs 414# dry. I’m going to guess that this baby not only looks the part, but is all business when called upon.

Make no mistake- MV’s are purpose built machines are meant to be ridden and with 7200 miles on the clock this one is broken in. I personally love the matte black finish coupled with the 5 star aluminum alloy rims and I can only imagine the cored exhaust note is a little obnoxious- But, would we want it any other way?

From the seller:

-Number 235/300
-DynoJet PCIII USB Power Commander.
-Cored exhaust.
-Muzzy aluminum radiator fans.
-Ferracci bar risers.
-AFAM 43 tooth rear sprocket.
-HID headlight.
-Recently serviced with oil changed, fuel tank flush with acid wash with new fuel pump and fuel lines.
-Metal fuel connectors replaced.

The SPR’s are a limited run of 300 and when new had a MSRP that bumped $23,000.00. This one looks to be in great shape and ready to carve up a canyon road near you.

We’ve featured several MV SPR’s on before and this one seems to be right in line on pricing at $10k.

I’ve talked to the seller several times and he’s always willing to answer any and all questions in a timely manner. Click here to get in touch with the seller.

Good luck with the sale-



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2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO (as in Agostini) limited edition #35 of 300

2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO limited, #35 of 300, with 6214 miles.

The MV Agusta F4 has been touted as one of the most beautiful bikes ever (and I tend to agree), but my beef with MV is that there are simply way too many different versions of essentially the same bike: the Serie Oro, the Nieman Marcus Edition, the Senna edition (since when did Senna raced motorcycles?), the SPR / SP…etc.

Of course, there are versions with significant mechanical differences, such as the F4 Tamburini, the F4 CC (for Claudio Castiglioni), and the F4 Veltro. But of the various editions with mostly cosmetic differences, my pick would be the F4 AGO because a.) it’s the first of the 1000cc F4’s and b.) it makes the sense because AGO (Giacomo Agostini) won many of his victories on an MV.


Most MVs have been pampered, and so has this one, but to a lesser extent than ones that have we have listed previously here on RSBFS.  Considering previous samples – which seem to have been much well taken care of and with much more detail and documentation – this one seems pricey at $14,990.  Also, all photos that I have seen of the F4 AGO come with 10 spoke wheels, so this one with the star wheels look a bit suspect.

If you are interested, I’d make an offer.  Who knows, maybe some lucky buyer can pick up a nice and rare MV F4 AGO for close to $10,000 (one can dream)?  .