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Suzuki March 20, 2013 posted by

Suzuki 1986 Limited(s) (Germany + Italy)

Among the elite of RSBFS bikes this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R LE sits right on top. The exact number of LE models produced remains a mystery (some say 500, some say 1000…). What is sure is that it was produced in 1986 only, it featured a unique color scheme, a glass fiber hand made tail unit (yes like the RC30 of 2 years later), stronger brakes than its brothers, a more efficient chain, electrically actuated anti-dive front fork system,a single seat and those expensive and impossible to find dry clutch plates (apparently exactly the same as used on two stroke 500cc GP bike). Despite the exhaust of this bike is dead quite, the sound of the 4 cylinder oil-air mix cooled motor coupled with that beautiful open clutch cover is unique. I remember visiting once a Japanese website of a true passionate Limited owner that had a black background and the mechanical dry clutch in display that only the connoisseurs would recognise as being a website dedicated to 1) a motorbike model and 2) the Suzuki GSX-R 750 R LE:


Despite the rarity of this bike, it is not uncommon to find almost new models perfectly maintained. These don’t come cheap but well below RC 30 territory. I wonder if the first buyers of these models well aware of the rarity and costly bodywork and clutch spare parts well thought not to risk ruining their precious unique bike and simply stored them in warm and dry living rooms. The sample here is found in Germany. It had 2 owners and seems in good conditions. The price is on the higher side of the market but what prices LEs will reach in the future is all to be worked out…and I reckon won’t go down…


I personally have one of these in my garage and consider it more precious than other commonly sought after models. With its old style “seat in the bike and stretch your arms” riding position as opposed to “seat on top and hold yourself up” of modern bikes (try sitting on the tall and short RSV4) the feeling of riding it is a unique mix of time travel and riding involvement.

Any 1986 Limited is well worth it and that’s valid for Gixxer and non Gixxer enthusiast. If you are interested you can check the link below:

Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE in Germany for 11950 EUR

Now if the “standard” Limited Edition is not fancy enough for you, you can opt for the über rare Yoshimura Limited Edition as the one found in Italy (this has been on the market for a while now…). For this you’ll need to part with 9000 EUR…that’ right this is cheaper:


And it gets even more interesting as the same dealer is selling a “standard” white and blue colour LE for 15000 EUR…Confused ? Me too. I tell you what, if I had 9000 EUR to spare, I’ll rent a van and drive straight to Milan…


Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE Yoshimura in Italy for 9000 EUR

The discussion is open, what would be your choice ?


Sport Bikes For Sale March 20, 2013 posted by

Clean ’86 Yamaha RZ350 – Canadian Version, Full Fairing

Location: Surrey, BC, Canada   Mileage: 13,500   Price: Auction

86 RZ350

86 RZ350

The Yamaha RZ350 came to U.S. shores for a short time as a rare two stroke street bike you could legally buy in the U.S. It was the Kenny Roberts edition in tribute to one of the greatest American motorcycle racers of all time. However, in the rest of the world (even Canada) you could buy these for years. It’s not a KR edition but still a killer bike.

From the seller-

1986 Yamaha RZ 350 Canadian Version. Clear title. Mint condition one of the cleanest and nicest ones you will find. Toomey pipes, Toomey air filter, Boysen reeds everything else stock and unmolested!

Runs fantastic, Selling because my M/C collecting days are over. Bike comes with another set of expansion chambers Factory Pipe Products,K&N filters,extra belly pan. There are a few other small parts also.

3 manuals including shop manuals.

And more pics-

This bike looks very clean and has upgraded pipes, which is a nice bonus. There are also a few extra parts that go with it, also a bonus. The seller reports that the bike runs well and has been part of a collection. Apparently for the seller the time for collecting has passed but that means your time could be starting.

The RZ 350 is a popular bike and for good reason. You get two stroke power and fun in a good looking, classic sportbike. If you’ve always wanted one, go check the auction and place your bid!


Kawasaki March 20, 2013 posted by

Not Your Average K1: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R

Pompano Beach, FL – 16,000mi — $5,700 with Reserve


Are you looking for that sportbike with classic looks and racing history, but needing some current technology? Then stop and take a look at this 1992 ZX-7R. The ZX-7R was homologated for World Superbike use and featured an aluminum tank, flat-side carbs, adjustable suspension and more horsepower than the standard model of the time.


Original complaints about the flat-side carbs were that low speed riding wasn’t as smooth as the base ZX-7. We all know that with proper tuning, these were screamers on the race track, but for those who aren’t rocketing out of pit lane, the seller as replaced these with the standard carbs (don’t worry, the flat-side are included). The bike also features a host of upgrades, including the front end off an ’09 GSX-R750.


More from the seller:

The bike have a full Muzzy exhaust with Dynojet carb kit on 38 mm CV carbs from a regular 1992 ZX7 model plus a K&N airl filter.
Why the vacuum carburetors?,so make it easy to ride at low RPM.
I have the CR FLAT SLIDES carbs on a box,with the throttle cables ,airbox and manifolds.
The bike have as well a rear Penske race shock,steering damper,Woodcraft rearset,Vortex clip ons with matching purple bars (same color as the word NINJA at the fuel tank).
The bike have a profesionally installed front end from a GSXR 750 2009,with a custom billet top triple clamp with radial pump and brake calipers,rotors,carbon fiber fender,wheel (power coated to match).So you get current brake power and suspension,plus save couple pounds.
For collectors I have the stock front end as well:forks ,triple clamps,brake calipers,rotors,wheel,fender,axle,clip ons,etc.
The bike have Galfer SBK steel braided brake lines.Very expensive ones.
And lightweight 520 chain with lighter sprockets,and almost brand new Bridgestone tires.
I have all the stock parts beside the stock exhaust.
As you can see all the upgrades are done for a professional tech.
Bike have a clean Fl title on hand and everything works perfect.

Sure this may not be a bone stock example of one of the coolest bikes ever, but it is still one of the coolest bikes ever. To me, the ZX-7R K1 represents the allure of what homologated specials from the early 90’s were all about. Bidding is already active and up to $5,700, but the Reserve remains in place with roughly four days left. If youre interested in the Kawi classic, then check out the auction here and place your bid!


Ducati March 19, 2013 posted by

1988 Ducati 750 F1 with Just 4000 Miles

1988 Ducati 750 F1 For Sale

I don’t know about you but spring fever is coursing through my veins and beautiful modern classics like this suddenly have me checking account balances. This 88 750 F1 has just 4k miles and an opening bid of $7500 reserve not met. While it’s criminal she hasn’t been ridden more, now is your chance to make that right!

1988 Ducati 750 F1 For Sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

Here is an incredible example of the “Last of the Real Ducati’s”. Taglioni’s last Ducati. Per my correspondence with Ducati, there were only 134 1988 F1 750 USA models ever made. Making it rarer than the F1 specials and even the infamous green frame. This one has been in my collection for 6 years. It is exactly how it left the factory! Unaltered in anyway, right down to the last bolt and sticker. Even the plastic ties on the frame are where the factory put them. Included in the sale is the original tool kit in mint condition and the original owners manual.



Sport Bikes For Sale March 19, 2013 posted by

Oh So Tempting: CA Titled 1996 Suzuki RGV250 VJ23

Update 3.18.2013: If you were thinking last year that you should’ve bid on this one, it’s back and a thousand off at $9500 buy-it-now. Hat tip to Matt for the spot. Links updated. -dc

Update 12.31.2012: Back on eBay for the new year and now with a slightly lower buy-it-know of $10,500. Links updated. -dc

Update 10.31.2012: Back on eBay after less than 30 days. No change in buy-it-now, links updated. -dc

This one has to be tempting for anyone interested in purchasing a VJ23. If you have a checklist, toss it out because this one looks to have it all. An avid RSBFS reader though, might recognize the bike as it has made two previous appearances here. They were both Cragislist listings. I believe the bike sold very quickly the first time but the new owner has moved the bike on to Ebay.

It really does meet all the requirements: CA title, low mileage (4611 miles), close to stock condition and derestricted. What could possibly keep it from selling? It can only be one of two things in my mind, the price or the color. The pink/purple scheme has never been a fan favorite but I’ve been told pictures don’t do the color justice (I’ve never seen this color in person). The seller is asking $11,000 BIN on the bike. While seemingly high I don’t think he out of the ballpark considering what you are getting. The CA title is the most valuable item but also consider the items to derestrict the bike. Prices on CDI’s and chambers have skyrocketed in Japan and the weak dollar has only made it worse. You could easily spend $2,000 on just those two components right now.

If you want to go all the way to complete the transformation into a derestricted “V” model you’ll need to track down a 240KPH speedo.

A few details from the auction:

This is a rare bird titled in CA.
1996 Suzuki RGV250SP
free of corrosion. 7422km ~ 4611 original miles.
Fully de-restricted with the OEM Suzuki 42E10 CDI along with the proper jetting, chambers and airbox mods.
Bike runs strong and hard.

And audio and visual treat from the seller

Maybe a boring picture but a good indication of the stock condition. Not even the OEM brake lines have been replaced.

The pipes look to be Sugaya’s road going version. They use a different cans and fit better with the belly pan than their “track” versions. I imagine any performance difference would not be noticed by 99% of us.

I really think if you can get over the sticker shock of $11,000, down the road you’d be very happy with what you got for your money.

Here is the auction.


Honda March 18, 2013 posted by

Kiss This Mr. DMV: 1986 Honda RS250 (Road going?)

rs front

Do you remember the old Sesame Street game where you had to identify the one thing that didn’t fit with the others?  Well, what doesn’t fit in this picture?

We all know this bike has no business being on the street but aren’t rules meant to be bent just a bit?

rs left front

Two strokes and cigarettes; what a band influence on society you would be riding this.

Here is the story on it from the seller:

Located in Rockland, Massachusetts is a 1986 Honda RS250RF that was supposedly a Honda factory race bike. This bike is supposedly 1 of 29 for 1986 with four for the factory and 25 privateer bikes. A very cool vintage bike. This bike is fitted with brake lights directional’s horn and a cyclops front lamp powered by a 12volt laptop battery under the seat that needs recharging now and then(charger included)and yes a plate mount. Maybe I did have this bike registered for two years and maybe not. Depending on your state and how clever you are. I wont go into specifics. Imagine a Grand Prix bike on the street. Now I dont recommend you do something like that but who am I to judge. This bike is intended for off road use only! It just happens to have all of the items to be safety inspected in some states. This is a one of a kind bike for collecting playing off road or just display. It is fully functional and I can attest to the fact it easily reaches 14k RPM and in excess of 150MPH on a track of course. I purchased this bike from a pilot in Mass who told me he got it off the Privateer who raced it twice at Laguna Seca(Mazda Speedway) in Ca. I cant prove any of this but he had no reason to lie. New this bike cost 17K and came with spares. I only have a few spare parts and lots of factory HRC manuals and parts lists. I have had this in a heated storage for the past 7 years. It needs a good cleaning and new fluids, I know it will fire up and run strong once it has fresh fluids and a once over. If you are a collector or just want to experience what its like to ride a real race bike I am letting this go for a little more than what two loaded wheels for one of these bikes go for. It makes a fun off road bike,conversation piece or a piece of vintage HRC Race history. Buyer must pick up the bike in Rockland Mass. or make all the arrangements for shipping. I accept paypal or cash and I will need a deposit at auction end. Good luck bidding! Note:No title with this bike. Ebay requires a title description on bike newer than 1981. Please do not bid if you are outside of the USA and not willing to follow the terms of the auction.

rs rear

If you deviants didn’t read the info from the owner: no title with the bike.  You better practice your bump starts my friend, no kick start here.  I think those are  ultra rare HRC turn signals!

rs right front

Even without the street silliness you have a  nice track bike or a restore project for your living room.

rs dash

It looks like there are quite a few Freddie Spencer wannabes out there; bidding is quite active.  She is going home with someone as well, as the reserve has been met.

Take your shot at the auction here.


Kawasaki March 18, 2013 posted by

Printing Green: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R2 ELR

Big mean green machines from Kawasaki are worth big bucks these days, and we have seen a number of attempts to cash in on the ELR trend. This bike is the latest ELR we have come across, and it comes to us from Arkansas with 14,150 on the clock.


Unlike many of the pristine and restored examples, this bike has been ridden and shows some age. The Kerker exhaust is stock, but the black chrome has been worn off over time. The paintwork is not exactly perfect, the rear shocks have been swapped out for shorter units to accommodate a rider without sufficient inseam, and the seller notes numerous “fixes” and mods to the bike.


From the seller:
For your consideration is this 1983 ELR in Mostly Original Running Condition!
Much of the bike is original, but does have some damage, plenty of wear, and amateur touch-up & alteration – please read the entire listing.

The tank, seat fairing, side covers and front fender have original paint; the front fairing and a few black parts are poorly re-sprayed. It looks like all the stock plastic (air box, chain guard, tool tray, etc.) is there and uncut. Even has the Original Owners Manual and Took Kit!

The motor runs fine, with no smoke, knocks, rattles or slaps. There are no broken fins, scuffed covers, welds or repairs other than a generous application of silicone sealer on the valve cover gasket; it still leaks some. The clutch and gearbox operate smoothly, the “Neutral Finder” works, and the bike handles well. Case guards have been installed. The stock exhaust has been repainted, but turned grey at the header.

The Stock Rear Shocks are Missing. The bike has been short-shocked for a vertically challenged rider, resulting in the rear tire wearing a hole through the plastic inner fender. The bars and mirrors have been changed. The tank has 6 dents ranging from shallow ‘silver dollar+’ diameter (on the lower right front) to hard-to-find tiny, and the petcock will not shut off (inline valve installed); the inside of the tank is very clean, but there are plenty of chips in the green.

The lights, signals and charging system are functional; the kill switch and fuel gauge do not work. Wheels, brakes, disks and hydraulics look original – the chain and tires are good. The chassis and body paint has nicks, marks and scratches, the mounting tabs on the grab rail are broken, and there are welded repairs on the signal brackets. The visible part of the seat cover looks great, but the bottom edge has a few splits.

A quick road test around the block revealed no apparent issues. It makes good power, shifts through all 5 gears, and stops well using either front or rear brakes. No high speed wheelie passes though; the test ride was not far or overly aggressive.


ELRs can be cash machines – but only clean and original – or fully restored – bikes need apply. The opening bid for this one is $7,500, which is very steep for a bike in this condition. If you are jonesing for an ELR and have been unable to find one, here is a good foundation for a restoration. If you are looking to show, you might want to look elsewhere; this one will need some work. Good Luck!



Honda March 18, 2013 posted by

Honda RS 250 R Bonanza (Europe)

If you are a 2 stroker fan and you are into racing or track days, these two bikes might be of interest. The first one is found in France and it is 1987 model in collection condition on sale on eBay at a fixed price of 10.000 EUR:

and the second one is found in Germany, a 1987 model on sale on eBay with a starting asking price of 6800 EUR:

Both bikes come with a set of spare parts for the engine but not only and that is a must for these type of GP bikes.

In fact,  additional spare parts might be difficult to source otherwise but if you are into these racers you already know that. And you are aware of all forums on the web (God bless the Internet and God bless the motorcycle enthusiasts’ communities out there). Any owner of a GP 2 stroke bike must also be a good mechanic or have a good friend who is a good mechanic or have a deep wallet to pay fairly often (about every 300 miles) a good mechanic… Well if all of the above are checked for you, then go ahead and click on the eBay links below to find out more and review how many bucks these GP featherweight speed tools will need from you to get you started (long hours in web browsing, emailing, international phone calls etc. for additional spare parts not included :-)).

Here are some words form the seller of the sample in found in France:

“1987 Honda RS 250 in collection condition.Machine GP. RARE! 5 copies imported into France.

Machine comes with lot of chassis and engine parts”.

If you are interested click on the link here:

Honda RS 250 R in France

And here are a few words for the more used and accordingly cheaper model found in Germany:

“This is a  racing machine from 1987 by HRC. 250 cc, 2 stroke V2 engine, about 75 hp at 12000 rev / min.Replacement crankshaft, pistons, brake pads, and small parts including, workshop manual. The bike is in a very good, honest state.Ideal for use on classic cars events zBVFV. Please only serious bidders. View desirable. For questions please call 0170 / 9406751st. This is a private sale, no warranty, no guarantee and no refund.”

And if you’d like to place a bid on this one, follow this link:

Honda RS 250 R in Germany

Have fun !


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