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Ducati March 17, 2013 posted by

Brand New Bevel: 1980 Ducati 900SS Supersport


Quick! Jump in your time machine and travel 33 years back into history. Run to your Ducati dealer and put a 900SS – the baddest of the bikes from Bologna – on order. What?! You don’t have a time machine?? In that case, jump on RSBFS and check out this (reported) NEW 1980 Ducati 900ss machine. Sure, the green frames are all the rage these days, but nothing catches the light like the black/gold combination.


To get this bike, you don’t need a time machine. You likely will need a bucket of cash and a flying machine, unless you are already located near Adelaide, Australia. But flights these days are cheap, and if you already have a bucket of cash that part should be easy.


From the seller:


Ducatis have never been inexpensive motorcycles, and a 33 year old “brand new” Supersport is pretty rare. Rare enough to significantly raise the price on an already pricey motorcycle. This is not an auction, but a simple Buy It Now opportunity. What will that opportunity cost you? A mere $62,000 (or best offer). It looks like this same bike failed to sell on an Australian auction site (where the opening bid was for $50k AU) back in Feb.


How many readers have a bevel on your bucket list? If you did have the opportunity to acquire this bike would you ride it, or stash it away somewhere, keeping it new? Check the bike out here, and then let us know what you think. This is a pretty special opportunity we don’t see often. Does it fire up your imagination, or make you wonder about the rarity of Ducatis in general? Good Luck!



Bimota March 17, 2013 posted by

Bimota Fetish Continued – BIMOTA SB7 (Switzerland)

The BIMOTA SB7 was built with a return to Superbike racing in mind. Hence, the Suzuki power plant on this model is a 750cc. Coming from the water cooled GSX-R 750 SP, it features a close ratio gear box with a taller first gear. In 1995 BIMOTA introduced specially made camshafts with a cams’ more aggressive profile. Coupled with a retuned fuel injection and a  brand new exhaust routed under seat, this engine delivers hardly any torque below 5000 rpm, a few horses below 8000 rpm and unleashes all it’s 132 hp on the way to the 14000 rpm red line. In comparison to the GSX-R 750 SP, the SB7 was lighter, more powerful and more agile. On the chassis side it featured a shorter wheelbase and fine suspension (Öhlins horizontally mounted rear shock and Paioli custom built front forks).



As all BIMOTAs this is an exotic bike. Built in 200 samples, it had a carbon fibre self supporting rear seat (as used on the modern Ducati Desmosedici, or the BMW HP2 Sport) and an updated Aluminum frame connecting the steering head directly to the rear swing arm pivot. If you want to hear how the SB7 sounds like check out this video from Japan (you got to love the passion Japanese people have for Italian motorbikes):

At about 10000 EUR this sample is in my opinion a good buy. With 24000 km and in original trim (except for a couple of stickers and those white lines on the rims) this looks like an unmolested model that probably never hit the race tracks.


Taking into account the exclusivity of a BIMOTA and within it’s range the peculiarity of a 750cc model, this is more attractive to me than many other models out there.


Consider that this bike is similar in dimensions to an RC45, it delivers more power, it is just as beautiful and it comes for about half the price. If you are interested click on the link of this private ad below:



Sport Bikes For Sale March 16, 2013 posted by

New ’06 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE 50th Anniversary (#380/500)

Location: Laguna Niguel, California   Mileage: 0/1   Price: Auction- $18,500 BIN

06 R1 LE

06 R1 LE

The custom Kenny Roberts paint that Yamaha released on this fine R1 and the R6 are killer paint jobs. I love them. There’s a guy who runs all over my town on one constantly and I always love the way the bike looks. What we have here though is something a little more special than just paint. Yamaha built 500 Limited Edition R1’s in ’06 and this is number 380. And these bikes came with an Ohlins suspension, Marchesini rims and a slipper clutch, to name some upgrades, making it extra special.

Here’s the seller’s description-

You are bidding on a VERY RARE

    2006 Yamaha YZF LE R1

     Limited Edition

1 of Only 500 for


 This one is number 380.

This bike should not be confused with the look alike bikes offered at your Yamaha dealer.

     This bike is one of the 500 genuine motorcycles.

                   These are the 50th Anniversary Edition for Yamaha bikes.

They made only 500 numbered bikes for the WORLD with less than 1/2 in the USA, Very Rare.

Yamaha also makes a look alike bike with the yellow and black paint but NOT the factory racing parts listed below,

 and NOT numbered–this is NOT the look alike bike.





     True Ohlins Suspension units Front & Rear, custom developed by the same people who work on

     Yamaha’s MotoGP Racing mo6torcycle (World Champion Valentino Rossi’s, with 8 Grand Prix

     Championships to his name) to provide you with the ULTIMATE in handling.

     Low weight Marchesini forged alloy wheels that are nearly 1 pound lighter than a regular R1.

                                   A 5 valve per cylinder,

                                         12,500 RPM,

                                        183 Horsepower,

                                 Dual Overhead Highlift Cams,

                                 Revised intake with Ram-Air,

                                  Dual Valve Fuel Injection,

                       32-bit ECU (for instantaneous power delivery),

                                  998cc (1 Liter) 4 cylinder

                                     Lightweight Engine.

6 Speed transmission with Slipper clutch, for smoother, safer and faster downshifts,

 20mm longer swingarm, more rigid lower triple clamp, and more rigid frame makes this the BEST handling R1 ever.

                                       Gold drive chain.

                                          Lap timer.

                       Radial mount calipers and BREMBO radial pump

                       Front master cylinder with adjustable lever.

                        Amazing braking power and controlability.

                            Sticky and wide Pirelli tires.

  These are most of the differences between a regular R1 and this Real, numbered, limited edition (LE) R1.


                                    0.1 Miles,

                                    ZERO MILES.

                                   NEVER RIDDEN

    This motorcycle has been parked with a cover in a heated classic car garage with two other

    motocycles and two classic cars.


 This motorcycle has 0 miles and has never been ridden

  The pearl flake paint glitters widly in the sun that you just have to see in real life to believe.

              All original paperwork, brochures


              Rare Yamaha Limited tool kit included.

And pics-

So these are limited run bikes, have a cool set of upgrades, and this one has 0/1 miles. So what’s not to like? Clearly this would be a great collector piece and breaking it out to put mileage on it now might seem like a bad idea to some. But it was also built to be ridden, so if that’s what you choose to do, hat’s off to you. How you enjoy this beauty would be entirely up to you.

if you’ve been looking for one, here’s your chance. To make your move, check the auction!


Honda March 15, 2013 posted by

Solid in Seattle: 1993 Honda NSR250R MC21

1993 Honda NSR250 For Sale

Anthony tips us to this tidy NSR250 available on Seattle Craigslist for just $4k. And it’s titled with only 6k miles! It has a few blems that are pointed out in the ad but this looks like a deal at $4k for a streetable NSR. Good luck to buyers and seller!



from the seller:

elling my beloved NSR250R, bike has a clean and legal title, Starts, runs, rides, factory tool kit still in seat box. Been my commuter back and forth to work. Never been down or crashed. This is a grey-market bike! V-twin 2 stroke race bike sold in most places in the world but never in the USA. Bike has 180psi in each cylinder and runs strong. Also this is a kick start ONLY bike. There was never electric start on the bike to begin with (most people ask where the electric starter is). Oils and fluids changes every 1000km (im very uptight about maintenance), only use Honda HP2/GN2 2 stroke oil. All lights, horn, indicators and brakes work as they should. Bike has no issues. This would be a fun bike to ride on the nice days we get here in WA then take to the track and blast around on. When I bought the bike it had been shipped from Japan to the owner, and after 2 years he never rode it!. Bike has 10,600km (that is 6,600 miles) Pretty low for a bike made in 1993 (LESS THAN 400 MILES A YEAR) There is a small amount of decal smudging and a 1/4in crack from when the bike was brought here from Japan and some small scratches near the seat from my old riding pants which is shown in the pictures below but I am being up front about the damage , so no surprises:



Honda March 15, 2013 posted by

A Great Looking Chook Chaser: 2001 Honda NSR150SP Repsol

2001 Honda NSR150SP For Sale

Pete informed me the last time I posted a “Chicken Chaser” that the correct term amongst the Aussies is Chook Chaser (I love that RSBFS fans are everywhere!) And this little 150 looks to be a great little pocket rocket — if the price is right.

2001 Honda NSR150SP For Sale on eBay


This one has been in a museum and will need refreshing before it hits the road. It also has new bodywork which begs the question why did it need that. And not to pile on but it has carbon fiber tape wrapping all the bare bits, and worst of all no title. But that out of the way, the listing states it has 4000 miles and the NSR150SP did offer the Repsol livery, which looks stunning here. In fact the whole bike looks really clean. The listing has a starting bid of $2000 with 0 bids thus far. What would you pay?


from the seller:

Very unique motorcycle. Designed for the Asian market and made in Thailand, it features technology unprecedented before on such a small bike. This includes Honda’s famous pro-Arm suspension, RC valves, and Nika-Sil coated cylinders. The model was designed with a “big bike” look, and featured Repsol colors in a tribute to Michael Doohan. It has a power of 39 bhp from its 150 cc single cylinder 2-stroke engine. An NSR 150 SP did hold the Bonneville land speed record for production up to 175 cc motorcycles at 99.7 mph.

Bike is like new. ALL PLASTIC BODYWORK AND WINDSCREEN IS BRAND NEW. Frame wrapped in carbon fiber-like tape. 4,000+ miles but the speedo is in kilometers. 6-speed gearbox. Oil tank separate from fuel and auto-lubes. Approximately 270 pounds wet.

The bike does NOT have a title of ANY KIND, and is sold with a bill of sale only.

Bike is in a private museum. The bike has been prepared for storage by Honda. There is no rust and ran perfectly when prepped for storage. If the buyer wants to ride this bike they assume the responsibility to prep the bike for the road from storage (add battery, oil, & gas). No warranty is given or implied.



Sport Bikes For Sale March 14, 2013 posted by

Another 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU For Sale!

Glenwood Springs, CO – 36,000mi – $2,500 BIN

This is the third FZR750 we have featured in as many weeks. I am wondering if the sale of the first one has inspired people to list their rides. The second one is still for sale and current bidding is well above the price for the BIN for this bike.


These are know as the predecessor to the OW-01 (this one seems like a steal if it checks out!) and were homologated for AMA racing, meaning that roughly 200 were brought to the US for sale. The current bike for sale here has significantly higher miles than the last two with a whopping 36k on the clock. It also doesn’t appear as stock with some little mods here and there and most noticeably the Japanese flag style main lower faring.


From the seller:

1 of 200 imported into the US, 36k miles, spares, custom Kerker exhaust, runs great, ready for street or museum. Located in Glenwood Springs, CO, USA

This bike was the immediate predecessor to the famous OW01. It is extremely rare to have an oppurtunity to acquire a homologation race bike. They were the fastest bikes made at the time and there were very few produced….just enough (200) to meet homologation race rules and qualify as a “production” bike. It runs, sounds and handles like a race bike because it is one…..only made street worthy with lights and signals.

The bike looks clean from the photos. There are no straight on shots of the pipe-side of the bike, so its hard to tell if there are any frame or crank case scratching to indicate if it was ever down. I would be curious as to why the lower fairing was changed from stock (crash or style preference?). Regardless, its still a cool and uncommon bike with a relatively low BIN. Want it? Then check out the auction here and act fast!


Ducati March 14, 2013 posted by

Restored 1993 Ducati 888 Corse Racebike in England

1993 Ducati 888 Corse For Sale

When I first saw this ad, it shows the miles as 0 and I thought it was new. But actually this bike was campaigned for a while but then restored to new condition where it’s been a used as a display piece ever since. An 888 Corse is a rare opportunity whenever when comes up for sale, but you get to choose, again, if it’s ready for track or the ultimate 888 living room addition.


1993 Ducati 888 Corse for sale on eBay UK


from the seller:

This must surely be regarded as pure bike porn, a genuine factory 888 Corse racebike from 1993 in absolutely stunning condition, they were never this well presented when they were new! We have traced some of its history but as you can imagine information about this period is a little difficult to find. We do know she was raced in the early nineties until she was withdrawn from service and brought up to showroom condition for a private collector. After spending several years as a show piece she changed hands again to the current owner who has lavished even more care and attention on her to bring her to the gleaming example you see hear. You really cannot apreciate how good this bike is without viewing her for your self we guarantee you wont be dissapointed!!




Ducati March 14, 2013 posted by

R.A.B. = Rare Amazing Bikes Ducati 450 DESMO (Switzerland)

Ducati-450Desmo-SilverShotgun-1971I always thought that there are some advantages in living in Switzerland. In addition to smooth tarmac, great views and plenty of corners along any mountains road on the Alps, the RSBFS market here never fails to deliver. Today’s discovery is an ultra rare & brand new Ducati DESMO 450 single.


Apparently it’s engine is referred to as a wide crankcase type that allowed for the increased capacity of 437cc. The bike features A proper frame (the engine is not the stressed element as on more modern Ducatis), and a vertical crankcase split as visible in the pictures below:


It is fitted with alloy wheels as opposed to steel as used on the previous smaller capacity samples. The fuel tank is made of glass fiber and for the first time  the silver flake paint was used together with its cafe racer looks to impress (if you thought cafe racers were a modern idea, re-think…). These bikes are supposed to be quite loud thanks to the straight exhaust coupled with an open carburetor. The single cylinder motor delivers less power and torque than the larger 750cc and 900cc L shape 2 cylinders, but it has the advantage to shorten the wheelbase for a more reactive and lively ride on the twisters.


The style of this bike is timeless. I mean look at those clip ons and the beautiful Veglia clock…These bike are extremely collectible and with an asking price of roughly 21000 $ for a brand new model it won’t stay long on the market.


Good luck to anybody who can afford it. If you can, don’t think twice as such an ad won’t come around again soon…you need to see this as an investment and it these days this might be one with a high a return.




Ducati DESMO 450 (0 km) in Switzerland



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