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MV Agusta March 27, 2013 posted by

Gold Standard: 1999 MV Agusta F4 SERIE ORO


When MV Agusta bounced back from extinction after a relaunch of the legendary brand, new owner Cagiva needed something that would make some noise in the marketplace. The 750cc F4 was the result. The first 300 examples of the F4, however, were the truly special “Serie Oro” editions. Here is the good bit: When it comes to the Oro, if it looks like gold it is made of magnesium. The rest is pretty much aluminum and carbon fiber. The seller of this particular Oro, #281, has a lot to say:


From the seller:
Beautiful MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro #281, approx 3k miles, one of only 20 imported into the U.S. Ten years of development with input from Ferrari resulted in this marvel of motorcycle design bringing it to the entrance atrium of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC for it’s most widely attended “Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit. This is the first of the completely handmade resurrected brand, first of the Tamburini designed MV Agustas.

Complete carbon fiber bodywork including gas tank, exotic magnesium swing arm, rims, side plates and lower triple clamp to reduce weight by 25 lbs over standard F4, owned since new by responsible adult and stored properly indoors. Recent service($1200) includes Michelin Pilot 2 CT( I kept the original tires if you’d like) , new battery, coolant flush and replaced with Engine Ice, oil and filter change and brake fluid change. The bike runs like new, no disappointments here.


More from the seller:
Bike will include service records, original docs, red rear bike stand, bike cover, Trussardi leatherbound datebook, Serie Oro cover story Motorcyclist magazine publication. Will include like new one-piece custom leather (fits 5’9″- 5’11” , 150-165 lbs) if buy-it-now. Of all the MV’s I have owned, this brings the widest smile, the precision of the gearbox, the flawless fueling and the induction howl is intoxicating, add to that the symphony of the 4 organ pipes and you’re in riding heaven!


Serie Oro models are exclusive and expensive. We don’t see them come up all too often, which is a shame – these are great looking bikes! The upside is that most all of them are carefully protected, offer low miles and are in great shape. This one is no exception, right down to the price. Starting bid is a cool $20k – and that is just to get the party started. If you want to buy it outright, you will need to come up with a curious $39,785. Click the link for all of the pictures, details and more!


Kawasaki March 27, 2013 posted by

Fearless: Kawasaki H1 500cc (Switzerland)

In the good old times of 2 stroke MotoGP, only the strong and brave would make it to the top class of motorbike racing. Things are different today. That is not to say that the rookies of today’s MotoGP aren’t as talented (just take a look at the practice lap times of Marquez), in fact I think they are even more, as modern days’ racers are also physically true top sportsmen. What I mean is that with the advent of electronics controlling power delivery, braking performance, general wheel spin, fuel consumption and …you name it, the modern GP bikes are very very fast, but do not resemble in the common viewer the feel of FEAR:

BaseJump city

(picture courtesy of Reuters)

Some of us who grew in the 70s-80s, remember the first ride on our older friend’s or cousins’ tuned up 2 stroke moped, dirt bike or street model. This was usually a straight line wide open throttle acceleration, where vision became blurry (or so we thought) also because there was much noise and smoke behind us, followed by a  a heartbreaking full-on deceleration, to avoid a crash at the ned of the straight. And don’t get me wrong, the heartbreaking experience wasn’t given by the breaking power of our friend’s bike, instead, quite the opposite, it was given by LACK of braking performance of the missile on which we where temporarily sat on. At this point, there were only two possible reactions to the first ride of our life:

1) I got bloody scared and will never ever do this again

2) that was freakin’ scary but so exciting. I need to get my own bike and I will learn how to master it…

If you belong the the category 2), this is for you:  (and by the way, they don’t make them any more :-))



The Kawasaki H1. A 3 cylinder 500cc 2 stroke power bike. This sample is  the later model produced from 1974, with disc brakes. If you look at the type of tyres fitted, it will give you confidence that the owner really rode the bike despite the low mileage:


The H1 was then followed by the H2 with a 750cc motor but not much else different. Why did I make all that fuss about fear when introducing this highly collectable sample ? Well, these bikes were notoriously very powerful (60hp stock), but had a chassis that let’s say… was not up to the standards of the power plant. Have a look at this:

(the video is of a Kawasaki H1 but it’s not related to this bike on sale)

Do you understand what I mean ?

Now again, this can go 2 ways: a) that bike is wobbling like it’s made of butter…b) wow that must be exciting, that amazing noise rush, the feel of speed growing without control once you pass the 7000 rpm,  and the need to make the next corner…somehow…




The model we have here is in original conditions and has a low mileage as the seller describes:

“To sell the beautiful and legendary Kawasaki Mach 3 500 cubic cm 3 cylinder engine 2 TMPS. Superb collection of motorcycle in perfect condition. Bike very powerful driving sensation insured. Only 23728 km. Bike comes with full documentation of time (User Manual, Parts List, Workshop Manual, Brochures period) all also in a state of conservation exceptional.”

It is on sale on the Swiss auction site Ricardo with a starting price of about 11700 $ and a buy it now option of 14800 $.

This is a rare find in this conditions !

If you want to go back at the time when riding a sport bike was an act of courage and speed wasn’t for everyone:


then you might want follow up by clicking at the link below (the bike is available near lake Geneva in Switzerland):

1975 Kawasaki H1 500cc in Switzerland



P.S. even this poster of the first H1 in Japan gives away the fact that biking used to be for brave ones: look at the snow on the side of the street and yet the girl is wearing shorts. Ah, and that smile is only a nervous reaction, she isn’t even looking where they are going because that is too scary.  True motorbike passion !


P.P.S. …actually when I looked closer at the picture i noticed the rider has one foot down…c’mon a bit of photoshop could help me to deliver the point here… .-)

P.P.P.S….and there we go, like this it is better (Muchas Gracias Alvaro !)




Honda March 26, 2013 posted by

Rare? Check. Two Stroke? Check- ’86 Honda NS400R

Location: Peyton, Colorado   Mileage: 420   Price: Auction


Hey, you. Yeah, you. You want an extremely rare two stroke, three cylinder sportbike? Well, I’ve got one right here. Two strokes are hard enough to find here in the States, but if you want something even more unique, go with the NS400R. It’s a three cylinder party guaranteed to get you noticed.


Here’s what the seller has to say about this bike-

I have my 1986 Honda NS400r up for sale.  It has 420.3 all original miles on it, the odometer says 676.4KM as it is not in miles.The bike has rebuilt carbs with all new ebay purchased OEM parts.  It is jetted for 2000 feet above sea level.  I have not started it in over a year, but drained the carbs before storing it.  I kicked on the first start last time I tried.  There is a crack in one of the rear view mirrors.  Bike is missing chain guard, pillions and rear pegs, turn signals, and sprocket cover.  Paint will be a 8.9 out of 10.  Some decals are rubbed or scratched.  In a good market the bike is worth over 20k, but we are not in a good market so it is priced accordingly.  The bike is in the sought after HRC colors(red, white, and blue).  Minor scratches and dings, but overall incredible.  The bike does not have a title but I have a clean VIN inspection completed by the Colorado State Patrol.  It was used as a track bike by my friend who passed away 2 years ago, and he left me 5 motorcycles.  He was a racer in California from way back.  The bike(s) was stored in his shed for many many years until he passed.  The bike is safety wired for the track.  The bike is 100% all original with the exception of the ignition switch and I have a spare gas tank fitted to the bike as the original has a dent in it but is also included.  The bike is a 2 stroke 3 cylinder monster!  They bike also comes with the factory honda rear stand that is impeccably rare and expensive!!!  This bike is sooooo rare in the U.S. and also on ebay!  I dont need to sell it, but would like some extra room in the garage. This bike will not dissapointed you.  I will try to make a video walk through to show everything on the bike. Bike is #197 off of the line.  Thanks

And a couple more picks-



So the seller describes this bike as pretty much bone stock and very clean. Certainly the mileage is low and hopefully it’s been well maintained. This is a bike you’re just not gonna see on every street corner.

So if you fancy rare Honda’s or rare two strokes or rare sportbikes (which I’m assuming you do), then you may want to check this auction out!


Suzuki March 26, 2013 posted by

XN-Fiction- Suzuki 85 Turbo (Belgium)

Every time I come across a Suzuki XN 85 I imagine scenes from a science fiction movie:


It must be that original design, the details like the reverse TURBO writing on the front headlight fairing, the instrumentation cluster, or simply the fact that you know that there are some mysterious components hidden within the frame.

Suzuki XN 85_10

The XN was in production for 1 year only making the project a sure loss for Suzuki. Knowing that a lot of hours were spent in designing and making this motorbike work, at a price below 5000 EUR (current bis id 3500 EUR but reserve is not met) , this is already a good enough reason to acquire one.

Suzuki XN 85_3

Suzuki XN 85_4

We can realistically assume that nothing like this will be tried again. While turbo assisted combustion engines are the future in the car world, there’s no real need to fit one of these on a motorbike. The CO2 reduction regulations in Europe, the general cost of petrol anywhere in the world and the associated need to reduce vehicles’ consumption, asks for more efficient powertrains and lighter cars. Motorbikes are light by default and have already good fuel consumption that you can easily control with the rotating twist grip on the right handlebar. As cars are heavy, they need torque to move around at low rpm values (fuel consumption is linearly proportional to rpm). Motorbikes on the other hand are designed for high power at high rpm so that you can use a smaller engine and get a lot out of it. In cars, there is a trend that is now referred to as “downsizing”. The concept is simple, use a smaller capacity engine (fuel consumption is obviously also linearly proportional to cylinders’ volume and number) and maximize its efficiency = fit one or two turbos (in case of 2 one is for low rpm output and one for high rpm) to a 1.5 to 2 liter 3 to 4 cylinder engine. Look into the details of any modern BMW and you will see what I mean.

Suzuki XN 85_5

So why did the Japanese fit Turbos on their mid 80s motorbikes ? Well, from the simple physics’ point of view there was really no reason. I guess it was more a prestige thing. Coupling an internal combustion engine with what technically is a turbo gas machine (it compresses air using the exhaust gasses to run a compressor) was in the 80s a technological challenge. Showing this capability was a way to demonstrate to the world the engineering skills of a company. This would have been quite easy for Honda by leveraging on the highly innovative car department. (Honda is for the Japanese car industry what BMW, Alfa Romeo or Lancia were for the European car industry).

Suzuki XN 85_2

But for a relatively small firm like Suzuki, this was a big step. And there we go, in the mid 80s Suzuki produced fine examples of engineering such as the first GSX-R, the bold German designed Katana and the XN-85. I reckon these 3 models are among the most significant motorbikes produced  by the Hamamatsu based company. So, if a piece of history at an effectively under cost purchase price is what you are looking for, this XN available in Belgium might be for you.

With just 17000 km the current bid of 3500 € is below the reserve. Looking at he pictures the bike seems in great shape. Produced in about 1000 samples theses are surely rare bikes.

Let’s hear it from the seller (translated with Google):



1985 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo on eBay


Sport Bikes For Sale March 26, 2013 posted by

Some Assembly Required: 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited Project

led right

Looks like the winter project just became a spring project.  Limited’s are rare but how daring are you? 

Lets get to the story from the seller:

So the story goes. The bike fell into my lap through a friend of mine. I got it about 6 months ago. I started to dump money over 2000.00 and paid 5000.00 for the motorcycle all in parts as it sat like that in the guys garage for over decade.  I have the original title.
The motorcycle has 38,000 miles on it. About 98% bike is there. Its only missing some mirrors , signals, fairing trim and center upper fairing headlight cover. All the other parts are there. The motorcycle was taking apart for single swing arm coversion. The owner filed the sides frame down then quickly abandoned that idea. The frame was fixed by long time fabricator in the motorcycle business. I have his name and number for verification. The frame has no problems and is very clean looking no scratches. Swing arm is clean looking as well. All parts are original. The fairings have been repainted and will need some more work. The lowers and the seat I bought on ebay. Im throwing in extra front end and Nice full Yoshimura period correct exhaust. All parts are very nice condition. Not all scratched up and rusted. You will to need powder coat the wheels get the seat reupholstered. The lowers need work as they were really rough. You will need a new chain and battery. All hardware and small parts are in a bag. Very complete build. A very strong foundation for restore. You see for the price its negotionable but not much.


ltd 10ltd 9

A single side swing arm conversion?  Isn’t that against the law on a classic like this?

ltd 7

That is what you are after, isn’t it?  In or out of the frame, it looks good.

ltd 3ltd 2

Like the Honda NSR250 last week, if you have the patience and like the thrill of the search, then this could be a great project.  If not;  buy a model instead.  The bike has been on Ebay a few days now with no takers on the BIN price.  I’m guessing buyers are seeing a little too much work there for the asking price of $6,500, which is basically half of what you would pay for a nice example.  The seller did mention though, he is open to a little negotiation.  Shoot him an offer and clear some garage space.

Here is the classified on Ebay.


Ducati March 26, 2013 posted by

Blimey! 2000 Ducati MH 900 Evoluzione with 2000 miles in the U.K.


Born of the internet at the turn of the century, the Ducati MH900e was a revolutionary bike and sales concept. Offered in limited numbers via the internet only and sold out in a single day, the bike offered a modern outlook on the earlier Mike Hailwood tribute machines. This is a very unique motorcycle, and prices have been on the rise for many years.


This particular bike has what you would expect from a collector; low miles and a Termi exhaust (check out those welds!). It looks pretty; find a room and park it. Other than that, what do you do with this type of artwork? It’s not really a track day bike (although likely performs adequately), it is certainly not a touring rig, and while fully capable in the sportbike role why wouldn’t you utlize a less rare, less expensive mount for your canyon fun? This bike seems to exist in between two worlds, without being fully in either.


From the seller:


This MHe is located in the UK, which may be a bit far for our US-based readers. The price might be a bit of a roadblock as well – the seller is looking for a full $21,000 OBO for this example. Click the link to check out all of the pictures and details. This is a great looking example of a great looking bike – and possibly a great investment for somebody. Good Luck!


Bimota March 24, 2013 posted by

2006 Bimota DB5 R For Sale in North Carolina

Update 6.2.2013: SOLD!

Update 3.24.2013: This stunning DB5 R is being relisted for consideration after previously being listed last March. Owner has included a more thorough description and is selling directly. Good luck with the sale Chris!

Chris emailed to alert us that his gorgeous DB5 R is now available from his private collection. Only the R models got the tri-color paint scheme and under that paint scheme is a carbon fiber fairing also exclusive the R. The lightweight OZ wheels are also part of that package.

We’ve posted a handful of DB5 R’s previously and the $19,995 asking price is in line with what we’ve seen historically. And in keeping with the usual Bimota theme on RSBFS, this bike sports a mere 2900 miles.

The seller’s quote:

2006 Bimota DB5-R

Like new original condition in pearl white, red and green Tri-color. Bone stock with no modifications or enhancements. Bimota registry number 77

All original paint in spotless condition without a mark or scratch anywhere. Laser cut 3M protective film covers most of the bike and can be easy removed if desired. Brand new Metzeler Sportec M5 Tires. Always garaged and covered on a battery tender and exercised every 6 weeks.

I have all the books, documentation, certificate of origin and extra un-used key as well as the original silk Bimota factory cover.

I am a long term multiple Bimota owner and collector. This is a very rare piece and will not be easy to find in this condition. I have taken very good care of this bike for about 3 years

We have many more detailed photos that we will be happy to send or provide any specific photos that you may be looking for.

Miles: 2,663

Cliff notes on the DB5 R:
– utilizes the 1000DS V-Twin from Ducati, which is good for about 90hp. Not a lot but only weights 370lbs!
– designed by Roberto Commini who also penned the V Due.
– adjustable Ohlins suspension.
– nearly $40k new.

Good luck with the sale Chris!


Ducati March 24, 2013 posted by

Small Capacity For Collectors – Ducati F3 350 (Italy)

The Ducati F3 can be seen as a smaller version of the more prestigious F1. Produced for the Japanese market with an engine capacity of 400cc and for the Italian market with a 350cc. Both versions share a number of components with the F1 with the exclusions of the front fork which has smaller diameter stems. With about 40 hp when new, this is not a power bike. It is in style and exclusivity that the F3 earns his status. I mean isn’t this bike a beauty ?


With the white and red colors and that F3 large logo on the squared tail it stands out not only versus other brands, but even within the Ducati catalogue of historic models. The 350cc version was produced only in 1986 and therefore can be regarded as the rarest among the small capacity Pantah derived sportsters. If you are looking for this model you probably do so because you’d like to add this to your collection. With a price tag of 8500 € this sample available in Italy on eBay (economic crises, where ??), won’t attract a casual rider looking for something exotic to impress his friends on the Sunday ride on the twisters nor to show off at the bar during aperitive time. It won’t be the dynamic performance of the bike that will make you spend this level of money.



Nevertheless if you are curious about what it would be to actually ride an F3 the following video from Japan will give you an insight:

This L twin cylinder SOHC 350cc Ducati has currently 39000 km and was clearly regularly driven and maintained (last service and revision in 2012). This is good in my opinion, as bikes need to run to keep moving parts lubricated and in the right order.


If you are a collector and look for a small capacity bike with a pedigree this could be for you. For more info or to place a bid (the seller wont accept anything below the asking price, so don’t bother if you are not serious about this) check out the link below:

Ducati F3 350 in Italy


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