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Kawasaki March 13, 2013 posted by

They Made Them In Black? 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2 Ninja

zx tank

My brain is having a hard time processing a ZX7 not dressed in the familiar Kawi green.  Like the Yamaha FZ750, earlier this week, this 1990 ZX7 is another great example of a survivor.

zx leftzx right

I’m impressed, even the side reflector is still there.

The details:

 Up for sale is my 1990 ZX7 model H2.  This is a rare and very sought after bike, and the H2 is more desirable than the H1 (1989).  The colors and this H2 are very rare compared to the blue, green, and white bikes.  I would consider the bike in mint condition for a 23 year old survivor.  It just went through a full service and checks with new fluids, battery, tires, and chain and sprocket.  All the instrumentation, lights, everything works like it should.  There are no dents, rips, no stress cracks, no damage of which to speak – the bike retains it’s originality.  There are some scratches but nothing large enough to take a picture and show.  The bike is missing the chain guard and that’s it.  It has 16,000 miles and rides, drives, and shifts like new.  Truly amazing for 23 years old.

zx top

No dings or dents.   Why do I have the sudden urge to vacuum?

zx right rear

So far, not even a nibble on the auction.  I’m going out on a limb and guessing the starting bid of $4,600 is a factor.  As rare as the color is, I imagine the majority of buyers would want the green because that is what is so associated with the bike and brand.  On the flip side, how many squeeky clean, low mile 1990 ZX7’s have you seen lately?  I have a feeling it is a round number.

Check out the auction here.


Yamaha March 13, 2013 posted by

A True Modern Classic: 1998 Yamaha YZF R1 (Switzerland)

The 1998 R1 was the most exciting news from Yamaha since the FZR750R (aka OW1). While the later R7 (750cc) represented the last exotic model (also labeled as OW2) it did fail to impress in terms of power unless you fitted the Yamaha racing kit (available at a premium on top of already an expensive buy). The 1998 1000cc motored YZF R1 with its 150 bhp and in its white and red colors was the real deal for the “masses”. In particular this color scheme, worked really well to launch the image of the R1 as an aggressive full-on super bike.


With the beautifully sculpted Alu frame at display  (an evolution of the original Deltabox), a small and pointy cockpit and an up-in-the-air tail, this was a design that promised speed. Well, it wasn’t only about the looks, the YZF didn’t fail to deliver in terms of both performance and charisma. Even the name of this bike became something of a trademark. The public soon got used to call it simply the “R1”. The YZF label in large display in its first version soon became an anonymous code name that nobody cared about. In the later models the original YZF stickers on the fairing became smaller and smaller…to finally disappear (we still know rival’s Honda machines as CBRs).


The model on sale here is available in Switzerland. While at RSBFS we like bikes in original trim, the aftermarket parts on this one only add value to it. These include an Öhlins steering damper and an Akrapovic muffler.


Notice the understatement without the Akrapovic heat resistant sticker (the original exhaust is also provided by the seller). I think this 1998 R1 in its color scheme and with the beautiful touches is simply perfect !



At a price of around 4800 $ I reckon this is inline with the market for such a sample.

If you are interested, check out this private sale by clicking on the link below:

1998 Yamaha YZF R1


Laverda March 12, 2013 posted by

Triple Threat: 1981 Laverda 1200 Mirage


There have been more and more Laverdas on the market as of late, and that is a good thing indeed for collectors. Today’s bike is not the more often seen Jota or RGS, but the rather special 1200 Mirage model. It looks to be a rider, and has 30k on the clocks.


So what exactly is a Mirage? Designed as a sort of “power cruiser” for the UK market, the specifications came from the British distributor and key importer, Slater Bros. Start by taking the standard 1200cc motor from the parts bin and give it a hotter cam. Stuff it back into a standard Laverda frame, but provide it with a Jota-specification exhaust, and a slightly different riding position with flatter handlebars. The Mirage is born.


From the seller:
As you will see from the photos, this is an extraordinary example of a rare high performance motorcycle from the great days of high performance Italian motorcycles. This motorcycle HAS NOT been restored.The owner before me had the paint very nicely professionally redone in the original color about five years ago.I had the pin striping done in traditional Jota fashion just over a year ago when I added the Jota fairing on the bike. Everything was recleared at that time. ( The original fairing and trim panels are are shown and included. I have always been partial to the one installed.) To my knowledge, the motorcycle has never been out of service in its over 30 year life. It has had several vey caring owners who used it and tended to it.I ride it frequently and it it lives covered with its stablemates at all other times. It functions perfectly in all ways without reservation. I would not hesitate to recommend riding it from Texas to where ever you live. Most of my bikes have spent a week in Cody, Wyoming for daily rides over Bear Tooth (13,000+ ft) to Red Lodge and back. This one made the trip last year along with my two other Laverdas (one other listed here). I recommend the ride on anything except a bicycle. You will not pass another of these on the street; Red Lodge or elsewhere. Tires are good. It lives on a battery tender.

Laverda began producing these 1200cc 180 degree crank triples in 1978 following several years (73-77) of the 3Cs and Jotas. They were from a time when an unending war evolved to keep up with ever improving Japanese offerings. The Mirages were tuned “Specials” for the British market. The standard 1200s were Ts or TSs. It is a stunning, impressive and very satisfying ride. I expect that most serious bidders will know exactly what this is. If not, refer to “Laverda Twins and Triples Bible” by Ian Falloon.

All of my motorcycles are inspected, insured, registered and ridden. I strongly recommend that you do the same with yours. I have a couple that the sellers were distressed to discover that I would ride. Collect if you like. If you are going to ride it good for you. I have reached the point where I can no longer ride all of them enough to justify owning them. I have no financial, health or space issues. There are simply others that I desire to own and ride regularly. I hope that there is a knowledgable next owner out there for this Laverda…


The market for Laverdas – like most things Italian – is looking up. There were times when you could not give a triple away, but those times have changed. While still not as pricy as say a Guzzi V7 Sport, the unique and relatively rare Laverda brand is certainly coming into its own. The current bid on this Mirage is $7,100 with reserve still in place. Click the link for more info and pictures. Good Luck!


Kawasaki March 12, 2013 posted by

’96 Kawasaki ZX7RR #665 (Neighbor of the Beast)

Vancouver, BC, Canada – 8,450mi – $2,125 Reserve Not Met

96ZX7RR_2If this Ninja looks familiar to you, then consider yourself a genuine RSBFS super-fan. This bike was featured back in November and again previously in ’09. It does look slightly different than it did a few months ago, so if you couldn’t make the spot then don’t feel bad. This time around, an Akrapovic pipe is now in place with the addition for a few more stickers.


If you’re looking for a collector’s bike that is pristine and ready to go up in value, then this may not be the bike for you. However, if a project bike/ track bike/ weekend warrior is something more up your alley, then this may be a good one to consider. It looks to have a plethora of modifications and maintenance over its life and has definitely been ridden, although miles aren’t all that high.


From the seller:

This is a Canadian specification 1996 ZX7RR (#665) that has spent most of its life in Ontario. It has a clear BC title and is currently licensed and insured.

Mileage is very low at 13590 kilometers (8445 miles). It is regularly ridden and runs beautifully. The perfect mechanical condition makes up – in my mind – for the visual aspect that is no longer original. This is a very well known bike that has been very well taken care of throughout its life.

New consumables:

Dunlop Q2, tires

Yuasa battery

NGK spark plugs.

Oil (Motul V300 10W40 full synthetic)

Oil filter (K&N)

Coolant (Motul Motocool)

Brake Fluid (Motul RBF 600)

Aftermarket parts:

Rumble Integrated taillight
Gilles rearsets
Samco silicone hoses
Zero gravity double bubble screen
Pazzo levers
Sebimoto carbon air intakes

Sebimoto carbon front mudguard
Full Akrapovic Evolution titanium high mount exhaust with Akrapovic carbon fiber hanger.

For whatever reason, this bike has changed hands a couple times over the last couple years. Maybe someone had hopes of a complete restoration and just couldn’t manage it. Maybe someone wanted to have a fun bike to ride and now they are moving onto something different. Now is your chance to add your legacy to #665 and you can check out the auction here!


Yamaha March 12, 2013 posted by

Yet Another Limited Edition FZR750: 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU

Yamaha FZR 750RU For Sale

Here’s another very sharp pre-OW01 Yamaha 750cc special that’s been listed in so many weeks (this 87 FZR 750RT just sold for $8500). This one has roughly twice the miles but looks just as clean and complete. Good luck to buyers and seller!


1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU for sale on eBay


from the seller:

It Has The Original Body. It Has Never Been Raced, Or Wrecked.
It Has Some Small Scratches here And There as it is 25 Years Old.
It Has New Braided Front Brake Lines. It Has New Yamaha Front Brake Pads.
It Is Equipped With a Tinted Windshield.
It Has A Vance And Hines 4 Into 1 Exhaust System.
It Has New Factory Grips And Bar Ends.
It Has A Stage 1 Jet Kit Installed.
It Has A New Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery Just Recently Installed.
The Front Forks Were Just Re-Sprung And Fitted With New Seals, Wipers, Oil and They Have Less Than 50 Miles On Them.
The Tires are In Good Condition. All Of The Lights Work And All The Reflectors Are Still In Place.
New Oil And Filter Were Just Installed Recently.
It Runs and Shifts Perfect And is Ready To Ride To Your Home.
The 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU Has Floating Rear Brakes.
It Has New Front And Rear Yamaha Sprockets, Which Are the Stock Ratios.
I Do Not Have The Stock Pipe Or The Owners Manual.
The bike is Currently Being Stored In a Garage Out Of The Weather But Has Been Checked And Just Ridden Recently In Good Clear Weather.



Yamaha March 11, 2013 posted by

It Survived The 80’s: 1988 Yamaha FZ750

fz left 2 fz right 2

I can’t remember the last time one of these has passed over my executive sized desk here at RSBFS World HQ.  Not an SP, not an OW but just as rare.  I can remember witnessing a few fraternity house parking lot burn outs with the old FZ (shirtless of course).  Very few reached the hands of people who had the idea of a very long term relationship with the bike though.  It sounds like this one was spotted by the seller, given a little maintenance and put up for sale.

fz cockpit

I never get tired of seeing the ‘ordinary’ bikes that survive; especially unmolested.

fz front

Are you old enough to remember the days of ‘Pure Sports’, ‘Hyper Sports’, ‘Hurricanes’ and ‘Ninja’s’?


The story on the bike:

A rare opportunity to buy a VERY LOW MILEAGE FZ750 YAMAHA in original excellent condition.  Base for Yamaha’s production FZR superbike. Genesis 5 valve per/cylinder head engine delivers turbine smooth power to an agile frame and displays in my opinion one of the best production motorcycle paint schemes. Almost new condition with very bright paint and all decals. Stored inside an insulated and heated shop for more than 10 years.  Very fast and flickable. Just totally restored and ready to go go go! Own a legend! You don’t come across a bike in this condition often.  Reserve the right to sell locally.  Contact me for my best price right now! I am a certified motorcycle mechanic with 30 years experience.  Please watch my linked video for more information and I start up the beast too.  I only sell bike that I could sell to a close friend.  They are all gone through completely from wheel to wheel.  
    *  NEW PLUGS  
    *  NEW TIRES!  
    *  ALL STOCK 



fz carbs

That reminds me, I need a carb sync setup.  Looks pretty clean under the hood.

fz wheel

If you didn’t click on the video, the seller mentioned they sprayed the wheels in gold for stylistic reasons.  Originally they would have been white.

fz right rear

I always think these are the hardest types of bikes to value.  I think everyone gets a kick out of seeing a bike they might have enjoyed earlier in life but that doesn’t mean they are buyers now.  I guess it might hinge on how good a deal the seller got.   The auction is just starting out and sits at $1,000 with the reserve still on.  Hopefully the seller can make a little coin and the buyer can get a great ride down memory lane at a good price.


Here is the auction.


Honda March 11, 2013 posted by

Following the Big Brother’s (RC30) Footseps: Honda NC 30 in Italy

Italy is being hit hard these days: the political situation is such that currently there isn’t a government despite elections were held just few weeks ago. The economy is getting worse by the day and new motorcycles sales are hitting the lowest point in 50 years. Nevertheless it seems that rare bikes like this beautiful NC 30 aren’t affected. With an asking price of 10.000 EUR (=13000 $) this VFR400R is on top of the range:


Is this the first sign that the small V4 will follow the myth of its bigger brother the RC30 ? With just 3000km on the clock this sample is indeed a rare and collectable one.



I am personally looking for one as I think riding a 400 cc on public roads is a better way to enjoy sport bikes without risking the jail  because of excessive speed. Add to that, the amazing sound of a V4 revving 14000 rpm, a great chassis, top notch looks and excellent build quality  and what more would you need ?

Have a listen to this:

If you’d like to know more about the great Honda V4s, check out from which the two brochures below come from:





The above model is available in northern Italy and on sale on eBay at a fixed price of 10.000 EUR. The seller describes the bike as having just 3000 km and in complete stock condition.

If you are interested click on the link below:


1993 Honda VFR 400 R (NC 30) 



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