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1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Exceptional Original Condition For Sale.

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in exceptional original condition for sale.

SOLD! 8.24.2011

Location: Dover, DE
Price: $4,500.00 OR best offer!!!

This is one bad ass machine with low miles, all original fairings, stock exhausts and a set of brand new NOS Dunlop 208’s that help keep it period correct.

I totally dig this bike and for me this is the best paint scheme for any year GSX-R 750- Period!

The 91 model year represented the end of an iconic era for Suzuki in that it was the last year for the Air Cooled GSX-R’s and it was, for most, the last year before the goofy pink splash graphics became in vogue.

The history on this one is pretty simple- It was purchased by a parts manager of a Suzuki dealership in 1993 and as you can see, it was kept bone stock. Most of the mileage was put on it early because when it was acquired by Steve it had a set of OEM period tires on it that were in bad shape. Steve tells me it sat in a climate controlled environment, until about a month ago, when it was purchased and brought back to life via a thorough cleaning and inspection.

Our friends at SpeedWerks Sport Bike Services own and brought it back from long term storage. I’ve looked at (aka: Drooled over) the pictures several times and I also solicited the opinion of our resident Suzuki expert and we both came to the same conclusion in that this is one FREAKING NICE machine! I’d happily roll on this one and would welcome all of the looks and stares I’d get. Hmmmm, I wonder if Steve would trade for a NSR….

If you’re a fan of oil cooled Suzuki’s and in the market I wouldn’t wait too long before hitting the boys up. I can’t imagine this one sitting around too long.

You can contact Steve at (302) 672-7223 or steve@speedwerks.com

Make sure you tell Steve that we sent you.

Good luck with the sale-




  • Very very nice..

  • My 92 Kawi ZX-7 arrived this morning in Greenville, SC… Have not seen it yet… Still in NY working, but, I might have to pick this one up as well…. Love the classic early 90 sportbikes… Great memories from High School…. Sharp looking machine !!! Also… Awesome website… !!!

  • Wow, I’m not usually a big fan of Suzuki, (don’t kill me for that!) but this one hits me just right, would love to own this bike. This site is going to make me poor in the very near future!

  • When I see early GSXRs I always have a little sense of nostalga from my high school years when two guys in my class both went out and bought new ’86 GSXRs. I certainly could not afford it which is probably why I am still surviving today. I did however buy a new ’90 GSXR when they re-worked them and only let it go when I bought the ’93 CBR900RR.

  • actually 92 was the last year (in America) for the Air/Oil jobs 93 was the first W (water cooled). Sweet bike though!

  • WOW…. I was gonna buy it !!! Who bought it ??? Tommy

  • I believe it was sold in New York, but I’m not 100% on that.

  • A collector in Manhattan, but he’s gonna ride it.

  • Hey Steve – I looked for you guys at Summit this weekend and didn’t see ya! I ran into Kracget though. How are things?

    Sean Jordan

  • […] Update: This great looking bike sold in only 12 hours! Featured listings work! Contact me if you have an exceptional bike for sale that deserves a feature. Just $25/mo (though we may have to start charging by the hour if this trend keeps up!) […]

  • Take note, this bike is available again after the buyer backed out. Snag it quick!!


  • Hello Steve,
    I send you a mail from France for your very nice bike.
    See you soon.

  • You are so cool man, the post on your blogs are super great.~~.’”

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