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1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R with 2,862 Miles For Sale

Location: San Juan Capistrano,CA

Miles: 2,862

Price: Currently $7,700 with Reserve in place

Anytime I see one of thee bikes, I dream about it sitting in my living room. Not to say that I wouldn’t love to ride it or think that it shouldn’t be ridden, but I just love the way they look. The K1 ZX7R is definitely one of my top-5 drool factor bikes. It just screams 90’s sport bike.

The ZX7R was a homologated special as most of you know and was built in order to compete in world Superbike. The list of special features includes an aluminum gas tank, flatside carbs, and a close-ratio gear box. Although some say these bikes make for a finicky street machine, they still represent the golden era of homologated specials in grand fashion.

The bike up for grabs here looks to be in very good. There is however a crack in the left side fairing (above the Kawasaki decal) so it isn’t super pristine. But I would imagine that it is repairable. I do notice a couple small scratches on parts of the tail and on the blue part of the lower left fairing. But for a 20-year-old bike of this caliber with fewer than 3k miles, it’s hard to fault a couple small things. There is a Muzzy exhaust instead of the stocker, however I
wouldn’t say that hurts the value. I can’t paste the seller’s description as it is not in the correct format, but jump on over to the auction to read about it here.

There you have it, another clean and low mileage example of a ZX-7R. As of writing this, the reserve is still in place. I will be keeping a close eye on the auction because I do believe it will be a good indicator of what a good example of a K1 will command in today’s market. If you want to keep tabs on it or try and score it for yourself, then take a look at the auction here!



  • I collected many fine bike over 30 plus years and like to believe I have deloped some forsights. This 1991 ZX7R seller was 45 mins away and sounded very mature, honest as if he owned and cared for this bike for long time. I told him I’m serious and coming with money and it’s a long drive and extra difficulty with a infant. When arrived, he never told me the left side damage. Infact, he hidden it purposely on CL ad photos and he told me he flips vehicles for a living. I was very disappointed with the damages and there’s even a hold size of a quater on the left panel if look closely. The lt foodped end is broken too. Milage is not consistant to the type of wear and abuse and mods done to such a low milage bike if owners were collectors. I was very disappointed, angry and wasted time with a seller with no moral or honors. Who knows what else he’s not telling about this bike? He was even trying to tell me it can be cleaned off with 409 and that those damages were not important because it has such low milage.

  • Jared, You’re welcome. The bike is NY title. If a NY byer taken interest, recommend to check if there are any registration penalities if buyer is in NY.

    He prentnded he didn’t notice those damages. He is stupid enough to believe people are stupid.

    [Edited due to threatening language and childish comments. -dc]

  • I gave the bike a once over as well and noticed all kinds of tells that this bike is not what it appears to be. There is so many little things that just do not add up. This is a rider at best and to quote the guys from “whats my car worth (love that show), with one being a concours and six being a junker, this bike is a high four to low three”. Of course this is just my 2 cents…. I am happy that the $ is strong as I feel these are investment grade bikes without a doubt. I hope the buyer does it justice and brings her back to former glory!

  • I think you guys are fucking nuts! This is a damn nice K1! sure it’s been dropped or something on the left side but to say the bike doesn’t jive with the mileage?? C’mon Man I’ve seen brand new bikes dropped on their side with this exact same damage that only have 10 miles.

    You guys are fucking brutal!

    [note: Edited for threatening language. -dc]

  • Guys,

    These comments are getting increasingly inflammatory and I’m inclined to take the middle ground here after receiving plenty of correspondence offline from both sides — especially since it seems clear everyone is not fully disclosing exactly what they saw or heard or said.

    I want to be clear that suggestions of physical violence, childish insults, and aggressive language are not going to be tolerated. Thus I am closing the comments on this thread unless I should receive a reply from the owner to refute these accusations suggested here. I have also removed unnecessary sideline comments and edited a few of the personal attacks.

    Finally I have to agree with Truthscreamer that from the pictures I cannot agree that this bike is not grossly misrepresented. The pictures clearly show a bike that is complete but has some wear associated with a bike that is 20 years old. With bidding crossing $8500 as of this writing clearly many potential buyers agree.


    Edit 11.2.2011: A response from the owner. Thank you for taking the time to reply. -dc

    No worries Dan, I am a little bummed about the Kardashian divorce so please bear with me while I gather my thoughts. I love the site and all the rare bikes. It’s a fun hobby for me and if anyone can find a more original, clean, 2800 mile K1 show me. I have attached a video link below for reference that I did when I took the pics, verifiable with the mileage in the vid, to pics in the ad, and description on eBay. Not much more to say, have legitimate offers… If you are interested you are more than welcome to see it in person anytime. They are awesome bikes and I feel very privileged to own one. Enjoy the ride …

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