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Kawasaki April 14, 2012 posted by

2000 Kawasaki ZX9R For Sale in California

First listed about a month ago, the bidding stopped at about $3800. Now relisted, someone give this guy a bit more dough and get a great ride for the season! Links updated, -dc

I know the hardcore collectors on the site will scoff, but those of us who enjoy a solid survivor will enjoy this Kawasaki. Eric emailed and asked us to consider his bike, and I think you’ll agree the pictures make it an easy sell.

2000 Kawasaki ZX9R For Sale on eBay

quote from seller’s listing:

Clean, clean, clean. You will not likely find one cleaner. A lot of people say that, but the proof is in the pictures, this bike is as clean with the bodywork on as it is off!!! I’ve even included photos of the inside of the bodywork removed to prove it is OEM Kawasaki and never repaired. I’m the 2nd owner, the first was an employee of Kawasaki, and I have owned this since 2006. At just over 13k miles, this bike is in mint condition, has never been dow, not even in the garage, has the OEM paint and decals that it came with from the factory, and is all stock except for the white faced guages, fender eliminator, and the suspension which has been resprung for a 180lb rider. This bike is ready to ride and needs nothing.

Truth is I saw Eric’s bike before he emailed us and was planning to post it. While reviews of the day favored the R1, the 9R was noted for handling the twisties as well as it did the day long ride. This example looks well looked after and with just 13k miles is barely broken in. While not necessarily an investment in the short term, this bike is going to deliver — especially at the reserve price the seller has confidentially shared with us.

If you want a legitimately fast ride that’s actually comfortable on the longer bits, bid now. Good luck to the seller!


Kawasaki October 31, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R with 2,862 Miles For Sale

Location: San Juan Capistrano,CA

Miles: 2,862

Price: Currently $7,700 with Reserve in place

Anytime I see one of thee bikes, I dream about it sitting in my living room. Not to say that I wouldn’t love to ride it or think that it shouldn’t be ridden, but I just love the way they look. The K1 ZX7R is definitely one of my top-5 drool factor bikes. It just screams 90’s sport bike.

The ZX7R was a homologated special as most of you know and was built in order to compete in world Superbike. The list of special features includes an aluminum gas tank, flatside carbs, and a close-ratio gear box. Although some say these bikes make for a finicky street machine, they still represent the golden era of homologated specials in grand fashion.

The bike up for grabs here looks to be in very good. There is however a crack in the left side fairing (above the Kawasaki decal) so it isn’t super pristine. But I would imagine that it is repairable. I do notice a couple small scratches on parts of the tail and on the blue part of the lower left fairing. But for a 20-year-old bike of this caliber with fewer than 3k miles, it’s hard to fault a couple small things. There is a Muzzy exhaust instead of the stocker, however I
wouldn’t say that hurts the value. I can’t paste the seller’s description as it is not in the correct format, but jump on over to the auction to read about it here.

There you have it, another clean and low mileage example of a ZX-7R. As of writing this, the reserve is still in place. I will be keeping a close eye on the auction because I do believe it will be a good indicator of what a good example of a K1 will command in today’s market. If you want to keep tabs on it or try and score it for yourself, then take a look at the auction here!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 23, 2010 posted by

Two 1987 Suzuki GSX-R750’s: One Restored, One Original

Two 1987 Suzuki GSX-R750’s:  One Restored, One Original


While I did enjoy my new shirts for Fathers Day (yawn),  I would much rather have one of these GSX-R750’s.  If you didn’t feel the love on Fathers Day then maybe it is time to take matters into your own hands.  Here are two really nice examples of early model GSX-R750’s.  They still may be the purest examples of a race bike with lights.  Do you remember the endurance  bike pictured in this promo shot  that Suzuki based  the GSX-R750 on?

Lets start with the restored one. 



From the auction:

I have owned this bike for over 3 years and have been restoring it ever since. This bike is so rare, as it still has the original air box, exhaust and all original parts (reflectors, trim pieces, etc) !! Not to mention, it also has the optional rare REAR SOLO COWL and SIDE VENTS (not yet installed in pics – doing that this weekend) that you can no longer buy and rarely see on any 1987 GSX-R750.

In talking to representatives from Suzuki, they have told me that there are less than a hundred left in this condition !!

The paint has been Color Matched and Restored to the ORIGINAL COLORS and PATTERNS!! All original decals were used as well!!  Paint and decals alone cost over $2000 !!

Basically everything has been restored or replaced. New Tires, New Brakes, Rebuilt Calipers, Rebuilt Front Forks, New Chain, New Sprockets, All New Body Fasteners, MANY New Trim Pieces, New Windshield, New Headlight Bulbs, New Battery and much much more !! Z

I rode this bike before I put the body back on and it runs great !! Carbs were just cleaned !! NO MILES HAVE BEEN PUT ON THIS BIKE SINCE PUTTING THE BODY BACK ON

From the looks of it,  the bike has had a really nice going over.   It my worth asking how much of the engine has been replaced or inspected.  I didn’t see too much of that mentioned.  As with any older bike you should take extra time to give it a thorough look over.  As far as the outward appearance goes, it looks sharp.  The bidding as already started and there is a buy it now option on the bike.  What do you think, the seller is asking almost $5000 for the buy it now option. .

On to the second bike.



Is that thing clean or what?  I thought I keep my bike in nice shape.  This one is all original and I mean original.  The seller states it still has some of the various warning stickers on it.  You know, the ones we all rip off 30 seconds after we have the bike home.  You really have to read the sellers auction.  It is quite lengthy and he goes over almost everything you could want to know about the bike.

Here is just a portion:

The GSXR is truly stock and complete.  Everything is there, and nothing is missing.  All major items are intact, and all small ones are too.  For example, all of the original stickers are still on the bike including the one warning you not to modify the aluminum alloy frame.  The foam cushions for the fuel tank, the heat shields under the tank and behind the carburetors and all cable ties are still there.  Even the paint dabs on the rear brake caliper bolts as well as on other fixings are still visible.

There are only two modifications from as-delivered condition, and both could easily be undone.  We installed an Ohlins shock absorber with a ride height adjuster to give us a little extra cornering clearance.  We bought the shock from Noleen Racing and still have the original box and installation instructions.  We also have the original shock, so you could reinstall it if you wish.  The only other mod was the addition of bungee hooks to the seat.  They simply clamped on, so you could remove them too if you wanted.

We have all of the other items that really complete a motorcycle but often go missing when it’s time to sell.  The tool kit is complete; the owner’s manual is in good condition, and we have both keys.  We have a genuine factory service manual as well as a sales brochure.  In addition and unknown to many, a seat cowling for that mono posto look was included when you bought a GSXR.  We have the cowling, all hardware and the installation instructions.  Lastly, we have a pair of genuine Suzuki accessories for the machine, a tank bag and a tank bra, both in great condition.  All of these things go with the bike.

The auction on this bike has a ways to go and has a reserve set.  This is the type of bike that could really set a  market price for early model GSX-R750’s.  It is bone stock and in incredible shape.  I’d keep on eye on what it goes for so you can judge the price of future late model GSX-R750’s that end up for sale.  If you say heck with the future I want it now then follow .

Here is another Suzuki promo shot of the endurance and the GSX-R production bike.


Kawasaki May 19, 2010 posted by

1989 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7 H1 model

1989 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

Price: $3500
Location: O’Fallon, MO
Mileage: <20,000 This is RSBFS fan Neal's baby and he is reluctantly selling it. Decked out in Classic Kawasaki Racing colors and ready to hit the road is Neal's good looking H1. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the H1's, these started it all for Kawasaki and Muzzy with Doug Chandler at the helm. That's right, although the later versions K1, K2, M1, M2 and N1's garner more attention and have a certain savoir faire about them, it’s the H1’s that paved the way. I’ve always been a Kawasaki fan first and a Yamaha fan second and I fancy these early 7’s. Logging an average 952.38 miles a year, this one is sure to be in fine shape.

Have a look and judge for yourself:

From Neal’s CL post:

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 with just shy of 20K miles on it. Nearly bone stock…

Own a piece of Super Bike History. 1989 was the first year of ZX-7 production, worldwide. Factory Race Team looks and fantastic performance made this a highly desired bike in it’s time. This is the same model bike as used by Doug Chandler to win the AMA Superbike Title in 1990.

Recent tune, including: oil system flushed, new oil filter, new plugs, air filter cleaned, brake and clutch fluids topped off, new battery, coolant system flushed, valve adjustment, carburetors cleaned and re-jetted, all pivot points checked and lubricated and and all wiring and fuses inspected. The only thing the bike still needs is new tires.

This bike is a former California model and as such had all of the emissions plumbing. This has all been removed, though may be included if you’d like, with the bike being re-tuned to suit. Performance is substantially better due to this modification.

Bike is all stock with the exception of the removal of the emissions components, the D&D exhaust and a Vance & Hines ignition advancer. Original bodywork, windscreen, seats, all of it. I do not have the stock exhaust, though I do have another aftermarket exhaust. A Yoshimura Zyclone full system with a Polished muffler. All components of the bike work as they should (blinkers, horn, brakes, starter, clutch, transmission, etc…). There are no ‘odd’ noises coming from any part of the bike or the motor. The original tool kit, with all originally included tools, is under the passenger seat. The only things missing from the bike are the original reflectors and the license plate light.

Bike does have light damage to the left side fairing, as seen in the photos. No cracks, just a few scrapes. Easily repairable.

Also included in this sale will be a replacement sticker for the left side fairing, a factory service manual and a book I made of prints of the micro-fiche showing all parts and assemblies.

And there you have it.. Put on a new set of skins and you’re ready to rock-n-roll and be the talk of your local bike night. If you’re a fan of the early ZX-7’s like Neal and I jump over to CL and check it out. If you have any questions about this one Neal is quick to respond and a pleasure talk to about Kawasaki’s.

I just remembered how long I’ve been a Kawi fan… Does anyone, besides me, remember being in grade school making noises like you’re shifting gears, but instead you used the motorcycle manufacturers name? It goes like this:

Kaawww (1st gear) waaaaaaa (2nd gear) saaaaaak (3rd gear) kiiii (4th gear) and so on.. 3rd grade- I was doing that! Ahh… the memories I have of motorcycling.



[AffomaticEbay]Kawasaki ZX-7[/AffomaticEbay]

Bimota April 24, 2010 posted by

Another 1989 Bimota YB7 for sale – in Oz!

When it rains, it pours and this time it’s pouring Bimota YB7s!  This is the 3rd YB7 that I have listed, but this one’s a tricolor version and it’s for sale on ebay Australia:


So there you have it.  Just want to add that there are a total of 321 YB7s made, and only 124 in this tricolor paint scheme.  A previously listed tricolor YB7 (also a tricolore) sold for AUD8850 (approx. USD8200), so I would be interested if this one fetches a similar price (current price is at AUD5000 – approx. USD4600).

Oh, . Cheers!


Bimota April 9, 2010 posted by

1994 Bimota DB2 Tricolore in Wisconsin

1994 Bimota DB2 tricolor with 4,051 miles for sale in Madison, Wisconsin.

We’ve had several DB2s listed before, but none of them are of the tricolore variant which, whether you like it or not, is rather rare and hence desirable.

Rare sportbike, one of 34 tricolores in US. Ducati 904cc aircooled engine with Dynojet kit and opened airbox. 4,051 miles. Serviced by Ducati specialist. Dripping with carbon: cambelt covers, sprocket cover, vented clutch cover; also has: Termignoni carbon pipes, CRG’s Hindsight billet bar-end mirrors, billet oil filler cap & Euro switch, little flush Lockhart turn signals (fake carbon), evoluzione cyclesports’ regulator (with charger); Yoyodyne clutch slave; 916 SPS brake & clutch levers (and remotes), ss brake & clutch lines, Euro fairing w/parking light. Have similar quarter fairing, yet unpainted.

There’s no information that I can find to verify claims that there are only 34 of these in the US, but truth be told that I have only seen very few tricolors over the years.  There are several tasteful / de rigueur mods (such as the Termis…hmm!)  to the bike, so the asking price of $12000 is not outrageous, but definitely puts it at the higher end of the market – I guess the tricolore paint does demand a premium.

Update: The seller has sent the following information along to verify the 34 models stated. -dc

My source for the number of them is Bob Smith, then then-importer, who brought over 34 in a container. He had them painted in the pattern of the purple European
model, but in red-white-green. They were never sold in Europe (as confirmed by European members of the Bimota list), though there is a photo of one in the Bimota book.

Click here to see the ad on Craiglist


Ducati September 8, 2008 posted by

2006 Paul Smart 1000LE For Sale in Lynnwood

I spotted this bike for sale on DesmoNorthwest. While not exactly what you’d call rare, they’re definitely not commonplace either. And for $9700 I think you do a lot worse if looking for something special.

2006 Paul Smart 1000LE For Sale on Desmo Northwest

quote from DesmoNorthwest post:

OK guys, I’ve got to trim the herd of bikes in the garage. You know you have too many bikes when you have to start bugging your kids to store your bikes in their garage. Up for sale now is the Ducati. This one is going to hurt. The bike resides just north of Seattle.

This is probably the sexiest machine you’ll ever wrap your legs around.

The bike is basically stock…. because stock is pretty friggin’ impressive. She’s suspended with Ohlin’s suspension and has a nice throaty growl from the stock exhaust.