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magni December 21, 2022 posted by

Bangers and Mash: 1977 MV Agusta 861 Magni

The MV Agusta Sport 750 America is a special bike. Developed by the company of the Count as a road-going testbed to celebrate and enhance racing exploits, MV Agustas were well known as capable race bikes in the hands of such legends as Giacomo Agostini. And while the 750 America was developed to conquer that emerging market that was the United States, not all examples actually shipped stateside. Incredibly rare, the 750S America is a beautiful example of the quirky mix of performance, engineering and artwork that defines Italian motorcycle design. However this particular bike was ever more special than that, as it was delivered into the hands of Arturo Magni who worked his magic. That magic included a new frame, new suspension, a new driveline (exchanging the shaft drive for a lightweight chain setup) and a complete tear down and rebuild of the engine. While they were in there, they punched out the 750cc bores to 861, while massaging and breathing on everything else. The full Magni catalog applied to the MV Agusta Sport America 750 was one of the most exclusive, expensive and performance oriented bikes you could buy.

1977 MV Agusta Sport America 861 Magni for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is offered to you for sale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, finished in red & silver, this used 1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is one of the many rare and coveted used bikes that used motorbike dealer The Bike Specialists, Sheffield, South Yorkshire have available for sale.

More from the seller:
Here we have for sale a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Italian engineering history. Built by the legendary Arturo Magni, a household name in motorcycle race engineers, we’re extremely proud to present the MV Agusta 861 Magni. Born in Milan in 1925 Magni’s career began at Gileras racing department in 1947, he was employed to assemble the Piero Remor deigned four-cylinder engine which went on to win the team six world championships. He first began work for MV in 1950 and later managed their racing department during MV Augstas ‘Golden Age’ who won no fewer than 75 world championships under Magni’s direction with riders including Hailwood and Agostini!

After retiring from Grand Prix in 1976 Magni and his sons set up a company producing performance parts for MV 750 Street bikes and began redesigning the 750 Sport and America range. Their bespoke kits enabled customers to be able to transform their road bikes into light weight sportier machines which increased capacity and performance. The most famous by far amongst aficionados was the 861 Magni.

More from the seller:
Our motorcycle is the ultimate example, it began life as a 750 America and was purchased in 2012 with the intent to recreate the original 861 Magni. With the expertise of Giovanni Magni and the original specifications set by Artuto work began to create this wonderful machine. The 750 America was disassembled before being re-built with a new frame designed by Magni himself, the inline-four-cylinder engine was rebuilt with new high-compression pistons, capacity was increased from 750cc to 861cc and new rear forks were fitted to support the Magni frame. Aesthetically the side panels, wheels, aluminium fuel tank and seat unit we’re all painted to exact original specification. The seat rubber and leather was replaced, Conti exhaust pipes fitted and the full fairing was added to create this stunning masterpiece.

Our 861 comes road registered and complete with the original 750 America parts including the frame and exhaust system as well as the owner’s manual, workshop manual and brochure. This machine features exemplary craftsmanship and would be the true jewel in the crown of any collection, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we can offer UK and worldwide delivery services.

In today’s market any vintage MV Agusta is in prime territory. These bikes are so visceral, the brand so storied and legendary that open spots in collections have a vacuum for one of the red & silver machines. And while this is likely true of most clean examples, a Magni build such as this goes over the top in terms of rarity. While the truism of collecting is to pick a stock example over a modified one, that rule changes when the modifications are so completely integrated into the bike and made by a handful of recognized icons; Magni certainly qualifies in the that category. Offered on eBay UK, this stunning example of twice-engineered Italian goodness is listed for £99,980. For US-based investors paying in greenbacks, that equates to approximately $121k at the current exchange rate. At that price not only do you get the bike as pictured, you also will receive many of the original, OEM parts such as the original frame (!). There are more pictures online that could not be shown in this post. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Bangers and Mash: 1977 MV Agusta 861 Magni
Kawasaki December 12, 2022 posted by

What’s Old Is New – 1983 Kawasaki GPz550

With apologies to RSBFS readers nearing, at, or possibly over the ripe age of this pristine GPz550 (did I cover everyone?), 40 years old in the sport bike business might as well be 80. And yet in the early 1980s (that’s right – depending on your musical preference it was the same era Ozzy bit the head off of a bat, Michael Jackson released Thriller, and Olivia Newton-John’s Physical hit #1) this mundane Kawasaki was as close to the pinnacle of middleweight performance madness as could be. Today there are few survivors that present this well. And despite Kawasaki’s attempt to produce more of these bikes than the competing examples from the other Big Four, this is a rightfully rare find today.

1983 Kawasaki GPz550 for sale on eBay

With DNA solidly rooted in the KZ550, Kawasaki breathed life into the air-cooled, two-valve mill with bumpier bump sticks and higher compression. New technology in the form of solid state ignition juiced up the spark, and Kawasaki added an oil cooler to help keep rising temps at bay. The net result was a respectable 57 HP. On the chassis side, the new bike was fitted with beefier, adjustable forks, and triple disk brakes were added all around (replacing the KZ’s single front disk and drum rear brake). The ’82 onward bikes enjoyed a new single-shock rear suspension. Signifying the sporting intent of the new model – now known as the GPz – a bikini fairing was fitted. And with that, Kawasaki invented an icon that would live on for generations.

From the seller:
1983 Kawasaki GPZ550. Very rare find in unmolested condition. Only non original parts are tires, battery and o ring chain. Fresh out of 18 year storage from original owner. Will come with original title filled out by original owner but not assigned. Video is available on YouTube under my username theoriginalmungaman. Starts and runs as new. This is a legitimate #2 bike. Could be displayed in a museum. You can text me for specific questions or photos. 774-246-9884. I have a shipper who is cheaper than anyone and will assist.

The seller has noted a start-up video of the bike, which is shown below:

It is incredible to think that this (by today’s standards) humble bike could spark off such a fierce middleweight arms battle, but that is exactly what occurred. Honda upped the sport bike ante the same year with the VFR (initially a 750, then necked down to 500cc to create the mini-ceptor), and Yamaha and Suzuki followed suit. But lost in the intense battles for mid-sized supremacy were the machines themselves; time has not been kind to hand-me-down motorcycles, anything that was fast and cheap, or miles of black chrome (a key Kawasaki ingredient during this time period). Yet this one survived.

Today’s example is a 1983 model GPz550. It shows a tick over 12,000 miles on the odometer, but otherwise looks clean and original, right down to the dual exhaust pipes, bench seat, stickers and turn signals. Recently brought out of storage, this nicely aged beauty is looking for a new home. Check out all of the details here, and be sure and jump back to the comments and share your experiences with this model. Did you have one? Good Luck!!


What’s Old Is New – 1983 Kawasaki GPz550
BMW December 6, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition

BMW knew the writing was on the wall. The iconic boxer motor – more powerful and efficient than ever – had evolved from air cooled to air/oil cooled, the chassis was on the cutting edge of suspension with the Paralever and Telelever designs, and a successful promo campaign concluded with the Boxer Cup one-make race series. The wildly popular – and expensive – HP2 Sport took the boxer ideal to new heights (as did the stillborn MotoGP project with Nico Bakker). But if BMW wanted to go racing against other companies in the fierce battleground of WSBK and beyond, they needed something more. Enter 2009 and the mighty BMW S1000RR. This homologation machine was continually massaged and updated, including a rare, optional offering specifically for track days and racing – the Competition Package. Today’s 2014 BMW HP4 Competition is one fantastic example of that rare combo.

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 #5503

To call the S1000RR a successful racer is an understatement. WSBK involvement included riders such as Troy Coarser, Rueben Xaus, Leon Haslam and a win by Marco Melandri (BMW continues to compete in WSBK to this day with riders Scott Redding & Michael van der Mark). The S1000RR was also in MotoGP competition during the era of the CRT class, with Colin Edwards competing on a Suter chassis powered by the BMW engine. Legendary Michael Dunlop competed – and won – at the Isle of Man TT in two different classes on a S1000RR. To say that BMW introduced a competitive machine would be to state the obvious. And for mere mortals like the rest of us riders, the BMW S1000RR makes for a sublime street bike; there is lots of racing DNA built in, but amenities and assistance to keep commuters safe and happy. Win. Win. Win.

From the seller:
2014 BMW HP4 Limited edition bike number 5503. It has 3935 miles on it and in mint condition, all stock except rear fender delete.

The bike is a 2014 HP4 with the competition package, so it has real carbon fiber and aluminum forged wheels. I am the third owner and the bike has been serviced by the owners. Last owner installed a new rear tire on it and changed the oil. I have installed a new lithium battery. Bike runs like new and is in new condition as you can see from the pics. Bike is always stored indoors and has never been down or tipped over. Bike has never been ridden in the rain or the race track. It has a nice tank bag and you can charge your phone inside. The original owner hurt his back and sold it to his nephew, I purchased it from him. Most miles were put on the bike by the original owner, I purchased the bike with 3500 or so miles on it. I am selling because I have other sportbikes and I am planning to build a race car in the spring. Bike is located in Prescott AZ.

For more info, contact Jim Demonte ( 609-932-6898

Asking Price: $18,500

According to BMW, the Competition Package – known as ordering code 197 – included HP carbon engine spoiler and trim, HP folding clutch and brake levers, HP adjustable rider footrests, standard forged wheels finished in Racing Blue Metallic, decal kit and added approximately $4,500 to the MSRP. This was over and above the $20k+ cost of a new HP4 in 2014, which already included 193 HP, weighed in at 373 pounds (dry), offered race-tuned ABS braking with Brembo monoblock calipers, ride by wire throttle and an impressive array of tunable, electronic traction controls, Dynamic Dampening Control (DDC) to allow the suspension to automatically adjust to conditions, launch control, a “shift assist” feature to allow for full throttle, clutch-less upshifts as well as a slipper clutch for smooth downshifts at speed. The HP4 in any guise is a limited and impressive machine – the optional Competition Package takes that up a few notches further.

This beautiful 2014 BMW HP4 with Competition Package is located in Prescott Arizona. The seller is the 3rd owner, but all told this wicked machine has traversed fewer than 4,000 miles. The pictures tell the tale; crisp and clean with no hint of damage. The seller notes a rear fender delete is the only adjustment from stock. If you are in the market for one of the truly great bikes of the current century there are few offerings that combine the power, performance and civility of the BMW S1000RR. This rare HP4 with the optional Competition Package is priced at $18,500, and interested viewers can contact Jim for more information and details. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition
MV Agusta November 10, 2022 posted by

The Tamburini Tango – 2005 MV Agusta F 4 1000 Tamburini

When you are the designer of arguably the most iconic and beautiful motorcycle every made – the Ducati 916 – and after multiple iterations you decide to move on, what do you do next? Well, if you are Massimo Tamburini, you do it all again. This time celebrating the re-launch of the famed MV Agusta brand with a new take on the old icon, merging familiar and unique, to create the MV Agusta F4. And if you are fortunate enough to do it again – and do it right – you might just get a special edition of the bike named after you. Which is what the 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini is all about. Contrived by Claudio Castiglioni – the genius behind reviving the Ducati and MV Agusta businesses and founder of the Cagiva Research Center – the Tamburini was to be a limited edition (300 units) rolling artwork to honor his friend.

2005 MV Agusta F 4 1000 Tamburini for sale on eBay

The overall shape of the F4 was unchanged for the Tamburini, but the clothes were all made from carbon fiber cloth, left largely visible. This is another example of artwork and performance that show throughout the bike. The fuel-injection and DOHC radial valve heads help the F4 1000 churn out approximately 173 HP. This was aided by the Torque Shift System (first introduced on the Tamburini), which varied the intake trumpet length in order to maximize power across the rev range. This was Formula 1 level stuff, which along with the slippery shape of the F4 allowed the Tamburini to achieve a 190+ MPH top speed. Not that many of the only 300 were ridden in this fashion.

From the seller:
2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini . If you are familiar with this model and Massimo Tamburini then you know how special this bike is.
300 units were produced and only 59 of them were imported to the U.S. With only around 170 miles this bike is one of the lowest mileage examples left.
21 pieces of carbon fiber on this bike including the fairings, front clip, rear tail section etc. Anodized aluminum wheels are super light. Super Cora tires for ultimate performance.
Freshly serviced and running great.

There are a few small blemishes that I noted in the photos.
Message or call for more info, pics, videos etc . 808-783-3221
I can assist with shipping.
Don’t be afraid to make offers.

The seller has included some videos of the bike in question, the first showing a cold start situation, and the second highlighting some of the referenced blemishes:

Today’s bike, while not cosmetically perfect, IS one of the few Tamburini models in existence. It is made slightly more rare as it is in the United States, meaning importation should not be an issue. Miles are super low – only 170 claimed. And as a bonus, this bike is located in beautiful Hawaii, which means checking it out in person is all the more pleasant. Pricing is set at $46,999, which is not much beyond what these went for new; if you could find one. The seller is open to questions and offers, so check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


The Tamburini Tango – 2005 MV Agusta F 4 1000 Tamburini
Honda November 9, 2022 posted by

Recent Acquaintance – 1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23

Evidently a new arrival from overseas, today’s NC23 looks nicely tended, appearing to have just one slip-and-fall in its past.

1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23 for sale on eBay

The 399cc inline four has gear-driven cams and an early valve timing system, making the 59 hp sleepy below 9,000 rpm and a tiger the rest of the way to the 12,500 redline.  The other trademark printed on the fairing refers to the heavily triangulated swingarm, pre-dating the single-sided variety on the NC29.  The budget didn’t allow for multi-adjustable suspension, but it did review well, like the dual 275mm brakes.  Even though tire availability is better these days, the 17-inch front and 18-inch rear rubber might take some shopping.

With its dash indicating just about 13K miles, this CBR looks very good with bright finishes and just isolated  corrosion.  Rather new muffler.  Seems like the right hand scrapes could be corrected by a good painter, and if it runs well as claimed then maybe the four 26mm carbs won’t need cleaning.  “Best livery” and “never imported until now” are the only eyebrow raisers in the the eBay auction comments, the last item about documents indicating that the new owner will be shepherding it through customs and DMV –

Super low miles (odometer in KM)
Just imported JDM original in really nice shape.

Runs & rides beautifully. Looks incredible.
This is a very unique model and never imported to the USA until now.

Needs – touch up on right upper, mirror, and front fender. Prior owner did not properly repair scratches. Nothing else needed.

All import and clearance documents are provided.
Bill of Sale provided.

Since it brings riders to the brand, Honda’s 400cc home market is intensely competitive, and engineers jammed as much tech into this young person’s ride as the bottom line would allow.  The model had a nice run but was only ever a gray import here, few and far between.  Quite a few more hp are in the engine, just waiting for a competent shop to let them out.  Whether straight to the racetrack or a visit to RSBFS friends at Deftone Cycles for some restoration, this one looks like a great starting point whichever way it goes.


Recent Acquaintance – 1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23
Featured Listing October 31, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing in Portugal – 2002 Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1

Francisco has upgraded this post to a Featured Listing. Check out all three of his listings: Honda MC28 NSR250, Suzuki RGB500, and a Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1! Thank you for supporting the site and good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Say you want something really special, but an Italian Bimota doesn’t float your boat. There are certainly a number of boutique builders that have bikes on offer, but few are truly integrated offerings. Now imagine if somebody like the legendary Pops Yoshimura took an off the shelf 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 and reimagined it in a way that only Yosh can do? Well, you can stop imagining because today’s find is one of the only 50 Tornado S-1 models ever built. Performance and style courtesy of Yoshimura, with quality underpinnings by Suzuki. Now that is a win for a limited number of riders and collectors.

2002 Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1 for sale on eBay

Since Yoshimura is best known as providing performance items for Suzuki, it made sense for them to leverage their Suzuki know-how. Unlike Bimota which utilizes donor engines in primarily stock format, Yoshimura dug deep into the GSX-R mill, modifying the cylinder head, valves, camshaft and upping the compression. Adding a Yoshimura Engine Management System (EMS) in place of the stock Suzuki unit and finishing off the powerplant with one of their 4-into-1 titanium exhaust systems added approximately 20 horsepower to the already stout Suzuki. The EMS change also benefits the rider in allowing for selectable power maps while on the go. To complete the engine work, Yoshimura added bespoke engine cases and a special sump, reducing weight and providing for a greater oil quantity.

From the seller:
2002 Suzuki S1 Tornado
With only 13400 kms, this bike is very rare.
Only 50 unities were produced, all numbered from 1 to 50.
This is probably the rarest Suzuki ever produced road legal.
Only true collectors will appreciate it.
Feel free to ask more pictures.
Bike is located in Portugal – Lisbon.

On the suspension side, nothing but Ohlins will do. Which is exactly what Yoshimura has done. Brakes have been updated through a radial master cylinder and re-worked six-piston calipers. Wheels are unique and lighter, thanks to multi-spoke aluminum units from BBS. And as if all this needed even more wrapping paper, Yoshimura draped the old Gixxer in a new carbon fiber body that completely disguises the original DNA. Unique, custom and totally Yoshimura, only 50 units were produced in a single run of bikes. Today’s rare find is one such bike.

Located in Portugal (and looking like it comes from the same shop as some other outrageous finds), this very rare, very unique, very special Tornado S-1 is ready for a new home. When new – if you could even get on the list – this was a nearly $35,000 motorcycle. Today you can only find them on the used market, if you ever see them at all. The back story on today’s bike is unknown, but a sticker on the frame indicates it may have come through Canada at some point. The asking price for this one is $42,500 – or best offer. That is not too bad considering 20 years has passed since this bike was introduced to the world, and we all know how rarity adds to value. You can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing in Portugal – 2002 Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1
Sport Bikes For Sale October 17, 2022 posted by

We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R

The Honda CB1100R is a rare – and relatively unsung – homologation bike from the fabled stables of Big Red Racing. Loosely based on the CB900F street bike, the CB1100R was designed as a production racer in the European theater, and was a popular platform for endurance events. As a street bike the CB1100R is potent and a little bit rowdy, while maintaining all of the quality and reliability you would expect from Honda. Produced across a small span of years (1980-1983) and in limited numbers (and markets), the CB1100R continues to stand out from the crowd some 40 years later.

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

There were several changes to the model over the short run of bikes. The 1982 “C” model was the first to have full bodywork, as the initial launch featured a half fairing and solo seat arrangement. The 1983 “D” model resembled the previous year model, however there were many bodywork and chassis pieces that were all new. So while this is a multi-year model, the specific year of the bike is an important detail. The “B” spec original bikes mostly ended up in Austraila & New Zealand, while the C and D models expanded distribution through Europe as well.

From the seller:
Mythical CB 1100R
This is a type C produced in only 1500 copies
Honda’s latest and greatest air-powered 4-cylinder

This motorcycle has remained unused for a long time, which explains its very low mileage. It has just been completely overhauled and put back on the road.

More from the seller:
Refurbishment of carburettors, brakes, fork, new tyres… just waiting to be driven. The engine is healthy and the cycle part in perfect condition. Only a few small paint defects attest to its age. It is of course equipped with the original exhaust line, chrome mirrors, the original screen and we find all the little details that sign an authentic CB1100 R with the Honda finish of the time.

This bike is in its own juice, very beautiful but not perfect, but so authentic and endearing. Completely original, which is very rare on these models, and with a very small mileage.

Today’s 1982 CB1100RC looks to be in very, very clean condition. The large aluminum tank looks to be in great shape, as does the plastics (with some minor scuffs in some areas). The engine and cases look clean, as does the front and rear suspension. Check out those quick release front forks – proof of this model’s endurance racing heritage! There appears to be some confusion with the mileage: The advert states 10,500 miles in the text, but zooming in on the pictures shows 18,949 KM – which converts to approximately 11,700 miles. Still, that is not much rolling for a 40 year old work of art. The bike has been cared for – and shows it.

Pricing for the CB1100R models has varied over the years. From a high water mark in the $30 range, down to half that price for bike with higher mileage and more use, the never-officially-imported-into-the-US model is a rare bird in the States. Today’s seller is asking $25k – which is on the high side of the range, but certainly lower than some we have seen. Whether or not this sells is down to the market, but appearance and the desirability of the model are two key factors;
and this one scores high marks in both. The bike is located in France, meaning that US-based investors, uh I mean riders, will need to consider transportation into the equation. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R
Suzuki October 15, 2022 posted by

Force Fed Frenzy – 1983 Suzuki XN85 TURBO

Hey Buck Rogers: your bike is ready. At least it was back in 1983, in the form of the Suzuki XN85. What is the XN85? It is 85 horsepower (at the crank, at least) of 650cc fuel injected and turbocharged goodness, and is arguably the very rarest of the factory boosted bikes on offer. It also looks like a mutated Katana, and is one of the sweetest handling sport bikes from the era.

1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo for sale on eBay

Unlike the more popular Honda CX500 or CX650 liquid-cooled twins, the Suzuki XN85 was based on an air-cooled 650cc inline four. More similar to the Honda was electronic fuel injection technology, ensuring the engine always has an adequate supply of fuel for the specific atmospheric conditions. Force-fed motors are very sensitive to lean fueling conditions, and the specifically calibrated injection allows for proper compensation regardless of the level of boost. And while Honda went with liquid cooling, Suzuki opted for air cooling with oil cooling enhancements (including oil squirters to cool the back side of the piston). This concept was, in fact, the first step in the air/oil cooling journey that enabled the mighty GSX-R just a few years later. And while the bike screamed TURBO from every angle (including OBRUT from the front), the reality of performance was not *quite* up to the hype.

From the seller:
This is a NO RESERVE auction fora 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo.
The odometer reads 15,570 kilometers which is just shy of 9,675 miles on this perfect XN85.
This is a very rare bike with less than 1,153 XN85 motorcycles produced from 1983-1985.
I purchased this bike out of Canada about 2 years ago. This bike will be sold on a Bill of sale.

The previous owner ran the bike over 30km before I took delivery of it. They stated that the bike ran, and everything worked properly. When I purchased the bike, I put it directly in to my collection and it has been kept in air-conditioned storage.

The silver paint with the blue and red graphics looks flawless on this beautiful motorcycle.

The only apparent modification is a set of stainless steel braided front brake lines. Everything else appears to be OEM.

More from the seller:
This bike is in immaculate condition, there are very small imperfections on this motorcycle I will list below:

-The plastic surround panels around the cockpit show surface scuffs.

-The front master cylinder and clutch perch show some paint flaking.

-The top triple clamp shows some minor scratches from a key chain.

Otherwise, this very rare bike is in beautiful original condition.
This XN85 Turbo will be a fantastic addition to any high caliber motorcycle collection.

If you have any questions, or would like some pictures of something particular, feel free to reach out to me.

Unlike the Honda and the Yamaha Turbo bikes, the XN85 was an unabashed sport bike (albeit one that weighed 550-ish pounds when fueled up and ready to ride). The conventional fork was preload adjustable, and incorporated an anti-dive mechanism as well as a GP-inspired 16″ front wheel. The latter is not ideal in terms of tire choice today, but the combination worked well to provide both higher speed stability as well as directional change agility. Out back was Suzuki’s Full Floater single shock, also adjustable for preload. The riding position is sporty (but not too extreme), and aside from the question of turbo lag (i.e. when will the boost build), the Suzuki is a very sporting package that inspires confidence.

Perhaps the most unloved of the Turbo bikes, the XN85 was imported to the United States in few numbers by Suzuki, and who sold even fewer than expected. This makes it rare. And pricing, as a result, has slowly grown in value. This is not on the order of a homologation machine or even a small-bore smoker when it comes to valuation and future prospects, but over time we have definitely seen a gain. Today’s example is a Canadian bike that has been imported into the US by an individual. It has apparently not been ridden since importing, and there is no mention of registration. Still, it looks to be very clean apart from a few issues noted by the seller. Interest is quite high on this one – the auction started in the basement and is nearing $7k at time of writing, so it will be very interesting to see where this one ends up. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Force Fed Frenzy – 1983 Suzuki XN85 TURBO