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Uncategorized October 19, 2009 posted by

Confederate Hellcat F124 on ebay

Thanks to “The Stig” (Stig – is it really you?!) for alerting us to this truly rare :

2004 CONFEDERATE F124 HELLCAT MOTORCYCLE WITH ONLY 2600 ORIGINAL MILES, THIS CELEBRITY STATUS BIKE HAS A 2 YEAR WAITING LIST IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET ONE ORIGINAL COST ON THIS BIKE IS ABOUT $80,000 The “F” architecture of the Hellcat is very simple, yet incredibly rigid and light. It is the only backbone downtube, cradle based chassis to utilize the powerplant as a stressed member. It is also the last architecture for a crafted series built machine designed entirely by analogue methodology. Born from the draftsman’s table, it has the essence of a finely crafted turntable. “F” architecture is unquestionably the stiffest, strongest, most rigid welded platform ever to run the Iconic American radial twin power plant. THIS BIKE IS BY FAR THE BEST LOOKING MC EVER PRODUCED, THE HUGE REAR TIRE AND THE FRAMED TAIL PIPES ALSO ARE CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS BIKE ONLY, PLUS THE CARBON FIBER STRUCTURE IS THE STRONGEST AND COOLEST LOOKING OUT THERE, THIS BIKE WILL SURELY APPRECIATE IN THE YEARS TO COME!  

Generally I don’t like cruisers at all, but I really appreciate Confederate for their unique and innovative designs and use of high-tech materials.  Much like the Yamaha V-Max, labeling Confederates as a “cruiser” does them serious injustice – they are engineering masterpieces.

I am, however, surprised by the total number – 180 units as claimed by the seller – of F124s produced.  I would have thought that the market for a $80,000 motorcycle (original retail price) would be much smaller.  Even the newer version of the F124 – the F131 – is targeted for 150 units and the Wraith, an even more outlandish (and probably even more expensive) bike from Confederate, is scheduled for a total production of 250 units.  For the amount of money that I am paying for a Confederate, I would expect a bit more exclusivity… all of a sudden that $36,000 Bimota Tesi 3D (probably only around 50 units worldwide) is looking to be quite a bargain!  Then again, I AM biased…

In any case, the seller is himself a collector/dealer and, from what I can tell from the photos, has a pretty darn cool collection of cars as well!  Love that black Countach and the F40!  Well, if the Confederate Hellcat is not your cup of tea, how about picking up one of them Lambos or Ferraris? 


Buell October 7, 2009 posted by

Buell XB race bike for sale

Don’t you just LOVE race bikes? All those nice parts made from unobtanium, with thousand of machining hours to achieve one singular purpose – to go fast.  If you can’t tell already,  I have a huge soft spot for race bikes (then again, I think we all do around here!) 

So here’s a really :

The list of mods are too long to list here, so please click on the above link to check out the details.  But check out all that sexy carbon fiber in the last photo!  Hmm….

The seller is offering the bike with a Buy-It-Now price of $7500 – I don’t think that’s unreasonable, but I would find out more details from the seller first and go from there.

I’m generally not a big fan of Harleys, but for some reason the words “Harley Davidson” looks cool when it’s on a race bike like that!


Honda September 26, 2009 posted by

2004 Honda RVT1000R (VTR1000R) RC51 Nicky Hayden

Located in Los Angeles, is a 2004 (SP2) Honda RVT1000R with two original miles! Normally, I wont post RC51s–regardless of how much I like them–because they are quite prevalent but this one is quite special at two original miles. The bike has a new battery and a recent tune-up. The bike comes with the back seat, sticker kit, and tool kit. The seller is looking for all the money at–the original MSRP of–$11,599. I have seen a few 2005-2006 (The OTHER paint scheme, but the last two years) with under 5k miles for around $8,000; but this bike is quite special being a desirable SP2 with two miles . If you’re an odometer snob, this bike is for you (I’d still like to see the odometer however, as most bikes are delivered with around twenty miles). The bike still even has its original brake light, license plate mount, and curb feelers; I hate the rear fender eliminators! See this bike on Craigslist here.



Bimota August 3, 2009 posted by

1997 Bimota V Due

Located in Florida is an extremely rare Bimota V Due.  The bike has Trofeo upgrades including, but not limited to, de-restricted exhaust, carbs instead of fuel injection and case work.  An original, spare engine is included in the sale.  This V Due has very low miles.  Asking price is $24,000.  See an amazing, large displacement, two stroke created independently by Bimota that rarely becomes available.  If you’re interested contact Ozzie at; tell him you saw it posted on!