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Ducati February 1, 2016 posted by

Valentine, be mine (x2!):
Two 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR’s

We seemed to have passed through the winter doldrums here at RSBFS and bits of unobtanium are starting to appear for sale again. Here are a pair of Ducati Desmosedici/D16RR team versions for sale on ebay, with the first being a relist from this time last year and the second a new listing located in France.  

desmo merged

The Desmosedici was offered as a limited production road-legal version of the Ducati MotoGP racebike but unlike a lot of Ducati limited editions, was a lot more than just a re-skinned standard bike.  The Desmo was and remains one of the very few true MotoGp replicas built for the street.  Sixteen desmodromic actuated valves  (hence the D16RR designation) and gear driven cams were built into a 989cc V4 that went to a nearly 14,000 rpm redline and produced 200 hp.  All the power was wrapped up in a chrome-moly steel frame and encased with a carbon/plastic blend bodywork and handled via a 43mm upside-down forks with remote reservoir and a 4-2-1 underseat exhaust in titanium.  In a sign of its true nature, the Desmo came with both street and racing exhaust kits.

The Desmo was originally planned to only be built as a small production run but demand was so robust that the production run expanded and almost 1,500 Desmosedici’s were made available worldwide for public purchase.  Being priced at an eye-popping 72,500 USD didn’t make a dent in the demand for this bit of motogp derived unobtanium; all 1500 units were pre-sold despite the fact that the bike went on sale in 2008 in the early days of the financial crisis.

The first one – Ducati Desmosedici in California (45k USD)


The first one is a relist from a previous post here on RSBFS from a year ago (time flies almost as fast as this bike!).   Based on the feedback count from the previous listing, the seller looks to either someone who isnt that active on ebay or a dealer.

Mileage is listed as 3,300 (miles?) but no detailed service info is provided.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Second one – 2008 Ducati Desmosedici in France (55k USD)


Here is the second one that is located in France.  According to the seller its one of the later production numbers and a lot of collectors say the later versions avoided some teething problems.

The info on this one is a little more detailed than the one in California.  Here is what the seller has to say;

  • One of the last unit produce (2009/07)
  • Bought the bike after 400 kms, mileage is 8500 kms
  • Never been on track, never fall down
  • Maintenance by official Ducati dealer
  • To be sold with bike cover, stand legs, alarm, racing exhaust, battery charger, decals kit, 2 keys
  • One new rear tire as spare


Now for the big question; what is the current value of a 2008 Ducati Desmo/DR16?   Well the difference in opening bid price between these two is pretty big (10k USD) and recent examples have been sold here in the states for the lower number so at first the one in France seems a bit overpriced.  However a bit more research indicates that the lower price is more inline with a lightly used example that is perhaps missing a few pieces such as the decals or one of the OEM exhaust sets.  The upper price seems to be inline with pristine/nearly new editions that come with all the extras that were included with the purchase of desmo so perhaps the prices for each of these are right in line.




Valentine, be mine (x2!):  </br> Two 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR’s
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Tip Top Duc: 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR in Florida


2008 Ducati DesmoseDici RR with GP exhaust on ebay

A lot of motorcycle manufacturers produce race-replica (RR) bikes that they promise are street legal versions of track bikes.   Honda did it with the the RC45, Kawasaki with the ZX7R, even BMW with S1000RR.    But above the RR bikes are the “Halo bikes”, outrageously expensive modern day homolgation machines that truly are the same as their raceday counterparts except for a few bits added to make them street legal.  For Ducati, the Superleggera is the current “Halo-level” vehicle, a $65,000 USD street legal WSB bike.

But the Superleggara isn’t the first time Ducati has offered a true WSB-level bike for the street;  back in 2007 Ducati produced the Desmosedici RR, a 1500 unit production run of barely street legal moto-gp level bikes.  The Desmosedici RR was essentially the same base unit used by the factory race team on which Casey Stoner won the MotoGp championship by a very wide margin over the competition.  The Desmo came with 197 horsepower, track exhausts, forged Marchesini magnesium wheels, carbon-fiber bodywork, race-spec Öhlins dampers, rigid Brembo monoblock front calipers, and Magneti Marelli electronics and instrumentation.


Here are some  excerpts of reviews regarding the DesmoseDici RR-

“Maximum acceleration pins the rider against the seatback while he crouches under the windscreen, adrenal glands pumping out a charge.  Breathtaking quickness—0 to 60 mph comes in less than three seconds—is matched by the bike’s Brembo brakes. The four-piston front calipers yield such dramatic braking force that even one finger on the lever raises the notion of how easy it would be to go flipping over the handlebars.Cornering manners follow suit. Like many modern sport bikes, the Desmosedici uses the engine as a structural member; the steering spindle mounts on a compact steel trellis bolted to the engine’s cylinder heads, and the aluminum rear swing arm bolts to the crankcases. Together with the highly adjustable front fork and rear shock, the Desmosedici RR corners with uncommon accuracy. Provide a few millimeters of handlebar input or tip a knee slightly, and the bike faithfully follows your lead.

As noted, it’s the nearest thing to a 2006 990cc MotoGP race bike. The U.S. quota of 300 units makes it highly collectible—so much so that one delivery has gone from the owner’s garage to his living room. Having sampled one on the track, though, we think that owner is missing the point. This bike is more than static art—the real art is in the way it rides.”


Only 300 of the 1500 produced were allocated to the US and prices when new were an eye popping 72,500 USD.   Apparently the bikes didn’t sell that well when first introduced, which is probably due in part with their price being equal to a small condo/apartment and the fact that they were launched while the “great recession” was still underway.  This particular unit is #413 and comes with the “Rosso” all red bodywork (the “Team” version bikes had red and white bodywork and seemed to have been a bit more popular).  The condition looks to be absolutely perfect but the pictures on the ebay auction could certainly be better so perhaps an in person inspection is in order.


Now we get to the question, what is this bike worth?   The seller has a Buy-It-Now price of 65,000 USD which may seem extreme but there are actually several other Desmosedecci for sale right now on CycleTrader and price for those seem to be pretty close to this with variations for mileage and location.   Also, while the SuperLegerra is the current “Halo-Level” ducati and only 500 SuperLegerra are scheduled to be produced, I think this Desmosedecci will actually be the more collectible bike since it was a bike that mirrored Casey Stoners MotoGp mount when Ducati won its first MotoGp championship in almost 30 years.


Tip Top Duc:  2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR in Florida
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RK in the UK: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Front Low

Beloved of squids, teenagers too young to hold a motorcycle license, stunters, track-day junkies, racers, and well basically everybody, it’s hard to get excited about a Gixxer up for sale. Their sporty good-looks and sheer competence mean that they’re basically everywhere, in every sort of condition, and certain generations were aesthetically challenged to say the least.

But none of that’s a problem for this particular example, a 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Rear

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R for sale on eBay UK

“Race replica” of course really describes all GSX-Rs, but this one’s a real race replica: only 500 were produced, with just 200 making their way to Europe, 50 to the UK, and basically none making it to the US, except as grey-market imports. On the surface the Double R might have looked like a standard GSX-R with a red solo tail section, but it featured many redesigned, strengthened, or adjustable parts intended to make the bike competitive in racing

These were homologation specials, and many were snapped up by race teams and collectors, making them exceedingly rare and collectible when they end up on the open market. This example is claimed to be “one of the finest examples left in the world”. Although I’d have liked more pictures to ogle, the couple the seller did include suggest that it’s every bit as good as that.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Paperwork

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R

Absolutely standard trim, with a mere 2,190 miles since new and still with its original tyres!

I am reluctantly selling my very rare, exceptionally low mileage Suzuki GSX-R750RR also known by its model prefix as the RK. One of only 500 units made in 1989 to homologate for World Superbike racing, there are reputedly less than 100 of these left in the world. Of those left, ones in this condition are in numbers of less than 10. ‘The Real Deal’ as she is aptly known is number 260/500 and was built at the Hamamatsu plant in Japan.

Imported and owned by my late father from its first owner in Japan and now owned by me, this family owned example was still shod on its original factory issue Michelin tyres from 1989, which bear testament to the mileage of just 2190 miles (actually in km’s). The original tyres are still with the bike but in order to pass an MOT which I thought essential for any would-be buyer, the bike has a brand new pair of tyres on it. She has also been fully serviced by the HRC technician who builds the official HRC engines for the UK and Suzuka 8 Hour racing effort. Again, I felt essential to ensure that whoever buys this beautiful machine, can be happy in the knowledge that she is mechanically superb. The service / recommison included all ancillaries, battery and lubricants along with a full carburettor service including cleaning, new gaskets and seals and then balanced to ensure absolute perfection.  

The bike is immaculate in every respect from the underside of the belly pan to front fairing to the tailpiece and is totally unmolested. It does bears age related patina such as small amounts of mottling on some of the aluminium components and the original Suzuki factory paint on the wheels has imperfections but this again demonstrates the absolute originality of this beautiful Suzuki. For the last 3 years she has resided in my walnut-floored garage, covered and only bought out for the odd show or to warm her through gently.

She has a personal registration plate ending in ‘RRK’, I have the parts catalogue in Japanese and English, an accessories catalogue in Japanese, magazine articles relating to the ‘RR’, GSXR books, the V5c, MOT certificates, two keys including the registration key (unheard of!) and a display board detailing all about this very special machine. She is SORN at present.

If rarity is your thing, then look past the RC30 or OW01, this GSX-R is the one to have. Of the few original units left in the world, this is undoubtedly the finest.

The Double R looks great in classic blue and white with that red tail section, with relatively simple graphics before the Japanese manufacturers went off the rails with lurid colors and graphics in the 90’s… With such low mileage, it’s a shame that this bike will probably be tucked away in a collection.

This is a classified ad, not an auction, and the asking price is £18,000 which is a ton of money for a Gixxer. But if you’re a fan of fast, rare Suzukis, it really doesn’t get any better than this.


1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Front

RK in the UK: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R
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Want To Ride MotoGP ? Ducati Desmosedici (Switzerland)

In the current economical situation of Europe, including the German new owners of Ducati (Audi), it is fair to assume that another prototype for the masses, will never be built. The Desmosedici has all the credentials to become one of kind for a long, long time. Ducati has invested great amounts of money and resources in the development of the 1199 Panigale. The R version of the Panigale is sold for 30.000 EUR over here. In comparison, you can get this way more exclusive Desmo V4 for 36.000 EUR.


We are not talking about little cash, but with all due respect for the Panigale and for the hard to be earned money as well, I’d go for the V4 in a blink of an eye. I reckon that prices of the 200 HP small series (1500 were built) will start to rise at one point. Today, it seems that the evaluation of these 100% pure exotica are falling down, but don’t be fooled by this. Once people will realize that the cost of each Desmosedici was probably the same (if not lower) than the original asking price, and that no company will produce something like this in the next 10 years, then we will see the current downward trend turn 180 degrees. We know that Honda will (finally) re-create the real successor of the RC 30 (let’s not count the RC 51 which failed to impress), but will this really be based on current Pedrosa’s RCV MotoGp bike ?


When Ducati entered the 4 stroke 1000cc era, it stormed the world with its engine performance. In 2007, the rules imposed 800cc engines, Ducati was ahead of everybody with this capacity development and the Aussie Stoner won his first world title on it. After that, we all know the troubles Ducati and its riders faced, when they replaced the trellis front half chassis with the carbon monocoque. From there, confusion overruled the Bologna factory and it’s position in the the world rankings of speed. The Desmosedici is really, really close to Ducati’s GP4/GP5 MotoGP bikes, it won’t have the same power and weight because the materials used are not the same, the maximum rpm is way lower, the reliability is way higher, but the architecture of the bike and the engine are a direct descendant of the first Moto GPs of Ducati (ever). How will it be to ride ? People say it is a very stiff bike that requires ruthless decisions and hard corner entries. But we don’t want to ride it like Stoner, first of all because there isn’t anybody out there like him (Casey, please come back…c’mon don’t you want to race with the new star Marquez ?) and second, because the Desmosedici is made for the track, but the excitement of riding a real race bike on public roads, legally (I mean it has license plates, mirrors and turn lights), is too high ! If you wish to own a piece of history, a real Ducati special, the first true MotoGP replica, or just make an investment, this is about the right time. If you don’t believe me, let’s talk again in 7 years time and see how many bills will be required to put your hands on the only Ducati V4 ever built…

The model here has covered just 1512 km:




and it comes with open Ducati race exhaust that allows the motor to reach close to 200 hp.

Let’s hear it, shall we ?

Ducati Desmosedici RR in Switzerland


P.S. if anybody is really eager to prove me wrong, please sell me a Desmosedici for less, please, I want one… 🙂

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20 years of Superbike refinement – 1992 CBR 900 RR (in Switzerland)

It’s winter time, at least here, north of the Alps in Switzerland. The roads are mostly wet when not frozen, the sky is grey and the mood is low. The 2012 MotoGP season just ended with a marvelous race of Pedrosa who won this season’s last race starting from the pits. A long wait is ahead of us before we’ll be able to enjoy our beloved bikes by riding them ion the road. While some of us spend winter on their next café racer project or making small repairs, some others look out for the next amazing deal. I find the time between November and February the best to grab a good buy. And this one seems one of those: 1992 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade  in its first version white-red-purple color scheme:

With just 23000 km on the clock and in fully original condition this is a rare find.

The 1992 Fireblade stormed the world of motorcycles in my modest opinion in a way that might resemble the introduction of the Honda CB 750 (by many considered the first Superbike ever). Anyone should ride a Blade to appreciate what this bike is. The first thing you will notice is its lightweight. Closely followed by the superb refinement of the engine and plenty of very usable torque. In the real life = riding a sport bike on public streets, squeezing between cars in traffic while you are on your way to work  and hit the twisties on the weekend, you will for sure recognize the qualities associated with it. Its smoothness is mind blowing, the clutch operation and performance is great in the traffic, the linear power of the engine from down low, the lightness and quick steering (the first versions had a 16″ at the front and a 17″ at the rear, just like the RC 45), make it a great tool on the mountain roads as well. Choose a road with many corners, stick in 3rd gear for most of the time and 4th when it straightens a bit and you’ll be moving fast and smoothly. When riding the 900RR  nowadays, it’s not about maximum performance that you’ll be after but rather pure enjoyment of flicking between corners in perfect armory between man and machine. This bike really is your everyday do-it all super-bike. I was lucky enough to grab one with less than 5000km a few months ago, and while my garage is busy with quite some exciting bikes I found myself grabbing the first Honda RR most of the times. Once you are on it, you just want to go on and on…The only aspect that  I noticed that could be a bit better is the travel of the gear lever which I found longer than other sport bikes of this time. We all know that prices of Honda RC30s are going through the roof despite the world economic crises but  I reckon that most people are missing out on the real deal. Fireblades are probably the most reliable bikes ever made, they are lighter than an RC30, they have plenty of torque and a full bike will cost as much as a side fairing of the exotic HRC. If you like reading RSBFS you probably share with us a true passion for sport bikes beyond the obvious and glamourous badges. While prices of these machines are at their very minimum, do yourself a favor and look for one of the the early original Blades like this 1992 model:

Pictures are few but the conditions seem very good as demonstrated by the absence of a carbon can, the presence of the original turn lights and the low mileage. This is bike is on sale on the Swiss auction website at a fixed price of 4200 $ (for details click on link below). While cheaper samples can be found on the market, it will be really hard to find the 1992 version in this condition.

1992 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade




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An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

Did anyone catch my Sex Pistols reference in the title? ……….Bueller?  On my unofficial list of rare Suzuki’s the 1989 double R GSXR750 sits right at the top, especially being here in the United States where we never had the bike imported.  Most of my knowledge on this bike comes from an owner I know and I’m sure he will comment on anything I get wrong.  500 RK’s were produced with the first 50 going to America Lite (Canada).  Japan kept the most with 200.  The UK received their batch of 50 from the 200 that went to Europe as a whole.

This was simply a bike built to get homologated for racing purposes.  Race teams were after a long stroke motor that took to tuning better than the short stroke version in the 1988 GSXR750.  I was told they did not even build a prototype of the bike before production.

It’s aluminum and light.


Boring photo but until seeing these in person, I did not know they were  hand made fiberglass units.  I’m told they made spares for a 100 bikes and then shut her down.  I had forgotten these didn’t have the dry clutch that the earlier Limited did but since the bottom ends are the same I believe it could be fitted.  Has anyone ever seen a list of the kit parts that were available back in 89?


A race oriented cluster.  Suzuki figured most of this stuff would be stripped off so it is kind of a mix and match of Suzuki parts in places.


The info on the bike:


Only 12,000 miles from New with Service Book, Handbooks etc.

A very hard to find bike

Message me through Ebay if you are interested.
Please refrain from the usual how much do you want to buy it now. Its an Auction, you bid the most you want to pay and you may end up buying it.
I can ship worldwide in a crate – please ask for exact quotation. I am an experienced shipper. I would think that 1500 pounds sterling will get this bike to most places in the world.
I am happy to ship at cost when payment is received and cleared.

Something I learned from restoring my GSXR400R is that this color of Suzuki engine paint (it’s not black)  is basically impossible to find.  Something to consider if you are a  stickler for authenticity.

Those stickers don’t come cheap.  This bike has 12,000 miles on it but appears overall to be in good condition.  It isn’t a museum piece but it hasn’t been abused either.   My guess would be high teens to low 20’s for a sales price if this bike was in the U.S.  Maybe a little less in the UK where the bike was imported?   There can’t be that many road going versions still in circulation.

 Enjoy the auction.


I’ve posted these before but I don’t get tired of looking at the brochure

Wow, how about his combo?  Look at that tank and frame on the Harris GSXR. The RK has the dry clutch installed.  I’d give that collection a thumbs up too.



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1993 Honda RS125 NF4 Described As “Museum Quality”

This is a fantastic looking RS125, Castrol replica!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Miles:  0 (Since rebuild)

Price:  $5,500USD

Location:  Winter Haven, Florida

The seller states that this RS was completely restored and rebuilt by Rising Sun Cycles–a very prominent name in the U.S. two-stroke GP bike segment.  The paint for this bike, alone, came in at $4,500–ouch!  Anyway, this is a fantastic looking RS in, what looks to be, a Castrol scheme very similar to what Joey Dunlop ran.

The auction also includes:

Bike also comes with a complete roller, minus tank. There is also two sets of new bodywork and a ton of other spares, plus some new rains.

I have 2 complete extra motors, 1 new, 1 with time on it.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably started to reconsider your original assumptions after seeing the asking price.  The Museum Quality RS also comes with $1.2K-1.5k worth of spares, possibly more.  That being said, is the main bike shown here worth the remaining $4k?  Well, it would be very difficult to replicate the restored bike using the $1.5k and an additional $2.5k:  knowing what parts & labor would add up to at RSC combined with the purported paint cost.  If you’re in love with the NF4 RS125, or would simply like a living room piece and a track bike (with a little work) for the price of an older NX4 RS125; I’d say this auction should absolutely be considered.  The asking price is a bit startling, but with the whole picture and some math, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.  See this fantastic looking RS on eBay .


Honda May 9, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda CBR400RR Titled & Registered In California

Another very nice CBR400RR has popped up in Northern California this time!  Located in Dublin, California is a titled and registered CBR400RR with no mileage listed.  This bike features a 2007 CBR1000RR front end with radial brakes, Penske rear shock, HRC ECU, and the regulator/rectifier modification.  This bike currently has the CBR front end but an RVF400 front end is also available at a different price.  The seller states that this bike is an exceptional example but, does feature some nicks and blemishes.  Service history includes:

Both front ends have recently been serviced, re-sprung and re-valved by Aftershocks. New DID x-ring chain. The tank has recently been cleaned. The carburetors have just been completely gone through by Donny Babb at Modesto Ducati. This bike runs perfect.

The asking price for the bike with the CBR1000RR front end is $6,500 and $5,500 with the RVF400R front end.  Personally, I would buy the bike with the RVF front end, save the money on the purchase and possibly upgrade to the CBR1000RR front end sometime in the future as the RVF front ends are only getting rarer and the CBR1000RR front ends are only getting cheaper.

When these CBR’s were available, they had all the features of a big CBR just in a smaller package.  They feature a DOHC, four valve per cylinder, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, producing 53hp and rev’ing to 14,500rpm.  An aluminum frame kept weight down to 163kg and they featured a Showa adjustable rear shock and flat-side carb’s .  This bike is just as exotic to us American’s as any other gray import but, features the dependability of a Honda four-stroke.  See the 1994 example Jay posted not too long ago here.  If you’re interested-and as always, you should be–see this bike on Craigslist here.

EDIT:  The bike was on Craigslist but, kept getting flagged.  The seller has posted it on BARF and it can be seen here.