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RK in the UK: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Front Low

Beloved of squids, teenagers too young to hold a motorcycle license, stunters, track-day junkies, racers, and well basically everybody, it’s hard to get excited about a Gixxer up for sale. Their sporty good-looks and sheer competence mean that they’re basically everywhere, in every sort of condition, and certain generations were aesthetically challenged to say the least.

But none of that’s a problem for this particular example, a 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Rear

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R for sale on eBay UK

“Race replica” of course really describes all GSX-Rs, but this one’s a real race replica: only 500 were produced, with just 200 making their way to Europe, 50 to the UK, and basically none making it to the US, except as grey-market imports. On the surface the Double R might have looked like a standard GSX-R with a red solo tail section, but it featured many redesigned, strengthened, or adjustable parts intended to make the bike competitive in racing

These were homologation specials, and many were snapped up by race teams and collectors, making them exceedingly rare and collectible when they end up on the open market. This example is claimed to be “one of the finest examples left in the world”. Although I’d have liked more pictures to ogle, the couple the seller did include suggest that it’s every bit as good as that.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Paperwork

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R

Absolutely standard trim, with a mere 2,190 miles since new and still with its original tyres!

I am reluctantly selling my very rare, exceptionally low mileage Suzuki GSX-R750RR also known by its model prefix as the RK. One of only 500 units made in 1989 to homologate for World Superbike racing, there are reputedly less than 100 of these left in the world. Of those left, ones in this condition are in numbers of less than 10. ‘The Real Deal’ as she is aptly known is number 260/500 and was built at the Hamamatsu plant in Japan.

Imported and owned by my late father from its first owner in Japan and now owned by me, this family owned example was still shod on its original factory issue Michelin tyres from 1989, which bear testament to the mileage of just 2190 miles (actually in km’s). The original tyres are still with the bike but in order to pass an MOT which I thought essential for any would-be buyer, the bike has a brand new pair of tyres on it. She has also been fully serviced by the HRC technician who builds the official HRC engines for the UK and Suzuka 8 Hour racing effort. Again, I felt essential to ensure that whoever buys this beautiful machine, can be happy in the knowledge that she is mechanically superb. The service / recommison included all ancillaries, battery and lubricants along with a full carburettor service including cleaning, new gaskets and seals and then balanced to ensure absolute perfection.  

The bike is immaculate in every respect from the underside of the belly pan to front fairing to the tailpiece and is totally unmolested. It does bears age related patina such as small amounts of mottling on some of the aluminium components and the original Suzuki factory paint on the wheels has imperfections but this again demonstrates the absolute originality of this beautiful Suzuki. For the last 3 years she has resided in my walnut-floored garage, covered and only bought out for the odd show or to warm her through gently.

She has a personal registration plate ending in ‘RRK’, I have the parts catalogue in Japanese and English, an accessories catalogue in Japanese, magazine articles relating to the ‘RR’, GSXR books, the V5c, MOT certificates, two keys including the registration key (unheard of!) and a display board detailing all about this very special machine. She is SORN at present.

If rarity is your thing, then look past the RC30 or OW01, this GSX-R is the one to have. Of the few original units left in the world, this is undoubtedly the finest.

The Double R looks great in classic blue and white with that red tail section, with relatively simple graphics before the Japanese manufacturers went off the rails with lurid colors and graphics in the 90’s… With such low mileage, it’s a shame that this bike will probably be tucked away in a collection.

This is a classified ad, not an auction, and the asking price is £18,000 which is a ton of money for a Gixxer. But if you’re a fan of fast, rare Suzukis, it really doesn’t get any better than this.


1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R Front


  • Hmmmm,less than a hundred left in the world,I for one would love to see some sort of documentation to substantiate that particular claim. I have one and know of 3 others that exist in the greater Brisbane, Australia region and they weren’t bought into Australia in any great numbers so that leaves only 96 in the rest of the civilized world.
    Very tidy example nonetheless.

  • Wow, that’s a nice one. Always been my favourite GIXXER….very rare. For an enthusiast, the price might be just a couple thousands too much…we’ll see…

  • IMHO, the BEST looking design of any production motorcycle. Ever.
    As far as rarity is concerned, no 750R’s ever came to the US. 50 went to Canada 25 years ago. Good luck finding one.
    As far as Ducatikid is concerned, all I know is I’ve beem looking for a clean example for 20 years. I would tend to believe the seller, as my experience has shown the only ones I’ve found are ex-racers that look more like Frankenstein than motorcycles.

  • Beautiful bikes, I have had mine for several years, still remember first seeing one as 19 year old punk, instantly fell in love with the Jennifer Lopez rear end, had to have one!
    Interestingly, I saw one this year for sale in Japan with 0 kilometres!
    If I was to nit-pick, Id say the only down side is that it was a JDM model, no big drama I suppose, not too much info around about the restrictions, but I am fairly sure it would have some sort of limiter from stock….definitely would have a 180k speedo also.

    Either way………just pure sex!

  • OH ! low km JDM. Looks like a nice bike just beware of any corrosion. I tend to steer away from most JAP stuff because of corrosion. Darren I would love to have seen the zero KM one that you speak of. These are by far the best race replicas of the late 80`s. The RC30 was a road bike made for the track whereas if you take a good look at the RK is was a race bike in every respect made for the road. I know this will piss off a few of the RC30 people here but I also rate the OWO1 over ther the RC30 in standard trim.

  • ” These are by far the best race replicas of the late 80`s. The RC30 was a road bike made for the track whereas if you take a good look at the RK is was a race bike in every respect made for the road.”

    What a load of absolute rubbish!!!!. These Suzukis are based on the production roadbike with a few hot-up parts added on.These hot-up are of dubious anyway,as almost all of those parts were junked as they were not fit for purpose in any competitive superbike competition.Kawasaki suffered from the same lazy attitude with their homologation specials.Slightly modified versions of their run of the mill production bikes.Yamaha also did it to a lesser degree with their FZR750R of ’88 and YZF750SP,but redeemed themselves with the OW01 and OW02.Suzuki and Kawasaki were by far the laziest with their approach to homologation specials.And let’s not get started on Ducati.

    ” The RC30 was a road bike made for the track.”

    Possibly RSBFS’s stupidest comment of the year!!!! The RC30 was purpose built by Honda/HRC,based purely on it’s RVF750 Fomula 1 racer.It was not built around on any of it production roadbikes.It is a “stand alone” model that is totally unique in Honda’s model line up.Pure homologation,built to win the innaugural Superbike World Championship.Which it did in 1988,then backed that up in 1989.Not to mention the domination and lap records of the T.T..You dont do that with a road bike.

    ” I know this will piss off a few of the RC30 people here but I also rate the OWO1 over ther the RC30 in standard trim.”

    I know this will piss you off,but I rate you as a troll.Keep saving and one day you may be able to get yourself an RC30 of your own…then you wont harbour any false bitterness agaist the RC30.

  • Wow, that was a little uncalled for Pie Face. Time get get back on those meds matey. From your response you would think I nailed your missus or kicked your dog or something. I`ll keep saving my pennies and then maybe…….just maybe I might be able to afford one 🙂

    • Bob, if it’s any consolation: however accurate or inaccurate your statements, there’s no WAY that was even CLOSE to “the stupidest comment of the year”!

      I do love when people with some opinions or expertise or knowledge share it in the comments, even though I could sometimes do without the name-calling.

  • Thanks Tad, I`m not really phased with a little name calling. Those sorts of comments say a lot about a person. Having owned both bikes (and still an RK) my preference still lies with the RK over the Honda and thats simply my opinion. Thats what forums are for really – where anyone can have an opinion and they aren`t all going to be the same. What a boring old world it would be if they were.

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