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Honda December 26, 2010 posted by

1984 Honda NSR Brand New!?

Originally published on 10.26.2009. Update 12.26.2010 Now relisted. Updated pictures and description below. -dc

1984 NSR Honda as new on ebay



Your guess is as good as mine whether or not this thing is the real deal or not.  Either way it’s a pretty darn cool piece of exotica. 

Here’s what the seller has to say: 

This 1984 Honda NSR 250R is basically new. Never has been driven. This Bike was a Proto-type from the Honda Mfg. and a gift to Freddie Spencer. The Bike come`s with a non functional Engine, but also comes with a new Crate Engine (in a box). There is no existing Registration or Title to Transfer. I know We can get a letter from Freddie to the new Owner to verify transfer of ownership. We can also get an Autograph and a picture of Freddie with the Bike for the New Owner. I will try to answer all questions as best as I can.

If the above statement can be verified as true, this would make someone a real nice center piece in their collection.  Starting bid is $10,000 and I would have to believe the reserve is quite a bit higher.  If I was in the market, for this type of bike, I would be on the phone to the seller, trying to dig up all the information to verify the authenticity of this machine ASAP!  This puts a whole new spin the term “Homologation”

I think I may have just eaten my words, from my last post.  This could be one of the rarest of them all!


Update 12.26.2010: Here are the latest pictures from the auction listing, and note that the current listing states it is now running.

current eBay listing description:

This 1984 NS250R Honda Motorcycle looks like it just came off of the showroom floor. It`s been in and out of storage for the last 27 years. It has 86 KM on it that were put on it in the last six-months. This bike runs as good as it looks. All of the fluids were changed and the bike was completely serviced recently. This bike is a kick start bike with no starter and will kick start very easy within a few kicks when its cold. I worked at the Freddie Spencer Honda Dealership back in the early to mid 80`s and this bike sat on the showroom floor for a few years next to his World Championship Bikes. This bike was never sold in the USA new. I bought this bike from Freddie Spencer last year (09`). This bike does not have a title and never hasbeen titled. This bike was a gift to Freddie Spencer from Honda of Japan. I do have a signed bill of sale from Freddie Spencer showing transfer of ownership. I know that in some states a bike this old does not need to be titled. If you had to have a title there are several title companys that you could get a title through and would cost between $150 to $300 dollars. This bike is 100% original all the way down to the tires that are still like new with no cracks or wear. This bike rides and accelerates like no other bike you`ve ever drove. You need to do your research to understand what this bike is and what it can do. I have a spare race engine that is new in the box built by Honda Racing Company (HRC) just for this bike with Freddie Spencer in mind. I do not know the displacement of this engine, but it is new and was build for speed and performance. There is nothing wrong with the factory engine in the bike, it runs and performs like new, because it is. You would have a hard time riding this bike without going fast, its just different.


Harley Davidson December 16, 2010 posted by

1975 Harley-Davidson RR350 Grand Prix Racer

1975 Harley-Davidson RR350 Grand Prix Racing Motorcycle

I must admit, I don’t know a whole lot about The Motor Company’s foray into GP roadracing. HD purchased 50% of Aeronautica Macchi’s (Aermacchi) motorcycle division in the 1960s, and purchased the remainder of Aermacchi in the mid 1970s. From the Aermacchi division HD imported many two-stroke bikes as entry-level machines in the US. HD sold off the entire works to Cagiva in 1978.

It was from these Aermacchi years that HD entered the roadracing scene.

From the seller:
This is a very nice example restored in Germany and imported by me. The engine has been started once since the rebuild (rebuild documented by photographs) and I have the shop manual and some spares. It is not perfect, it has several small scratches from the import process. There is not a lot of information on these bikes available but one source does say that there were only 35 built. The 350cc was built for Walter Villas successful attempt to win both the 250cc and 350cc GP World Championships in 1975. The frame and engine numbers are as follows. *350/2c/2t/10027* on the frame steering neck and *350/2c/2t/10027 on the transmission case which is where the shop manual says they should be located indicating, to me, matching numbers. The bike has been stored for about 6 years. I have a matching RR250 listed on ebay in another ad and a 350 ERS also listed. I will deliver the bike to forward air for shipping, crating can be done by forward air. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This is a very nice bike. Any questions please ask.

So what price does a piece of history like this bring? The seller claims that only 35 of these machines were created. Given the rarity of these bikes and the lack of recent auction data, that is a hard question to answer. The auction is at $8,200 at the time of this post, and the seller is apparently looking for more as the reserve has not been met. This could be a very interesting auction to follow, as the bidding has been relatively spirited. For more information, or to get into the action, .


Sport Bikes For Sale December 15, 2010 posted by

Just in time for Christmas: 1991 Yamaha TZ250

For sale: 1991 Yamaha TZ250

From the seller:
Mostly Original Track day bike.
Never Street Legal.
Been in storage for 3 years.
No Speedometer.
Stock Pipes.
To the best of our knowledge, All stock parts.
The reason we’re selling is we have more TZ’s.
Cleaned up and runs good

These TZ250s show up from time to time here on RSBFS – often enough that you probably already know the specs and details. If not, HERE is a previous post, as well as HERE and HERE. Regardless, what you need to know is these are fast two-stroke race bikes with outstanding handling compared to any streetbike today. Perfect for those track day excursions (you DO have a New Year’s resolution to attend more track days, right?).

The asking price is very much in line with the going rate for these bikes. This one does not appear to come with much by way of spares (which does affect the value), but it still appears to be a clean, solid machine.

For more information and to jump into the action, .


Kawasaki December 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Kawasaki K1 ZX-7R

1992 Kawasaki K1 ZX-7R

Location: Indiana- near Louisville, KY
Price: $7,750

Update 12.17.2010: SOLD!

Yes,this is good old fashion abuse of my employer and job, but from what I hear the boss isn’t near a computer and won’t see it before I pull it down.

This is my beloved K1 and yes it’s being put up for sale. Not due to hardship mind you so any would be snipers lurking in the shadows waiting for a steal just stay put. To tell it like it is “I love my bike!”, but I have enjoyed it all summer and my thoughts have turned to the next bike on my list…. Okay, so there’s two bikes that I’d love to buy if, one of you guys decide to pull the trigger on my bike. And if I don’t sell it, I’ll just enjoy it some more and try again later.


-New Dunlops with less than 500 miles on them
-100% original and stock
-Runs like a scalded dog and pulls like a Clydesdale
-95 out of 100 cosmetically


-missing 5 points on my scale

I will answer any and all questions. I’ve attached 24 pictures that were taken today and hopefully they show how well the bike has been taken care of.

I’ve owned it since May of this year and am the 3rd owner. I purchased it from a friend of RSBFS.

Contact me via



Sport Bikes For Sale December 2, 2010 posted by

1968 Motobi 125 road racer

For sale: 1968 Motobi 125 road racer offered at NO RESERVE!

Motobi is a classic Italian sportbike manufacturer that dates back to the 1950s. Reportedly created as the result of a spat within the Benelli family, Giuseppe Benelli left the family-owned business and started Motobi with his two sons Marco and Luigi. Today, surviving examples of these race bikes are few and far between.

Some of you loyal and sharp RSBFS readers will cry: “I’ve seen this bike before!” You would be correct on that front – this bike (or it’s evil twin) was first published in January of this year. You can see the earlier post here

From the seller:
Any Italian motorcycle collector worth his weight in salt will know that a Motobi racer is one of the most desirable and sought after machines… A Motobi racer rarely makes it to the open market… They are usually passed around between collectors, friends and museums… Now is your opportunity to add a highly desirable brand to your Italian collection…

This classic racer has had a no-expense spared restoration to make this piece a true museum quality motorcycle.

Flawless paint, accurate decals and badging are just some of the fine detailed work. Other features are…

Zanzani frame modifications for road racing

C2 camshaft

Ceriani forks

Grimeca brakes

Radelli rims

Rob North megaphone exhaust

Dellorto carb with velocity stack

Fiberglass fairing tank and tail

The motor is fresh and ready to run

This restoration is the best of the best and almost to nice to race. That being said, if you have ever thought about vintage road racing this would be an excellent bike.

So what is a rare, small family manufactured restored racebike worth? The seller indicates that a similar bike was bid up to $7500 at the Mid America motorcycle auction last January and resulted in no sale. Online research indicates that not enough of these beauties pass through public channels to determine relative value.

Still, this bike is undeniably attractive. It appears to have a fresh restoration (so fresh that some of the pictures were taken before final assembly), and as such would likely need to be gone through before ridden in anger – if that was your goal. If not, park it in a corner of your living room and just stare at it… Either way, you can find more information and get in on the action by


Ducati November 10, 2010 posted by

2004 Ducati 749R #196

2004 Ducati 749R For Sale

Location: California, MD
Mileage: 12,241
Price: $14,000.00

Update 12.16.2010: Sold!

There’s little that gets the heart pumping faster than carbon fiber painted Ducati red in a limited edition Super Bike.

In 2004 Ducati produced a road going pure bred race bike and called it the 749R. In typical Ducati fashion they made it a LE and liberally sprinkled it with high quality upgrades over the standard and S versions that were also offered the same year.

The 749R came standard with Ohlins 43mm, ti-nitride coated forks and radial mounted Brembos up front that complimented the fully adjustable Ohlins shock out back. Of course the HP was raised on the Testastretta V-Twin R version to 116 which is 13 more than the standard 749. Ducati put all of that power to the rear wheel via a race spec slipper clutch that was designed to handle the added HP and the demands of Super Bike racing.

From the seller:

This “R” has been maintained throughout it’s life under the most scrupulous detail possible. I fully intended to keep the bike forever, but strongly believe these bikes should be ridden; not stored away to stare at.

Like most Ducati’s this one has a few personal touches to compliment an already purpose built motorcycle. My favorite has to be the full set of Ti Termi’s that allow it to breath and let us listen to that classic Ducati music the way it was meant to be heard.

ALL Books, Records, Keys (Red/Black)
ALL Receipts since new (GP Motorcycles/Moto Forza- San Diego, CA)
12k Service Complete (GP Motorcycles)
Full Termignoni titanium/CF Exhaust System (w/Baffles)- Rare ($4700)
EVR Slipper Clutch (replaced w/12,147 miles)
Cyclecat Billet DRS Rearsets (GP Shift)
STM Billet Frame Plugs- Full Set
Paulimoto Clutch/Brake Levers
Paulimoto Clutch/Brake Reservoir Covers
Sargent Cycle Saddle (Carbon FX Upgrade)

Per the owner, this one has never been down and as mentioned before it has been lovingly cared for since purchased new. These don’t come available very often and much less in this condition with all service up to date. So, if you’re in the market for something different I wouldn’t delay!

You can contact the seller via email at or by phone at



Sport Bikes For Sale November 9, 2010 posted by

1993 Yamaha TZ-250 Roadracer

For sale: 1993 Yamaha TZ-250 Roadracer

OK track day fans – here is your weapon. If you want to play doctor like Valentino, consider this your scalpel. Any way you look at it, here is a bike that will bring your track day riding to a whole new level.

This particular bike is a performer, having won multiple ARMHA championships. Like most well-used race bikes, this vehicle has likely seen a little road rash during its lifetime. Fortunately, it is now sporting pretty new livery (so new that no padding has been added to the seat area); the blue/silver/white pattern is certainly striking on this bike.

TZ 250’s are very tidy machines, large enough to accommodate the average rider, but small enough to be dwarfed by any current middle weight or liter bike – at least by size. On the performance front, these little two strokes can run circles around nearly any street bike that shows up at your track day.

Here is a common view you can show your track day buddies. They will see this often, as you lap them. Check out that aerodynamic tail section!

From the seller:
Yamaha’s 2-stroke 250cc screamer was a dominant force in roadracing from the early 80’s and these factory built racers continue to dominate in vintage racing to this day. This particular TZ250 won ARMHA Championships in 2006 and 2008 under the capable guidance of Karsten Illg. Here is a great chance to purchase an entire package and be ready to go racing in AHRMA, WERA, or other sanctioning bodies in 2011.

The engine in this TZ has been rebuilt from the crank up less than 70 miles ago and the bike comes with a huge collection of spares and equipment, much of which can be seen in the photos. Included in the sale are:

Marchesini wheels with Bridgestone slicks and new EBC discs, plenty of life left in the tires
Spare set of wheels with rotors and rain tires
Accu starting tool for the crank, for starting while the warmers are still on. attaches to a ½ inch drive drill (works well with my 18v Makita cordless drill)
Factory service manual, factory parts book, and full record of all conditions and jetting settings used for each race and practice session, along with records of maintenance
Front and rear stands
Steering stabilizer just rebuilt 10/2010
All spares included that are shown in the pictures
Many factory unopened seals, gaskets , o-rings and misc hardparts
2 spare cylinders
3 sets of heads, High comp, Mid comp, and Low comp heads, (low comp are fitted currently)
Spare cables
Spare radiator, and caps
Various thickness base gaskets
Spare clutch basket, pressure plates, used but measured within spec frictions, metal plates, and springs
Clutch holding tool
Powervalve servo motor tool
Relative air density gauge
Rain cover for rear carb airbox
Spare trans gears and trans shaft
Spare rear sets and spare pegs
Spare clutch levers, and perch
Spare shifters
Spare clipon
Spare rear brake pedal
Spare spark plugs and caps
Spare unused bearings
Spare front brake master cyl and lever
Full spare set of bodywork
Spare front rotors
New rear brake pads fitted
Spare pistons and rings, some used, some new
Tire socks warmers and felt covers
Large selection of jets and nozzles
Spare selection of sprocket sizes
Spare polished crank (needs rebuilt, however when it was new it was a $1500 performance crank) from Rick Shell
This TZ250 is suited for racing purposes only. It is not, and cannot be licensed for street use. Sold with Bill of Sale only.

Fast and fun is available today – with tons of spares! This is a track-only bike, but one worth checking out. Find out more details by clicking on


Ducati November 9, 2010 posted by

1974 Ducati 750 SS for sale!

For sale: 1974 Ducati 750 SS

The 750 SS is the bike that really put Ducati on the map. Ridden by the likes of Paul Smart to victories in many of the most prestigious races in Europe – including the Imola 200 – the 750 SS helped turn Ducati from a boutique builder into a genuine superbike manufacturer. 1974 was the first year of mass production (allegedly 401 units) of these masterpieces.

The bike is question is not a numbers-matching, original (or restored) machine. It is, however, a good example of what happens to a true race bike: it changes hands, it gets modified, and if luckly, it survives. This bike is a beautiful survivor.

From the seller:
I am very reluctantly selling what is arguably one of the most coveted bikes in the world with a “buyit now” at a tad more than 50% of the going price for an original, unrestored example. Granted, this bike is neither unrestored or original. It is, however, a very real modified 74 750SS that had been raced & then restored in Italy. And yes, this bike once sold recently here on Ebay, but finances fell through.
I purchased this bike in Rimini at a Mostra Scambio (monster sale) from a fellow from San Marino in November of 2001 along with an NCR. I was asked by several people there where I would be displaying the motorcycles ie. museum. I responded that they would be displayed under my butt when I rode them. Both of the bikes required some work and although the NCR is not yet done, this one is in amazing shape. When I bought the bike in Rimini it was cosmetically very nice, but it was modified. It had twin plug heads, oil cooler, Imola cams, milled side cases, bolts drilled for safety wire, Veglia tach, longitudinally drilled front rotors & possibly other bits & pieces. The engine # on the cases does not coincide with the recognized series of #’s for the run of 750SS’s. It is 751554. I strongly suspect that at some time in its racing history a rod was thrown, breaking the original cases & replacement cases were installed. None the less the engine is still very much a 750SS & the reduced price reflects this issue. I have over the years seen 750SS cases with the proper series #’s for sale if that were a deciding factor fo a buyer. The frame # is DM750SS*075295*. It has since visited Tom Frutiger @ Wheels Unlimited south of Rochester, MN. These guys are some of the best in the business when it comes to early bevel drive Ducs. Tom replaced pistons, rods, bearings, & shimmed the bevel gears among other things. It now runs incredibly well & is mechanically perfect. It truly hauls ass. Original top speed on these stock was listed at 220kmh…Tom claims before he did the engine work on this bike it was still pulling strong at225kmh. For those in the Midwest that don’t know about Wheels, you are truly missing something. They were a Ducati dealership since the late sixties & are willing to confirm authenticity of this bike (507 288 5630). If you have questions regarding this bike you are certainly welcome to call me, but I would strongly suggest calling Tom as he knows this particular bike better than anyone. I have pulled off the original glass tank as the clowns in this state like to put corn (ethanol) in our gas & it will destroy fiberglass. The original tank as well as the other rotors will come with the bike. These bikes are becoming extraordinarily hard to find in any sort of shape & this one is very nice. For those that require an original, properly numbered 750SS, I am aware of one here in the Twin Cities that is for sale in the $125k range…let me know. Please DO NOT BID if you are either not serious or do not have the funds. Will be happy to assist with shipping (Forward Air) or may be willing to deliver within several hundred miles at buyers expense. Please feel free to call (Dave @ 651 492 2522) or email with any questions. I reserve the right to end this auction early if offered a fair price.

The seller has indicated that this is not a numbers matching bike, and that a few key bits will go with the sale – including the fantastic fiberglass gas tank, complete with a translucent strip so that you can determine the fuel level.

This bike is a true piece of history, and not one that can be found every day. If you are interested only in museum pieces then this may not be for you, but if you would like to own and ride a piece of history, here is a chance at much lower than “numbers matching” prices.