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Honda March 18, 2013 posted by

Honda RS 250 R Bonanza (Europe)

If you are a 2 stroker fan and you are into racing or track days, these two bikes might be of interest. The first one is found in France and it is 1987 model in collection condition on sale on eBay at a fixed price of 10.000 EUR:

and the second one is found in Germany, a 1987 model on sale on eBay with a starting asking price of 6800 EUR:

Both bikes come with a set of spare parts for the engine but not only and that is a must for these type of GP bikes.

In fact,  additional spare parts might be difficult to source otherwise but if you are into these racers you already know that. And you are aware of all forums on the web (God bless the Internet and God bless the motorcycle enthusiasts’ communities out there). Any owner of a GP 2 stroke bike must also be a good mechanic or have a good friend who is a good mechanic or have a deep wallet to pay fairly often (about every 300 miles) a good mechanic… Well if all of the above are checked for you, then go ahead and click on the eBay links below to find out more and review how many bucks these GP featherweight speed tools will need from you to get you started (long hours in web browsing, emailing, international phone calls etc. for additional spare parts not included :-)).

Here are some words form the seller of the sample in found in France:

“1987 Honda RS 250 in collection condition.Machine GP. RARE! 5 copies imported into France.

Machine comes with lot of chassis and engine parts”.

If you are interested click on the link here:

Honda RS 250 R in France

And here are a few words for the more used and accordingly cheaper model found in Germany:

“This is a  racing machine from 1987 by HRC. 250 cc, 2 stroke V2 engine, about 75 hp at 12000 rev / min.Replacement crankshaft, pistons, brake pads, and small parts including, workshop manual. The bike is in a very good, honest state.Ideal for use on classic cars events zBVFV. Please only serious bidders. View desirable. For questions please call 0170 / 9406751st. This is a private sale, no warranty, no guarantee and no refund.”

And if you’d like to place a bid on this one, follow this link:

Honda RS 250 R in Germany

Have fun !


Ducati March 14, 2013 posted by

Restored 1993 Ducati 888 Corse Racebike in England

1993 Ducati 888 Corse For Sale

When I first saw this ad, it shows the miles as 0 and I thought it was new. But actually this bike was campaigned for a while but then restored to new condition where it’s been a used as a display piece ever since. An 888 Corse is a rare opportunity whenever when comes up for sale, but you get to choose, again, if it’s ready for track or the ultimate 888 living room addition.


1993 Ducati 888 Corse for sale on eBay UK


from the seller:

This must surely be regarded as pure bike porn, a genuine factory 888 Corse racebike from 1993 in absolutely stunning condition, they were never this well presented when they were new! We have traced some of its history but as you can imagine information about this period is a little difficult to find. We do know she was raced in the early nineties until she was withdrawn from service and brought up to showroom condition for a private collector. After spending several years as a show piece she changed hands again to the current owner who has lavished even more care and attention on her to bring her to the gleaming example you see hear. You really cannot apreciate how good this bike is without viewing her for your self we guarantee you wont be dissapointed!!




Ducati December 19, 2012 posted by

Christmas Special: top of the range – another Ducati 996RS (Italy)

It doesn’t happen every day to come across a Ducati 996RS. How about two in a week?

This one here is found in Italy:

996RS1 996RS2

While it carries the Troy Bayliss colors the seller describes this bike as Neil Hodgson’s WSBK race tool back in 2000. The year after, it was ridden by Steve Martin as part of the DFX team. He mentions that the bike, once returned to Ducati Corse’s factory, was fitted with the Bayliss aesthetics for advertisement purposes.


The bike features its original RS trim and had a complete overhaul including the engine (currently with 500 km in its new life).

996RS4 996RS3

The bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and invoices from Ducati Corse S.R.L.

Available on eBay in Italy from Mauro. It is on sale as a fixed ad and no price is currently indicated. Check it out by clicking the link below and …Merry Christmas !

Ducati 996 RS (ex Neil Hodgson)


Honda October 23, 2012 posted by

Remembering the good old (noisy & smokey) days – Honda RS 250R in Germany

Do you like your bike lightweight for extreme late braking? Not enough power on your street legal Suzuki RGV or Aprilia RS 250? Well, if you want to be among the quickest guys on your Sunday’s track day, this might be for you: 1995 Honda RS 250R – 2 stroke GP bike:

With such a bike you better be a fast rider…

The bike looks pretty new. The motor was rebuilt and the paint is fresh. It also comes with two rear wheel rims, Ohlins rear suspension, Brembo calipers etc…

Whether you are a racer and already familiar with these type of featherweight rockets or want to know how it feels to ride a proper racing bike, this looks like a good opportunity. A few words from the seller (translated with Google translate):

Honda RS 250 racer.

(Production Racer)

Year 95-96

Engine was overhauled by Sepp Schlögl new

(New crankshaft, new pistons, etc.)

Painting it is new

Rear rim is attending

Motorcycle is in 82299 Türkenfeld

For questions, 0151 16662528

The bike is on sale on eBay in Germany. The current bid is 8500 Eur and the buy-it-now is set just below 11k Euro.

Here’s how such machine might sound like in its right environment… the track:

Good luck with the bidding: Honda RS 250R racing bike


Kawasaki April 12, 2012 posted by

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1 Homologation Special

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1

Location: Brighton, CO
Mileage: 15,121
Price: $3,000 current bid at time of writing

Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

What was that you ask? That is eBay’s used vehicle description for all used motor vehicles. Hold on a second and we’ll come back to this-

From the seller:

Up for auction is this 1994 Kawasaki ZX-7R Ninja. The bike does need some tlc but it is the rare M vin race replica edition. The M model came with a lot of Kawasaki factory race parts installed on it. The engine has higher compression, bigger cams, 39mm flat slide carbs, a close ratio 6 speed transmission and a slipper clutch. It has fully adjustable front and rear suspension with a remote reservoir rear shock and an adjustable swing arm. This model also comes with a factory solo seat and an aluminum fuel tank. This bike has 15121 miles on it. It sat for a while so it could probably use a good tune up. It has a Vance & Hines exhaust system on it. It looks like it has been laid over before but it didn’t get the seat cowl. I believe the fairing is the same as the L model so it shouldn’t be that hard to round up or you can buy new ones at bike bandit. The blinkers are missing but the wiring is still there. Please look at all of the photos before bidding. This is a really neat older sport bike that is a piece of Kawasakis racing history.

I agree with the seller 100% and then some, but I couldn’t help but chuckle just a little at “It looks like it has been laid over before, but it didn’t get the seat cowl.” Nonetheless, it is rare and by my dealings on the M models have been the most elusive of Kawasaki’s Homologation models.

Now getting back to the eBay used vehicle statement- The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

1. The bike has been down and the condition of the exterior shows this.
2. See the sellers photos for full disclosure

Yes, it’s been around the block and may have paid a visit to the curb… or two, but as I mentioned here exactly 1 billion times before- My beloved zx7r Ninja Turtles are awesome machines and beneath the rough exterior lies one bad ass machine!

I know we have a few Ninja whores that follow the site and all of them will be able to see the potential that this M1 has to offer…. well, except our long time follower Joey. Heck, I bet our buddy from Nebraska could whip this one into shape in no time and have it on display before his next bike show.

Yes, parts are hard to find. Yes, I know that it looks like all body parts look to have been touched by the curb with exception to the front and rear fender, but you have to look beyond those minor details. I don’t think this would be a Barber display piece, but it could definitely be a bitch’n ride for a bald, mullet sporting, beer gutted fella such as myself. If I only had a few extra Benjamins lying around…

So, you fancy a cracking, old school repli-racer and have a few extra hours to kill? Step right up because this one can be had for a scant $3,001.00 +shipping and handling.

Check out the numerous other pictures and put your money down here


Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by

Oh my…. 2001 Ducati 996 R

Before the R model was just part of the model range Ducati produced enough bikes to get going racing under homologation rules.  So 500 of these were built. The 2001 996R was the first Ducati to use the new Testastretta engine and was only sold over the internet.  The chassis was the same as the 996 SPS with changes to the front end brakes and a revised fairing that lost the side vents to lower drag.  With the engine being much more powerful that the previous 996 the bike was a great foundation for Ducati in World Superbike.

In 2001 Ducati introduced the limited production (only 500 were built), 996 R, the suffix standing for ‘Racing’, which featured Öhlins suspension (rear and front), carbon fiber bodywork, a revised and more streamlined fairing, but most importantly the newly redesigned engine, the Testastretta (narrow-head) which actually displaced 998cc. The engine got its name from the narrower angle between the intake and exhaust valves, down to only 25 degrees, which was designed by Ing. Marchetti, coming from Ferrari F1. It featured more aggressive camshafts, titanium conrods and a shorter stroke and wider bore, which allowed it to rev more safely at high RPMs. It produced 98.5 kW (135 bhp) at 10,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 105 Nm at 8000 RPM. Most of the chassis was the same as the 996 SPS, but using a new Brembo braking system, with thinner discs and 4-pad, 4-pot calipers with 34mm pistons.

Carbon wheels, and long race swing arm added.

You can start your bidding over here at the eBay auction.

I for one would love to have this bike.  The owner has done a couple of changes such as carbon wheels and a longer swing arm from the Corse group at the factory.


KTM July 23, 2011 posted by

2006 KTM RC125 Red Bull racer

2006 KTM RC125 Red Bull livery racer

Location: Cato, WI
Mileage: 0
Price: $27,000.00 (!)

Update 7.23.2011: Originally listed in November 2011, back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

If this one looks familiar to the die hard fans it’s because we had it on the site about a year and a half ago. Although, it doesn’t look any different, go faster or rail through turns any better, the seller has decided to double the previous asking price of $14,900.00. Personally, I think it’s a pretty rare unit and would fit well in any collection. However, I suspect it will remain in Cato, WI for a while unless the price comes down from the stratosphere.

I certainly think that most fans of our site can appreciate a works racer and all that comes with it. I know I certainly can and I stared at the photos in awe of the unobtainable bits for quite a while before writing this post. Radial mounted Brembo caliper, sweet factory aluminum swing arm, and who can overlook the sweet Red Bull/KTM racer paint scheme?

I remember being in the pits during 2008 Indy MotoGP and walking by all of these bikes lined up. It was definitely occupying 3 of my senses as I strolled by. Since I couldn’t sit on them as they were warming them up I had to utilize my sight, smell and audible senses. Obviously, the smell was the best, but I have to admit there’s nothing like hearing a truck load of 125 ring-a-dings firing at one time.

Who knows, maybe this bike is in the race photo. Okay, so that still doesn’t make it worth all the money, but it would certainly look good in a living room. Besides, it’s small and doesn’t take up much room 🙂

Definitely ranks high on the cool factor scale so if you’re interested I think I’d give the seller a call and see what’s up with the price. I thought we were in a recession anyways….

Check it out here-

Thanks for the submission Spoot-



Ducati July 23, 2011 posted by and Weekly Recap!

It’s that time again for another installment of the ClassicSportBikesForSale and CafeBikesForSale weekly recap. This week the theme seems to be vintage racers! We also have a mid 80’s Ducati that looks like pure awesomeness. If RSBFS hasn’t been painful enough to look at this week, have a look below and be sure to check out CSBFS and CBFS for some more sweet bikes for sale that will leave you drooling and scrapping gold to get them. Enjoy!

1969 Kawasaki H1R Race Bike up for auction

1968 MotoBi Race Bike For Sale

1985 Ducati Harris Mono Mille up for grabs!

Those are just some of the awesome bikes up for grabs at and Jump over and check them out!