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Another Honda VFR400 (NC30) Up North, Eh!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mileage: 12,200

Price: $4,400 BIN

Just a few days back, RSBFS posted a Honda VFR400R for sale in the states, and that’s a rare sight indeed. Here’s another one for sale up in the great white north where everyone is all aboot awesome 400cc sportbikes, and 250cc two strokes too. All those bikes are about stellar power-to-weight ratio’s and monster handling. The VFR400R falls right into that category with a smokin’ V-4 motor to give you power and keep the weight and handling where you want.

This bike is one of many that look to be offered by the same seller. The other bikes you will see here on RSBFS too. Here’s what the seller has to say-

Honda VFR 400R (NC30) 20,400 Km 1990 

Powerful smooth V4 engine, 400CC, liquid cooled, four stroke V-four cylinder, 16 valve DOHC. Electric starting, 59 HP 6 speed transmission. Pro Arm Single sided swing arm. Aluminum frame. 31 inch seat height. Front and rear disk brakes. 165 Kg dry weight. Very low insurance. Certified.

And a few photos-

There’s not a lot to the description and there aren’t many photos. But for what there is, the bike looks clean and original. This bike is up in Canada, so it may be less desirable for us in the lower 48 in terms of getting it home. But if you want to make it happen, the price isn’t too bad and may make up for a little bit of the hassle. And you would have one of the coolest bikes on the road.

If you want to make this happen, hop over to the auction and make your play!



  • Are the paint and panels original? I am not too sure…

  • They look original to me.


  • I’d like to know if that’s original bodywork, a repaint, or Chinese aftermarket. Something about those non-parallel VFR and V4 fairing graphics look un-Honda like to me. “There’s not a lot to the description” is an understatement. Gee, it has “…an aluminum frame and disk brakes front and rear…” Absolutely NOTHING about ownership history, mechanical condition, maintenence, repairs, needs. Nothing. Fail.

  • I agree with everybody( We all want to know exactly what we are forking out our hard earned money for …) , though the price is still very fair . You seem to get a decent clean bike and if you had to you could scrounge up the OEM parts , on say Ebay, still for less then what one goes for all original ….. That’s my 2 cents .

  • This seller has loads of desirable bikes for sale.
    RGV 250 on ebay
    2 – RG 400’s on ebay
    A cbr 250 rr ( 1995) on craigs list toronto
    And this NC 30 on ebay
    Wish it was easy to get them to US .. I would buy them all ……..
    $30 k for the 5 of them — not a bad investment..
    My 2 cents .. ( well plus $30k)

  • Seller confirmed that it is a repaint, done in Japan

  • hey guys,

    i live about 20mins from this dealer, their called Nuak (eee.nuakjdm.com). the guy brings bikes back from Japan and sells them locally. lot of the bikes have been sitting at drydock for several months in before being shipped over, as a result, the tires are usually cracked, and seals need to be replaced.

    just note that Nuak is a one man operation and the guy isn’t really a motorcycle enthusiast so expect to do a full service on the bike after you purchase it.

  • here’s a video of it

  • I have had my NC30 for over 22 years and been around many of them, this one at idle sounds wrong to me, something isnt fully up to par

  • The fairings look Chinese aftermarket to me. The OEMs fit together tighter than that plus the rubber inserts by the fuel shut off on the rear fairings are missing.

  • is it possible to bring one of these bikes, 2-stroke or 4 stroke, into the US from Canada?

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