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Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale December 14, 2021 posted by

January 2022 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction Preview

RSBFS is coming to Vegas for the Mecum auction in January!

After the $52k close on this 1993 Honda CBR900RR on Bring A Trailer, it got me wondering what kind of sky high close prices we’d see at Mecum next month. In the past several years there have been some eye-watering results there as well, and with the sharp increase in values this year, I expect we’ll see even more fireworks!

Who else is going? What do you have entered in the auction? What lots did we miss that we should keeping an eye on while there?

*Note: this is not a sponsored post.


In no particular order:

January 2022 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction Preview
Ducati October 14, 2021 posted by

Rules Do Not Apply: 2014 Ducati SUPERBIKE 1199 SUPERLEGGERA

For years the top Ducati specification has been their R model bikes.  These race bikes for the road were released to appease the governing bodies of different organizations.  The rules stipulate that in order to qualify for the race, a specific number need to be produced to homologate them for racing.  The idea was to keep manufactures from creating an ultra low volume full bore race bike, selling a few, and then claim it was the road bike offering.  But what if the manufacture did not care about the rules?  What if this manufacture wanted to push the performance envelope and see what was possible?   Enter the Ducati Superleggera.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

For Sale No stories title in hand 2014 DUCATI 1199 Superleggera with only 1550 miles in perfect condition. This is 32 of only 500 stamped.If you are a real Ducati enthusiast, you can’t live without this machine.the most exclusive and extreme Ducati ever made with an unprecedented 200+ horsepower in homologated configuration and a 166Kg weight ready-to-ride without gas give it the best, by far, power to weight ratio of any homologated motorcycle.EVO tech radiator guards top and bottom, installed when bike was new, paint and radiator guard are in mint condition. BlipBox Auto up and down quick shift, CRG bar end mirrors- custom OE bar ends used Ducati bus charger connection in tail, Ducati lithium charger, integrated rear lights, 2x keys and Ducati manuals, Front Ducati OE stand rear Pitbull.

The listing is full of hyperbole and seems to not know that in the following years Ducati made a 1299SL and a V4SL.  To be fair, both of those bikes wore much higher MSRPs.  Another nit pick would be that the photographs in the listing are more suited to gain Instagram likes then  show a potential buyers the condition of the bike.

The 1199 SL used a substantial amount of magnesium and carbon fiber to shave weight.  The use of these exotic materials meant that no matter how many Ducati built, it would never be allowed to race in World Superbike.  Some period reviews made claims that this road bike weighed less and had a better power to weight ratio then some of the factory race bikes.

With the current bid just topping $10k there should be no expectation of a sale at that number, but it will be interesting to see where bidding goes on this.  Many low mile examples hit the market with eye watering asking prices.  There should be no doubt that these Superleggera models will always be desirable and over an amazing ride to a lucky few.

Rules Do Not Apply: 2014 Ducati SUPERBIKE 1199 SUPERLEGGERA
Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale December 27, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: Forken A! Kayaba RGV500 And Ohlins GSVR Forks

Who has some Christmas cash burning a hole in their pocket?  Technology has probably long passed them by but what Suzuki project would not be just a bit cooler with some old works parts?  Don’t you wish you lived in the UK to hit the Suzuki GP HQ yearly yard sale? 


 I know the picture shows Kenny Roberts Jr. but the seller claims these are forks off a XR79 RGV500.  If that is the case, that would place them as 1993 models with Schwantz and Barros on the Team.  I’m pretty sure they had moved on to Ohlins by the time Kenny joined the team as well.  Who know’s how many sets of forks they would have cycled through in a year and we all know the settings would not be applicable but  I wouldn’t turn my nose up at an opportunity to own a set if I had a applicable project waiting for them.  The seller didn’t include any dimensions/specs on them unfortunately.  He does mention they were also used some Kawasaki race bikes (I’m assuming ZXR’s) as well.

Asking price is 1,955 GBP

Here is the listing.






Have no fear if you like your factory parts more current.  This set of Ohlins is claimed to come off of John Hopkins 2005 GSVR.  The seller claims they even have a super secret Ohlins parts number (I embellished that a little).  This seller did supply the numbers I’m sure you’d like to know if interested:


Tube length: 75mm
Upper triple: 51mm
Lower triple: 56mm
Axle hole: 30 mm
Caliper bracket length : 108mm



For the 3,500 GBP price tag, I hope you have better luck with them than Hopper had.

Here is the listing.




Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale November 27, 2012 posted by

Cyber Week: Works Kayaba Shock For Suzuki RGV500/YZR500

We’re doing Cyber Week a little differently this year by looking for uber rare parts and memorabilia. For day 2 we continue with our obsession with works parts! -dc

Is it the real deal?  Hell, I don’t know but if it is, what a nice way to finish off a GP replica project.  The seller states these were standard issue on the XR79 RGV500’s.  That is Schwantz  in his prime, 1992.  He also claims they were fitted to YZR500’s.  I always thought Yamaha’s were fitted with Ohlins though.  It looks like the real deal with the magnesium remote reservoir but the seller states the spring is an Ohlins item.

Asking price is 795 GBP.

Here she is.


Ducati November 26, 2012 posted by

Cyber Week: Ducati Corsa 996RS Ohlins Prototype Shock

We’re doing Cyber Week a little differently this year by looking for uber rare parts and memorabilia. We hope you enjoy! -dc

Building your ultimate Ducati 996? Maybe this trick bit from the race team will round out your rear suspension. Reportedly used by Troy Corser I have to agree with the seller that these parts are rarely available for sale and would introduce a nice bit of history to a no expense spared build — especially priced at $7500!

Ducati Corsa 996RS Ohlins Rear Shock for sale on eBay

from the seller:

This part is the most rare Ducati part I have ever come across. This shock was a prototype shock made for Ducati by Ohlins and was the first shock to use high and low speed dampening. Normally Ohlins have a steel body or plain gray aluminum body and cast upper and lower parts. As you can see this shock is entirely machined from billet and has titanium hardware. It is stamped TC3 which indicates it was used by Troy during his tenure with Ducati and I believe it was for the 1998 or 1999 season when he rode with King Carl!!!! Ducati parts like this just do not exist any more and I have never has a prototype part in my possession before. I have owned and own many rare Ducati motorcycles and parts but this is one of the cooler pieces. I was going to incorporate this into a really cool project but that ended up getting sidelined for some other stuff. This shco can be used on any of the single sided swingarm bikes 748, 916, 996, 998 ect and can also be used on the 999 / 749 series bikes. The RS products are compatible with the 749 / 999 because they were built for the longer racing swingarm. I have a few friends in Aus and the UK who race 999R with the older 916 Ohlins shock.

Dont let this piece slip thru your hands if you are a collector or a building that special bike. I can guarantee you that no one else int he world has a part like this on their bike unless it was a factory bike. The part number I used is for a shock from a 1998 996RS and was for reference only as this shock never had a Ducati part number.

I have sent photos of this shock to the people at Ohlins and they were quite curious where I had gotten it and in the USA they had never come across one like it. They estimated the cost of this shock new to Ducati at over $20,000 as it was the first with multiple dampening adjustments.


Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale September 18, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: Just A 2000-03 Suzuki GSXR750 WSB Spec Engine

Parts Bin:  Just A  2000-03 Suzuki GSXR750 WSB Spec Engine


Oh my!  This is what dreams are made of and what shrinks wallets.  I want to know what RSBFS reader doesn’t dream about putting some exotic,  one off parts on his/her bike.  Well,  how about a whole WSB spec,  Suzuki GSXR750 engine?  I am a mere amateur at identifying  works parts but have seen a few featured on various sites.  The reason I mention that is that this engine has an XRC engine code stamped on it and that is a new parts code to me.  XRO  generally designates Suzuki works parts and  ERO being the identifier for kit parts.  Experts please chime in here, what exactly do we have here with an XRC code stamped on it?  My amateur eye says that it  is a works engine and not one composed of kit parts.



I spoke with one Speedy Sie ( screen name from the PerformanceBikeForum), who is a UK based Suzuki fanatic who is the most knowledgeable person I know on Suzuki works parts.  To sum up what he told me:  this is the real deal, it is extremely rare and very, very reasonably priced.  The XRC code is the code used on the last engines produced before Suzuki went to 1000cc.  Perspective buyers, he also added he knows of someone in North America with some works throttle bodies they might be willing to part with!


I know there are some boys in the UK that can ID this stuff.  I wouldn’t say they are abundant but you sure see more works parts make it to the masses there than most places.  I do know the clutch can be an identifier to the actual spec of the engine.


Here is the story from the lucky seller.  Why is he lucky?  He has two of the damn things!

SUZUKI 2000-2003 SUPERBIKE GSXR750 WSB Spec Motor Complete.  XRO, ERO. XRC

Yes, this is an A spec Top tier factory team fully built GSXR750 XRC race motor.  170bhp, with all the factory bits installed.  Nearly impossible to find.  This engine was bought from the U.K. this way already to go and was assembled by the Factory Suzuki Team.  If you opened it up it would contain the following for example:

  • Lightened crank,
  • Titanium Connecting Rods
  • Titanium Valves
  • Worked Head, with factory only adjustable intake runners.  Shown as Blue anodized in the pic.
  • Custom Cams with 14:1+ Compression
  • Dry Clutch
  • Magnesium Deep Sump oil pan
  • Magnesium Starter cover delete.

Cost for these individual motors cost in the $80k-$100k range per engine depending on who you talk to.

This motor would be great for any Superbike collector, and or yes it could be installed to a street bike with some modification’s done to make it work.  Not for the faint hearted!!  Or you could complete a ground up Superbike replica.  Please note this is not your average GSXR750 motor, so reserve is set accordingly.  If you want a $400 GSXR motor go look elsewhere.

We will ship overseas, but buyer is responsible for actual shipping cost, which will be calculated after purchase.  We may end listing early so don’t wait!  It is listed elsewhere..

Once again this engine was not assembled by us!  It came this way from Suzuki.  Thanks for looking and any questions are welcome.




The secret codes.  Alstare was running Suzuki’s WSB program back in 2000-03 so I assume these engines would have come to the UK via Italy.  The riders back then were Chili and Lavilla.   Is there a possibility this an engine from a Suzuki BSB team?



Some Ti goodness hiding in there.  As cool as it would be to have this engine where do you find  something to squirt fuel in there?  It would be a fun search though.



I’m taking a pass on price because, well, I haven’t bought a WSB spec engine lately.  Chime in guys, what is it worth to you?  The seller has an auction running with a BIN of $8,500.  I think the main problem is that it would be a crime to stuff that into your otherwise standard bike.  This would in turn lead to a long, expensive but fascinating journey to track down the rest of the works bike.  Think it can’t be done?  Do a little investigating and you’ll find several enthusiasts are doing just that.


Speedy Sie also mentioned the last Suzuki works engine he saw sell, sold for approximately $14,500 in Germany.  Check that BIN quickly!

Here is the auction.



Honda September 14, 2012 posted by

Easy On The Eye: CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Easy On The Eye:  CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Update 9.14.2012: In less than 8 hours, this bike has sold to one of our readers. Congratulations to buyer and seller!

You don’t even have to think about it, your brain just know’s these NC30’s just look “right”.  Their allure is more than just being a RC30 that’s been run through the dryer too many times.  Because the big four never graced us with the exotic 400’s (sorry FZR400 loyalist) these bikes rise to the top of the “me want” list.  It is a shallow thing but to me paint is everything on these NC 30’s.  The models not in the stunning red,white,blue look very pedestrian by comparison.

I’ll admit, I saw this bike listed a couple of nights ago and had to do some arithmetic in my head to see if I could sneak another bike into the garage. Hopefully the numbers work out better for a RSBFS reader out there because the bike is priced quite reasonably, the seller is asking $5,500.  That is well within the price range you see these bikes listed for.

Here is all the crucial info from the seller:

California titled and registered.
33,500kms ( 21,000mi).
Meticulously maintained, all old NC30 issues dealt with (voltage regulator, fork seals, etc.).
A few scrapes and dings but shows well and rides beautifully.
Extensive spares and set of after market body work included.
Rear stand, cover, parts books and manuals in Japanese and English.
One of the best handling and most forgiving bike I have ridden.


If you are like me and can’t leave well enough alone when you buy a bike I suggest you visit the forum.  I don’t know if you could possibly find more info on the NC30’s anywhere else.  There is everything from basic service/model info to advice on every modification possible.  Have you seen these with the Suzuka style uppers?

I have a feeling if you don’t break the piggy bank open quickly this is all you will see of this bike.

It is listed on Los Angeles Craigslist.

Ever wonder how exotic Honda got with its’ works RVF400?  Get some tissue and take a look at this thing!  That tank is serious racing porn.  These pictures are posted on a thread about TT-F3 racing on the 400greybike forum.

Ducati September 9, 2012 posted by

Reader Mailbag! (Yoshimura Swingarm, 998S Bayliss, TZ125)

Hey guys,

In trying to keep up with the mail a bit better, here is a smaller than usual mailbag post, but it’s a bit more timely than usual as well! Thanks for your suggestions and have a great week,


Got a 2000-2003 GSX-R 750 or 1000? Check out this trick Yoshimura swingarm that was often used used in WSBK, AMA, and endurance racing. Just $1700, could be yours! Thanks for the spot Zach!

Yoshimura GSX-R Swingarm for sale

Carl spotted this Ducati 998S Bayliss edition. 6200 miles and $12k.

Marta emailed us their 2007 Yamaha TZ 125 for sale in Canada for $8k with extensive spares. Good luck with the sale!