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Never this clean: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

In 1996, Suzuki endeavored to make its GSX-R 750 reclaim its spot atop magazine tests, superbike grids and riders’ wishlists with a redesigned frame that aped the RGV500 grand prix bike, and the introduction of the now-legendary SRAD ram-air system. Two years later, when this 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD was built, they had grown up even more, throwing fuel injection into the equation, which meant the little demon made 134 horsepower in a 394-pound chassis. The results showed up in 1999, with Mat Mladin taking the AMA Superbike crown on a final-year SRAD.

1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale on eBay

This 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD is from the first year of fuel injection, and has managed to avoid being crashed, stolen, hacked or hammered in that time. The seller says it sat in a collection for a decade or more, which definitely helped keep it out of nefarious hands. Trawl your local Craigslist for one of these, and you will be treated to a Murderer’s Row of aftermarket fairings, street glow kits, poor lowering jobs and gaudy extended swingarms.

This one isn’t without its blemishes, showing scratches and some surface rust consistent with 12,000 miles, but it’s a one-owner bike with a de-rigeur period Yoshimura pipe and frame sliders. Not perfect, but much nicer than most.

From the eBay listing:

One Owner Gsxr750 1998 Srad ,fuel injection.
Been sitting for 10+ years,sat in a collection :
New fuel pump
520 Race chain and sprockets
all fluids were replaced (Brake ,oil/filter…)
K/N filter
ELkA rear shock re gassed
new battery
front and rear tires replaced
The tires,chain sprockets,fuel pump and injectors have never been ridden on all New …
Yoshimura slipon and crash protection added back in the day
The bike has not been crashed all OEM but due to 20yrs it has marks,chips on it please look carefully .
Single seat was put on it for the first time last week otherwise it always sported the passenger seat including the owners book and first regt (also with the bike)
Very hard to find a Clean untouched gsxr750 1996-99 that hasn’t been butchered.
clean title on non op

The mostly clean fairings, new running gear and fluid refresh are all positive signs that this is one of the good ones. These bikes still haven’t hit the collectible market with any force, but it wouldn’t surprise us if that changes pretty soon.


  • What happened to the side of that swingarm? 😲

  • I raced a new 99″ back and 2000, I wish I could say good things about my experience on mine, but I can’t. No matter what I did, I was never able to get the thing to handle worth a darn. I heard fro a few people at that time (including computrak) that these bikes werre known to come from the factory from time to time with tweaked frames, something about their casting process. I raced an R6 as well, was at least a second faster everywhere, made the Gixxer seem really dated. This one looks pretty clean outside the unfortunate scapes on the swingarm.

  • I have seen cleaner ones. This one looks like it has been well used.

  • I remember these on the racetrack. They were slow. People would complain about the fuel injection . Harder to tweak injection for individual low budget racers . Good times. I bet the guy that got this new had a mullet 😁

  • Funny you should say that Blue Lamb, because the guy that bought my then less than 6 month old Gixxer was a guy from the deep south that was the epitome of a mullet wearer. I’m sure the bike has long since been trashed.

  • Interesting comments. This bike was groundbreaking in 96 when it came out. An absolute screamer…nothing could touch it. From 96 to 98 the only major change made was the addition of E.F.I. if I remember correctly. How did they become so “slow” as some are saying?

  • eBay shows sold for $3553.


  • I think some of what I felt with mine was due to it being a lemon that more than likely left the factory with a tweaked frame. It acted very much like a F3 that I wasted a whole season that was found to be badly bent. Properly set up/straight bikes seemed to go very well, Jason Pridmore and Nicky Hayden on Hyper Cycle GSXR’s comes to mind. In addition, the R6 I raced the same season was such a quantum leap forward (game changing) in chassis development that worked great without much tuning.

  • I’ve got two mint 98s.
    One is stock except for a full Yoshi
    The other has a Ti Yoshi Duplex set up with a nice pair of Marvics.
    Both stock fairings with the OEM solo cowl

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