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Tough Love – 1997 Suzuki GSX-R750

Not far into Suzuki’s water-cooled era, Ram Air Direct became a way to extract just a few extra ponies from 748cc, and were a nice success combined with the new-to-96 alloy twin-beam chassis.  This second-owner Gixxer looks worthy of a little TLC.

1997 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

After many years of air/oil-cooled engines, the 128 hp SRAD engine had tighter cylinder spacing, crank-end camshaft drive, and even tilted forward to straighten the intake path, presented a very compact package.  Magnesium covers for the head, starter and clutch helped contain dry weight to under 400 lbs.  The frame and alloy swingarm were an eclectic mix of stampings, extrusions, and castings, and must’ve give the production welders fits.  Multi-adjustable suspension was in place front and rear, and wind-tunnel tested bodywork smoothed airflow.

After an owner who seems to have been focused on performance, this GSX-R might respond to a rolling restoration.  Complete and not much in the way of external mods, it has been kept running to a high standard.  Especially the not-so-intuitive brake modification of going to a four-pot caliper to improve feel.  A nice list of mechanical improvements from the eBay auction:

-Wiley Co. Slip-on with larger main Jets Carburetor rebuild kit.
-Steel braid lines front and rear.
-Valve adjustment is done less than 100 miles ago. 
-New Throttle cable  
-New Spark plugs 
-Replaced New fuel pump, filter, complete petcock, and base gasket.
-Replaced the OEM front six-pot (wooden feel) stock calipers for a set of newly rebuilt Nissin 4 pot with new EBC pads (100x better-stopping power over the OEM calipers).
-Replaced the OEM automatic (CCT) cam chain tensioner (known recall issues) with an APE manually adjustable one.
-Replaced the OEM Charging system, with a new stator, Regulator/ Rectifier, and battery. Charging at 14.5 volts now.
-Rebuilt rear caliper with new pistons.
-Rebuilt front forks, new seals/oil, also new bearings for the steering head.
-Racetech rebuilt rear shock new spring and cart; fully adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping. I have added adjustable rear links for ride height adjustment.
-K/N Filter for the Ram Air.
-Battlax S21 Front and Rear tires
-Front and rear wheel bearings replaced.
-A new chain and sprocket.
-Rear solo seat cowl and passenger seat.
-The seat has been reupholstered with a back pad.
-Undertail fender eliminator.
-New Brembo 19mm RCS Radial Master Cylinder and Clutch lever
-New set frame sliders.
-Stomp Grip traction tank Pads.
-New battery

In a segment where lightness never goes out of style, Suzuki injected a bunch into the SRAD models and combined with popular pricing, had a hit.  Hopefully fans will see around the cosmetics of this example and know that the hard work of helping this ’97 survive has been done.



Tough Love – 1997 Suzuki GSX-R750
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Never this clean: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD

In 1996, Suzuki endeavored to make its GSX-R 750 reclaim its spot atop magazine tests, superbike grids and riders’ wishlists with a redesigned frame that aped the RGV500 grand prix bike, and the introduction of the now-legendary SRAD ram-air system. Two years later, when this 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD was built, they had grown up even more, throwing fuel injection into the equation, which meant the little demon made 134 horsepower in a 394-pound chassis. The results showed up in 1999, with Mat Mladin taking the AMA Superbike crown on a final-year SRAD.

1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale on eBay

This 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD is from the first year of fuel injection, and has managed to avoid being crashed, stolen, hacked or hammered in that time. The seller says it sat in a collection for a decade or more, which definitely helped keep it out of nefarious hands. Trawl your local Craigslist for one of these, and you will be treated to a Murderer’s Row of aftermarket fairings, street glow kits, poor lowering jobs and gaudy extended swingarms.

This one isn’t without its blemishes, showing scratches and some surface rust consistent with 12,000 miles, but it’s a one-owner bike with a de-rigeur period Yoshimura pipe and frame sliders. Not perfect, but much nicer than most.

From the eBay listing:

One Owner Gsxr750 1998 Srad ,fuel injection.
Been sitting for 10+ years,sat in a collection :
New fuel pump
520 Race chain and sprockets
all fluids were replaced (Brake ,oil/filter…)
K/N filter
ELkA rear shock re gassed
new battery
front and rear tires replaced
The tires,chain sprockets,fuel pump and injectors have never been ridden on all New …
Yoshimura slipon and crash protection added back in the day
The bike has not been crashed all OEM but due to 20yrs it has marks,chips on it please look carefully .
Single seat was put on it for the first time last week otherwise it always sported the passenger seat including the owners book and first regt (also with the bike)
Very hard to find a Clean untouched gsxr750 1996-99 that hasn’t been butchered.
clean title on non op

The mostly clean fairings, new running gear and fluid refresh are all positive signs that this is one of the good ones. These bikes still haven’t hit the collectible market with any force, but it wouldn’t surprise us if that changes pretty soon.

Never this clean: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD
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Bird of Prey – 2000 Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa

Named for its technique of high speed dives hunting for ( Honda ) blackbirds, the Hayabusa was Suzuki’s bid for the limelight and production model speed records.  This unrestricted example brings low miles and a rare stock appearance to a straightaway near you.

2000 Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa for sale on eBay

First produced in 1999, the ‘Busa threw 1298cc displacement at the issue, along with the SRAD ram air system, to boast 175 hp.  A gear driven counterbalance was used and allowed the engine to be secured directly to the frame, increasing chassis strength.  A robust twin spar frame supported fully adjustable forks and monoshock.  Aerodynamics ruled most of the fairing and openings, which wasn’t immediately popular but achieved the goal of high speed stability.  The bike was pretty big all over, but still under 500 lbs. with half a tank.

This Ohio owner has resisted the customization urge and preserved his Hayabusa beautifully.  No mention of maintenance, but in this condition and under 6,000 miles, anything but fluids and tires would be a surprise.  From the eBay auction:

Selling a beautiful 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa. It has 5721 adult ridden miles on her. Comes with a set of Yoshimura slip ons. This bike is an unrestricted model capable of nearly 200 MPH! This is a true Japanese classic that is getting difficult to find in this condition, with under 6K miles on the clock. You may pick her up locally, or I will assist with shipping.

Not messing with success, Suzuki didn’t make much except graphic revisions to the Hayabusa until 2008’s big revision.  The early model was a favorite of drag racers and customizers who did everything the factory would never do.  As flagship it was blessed with excellent build quality, and reviewers also praised the rather necessary excellent brakes.  The press urged riders not to battle it out in the twisties, but wait until the right wrist could be exercised and pass at will…


Bird of Prey – 2000 Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa
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Ram Air Direct: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD for Sale

“Ram air” was a very 90s gimmick with dubious benefits, especially on the road, but they gave bikes of the 1990s like this Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD a distinctive style, with oversized fairing nostrils and large intake tubes that curved through the rider’s view and into the top of the tank to pressurize the airbox. Well “ram air” implies airbox-pressurization at least, but the reality in this case was more form than function. But that minor point aside, the new model was a significant milestone in the history of the Gixxer, and there are very few remaining in this kind of clean, low-mileage condition.

After generations that saw Suzuki’s range of sportbikes getting more refined, but ever heavier and slower, the 1996 GSX-R750 SRAD and the smaller 600cc version finally reversed that trend. Suzuki’s new Ram Air Direct model was really a complete overhaul of the existing GSX-R: an entirely new aluminum beam frame with claimed ties to Suzuki’s GP bike replaced the cradle design, the liquid-cooled engine was narrowed by moving the cam-chain to the end of the block, and basically everything was made smaller and lighter, more compact. It debuted with a bank of carburetors, but the 1998 version seen here added fuel injection.

The result? A bike that was, marketing hype aside, as light as a contemporary 600: 395lbs dry, almost 45lbs lighter than the previous version, with a screaming, 128hp rev-monster motor and a very slick six-speed box that you really needed to abuse if you wanted to make good progress up to the new Gixxer’s near 170mph top speed. But that wasn’t a problem because the new Gixxer liked abuse. Fully-adjustable upside-down forks helped the bike handle and the six-piston calipers up front may have fallen out of fashion, but certainly look pretty trick.

No one I know seems to be able to clarify for me: do you say “es ar ay de” or do you say “srad” when talking about these bikes? When I ask people keep looking at me like, “Hey, I thought you were supposed to be the expert.” However you say it, the SRAD is a nearly classic sportbike with the handling, if not the outright power, to take the fight to modern machines. But throw on some fresh rubber, modern brake pads, and a set of steel-braided lines, and this could be one fun bike with the performance to go with all that nostalgic 90s style.

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD for Sale

1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 fuel-injected with only 8,000 actual miles! 100% stock. Adult owned! Looks and drives like new! Never dropped! Always in a garage! Has a factory Suzuki bike cover, rear seat, tie-down strips, color-coded tank bra. This is a must see! Turns heads wherever it goes!

I’ve spared you the all-caps listing and deleted a whole bunch of extraneous exclamation points. You can thank me later. The seller’s enthusiastic writing style aside, this is a very clean bike with a clean title and just 8,000 miles. It’d probably be even more desirable in classic Suzuki blue-and-white, but I’m sure the more subtle red-silver-black seen here has its fans.



Ram Air Direct: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD for Sale
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The other GSX-R: 1998 GSX-600R SRAD with 2800 miles

Its well established that the GSX-R 750 is one of the genesis bikes for any serious sportbike collector.  But the GSX-R range also included both the 1100cc and a 600cc series, and each has its devotees.   Here we have a pristine 1998 600cc version, which was the second generation version that that incorporated Suzuki’s radical redesign SRAD functionality.


The smaller Suzuki GSX-R had the same basic chassis as the 750cc model which was based on Suzuki’s RGV500 race bike so it’s not surprising the smaller GSX-R rode really well.  As for the engine, the 1996-1997 models were flat at the low end of the rev range but had lots of power at the top of the range.  Fortunately, this is a 1998 model, which is when Suzuki re-tuned the engine to give the 600cc edition more midrange.  Also, for a late 1990’s 600cc sportibke the GSX-R600 was surprisingly comfortable, with a pillion pad hidden beneath the rear cowling and excellent wind protection.  (NOTE:  But like a lot of late 1990’s sportbikes, a forward oriented riding position means wrists can ache after a while).

An excellent series of actual owners reviews can be read at by clicking here.


1998 Suzuki GSX-600R for sale on ebay

I can still remember when Suzuki re-launched the 600cc model with the the SRAD/Suzuki Ram Air Direct technology on it.  The GSX-R600 promptly laid waste to the rest of the 600cc class with its combination of light weight (384 pounds) and 96 hp and in some dealerships SRAD wasn’t the only four-letter word the competition was muttering. Basically the GSX-R600 was simply THE 600cc/middleweight sportbike to have.


This particular GSX-600R looks to be in really pristine shape but not everything is OEM.   A few non-stock parts are identified, including a double bubble screen, slip on yoshi exhaust and crash protectors.  The seller also states a previous owner cut the rear mudguard which ws a common modification back in 1998.  Also some paint is rubbed of the top the triple tree but otherwise the bike looks pretty much OEM/stock.

On the plus side, the seller appears to be a bit of a collector and is pretty clear in the auction description about the condition of the bike.   Some extra perks include some OEM parts being available and fresh rubber already installed.

Here is a summary of what the seller states

  • NEW Pilot Sport tires
  • New Yoshimura titanium slip on.  Bike will also come with the STOCK factory muffler if the buyer wants it.
  • Bike has had recent service, oil, all brake fluid
  • Has steel braided brake lines front and rear, frame sliders, and swing arm spools installed.
  • Carburetors have all new seals as well as the fuel pump.
  • Factory rear shock is installed, not the one in the pictures with the blue remote reservoir.
  • Right front turn signal stalk was cracked and I will replace it with a new stock one or I can compensate the buyer if he wants different signals.


Is the 2nd gen 600cc worht the $3,400 USD asking price?  Well the price is a bit higher than previous 2nd edition GSX-R600’s seem on ebay over the last 12 months.  But its important to recognize that all the 2nd generation Suzuki SRAD editions seem to be jumping up in value lately and the 600cc version is particularly hard to find in this condition.

Personally I think an offer of somewhere between $3000 and $3300 would be fair for both buyer and seller.   The new owner could perhaps relive a bit of their youth (has it really been over 17 years since this bike came out?  yikes!- MARTY) and then easily restore back to full OEM condition and enjoy some price appreciation.


The other GSX-R:  1998 GSX-600R SRAD with 2800 miles
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Mint Middleweight – 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750

1997 Suzuki GSXR-750 on eBay


1996 was a “get serious” year for Suzuki’s iconic GSXR-750.  The early 90s had seen Suzuki losing ground on the racetrack and in the dealerships to Kawasaki’s ZX7 and Ducati’s 916.  The 1996 “SRAD” was a completely new bike, with Suzuki abandoning their classic cradle frame and going to an aluminum twin spar frame and wrapping it in sleek new bodywork.  The frame and the appearance of the new GSXR were both based off of Suzuki’s RGV500 GP bikes and the results were stunning.  A weight loss of nearly 75lbs and a new high revving engine now featuring a ram air setup pushed Suzuki back to the front of the class.


The GSXR seen here came one year later in 1997 and was largely unchanged from the 1996 model aside from slightly different paint schemes.  A red and black option now replaced the awful brown and carbon scheme seen in 1996…. but let’s be honest, we all want the classic blue and white!  This one has been in the same family since day one and it’s obvious that they cared.  Despite having a healthy 25k miles on the clock, you’d never know it by looking at it.  It appears to be bone stock aside from the D&D pipe (start looking for a Yosh if you’re the lucky new owner) and some wheel tape.   You can check out the auction here 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750 on eBay.  I will be watching with great interest, as I think a minty SRAD might become the next hot commodity.

1997 Suzuki GSXR 750 SRAD in great condition . The bike has no issues runs and drives like new. has new tires on and is ready to enjoy. The bike has a D&D full exhaust and zero gravity wind screen. every thing else is all original. The bike has never been repaired never been tipped over or laid down. It has always been in the same family and adult driven. 



Mint Middleweight – 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750
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Still-RAD! 1996 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD

Vacaville, CA – 7,700mi – $1,225 w/ Reserve


Okay, so last week I posted a clean SRAD GSX-R750 with the proclamation that I rarely see them in that condition for sale. The last one was pulled from ebay before the auction could run it’s course, so I am sad to say that I have no idea what it would have gotten bid up to. I still think these are a cool and affordable bike that you don’t see often. I see 30x more limited Ducati’s for sale and on the street than I see clean/original SRAD GSX-R’s. Some people are strongly apposed to these, but I still don’t care.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale on eBay


This one comes to us from central California and appears that the only reason the seller has to let it go is because of some unfortunate events with the DMV (see description below for details). This bike is in stock condition except for the exhaust and a jet kit. The fairing looks very good and free from any major scratching or evidence of damage, so its looks like this one has never been down.

From the seller:

I purchased this Suzuki from my brother in Indiana, it sat in his garage for years, I installed new tires, battery, air filter, oil and oil filter and cleaned up the carbs. I drove it to California DMV only to find I could not register it in California because it only had 5500 miles on it. California law states that any vehicle with less than 7500 miles and does not have California Emissions can not be registered in the state. So I put my brothers plates on it and put on the required miles only to find out that the bike was now in DMW records and can never be registered in the state of California. The Bike is stock except for the D&D pipe and a jet kit. Runs great, could run better with the Carbs synched.


There you have it, another clean mid 90’s GSX-R750. Granted it may not be as collectible as the same bike from 10-years prior, but give it some time. The bike has lower miles than previous one we listed, and comes in an uncommon color combo. Hate it or Love it, this bike is clean and offers a chance to own a unique bike for a reasonable price. One seller’s misfortune is another’s opportunity. Check out the auction here and place your bid!



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You Know It’s Rad: 1997 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD

New Windsor, NY – 9,421mi – $2,125 w/ Reserve


I may be taking a giant leap into the fire in the eyes of those who will immediately say “Hey Buddy! They made thousands of those bikes! They aren’t rare!” You would only be partially correct. Yes, these we mass produced back in their day, and maybe in 2000 you wouldn’t consider them rare. Flash forward 13 years and this bike is now 16 years old. How many clean and stock SRAD GSX-R750’s do you see up for sale? Go ahead, look. That’s right, there aren’t many. These have succumb to 16 years of road rash, ill-care, extended swing arms, Spider Man paint themes, and general disregard.


The SRAD GSX-R’s were a giant leap of faith for Suzuki back in the day. The bike was completely redesigned from the ground up in hopes of pushing the envelope like the original GSX-R750’s did. The SRAD model’s may not have a lot of fan fare or be touted as a huge achievement in the world of sport bikes. But they did lay a solid foundation for new ideas that continued the GSXR blood line today. The GSX-R750 is still going strong and is one of the best available sport bikes today.


The GSXR-750 represents the perfect blend of power, weight and handling. The example up for sale here is all original and in very good condition. With only 9,421 miles on the clock, it still has plenty of life left on it. Why should you buy this bike? If you are a Suzuki collector, then this one should fit nicely next to the older GSX-R’s you have. Also, this one should break the bank. These were never meant to be collected and every Kevin Schwantz fan back in the day bought these and rode the shit out of them. Hence, finding a clean one is now difficult. If this is your cup of tea, then you are in luck! If it’s not, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Either way, check out the auction here and place your bid!