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Ducati November 15, 2009 posted by

Ducati 851 with ex-Doug Polen corsa frame

We’re on a roll here with rare Ducatis showing up on ebay. After that MH900E Mail Hailwood replica that I posted earlier, I came across this :

Here’s a (small) partial listing of the details:

For auction I have a Ducati 851 track bike. Ridden by an old guy on track days for the last 15 years and built and maintained buy one of the best Ducati shops on the planet this is a rare find for the lucky new owner. Built on a ex Doug Polen frame and serviced by BCM Ducati this 851 has received constant professional up keep and is fresh and ready to ride/race. These photos were just taken moments before this listing was created. This is a hand built bike with a factory racing frame, there is a salvage title for the motor from the donor bike but not for the Corsa racing frame. The motor is from a 92 street bike the frame is thought to be a 91. The 905cc big bore kit puts out 105 hp on the dyno with a mild cam to make it a very ride able bike. A very light package tipping the scales at approximately 381 pounds with half a tank of fuel. As you will find with a lot of different Ducatis the rear engine frame mounts have been welded years ago. The main frame along with the front and rear sub frames are straight but there is a small ding in the front upper frame tube from the left upper triple clamp as is common on the 851 and others. Some say this distinguishes it as frame used by #23; the signature was obtained on the Carbon Kevlar tank years later and clear coated over. The lower fairing was modified to incorporate the often mandatory liquid catch pan. To give you an idea on the investment it takes to build a bike as trick as this there is about $5000.00 in just the front end alone. Add it all up and I think you’ll agree the asking price is just a fraction of the value represented.

The 851 is already a desirable classic, and this one with a corsa frame ridden by Doug Polen makes it that much more rare and collectible. 

I would jump on this one if I have the money and the garage space!


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Confederate Hellcat F124 on ebay

Thanks to “The Stig” (Stig – is it really you?!) for alerting us to this truly rare :

2004 CONFEDERATE F124 HELLCAT MOTORCYCLE WITH ONLY 2600 ORIGINAL MILES, THIS CELEBRITY STATUS BIKE HAS A 2 YEAR WAITING LIST IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET ONE ORIGINAL COST ON THIS BIKE IS ABOUT $80,000 The “F” architecture of the Hellcat is very simple, yet incredibly rigid and light. It is the only backbone downtube, cradle based chassis to utilize the powerplant as a stressed member. It is also the last architecture for a crafted series built machine designed entirely by analogue methodology. Born from the draftsman’s table, it has the essence of a finely crafted turntable. “F” architecture is unquestionably the stiffest, strongest, most rigid welded platform ever to run the Iconic American radial twin power plant. THIS BIKE IS BY FAR THE BEST LOOKING MC EVER PRODUCED, THE HUGE REAR TIRE AND THE FRAMED TAIL PIPES ALSO ARE CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS BIKE ONLY, PLUS THE CARBON FIBER STRUCTURE IS THE STRONGEST AND COOLEST LOOKING OUT THERE, THIS BIKE WILL SURELY APPRECIATE IN THE YEARS TO COME!  

Generally I don’t like cruisers at all, but I really appreciate Confederate for their unique and innovative designs and use of high-tech materials.  Much like the Yamaha V-Max, labeling Confederates as a “cruiser” does them serious injustice – they are engineering masterpieces.

I am, however, surprised by the total number – 180 units as claimed by the seller – of F124s produced.  I would have thought that the market for a $80,000 motorcycle (original retail price) would be much smaller.  Even the newer version of the F124 – the F131 – is targeted for 150 units and the Wraith, an even more outlandish (and probably even more expensive) bike from Confederate, is scheduled for a total production of 250 units.  For the amount of money that I am paying for a Confederate, I would expect a bit more exclusivity… all of a sudden that $36,000 Bimota Tesi 3D (probably only around 50 units worldwide) is looking to be quite a bargain!  Then again, I AM biased…

In any case, the seller is himself a collector/dealer and, from what I can tell from the photos, has a pretty darn cool collection of cars as well!  Love that black Countach and the F40!  Well, if the Confederate Hellcat is not your cup of tea, how about picking up one of them Lambos or Ferraris? 


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1967 Norton Atlas cafe special on eBay

Now, I know what you boys and girls are thinking: “Phil, this website is called Rare Sport Bikes for sale – not Classic Bikes for sale or Cafe Racer for sale!”  Well, funny you should say that because… well I’ll let Dan explain!

I’ve decided to start a new site that focuses on more classic sporting motorcycles for sale, in the 25+ years old type of vintage: I’m still trying to decide if I’ll include customs, like bobbers and cafe bikes, the site will definitely include factory sport bikes and race bikes of the period. Obviously in it’s infancy and needs work, but take a look and let me know what you think.

Now accepting author applications for the site:

Unfortunately this listing for the Nortan Atlas has already passed, but if it gets re-listed, it could very well appear over at Classic Sport Bikes For Sale next time. Thanks for the plug Phil!

Dan Crouch

Anyway, sport bikes are cool, but there is something magical about a nice classic and/or cafe racers.  I don’t know too much about Nortons (or other Brit bikes for that matter), but the brand has a loyal following among classic circles.  There is a pristine 1967 Norton Atlas on ebay:

Exquisite, no expense spared build of 1967 Norton Atlas in cafe trim. Done by master Norton and Lotus restorer Bill Eley, this motorcycle won People’s Choice Award in the Motorcycle Classics Magazine concours at Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, UT on September 6, 2009.  Words cannot do justice to this motorcycle. It was painstakingly constructed with the incredible attention to detail and custom fabricated parts that characterize his work.  

If you’re looking for the absolute best in a vintage Norton motorcycle, this is it.

Big words, but then again, this IS a very nice award-winning bike!  There are plenty of detailed pictures of this gem in the ebay listing, so check it out!

Hopefully Dan will let me post more classic stuff in the future!


Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Norton Cafe[/AffomaticEbay]

Ducati October 17, 2009 posted by

Fully customized 2001 Ducati 748 for sale

While a Ducati 748 does not really qualify as “rare”, this fully customized version seems to be the exception to the rule.  The bike has, as the seller claims, over $30,000 invested and is tastefully done (which is not always the case).  It’s also code-named “GIA” for that added cool factor:

“GIA“… A Custom Built 2001 Ducati 748 Superbike with over $30,000, 3 Years of Build Time, not to mention all my BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS invested!

Charcoal Grey Custom Paint by “Jason Haskins Hot Rod Shop“ with Clear Coated Carbon-Fiber highlights. “S“ Model 5-Spoke Powder Coated Red Wheels, “Full“ Termignoni Carbon-Fiber Exhaust System, Rebuilt Engine and Replaced Rockers, Surflex Racing Slipper Clutch, GP Brake Master Cylinder, GP Billet Clutch Master Cylinder, Evo Billet Slave Cylinder….

The list of mods is too long to list here,  so check out the ad on  The seller is asking $6000 for this sweet ride, which I think is a pretty good deal.  Besides, the 916/748 series was the last of Tamburini’s design before leaving Ducati, so bonus points there as well!


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati Superbike[/AffomaticEbay]

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WOO HOO, We’re Back Online!

Sorry for the interruption folks. Our usually reliable web host gave us an upgrade today that took quite a bit longer than expected. The good news is that the site is responding much faster now!

While we were away, I wanted to thank Christopher Brotherton from the Portland Examiner for his nice mention of our site in his article while covering the Corvallis Bike Night. Nice meeting you and looking forward to meeting up for a ride at a future meet! And of course a big thank you to Brad for organizing!


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Pascall Picotte VR 1000 for sale!


VR 1000 Harley Davidson Factory Superbike – You may never see this again!



This is is almost unbelievable to see one of these for sale.  I found this on ebay, but was a bit too late to get it posted before the auction ended.  I decided to post it anyway since it was for sale and didn’t sale, I’m sure Pascal would still take your $50,000 if you wanted to buy it.  This piece of American Motorcycling history is located in Granby, QC, Canada and I am assuming at Picotte Motorsports.  I’ve seen one of these at a dealership in Wisconsin and it is a pretty cool piece of machinery.  This is another homologation race bike that is virtually unobtainable.  I know, I know they sucked in the AMA, but it is still a Full Factory machine, in what I have to believe is full, unmodified, race trim.    






This is a collector’s dream!  Can you tell I’m excited that this is for sale?

I think every motorcycle enthusiast should have a full on Factory racer in their garage, parked next to a Power Wheel….


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The Week in Reader Submissions!

Normally I’d give each of these their own spot, but I’m already behind that I’m attempting to catch up with a big batch post. And as I go through my inbox I have to apologize to a few of you for some great forwards that expired before I could post them. Thanks to all for the great submissions and keep them coming!

First up is the group of Craigslist ads from Lucas.

Check out this 1986 Yamaha SRX-6. I had never even heard of this bike and it’s unusual shape actually is quite nice and looks like a blast to ride. It’s a 600cc single! Check it out on Denver Craigslist for $2950 with a mere 3700 miles:

1986 Yamaha SRX-61986 Yamaha SRX-6

quote from ad:

I am selling my SRX-6. A rare (1986 only) 600cc Yamaha single. Only 3676 miles. Might add a few before it sells.
Bike came with K&N air filters, and Supertrapp exhaust system.
I recently installed the larger Radian front calipers, EBC brake pads, Braided stainless steel front brake lines, new front master cylinder, Progressive front fork springs, Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires, custom LED taillight and rear signals. The bike starts easily and runs great.

Not many of these left in this condition and especially at this price: 1989 Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja with 18k miles for $2900 on Portland Craigslist:

1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale

quote from ad:

Super clean, well maintained motor, rare bike runs and drives great and exceeds 180mph meter. Bored out heads with larger sprocket for more speed. New battery. Small ding in gas tank and crack in glass panel on right shield.
Just paid $400.00 for full service and new ignition switch. Just under 18k ml. Garaged it’s whole life. I can’t believe I’m selling but life changes show the need. I’ll throw in my riding gear for cash sale.

And for fun, a 2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R 1+1, also on Portland Craigslist for $14700 and 2900 miles:

MV Agusta 1000 1+1 For Sale

quote from ad:

2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R 1+1. white/black, very rare bike, i was told its the only one white 1+1 in the northwest. bike has 2900 miles on it. carbon fiber rear hugger, fender eliminator kit, and signals in the taillights, the factory coolant was replaced with Engine ice Hi-performance coolant, also has hi performance impeller installed for better cooling. all work done by MotoCorsa, along with all maintenance. bike has factory warranty until February 2010. bike is in perfect condition, nipples still on the tires. beautiful bike overall. i have the factory fender, signals, and hugger if requested. Comes with the red stand in the picture (factory stand). factory specs read 174hp at 11900rpm redline at 13k motor is inline 4 cylinder. MSRP is $22995, i paid $21k. asking $14700.

Thanks for the submissions Lucas!


Uncategorized September 14, 2009 posted by

Catch up Night!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the great submissions! That annoying full-time job keeps getting in the way of my posting, but I have some beauties lined up to fire off tonight, including an NSR250R2R SE MC28, CBR250RR, OW01 and RC30 from the same owner, and a cool RZ350!

Later this week I’ll be starting a new feature for testimonials. The decal giveaway (I’ve got more, email me!) provided a great means to get in touch with several happy shoppers that found their new treasures via this website. I love hearing about your experiences, keep them coming!