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Dawn Patroller – Restored 1993 Cushman ATM 800 Utility Scooter

After Ransomes of U.K. bought Cushman Motors production continued at a lower pace, concentrating on the police and factory markets.  The 9 and 18hp OMC engines long since exhausted, the company turned to Dihatsu for their 800cc mill and automatic transmission.

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter left front

1993 Cushman Utility Scooter for sale on eBay

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter front 20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter right

The water-cooled 800cc triple pushing 27 ponies against the 650 lb. weight give the three 400-8 bias-ply tires a test.  With speeds approaching 35 mph, this Truckster is street legal.  Front cow catcher and rear bumper are ready for action.

20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter interior right 20150401 1993 cushman utility scooter left trunk

Retired from the Iowa City traffic department, this 1993 was treated to a full restoration, fresh navy blue over a black frame, with red wheels ( even the steering wheel ! )  New carpeting and weather seals for the cargo bay, and fresh interior.  Not so long ago, one might have seen one like this in any major city nationwide.

From the eBay auction:

We are offering a 3-wheeler ATM Police Cushman w/3cyl water cooled 27hp gas engine.  3-speed manual transmission w/ reverse.  Restored and dependable.  Comes with complete parts manuals for body/engine & even accessories. This Cushman has the complete weather protection cab, with removeable doors, and covered trunk. The performance will surprise you, it’s much quicker than you expect.  Vehicle is licensed and titled for street usage.

20150401 cushman ad 20150401 cushman tugger

Since Textron brought the brand back to U.S. they have concentrated on “gator” type vehicles and a comprehensive line of golf carts.  The venerable trike is relegated to the “Tugger” factory vehicle pictured above.  The last Patrol Truckster was built in 2002, and this lovingly restored Cushman revives a bygone era of community policing.

– donn


  • I think I’ve read Termignoni used to make a slip-on for this guy which raised the HP to 28. Really hard to find though…

  • LUIGI: patience guido….you will have your chance
    GUIDE: Peet stop!

  • Typo, it’s not OMC engines, it’s OMG. That 18hp version with a chip upgrade needs both hands on that Ducati red steering wheel.
    Rare; check! Sport; 18hp on tap…check! Great addition to the site….where’s my checkbook.

  • Nothing like leaving two, perfectly executed, four inch long x half inch wide burnout lines on the warehouse floor.

  • Needs a wheelie bar….

  • Wait….what? Oh…it’s April 1st…. April Fools Day. Nice one!

  • Oh yeah, i was gonna say why is this junk on this page?

  • the joke turns out to be on me, now I’m getting Cushman banner ads everywhere I go… 🙂

    • That’s hilarious!


  • Well played RSBFS, well played!

  • meh too obvious you can do better

  • We may have reached a new low with classifying this is a “rare sportbike.”

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