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Suzuki October 7, 2022 posted by

Caged Cat – 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000

Now here is a bike that should need no introduction. The original 1980s bad boy, the 1982 Katana 1000 redefined sport bike and style in a manner that only Suzuki could pull off. Dominated by engine yet defined by the striking Hans Muth designed styling, the Katana put Suzuki – for a brief moment in time, anyway – in a completely different league than other sport bike and UJM manufacturers.

1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 for sale on eBay

Based significantly on the existing GS1100 series, the Katana was more of a styling exercise than a brand new design. Existing chassis, engine (with a slightly smaller bore & stroke), tranny and other running gear were lifted from existing sources. But it was the minimalist approach to the bodywork that really set the Katana off from its peers. From the exposed rectangular headlight to the tiny windscreen, the aggressive beak nose, to the short tail, the Katana made a brash statement. Of course the DOCH 16 valve mill was still quite stout, and the 1,000cc original model was thought to be slated for homologation and racing – which never quite panned out. Still, the Katana was 90 horsepowers of substance to match all that style.

From the seller:
The 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 was a radical bike when it hit the states. Really nothing before it looked like it.

These bikes are a big deal with collectors. I thought the CBX market was insane but the first gen Kat market is even crazier. Arguably the 1982 is more desirable as a collector but the 1983 is a bit better bike being a 1100 and a more attractive color scheme IMO

More from the seller:
Which brings us to this bike. The 1982 was not made in huge numbers, and many of them were modified with unreversable changes or ones that are difficult to change back to stock. Not this bike! I have been searching for an 82 Kat for a long time when I came upon this one. Only 7400 miles! But what was really amazing is that is was unmodded. Has factory exhaust and seat cover! Stock exhaust for this bike are near extinct and although there are replacement seat covers, they are vinyl and not suede like the original. I have seen auctions where decent, original seat covers go for $1000 or more, and last year an original 82 Kat exhaust sold for $2400! The factory airbox intact too as well as factory turn sigs.. This bike is as stock as you can get.

Really the only flaws on the bike are some dime sized grinds on the exhaust but these must have been a tip over or very low speed crash, as there are no other visible damage spots on bike.

Gauge cluster is intact and working too, which usually is not the case on these bikes. Tires are in very good shape but are not original, bike just went thru a complete service including oil/filter change, new plugs and air filter, valve lash check and chain adjust. Also syched the carbs and added new battery.

Paint was decent but not great so had a full 2 stage respray done in factory brilliant silver that had to be ordered from the UK. New OEM style decals too. Tank has been sealed with Red Kote and has a brand new petcock.

More from the seller:
This is probably the lowest mile 82 all original Kat 1000 available right now. One brought over $20k recently and there are some others priced higher with more miles. I bought the bike right and would like to pass it on to someone who will cherish it and understand what an icon it is in sportbike history. If you think that’s a lot of money for a 40 year old Japanese motorcycle then you do not understand what you are looking at.

We do not see too many clean and original examples of the Katana these days. The best of the bunch are often restoration projects consisting of NOS parts of bits taken from other bikes. We tend to find more modified bikes as well, given that the black chrome movement of the 1980s did not hold up well to elements and repeated heat cycles. Today’s bike is not perfect, but does appear to represent an honest Katana that has been spared many of the maladies that we often see. The seller notes a respray, and has been open about other flaws. The pricing is set accordingly, with a Buy It Now set for $15,500. That is not as high as we have seen for some bikes, so it will be interesting to see if anybody nibbles. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Caged Cat – 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000
Suzuki August 23, 2022 posted by

Feature Listing – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100!

Update 8.23.2022: Sale concluded at $13,900! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

One of the most iconic, era-defining sport bikes of the 1980s, the mighty GSX-R became the new yardstick when it came time to measure motorcycle performance, focus, and race track prowess. These were THE bikes to have for amateur racing in both the 750cc and the big bore classes, and Suzuki rained down the contingency prize money to build popularity. Motorcycle publications of the day raved at the serious sport nature of the GSX-R, the lightness and handling, and use of exotic materials such as the exquisite aluminum frame. Today, finding a clean, slab-sided original example (the early generation bikes are referred to as a “slabbie” due to the flat side panels) is very difficult. Most of these bikes were modified extensively as the performance game continued to push the envelope. But today’s Featured Listing 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 from RSBFS reader Jon is stone stock, wearing original exhaust, airbox and light, age-appropriate patina.

Featured Lising: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 for sale on eBay

The ultimate high-tech weapon, the original GSX-R actually utilized low-tech air cooling, but with an oil-cooling twist. By the mid 1980s most serious sport bikes had jumped on the liquid cooling bandwagon. Compared to air cooling, liquid cooling allowed for smaller window of temperature variation, which in turn allowed for tighter engine tolerances – which produced more power more consistently. But liquid cooling brought with it complexity and weight. Besides lugging around coolant, radiator, fan and associated hardware and plumbing, liquid cooling requires jacketed cylinders and heads, as well as a power-robbing engine driven water pump. Air cooling requires none of that. And since engine oil was already present and necessary, Suzuki simply upped the oil capacity, enlarged the oil cooler, and implemented oil squirters for the back sides of the pistons to keep them cool – technology that evolved out of the XN85 Turbo project. To ensure reliability, the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS for short) utilized a second oil pump and split the oiling duties between the cylinder head, and essentially everything else (crankshaft, piston squirters, tranny, etc.).

From the seller:
1986 GSXR1100 – near original condition including the original exhaust, airbox, carburetors, and grips
The bar ends, brake and clutch lines, turn signals, and the windscreen are not original.
It has a clean Nebraska title and 17,861 miles.
The bike comes with the Suzuki owner’s manual and the two original keys, as well as the Suzuki Service Manual.

I purchased this bike in 2010 from the Chicago area, from the original owner’s family.
Battery is new, tires will need replacing at some point.
Gas tank is beautiful clean inside and I’ve always run premium gas.
The bike starts right up, runs and rides excellent.

Plastic and paint are not perfect, but in VERY good condition. Always stored indoors, and it shows.
There is a small crack on right side near the rear grab bar, a small dent in center tank (barely noticeable) and some expected patina.

In 1986, the biggest of the Gixxers growled out a stonking 130-ish horsepower, pushing approximately 430 pounds (dry) of bike. Editors waxed poetically about the power and refinement, the race-bred handling, and the aggressive looks of the dual headlights and single exhaust. Even today this bike looks fast, purposeful and ready to rip. Owner Jon notes there are a few replacement changes from factory, but everything looks in line with an OEM appearance. Being only the second owner since new certainly helps this nearly 40 year old with maintaining the OEM like condition, as far too many examples have been passed around, abused and poorly maintained. If you want proof of how coveted this bike is to the current owner, just check out that housebroken picture in the gallery below!

This 1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100 is currently on eBay, looking for a high bidder and a new home. There is NO RESEVERE but several interested parties are already in the mix. If a minty, original slab-sided GSX-R1100 strikes your fancy, jump into the auction soon before it is gone. We don’t see many honest Gen I bikes like this pass our way these days, and one would expect values on these models will to continue to climb due to the magnitude of the impact Suzuki made with this release. Thanks for supporting the site, Jon, and good luck with the sale!


Feature Listing – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100!
Suzuki August 21, 2022 posted by

Almost NOS – Low Mile 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750

This classic Suzuki has an interesting story behind it, a replacement instrument cluster, and not exactly verifiable miles.  Ordinarily it would be met with an eye-roll, but the surprisingly original finishes and equipment make this listing practically a scholarly reference.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

’86 was the first year for a stateside GSX-R750, and it’s such a landmark bike that revelations about the model are hard to come by.  The small-pattern alloy chassis was lightweight and finned engine had an oil cooler almost as big as a water radiator.   Wheelies and stoppies seemed to be the way to faster lap times, and the GSX-R750 was happy to help out.  A big mac over 400 lbs. wet, its light weight surprised reviewers at the time.

Kicking around dealer facilities for 30-plus years, this GSX-R got only a few hints of rash which were easily corrected.  As discussed in the eBay auction, major 2019 maintenance took care of the deferred items –

In April of 2019 the following servicing was done at the time of my purchasing:
I insisted he open it up to check the valvetrain tolerances, to help me verify the story. The valves were in proper adjustment. ( They were spot-on from the Factory )
The Carbs were Rebuilt.
The Brake Master and Clutch Master Cylinders were rebuilt and both systems serviced.
ALL Other Fluids were serviced.
Tires were replaced.
Chain serviced.
New Battery.
New Shifter and Brake Rubbers (dry cracking)
New kick panel Protector Sticker (dry cracking)
Suzuki OEM Tool Kit.

Maybe you had one in 1986, or passed on a nice used one in 1996 – even that is a generation in the rearview mirror.  Surprising this auction wasn’t done a while back, and more than a little interesting that a few days have passed with no bids.  It really is the bike that started the GSX-R dynasty, and is practically how it left the showroom.  This one’s got its own tab for the duration.


Almost NOS – Low Mile 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750
Suzuki August 9, 2022 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma with Rick Lance upgrades

This RG500 is up for auction a second time after a failed listing that is described in the seller description. Unfortunately it’s unlikely you’ll be able to title the bike in California. The seller states it has a Florida title which should transfer in most states. Bidding is over $22k at this point and reserve is met. Good luck to buyers and seller in the remaining 5 days of the auction!


1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

I brought the bike up to Rick Lance in 2015 and had him redo the suspension with his own shock and ride height adjustment link. The front forks were also rebuilt. It is setup for bigger guys over 200 lbs. Also, his clutch kit, his petcock kit, and his air filter kit were installed to replace the old ones.

It is in beautiful shape. It does have an aftermarket belly pan and an aftermarket upper fairing. Rick wasn’t sure who the manufacturer was but he said it was high quality. The stock pipes are in beautiful shape.

Rick commented that the bike rides incredibly well. In fact, he told me it was in his top 10 best riding Gammas. The motor has not been opened.

The current mileage equates to 13,021 miles. I have only ridden the bike 30-40 miles since Rick worked on it.

The bike has been sitting for a few years. The fuel was removed. It has been leaking a bit of 2 stroke oil. It needs the oil check valves replaced. There are a couple ways to do this. You can add check valves inline or replace the ball valves in the carbs. Both Lance Gamma and RG500 have them. I was going to bring it up to Rick and have him replace them, but unfortunately he passed away in 2019. His shop was bought out and now is in California, so it’s not easy for me anymore to bring the bike to have it worked on anymore.

I do have the stock air box. I have a repair manual. I do not have the old suspension parts that Rick took off.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma with Rick Lance upgrades
Suzuki August 1, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1992 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Update 8.1.2022: This bike SOLD to an RSBFS reader in just 24 hours! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Featured Listing – 1992 Suzuki GSX-R1100 for $15,500 – RSBFS Exclusive

Some of the sharpest bikes that have sold on RSBFS come from Chris Perkins ( We’re glad when he reaches out since we don’t really have to do much. Immaculate photography and quality collector pieces always make for an easy sales pitch. However, we’re not the only benefactors. When Chris decides to sell, he’s really doing the rest of the world a favor by spreading some his survivors or restomods around for the community to enjoy. His most recent offering is what I like to refer to as an OEM+ 1992 Suzuki GSX-R1100 with 3,172 miles.

There is a strong argument to be made that the Suzukis and Hondas that rolled out of Japan in the 80s and 90s are the hottest collector motorcycles out there today. The combination of Jennifer Anniston-esque aging and now-wealthy prior owners is resulting in incredible values for a generation of bikes that were on death’s doorstep not too long ago. The feel that comes with a bike designed without heavy electronic influence is very hard to achieve today and therefore all the more valuable.

It all started with the GSX-R750. The 750 class of race bikes were very stout due to the sport bike development race that started in the 80s. Eventually, these bikes and their race technology ended up in the hands of enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies across the globe. While the 750 was popular amongst this group, the lust for power never really subsides. The desire for more power meant a need for more displacement. The role of the 1100 in Suzuki’s lineup was to provide time-warping speed with the sporty feel and technology that was present at the racetrack. The 1992 1100 added nearly 25 hp over its original model year and that was mainly due to a 10% bump in displacement and the addition of oil cooling. All that power could spin the GSX-R1100 up to nearly 170 mph. Nothing to scoff at for a bike that is 30 years old.

From the seller

-Up for offer is a Reconditioned, Slightly Modified 1992 SUZUKI GSX-R1100
-Purists need not apply
-Completely serviced and ready to ride, dry stored (no fuel)
-Perfect for shipping, display or fill it with fuel and ride it
-It takes quite a bit of time, capital and skill to resurrect these old bikes
-If you are thinking of restoring one of these, be prepared for lengthy delays in finding parts no   longer produced, shipping delays (6 weeks w/ DHL crate from Japan) when you do find the   parts, and the time to install all of them. As well as the expense of international shipping….
-Mileage Exempt due to age of bike, arrived with 3172 miles on the clock
-Former Massachusetts bike stored for years
-All work not otherwise noted was performed by GSXRONLY in Clermont FL
-Bike is located in Clermont FL, shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser
-Assistance can be given with respect to coordinating with your shipper
-All receipts and work orders are available for review and copies can be included in sale

The entire build starts with the wheel bearings and continues from there:
-Stock GSX-R1100 (1127) engine
-New NGK plugs
-New Oil and OEM Suzuki filter
-Suzuki OEM Wheel Bearings
-1998 SUZUKI GSX-R1100 Front and Rear Straight Spoke Wheels Powder Coated by Metal   Finish Clermont FL
-Rebuilt Front Forks to OEM Spec (bushings, seals and fluid) by Seminole Power Sports North   Tavares FL USA
-Triple tree bearings serviced
-1998 GSX-R1100 Rear Swing arm
-NEW DUNLOP Q3 Tires Front and  Rear
-NEW EBC Wave Rotors, Front and Rear
-6 PISTON TOKICO Calipers, Fully Rebuilt with OEM Suzuki Parts, Powder Coated by Metal   Finish Clermont FL USA
-SPIEGLER Brake lines, Front and Rear
-SPIEGLER Clutch Line
-Titanium Banjo Bolts And Double Banjo Bleeder from Addiction MotorSports UK
-Rebuilt Front and Rear Brake masters  by Seminole Power Sports North Tavares FL USA
-Rebuilt Clutch Master
-RK 520 Gold Chain
-SUPERSPROX Chain Wheel set
-FOX TWIN CLICKER Rear Shock Fully Rebuilt By Blommel MotorSports Dade City FL USA
-YOSHIMURA Duplex Header
-YOSHIMURA  Carbon Fiber Silencer
-OEM SUZUKI Bodywork
-OEM Solo Tail with Suzuki Decals
-OEM Sub Fender
-OEM Turn Signals
-OEM reflectors
-Clean Original Tank with no Rust
-New OEM Suzuki Fuel Petcock
-ZERO GRAVITY Windscreen
-LOCKHART PHILLPS Carbon Look F1 Mirrors
-Carbon Look Bar Ends
-Carbon Fiber Exhaust Hanger By Smith and Sons Motorcycle UK
-Lithium battery
-1991 Suzuki GSX-R750 Intake Boots
-38 MM Mikuni CV Carburetors fully rebuilt by LANIER RACING  Apopka, FL USA
-Front, Rear fairing stay and tail brackets powder coated by Metal Finish Clermont, FL USA
-K&N Filter
-“Mono Post”  Passenger delete option

Although these bikes were incredibly popular during their reign, they did fall on hard times until their recent resurgence. Recently, sky high hp and electronic gizmos has had buyers flocking to modern bikes and left many of these now-classics out to fend for themselves. A quick search on eBay can tell you all you need to know about parts availability and that can be used as a proxy for how many of these are left out there. If you’re interested in these bikes, it’s wise to jump on examples such as today’s featured listing. The seller has serviced many of the wear items and also has the OEM bodywork and a full Yosh pipe, which are extremely valuable pieces of kit on a classic Suzuki. Everything done here is so perfectly tasteful that 99% of enthusiasts would likely guess that this is a fully stock bike. Any additions such as the 1998 GSX-R1100 race-inspired swingarm, Fox rear shock, and steering damper are all quality parts that have a legitimate impact on performance.

Ride it or don’t. Either way you can easily anchor a collection on this bike. Big power. Good looks. Low miles. Road or track capable. It hits on all the right notes. I’m probably preaching to the choir here as most RSBFS readers understand the value proposition of this GSX-R! Opportunities like this don’t come often nowadays so if this is a bike you fancy, reach out to the seller:


Featured Listing – 1992 Suzuki GSX-R1100
Suzuki July 30, 2022 posted by

1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 with Under 7,000 Miles !

Toward the end of the SRAD era, Suzuki wasn’t resting on their laurels and went to fuel injection for the GSX-R750.  Here’s a beauty with just a couple of oil changes’ worth of miles and lots of recent maintenance.

1998 GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

One might quibble over the value of Ram Air Direct tubes at anything but top speed, but the switch to EFI had a measurable effect with 134 hp.  The system samples manifold pressure as well as throttle position, resulting in better low-rpm running and less emissions.  Elsewhere the changes were incremental, slight improvements and weight reduction from the SRAD re-design in 1996.  Some were visible like the re-located steering damper and revised windscreen, but most were harder to detect – lightened crankcase bolts, brake disks 0.5mm thicker, and exhaust headers 20mm shorter.  Some changes weren’t intuitive together, like the lighter 525-series chain but a wider rear wheel and 190mm rear tire.  Unchanged were the aggressive good looks and domed cover for the pillion.

Almost camouflaged in the alternate livery, this GSX-R is easy to overlook but looks excellent in the few pictures provided.  Along with the hard miles it hasn’t done, there are a host of typical mods it doesn’t seem to have had, just easily reversible Micron exhaust, tail tidy, frame bobbins and faux carbon levers.  Knowledgeable readers might chime in with what they see.  The list of recent work is hard to argue with, looking to make this SRAD ready to resume its fun mission.  Notes from the eBay auction –

Mechanically 10 out of 10 , cosmetically 9 out of 10 for a 24 year old bike, a true head turning classic with rare low mileage – turn key bike.

-6,976 original miles, frame sliders, Micron exhaust

-new Michelins (5 miles on them)

-new battery

-new coolant Engine Ice

-new Amsoil oil and filter change

-new spark plugs

-new OMC air filter

-gas tank was taken off completely sandblasted and treated, new seals and new fuel lines

– new rear brake pads

-new stator

-clear title

Ready to ride !

The GSX-R750 designed its way into an epic period of 750cc superbike rules, and came away with every championship Suzuki put their minds to.  While not the ground breaking Slabbie, the SRAD’s had the advantage of a lot of new tech and kept the hits coming.  Rarity could be challenged but this paint, mileage and condition make a good case.  Three days to run on a quiet no-reserve auction but we’re predicting fireworks for the end !


1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 with Under 7,000 Miles !
Suzuki July 25, 2022 posted by

Built Like A Bull – 1993 Suzuki GSX1100E

Image 1 - 1993 Suzuki GS

1993 Suzuki GS1100E

Not much introduction needs to be made for motorcycling’s greatest auctioneer, Captain America aka Ken Kaplan. A staple in the collector community, Ken and Kaplan Cycles have been collecting and restoring bikes of all kinds in their New England Motorcycle Museum for a number of years. On the block today is a 1993 Suzuki GSX1100E coming from the private Heiss collection.

Image 2 - 1993 Suzuki GS

Just looking at the GSX1100 reveals what most people likely associate with this bike. Weight. The torque-tuned 1100 motor, black bodywork, and large seat all take up a lot of visual space and give the impression that this is a really big bike. In this case, your eye’s aren’t playing any tricks on you. Watch the video of Ken riding it and you can see that he fits the bike just right. The Bull comes in around 560 lbs wet and the shaft drive and tubular steel frame are some of the main culprits.

Image 9 - 1993 Suzuki GS

The highlight of the GSX1100E is definitely the motor. Derived from the GSX-R 1100 engine, the GSX1100E, like many other recipients of sport bike engines, took a retuned 1100 motor in it’s frame that developed less hp up top but more torque in the mid-range. To add to the street friendly characteristics, Suzuki added a counterbalancing shaft and rubber-mounted the engine to keep the ride as smooth as possible. The addition of a radiator to the engine is a departure from the GS1100 that roamed the streets a decade prior to the GSX as this engine utilized a combination of SACS and liquid-cooling.

Image 141 - 1993 Suzuki GS

Wide set bars and the big seat tell you exactly where Suzuki’s head was at during the design phase. They were looking to put out a muscle bike with a sporty flare that could crunch highway miles with ease. Considering the ~68 lb ft of torque and 9K redline, I would say they hit the nail on the head. You won’t be putting a knee down but you can use the wide bars to get this bike on the side of the tire and hold a line quite easily.

Considering the lack of activity in the current market, the $7,800 Buy-It-Now price may be a bit high. However, the right buyer could make the justification considering the bike’s showroom condition. Assume a bit of premium to say you purchased from Captain America himself. A little action on the bidding but the reserve has not been met quite yet.


Built Like A Bull – 1993 Suzuki GSX1100E
Suzuki July 11, 2022 posted by

Burple – BAT 1991 Suzuki GSXR-750

No Reserve: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R750

1991 Suzuki GSXR 750 on Bring a Trailer

Most of the 90s Suzuki’s are synonymous with the iconic blue and white color schemes but up for auction on BaT today is an absolutely mint “Burple” GSXR-750.

Ever since Suzuki debuted the GSXR750 in 1985, improvements and changes were constantly coming to keep the bike competitive. While they weren’t always at the front of the pack in terms of weight or power, the 750 has clearly done enough in it’s time to draw eyes and slash bank values.

No Reserve: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R750

The 1991 model year stood out from prior GSXR-750s as it came with many aesthetic changes. The double headlights were covered for aero and the tail section and rear headlights were also reworked. The bike did gain a bit of weight over the prior model years and that trend continued with the addition of liquid cooling in later years.

No Reserve: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R750

1991 was a unique model year not only because it brought many aesthetic changes, but also because it was the last year of the air-oil cooled engine. If you look closely, you can see the oil-cooler in place of the radiator. Interesting story about GSXRs: a housemate of mine used to race a liquid cooled GSXR750 and the water pump went out during a 4 hour endurance race. The jugs were glowing orange by the time they noticed anything and when they took the motor apart they were surprised to see that everything still looked great! Apparently, the oil-cooling system, also known as Suzuki Advanced Cooling System, remained in bikes up until 2006.

A spare set of wheels have been fitted to this bike with new tires. The original tires mounted on the original rims are included with the sale! If you fancy some spares for peace of mind, you can check out this motor/frame on Ebay. Never hurts to refinish and store away to sell with the bike in the future!

From the seller:

“The bike was originally sold by Metropolitan Honda-Yamaha-Suzuki of South St. Paul, Minnesota, and it is said to have remained with its first owner until it was acquired by the seller in October 2021. Work performed in May 2022 reportedly included replacing the air filter, overhauling the four 38mm Mikuni carburetors, and installing a second set of wheels with replacement bearings and Bridgestone tires. This GSX-R750 is now offered at no reserve with manufacturer’s literature, two keys, a copy of the original sales invoice, a tool kit, a swingarm stand, the removed set of wheels and tires, copies of period magazines, removed service parts, and a clean Illinois title in the seller’s name.”

No Reserve: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R750

The 2,500 mile odometer, original papers, and original tires goes to show what the seller had in mind when he purchased this bike. Hopefully the future owners continue to preserve this example as it’s likely one of the cleaner 90s GSXRs out there.

Auction is no reserve and sitting at $5,000 with 3 bids. Still 3 days to go so it is fair to expect some action!

Burple – BAT 1991 Suzuki GSXR-750