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Honda January 23, 2011 posted by

Honda NSR80 In Vegas For Cheap

This is a great looking NSR80 for not very much in Las Vegas!

Bike:  Honda NSR80

Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Mileage:  Not listed

Price:  $1,800 USD

This looks like the same NSR80 that Ian posted almost a year ago, which can be seen here.  The asking price in April of 2010 was an outlandish $3,975.  The seller of this current ad states that they paid $3,200 for the bike which may mean that they’ve only owned it since April of last year.  Either way, the seller is willing to take a serious hit on this bike or they’ve lowered their asking price more than half-price in the last eleven months.  This bike looks to be an undeniable deal at $1,800; if you agree, see this bike on Craigslist here.


Ducati January 23, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati 998 Base: Better Outfitted Than A 998S Or R!

A fantastic looking 998 with extensive aftermarket pieces!

Bike:  2002 Ducati 998

Mileage:  Not listed

Location:  Valencia, California

Price:  $16,500 or offer

This 998 has been completely gone through with almost everything on the bike being new.  If you’re looking for a modified 998, this would be the one to go with as it’s got all the pieces you could, probably, ever want on a 998!

Here is the laundry list from the seller:


* Ohlins R&T forks/lower triple/steerer
* Ohlins rear shock
* Ohlins steering damper
* Billet SSR racing rearsets with CORSE carbon fiber heel guards
* Billet Gilles VarioBar clip-ons
* Billet Speedymoto triple clamp
* Aluminum rear subframe


* Marvic Penta II magnesium wheels, 6 inch wide rear
* Bridgestone BT002 road/track tires, 190/55 rear
* Spiegler front brake radial master cylinder
* Front brake caliper pressure switch
* Brembo 4-pad front calipers
* Galfer brake pads
* Galfer stainless brake lines
* Brembo SBK full-floating ductile iron narrow band race rotors
* Nichols-drilled rear brake rotor
* NCR billet rear sprocket holder
* Titanium 12-point sprocket holder nuts
* Mad Duc 12-point rear axle/sprocket nuts
* Billet rear caliper holder
* Billet master cylinder caps
* Billet SSR rear brake lever


* Billet Spiegler clutch radial master cylinder
* Yoyodyne clutch slave cylinder
* Barnett Clutch
* Billet clutch pressure plate/stainless springs/ billet retainers/stainless bolts
* 520 chain/sprocket conversion
* DID ERV3 racing chain
* Drilled AFAM drive sprocket
* Billet master cylinder cap


* 998R cams
* Fast by Ferracci high-comp pistons
* Superbike internal air box air filter
* Dynojet Power Commander III USB
* Arrow 45/50 exhaust w/carbon cannisters and CORSE carbon fiber heat shield
* Nichols lightweight flywheel
* Nichols flywheel nuts
* Nichols clutch basket
* Nichols engine bolts
* Evoluzione low temp fan switch
* Billet oil breather
* Billet SSR reverse race pattern shift lever
* TransLogic LCD dash with custom carbon fiber dash mount
* Ignition bypass switch
* Battery Tender wired

Pretty stuff

* Black powder coated frame, sub-frame, swing arm
* Full carbon fiber/Kevlar CORSE bodywork: Nose, tail, sides, bellypan
* CORSE carbon fiber front fender
* Custom factory 998R style yellow paint. There are no decals. All details are painted or carbon fiber show through.
* Carbon fiber RS style vented cam belt covers
* Carbon fiber ram air tubes
* Carbon fiber airbox
* Carbon fiber water pump cover guard
* Carbon fiber chain guard
* Carbon fiber vented clutch cover
* Carbon fiber RS style “V” chin fairing
* Carbon fiber and billet quick-turn gas cap
* Carbon fiber swing arm protector
* Carbon fiber front sprocket case protector
* Carbon fiber undertray
* Casoli UK suede seat
* Zero Gravity windscreen
* OSRAM Silverstar H1/H3 headlight bulbs
* Ducati Euro OEM headlight switch (allows starting power for hi-comp motor)
* LED running lights
* LED license plate light
* LED integrated turn signals/brake light by Custom LED
* Evoluzione fender eliminator
* Integrated mirrors/turn signals
* Titanium hardware
* Billet seat lock knob


* Black Lockhart-Phillips Ducati Superbike rear stand
* Owner’s manual
* Factory shop manual
* Rear axle/wheel sockets with breaker bar
* Original gauges
* Ignition switch with key
* Replacement pegs
* Matching Italian Drudi Performance Design tribal yellow/black/white SUOMY R1 Ducati CORSE Helmet

The seller makes no mention of mileage or maintenance.  The asking price is over two-times what KBB is for a regular 998 base, but this bike is hardly close to stock.  Whether you find the asking price ridiculous or inline depends on if you’d prefer to have a mid-mileage 998R or a heavily modified 998.  The seller is asking 998R money for a 998 base with a ton of add-on’s–We’ll see if he can recoup some of those costs!

See the bike on Craigslist here.


Quick Spot January 16, 2011 posted by

1984 Yamaha RZ350 with thousands invested!

1984 Yamaha RZ350

Location: Clinton, IA
Mileage: 8,200
Price: $7,500.00

Up for grabs is a long time viewers stellar looking RZ350. The pictures and description can tell the story way better than I ever could so take a look.

You can view the CL ad by clicking here

Yamaha RZ350 with good title in my name.Comes with thousands of dollars worth of extras ,Lomas polished Stainless Steel GP exhaust with carbon fiber muffs , after market aluminum swingarm, really cool aluminum polished custom kickstarter,big port detailed and powder coated cylinders , welded crankshaft, 28 mm carbs solo seat, $400 electronic programmable ignition new in box ,solo seat and standard , extra motor, parts, exhausts, bil of sale frame ,wheels, forks, more, more ,more! Make offer ,all or none goes

I like it and I think it looks like an ass kicking machine.



Ducati January 16, 2011 posted by

2001 Ducati 996R With 135 Total Miles

Here is another low-mileage 996R in fantastic condition!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 996R

Mileage:  135mi

Location:  Lincoln, Nebraska

Price:  $20,000 in stock form or $22,000 with extras

We’ve had several 996R’s on RSBFS and most have been fantastic, low mileage, examples.  This example here doesn’t disappoint either with only 135 miles total.

Here is what the seller says about additional parts with the bike:

DP carbon rear sets
DP carbon sprocket cover
Bucci carbon swing arm protector
MW corse carbon heel gaurds
Billet anodized black clip ons
1098 brake and clutch master cylinders. painted to match frame
Billet race style gas cap. anodized black
Custom carbon v guard with vents
999R carbon belt covers
DP carbon mirrors

Parts that I have but not installed

LED tail light strip. To mount under the tail
LED turn signals
DP neoprene/carbon seat
Magnesium vertical cylinder covers
Catalyst Upper fairing with RS intakes
RS intakes that fit stock air box
Smoked wind screen
Headlight assembly

The additional pieces aren’t too major and the bike should easily be returned to stock.  The seller states that this bike has also been recently serviced.  I would think it’d be the prudent move to buy this bike, completely stock, and use the additional $2k for a nice pedestal.

The seller isn’t 100% on selling this bike, but I’m sure if there is a genuine cash offer, he can be persuaded.  See the previous 996R’s we’ve posted here;  If you regret missing out on those, don’t make the same mistake twice and see the ad on here.


Honda January 11, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda VFR750F-M With 3,950 Original Miles Just Outside Of Seattle, Washington

A low mileage ’91 VFR750F in Washington state!

Bike:  1991 Honda VFR750F-M (RC36)

Location:  Bothell, Washington

Mileage:  3,950mi

Price:  $3,395USD

Honda marketing labeled the VFR as a “sportbike for all seasons” and “an entire garage full in one bike”.  These VFR’s were designed to be just as usable as a canyon carver, sport-tourer, and daily rider.  The bike retained race derived components such as the 16-valve V-4, Pro-Arm single sided swing-arm, twin piston brakes and a dual spar aluminum perimeter frame.

I find these earlier VFR’s–third and fourth generation–to be the best looking of the standard production VFR line.  The seller doesn’t state much other than that this bike is all original.  From the minuscule Craigslist photos, it looks to be in very good condition as I would expect for a bike of this mileage.  This bike does look to have bronze wheels.  While I’ve only seen these red examples with white wheels, this could be from the factory–anyone care to comment?  The price is higher than most for a second-gen’ VFR but considering mileage and condition, it isn’t too out of line.

See the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda January 6, 2011 posted by

Second Chance: Modded 1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) In SoCal

1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) For Sale

Location: Anaheim, CA
Mileage: 21,000
Price: $8,500.00

I believe this bike is making its’ second appearance here on RSBFS but it looks like some things have  changed (here she is from the first go around).  Namely the price is lower and it has gained some cc’s courtesy of a Tyga big bore kit.  It still has the good stuff too, a California title and registration.

I’d love to see some comments about this 300cc Tyga kit.  Have any of our adventurous RSBFS readers installed this kit on their NSR?  I’ve always thought my RGV250 felt pretty healthy so I’d love to know what you guys think about the extra cc’s.  Here is a link to Tyga’s website  if you aren’t familiar with their work.  I hadn’t visited in a while and it looks like they’ve really expanded the number of products available.

From the ad:

Here it is a SUPER Rare Honda NSR 250 1994 SE that has a CA title and registration so you are good to go on hitting the streets with this thing.

The bike has 21k miles on it and runs perfect as it has always been well taken care of.

This bike looks amazing I am the 3rd owner of the bike.

If you are looking for a rare bike that can hit the canyons than this is it.

This bike has the TYGA pipes and big bore kit which make it the fastest NSR possible pretty much there is nothing left to do to this thing.

It’s all there boys and girls.  I don’t think you could ask for a whole lot more.  Even this Honda hater thinks this is a damn sweet bike.  The asking price is $8,500.  Hmmm, not bad at all considering what you get and the condition of the bike.  Check it out here.


Ducati January 5, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS/SP

For Sale: 1993 Ducati 900 SS/SP

The SP (Sport Production) variant of the 900SS offering was the upper crust of the Ducati SuperSport lineup. Consisting of the same base chassis and mechanicals of its lower echelon CR (Cafe Racer) brother, the SP included such bits as carbon fiber fenders, upgraded (and adjustable) front forks, and an upgraded rear shock activated by a linkage (the CR rear shock is direct action). The result was a much more polished SuperSport – at a much higher price.

From the seller:
17254 miles, perfect, tasteful, practical upgrades.
Yoyodyne slave, braided lines, Racetech kitted suspension front and rear, Corbin seat, new tires, all services including valves and belts done 500 miles ago.

Flatslides and DandD pipes, Dyno’d and jetted correctly.

Needs nothing, will assist w shipping.

$5200, paid a lot more….

This seller has done some significant upgrades to the bike. New slave cylinders are common, as is the Corbin seat. The Racetech suspension is a nice mod, and the belt and valve service will provide the new owner some 6,000 miles before the next major service. On the performance side, SuperSports were jetted notoriously lean from the factory (to help meeet US emissions standards), and the flatslide carbs will do a lot to wake up the potential the 900cc air-cooled twin has to offer.

The price is reasonable for the mods and the condition, and you can check it out here.

Quick Spot January 4, 2011 posted by

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike? Don’t Be Late For Class

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike?  Don’t Be Late For Class

I know anyone who is shopping for a RGV250 or a Lucky Strike RGV250 is cringing right now.  Sellers:  buyers need photos and lots of them, especially when you are dealing with a model like  a Lucky Strike RGV250.  This may be the most copied paint scheme on the planet.  It is extremely difficult to find the real thing nowadays.  Even more rare is finding one that has not been modified.  I normally wouldn’t post a bike with so few pictures but I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about what to look for if you might be looking for a Lucky Strike RGV250.  RGV’s are the one area I can claim some decent knowledge so let’s do a little Lucky Strike RGV Class 101.

To be honest it is difficult to even find a photo of a stock Lucky Strike RGV250 on the net.  This Youtube post is the best example I’ve seen in a while.  Not stock are the solo tail cover (ultra rare and a great find if you come across one), the Arrow exhaust and the Motul, Michelin and NGK stickers and the Schwantz signature.  Excluding those items it is a great example of what a home market Lucky Strike RGv250 should look like.  When I say “home market”, I’m referring to Japan.  There were a certain number of resprays done in England by the Suzuki importer there.  I guess I’m a snob, I don’t consider those true LS RGV250’s.  A Japanese spec Lucky Strike will be restricted to 45hp, as well, since they were home market bikes.  Lucky Stirkes are not SP models.  They will have the less adjustable suspension and no remote reservoir for the rear shock.  The Lucky Strike edition was simply a paint scheme.  If want that cool dry clutch you have to stick with an SP.

Here is the info from the ad:

1992 suzuki rgv 250
factory kevin schwantz with registration
super sweet light and nimble
this bike screams
if your reading this you already know
im looking for best offers
this bike is rare
xtra rebuilds/ rims/parts and pipes and factory manuel
make me a serious offer and i will write back
bike has been well kept and always garaged

 The photo is so poor, it is hard to judge the bike.  What I notice right away is it almost looks like the stickers say “Team Suzuki” instead of “Lucky Strike”.  Suzuki ran those stickers in in the GP’s in countries where you could not advertise tobacco.  Obviously, if the stickers do say that, this is not an original LS.  The wheels are also the wrong color for an original LS.  I will hedge my bets though, if the stickers are correct (some have been added though) and for some reason the wheels were painted or changed it could be an original LS.  Then again I’m noticing three louvers on the tail section.  Three louvers are a sign of 1991 model.  1992 onwards have two louvers.  See how it turns into detective work?  Now, would I totally dismiss this bike?  If I was a collector, yes.  If I’m just looking for a nice RGV I’d at least make a call.  In my opinion that title is worth more than whatever paint is on the bike.  Like I said the LS RGV’s were just normal RGV’s excluding the paint.  You could even argue they are less appealing because they are  restricted in stock form.  With some planning and some $$$ you can get a nice Lucky Strike spray done yourself.  If you’d like to know more about this particular bike you can find out more here.


Some review material for Lucky Strike RGV Class 101

A few nice pictures of 1992 VJ22 LS.  Solo tail, end cans and a few small stickers are not factory original.  As I mentioned above the solo tail cover was a factory made item and is uber rare.

 I honestly don’t remember is these were produced in 1991 and 1992 or just 1992.  A real one must have the banana swing arm that wasn’t produced after 1992 (Honda sued them over a patent infringement).


 If you ever see one that looks like this snatch it up as fast as you can.  I believe only about 500 were produced in 1994 for the Japanese market.  Still a VJ22 but with the updated Lucky Strike paint work.  

1996 VJ23 Lucky Strike.  It was produced in both the restricted “T” model and the derestricted “V” model.  If you think about it, as rare as these are, we’ve seen a lot more of these VJ23 LS’s lately than the older VJ22 LS’s.  Which would you rather own? I know, I know….both.