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Second Chance: Modded 1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) In SoCal

1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) For Sale

Location: Anaheim, CA
Mileage: 21,000
Price: $8,500.00

I believe this bike is making its’ second appearance here on RSBFS but it looks like some things have  changed (here she is from the first go around).  Namely the price is lower and it has gained some cc’s courtesy of a Tyga big bore kit.  It still has the good stuff too, a California title and registration.

I’d love to see some comments about this 300cc Tyga kit.  Have any of our adventurous RSBFS readers installed this kit on their NSR?  I’ve always thought my RGV250 felt pretty healthy so I’d love to know what you guys think about the extra cc’s.  Here is a link to Tyga’s website  if you aren’t familiar with their work.  I hadn’t visited in a while and it looks like they’ve really expanded the number of products available.

From the ad:

Here it is a SUPER Rare Honda NSR 250 1994 SE that has a CA title and registration so you are good to go on hitting the streets with this thing.

The bike has 21k miles on it and runs perfect as it has always been well taken care of.

This bike looks amazing I am the 3rd owner of the bike.

If you are looking for a rare bike that can hit the canyons than this is it.

This bike has the TYGA pipes and big bore kit which make it the fastest NSR possible pretty much there is nothing left to do to this thing.

It’s all there boys and girls.  I don’t think you could ask for a whole lot more.  Even this Honda hater thinks this is a damn sweet bike.  The asking price is $8,500.  Hmmm, not bad at all considering what you get and the condition of the bike.  Check it out here.



  • I wonder if the owner would trade me for my black RGV VJ22 in similar shape it would look right at home next to my two other MC21’s

  • Very nice. If the postings are correct this bike picked up a lot of miles since the Sept. 09 post when it was listed with 7500 mi. That’s 13,500 in 16 months time which is a lot of miles to be put on a collectable being used as a daily commuter.

  • It is a lot of miles, but they were designed to be daily commuters. Obviously, this bike is very well cared for and imho, an excellent bargain.

    On the 300cc kits, here’s my 2 cents. I had a 2001 Aprilia RS250 with a 300cc kit. It was quite fast and felt quicker than a comparable 600cc 4 stroke bike. That said, it vibrated quite a bit more than it had before. I think part of the problem with these kits is that the exhaust is matched for 250cc, not 300+. I’m not saying that was contributing to the vibration, but I think that power is lost with 250 pipes. I would not ever get a 300cc kit again. If you buy a 250, then accept it for what it is and have fun. If you need more power, then get a bigger bike.

  • Joel,
    Thanks for the insight on the 300 kit. I’ve always wondered about stress on the crank. Do you think that is where your vibration was coming from?

  • I truly have no idea. I wonder if the Tyga kits for the NSRs also increase vibration. It would be good to hear from an experienced NSR owner. Since the stroke stays the same, it might be due to a heavier piston and that could cause an increase in vibration. Or, perhaps, the change in resonance between the cylinder, crankcase, and exhaust. It’s all about harmonics, resonance, and standing waves when it comes to 2 stroke performance. Big bore kits on 4T motors are more forgiving.

  • officially sold and mine!…thanks for the post, she is a beauty, as are all of Nathan’s bikes.
    sweet deal and a ton of extras included…

  • Enjoy your new toy Kirk.

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