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Carbon Dreams: 2000 Bimota SB8R Special

Carbon Dreams:  2000 Bimota SB8R Special

I don’t care how much it is.  I’m not really concerned about the specs.  This is simply about pleasing the eye and please it does.

Among Bimota’s,  SB8R’s are half way common.  The SB8R Special, well not so much.  I’ve seen claims of a production run of 150.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the carbon fiber sets the “Special” apart from your ordinary SB8R.

As is mandatory with all Bimota purchases, it hasn’t been ridden.  910 miles put on by one owner.  Entry fee is $16,995.  Break the news to the wife that the house isn’t getting painted this year and tell the kids the economy has forced you to eliminate their allowances.

I’d never noticed before but that is just a standard spec Suzuki gauge cluster.   That is kinda rinky dink.

That isn’t standard Suzuki spec.

Stop starring or your coworkers will think you are looking at porn!  Get back to work or go lay down some coin here.




  • I don’t know if I like it or hate it! It sure is different from your average TL.

  • This is outstanding!! That’s all there is to say about this…

  • The O.E. Suzuki stuff may be “rinky-dink”, but that beats
    “stylish-but-inoperative” any day, in my book!
    The LCD display on the tach provides important info when using the on-board diagnostics (another good reason why
    Bimota left it there, no doubt…).
    But really, with how busy you’re going to be riding this bike anywhere near its potential, are you actually going to have a whole lot of time to even LOOK @ the gauges?

  • A little thing like that is nothing when compared to the bike on a whole. This bike is pure sex on wheels, IMOP.

  • @sean… you might “hate” this bike? WOW. those are some high standards. this thing is freaking beautiful. i’m drooling all over this keyboard.

  • Don’t worry David the more I look at it the more I like it.
    And as Howard says those Suzuki gauges go into a service mode which allows you to check TPS adjustment and trouble codes for various sensors. I remember going to school on the TL in the UK, Suzuki was so proud of there cutting edge machine. Then bad things started to happen! Shame I always liked the TL… I remember my first road test on a new one and accelerating out of a bend and thinking ” wow that head shake is pretty novel, I may need to change my undies when I get back!” Geez I do go on a bit sorry…

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