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Honda February 28, 2015 posted by

Future classic?: 1993 CBR900 in blue and white

Here is a 1st gen CBR900RR/Fireblade with the desirable blue and red bodywork.  Although these were produced in large numbers, they 1st gen has started to appear on a lot future classic lists and collectors are starting to snap them up.


1993 CBR900RR with blue and red bodywork for sale on ebay

As noted in the ZX-9R post earlier this week, when the CBR900RR/Fireblade came out it was a hammer blow to both the 750 and 1000cc market segments. Led by design chief Tadao Baba, Honda created something not seen before;  a ultralight 899cc inline 4 powered motorcycle that weighed no more than the competitions 750cc models.

NOTE: For anyone who is interested/unfamiliar with the story behind the genesis of the CBR900RR/Fireblade, there is an excellent write up of the development history of the CBR900RR at

The CBR900RR/Fireblade not only made a lot of 750cc bikes look slow, it also made most 1100/”big-bore” bikes look overweight.  The CBR900RR/Fireblade was 75 pounds lighter than the Yamaha FZR1000, 114 pounds lighter than the Suzuki GSX-R1100 and an astonishing 144 pounds lighter than the Kawasaki ZX-11.

Reviewers gushed about the CBR900RR/FireBlade, naming it bike of the year in 1993.  The bike won reviewers and riders over not by excelling in one category but in almost all categories; more power than a 750, more comfortable than any other “repli-racer” currently on the market (especially when compared to the GSX-750R), lighter and more agile than anything in the 1100cc class, and typical Honda excellent build quality


This particular CBR900 has a fairly low 13,000 miles but isnt perfect and has had multiple previous owners.   Also it would be good if more pics were available but the seller indicates he can provide these to interested parties.

Here is what the seller has to say:

  • Not in off the showroom condition, has some marks on the plastic
  • 2 small cracks one behind the seat and one on the right rear
  • would have the carbs cleaned if you win the bike
  • the stator cover has some marks on it as well-the owner before me said it was not down but I can not say for sure


Previous posts for these on RSBFS seem to show a price hovering between 3-5000 USD right now and given the condition of this one, I would think somewhere in the middle of that range will get someone this bike.  Carbs would need to be cleaned, and probably fresh fluids, pads and rubber too but the seller indicates they will include a fresh battery.

I know some RSBFS readers will say that the CBR900RR/Fireblade bike isn’t really a rare sportbike due to the high number produced.  But people used to make the same argument about the 1st generation Suzuki GSX-750R and now thats considered a classic rare sport bike.   Like the GSX-750R, the CBR900RR/Fireblade really shook up the motorcycle world when it was introduced.  It wasn’t that many years ago that you could get a 1st gen GSX-750R really cheap but thats all but impossible now.  1st gen CBR900/Fireblades seem to be another bike that is starting to climb quickly in value and desirability for collectors (there is even one at the Barber museum).  This may be a rare opportunity for collectors and/or fans to get one in the desirable blue and red bodywork while prices are still pretty reasonable.


Future classic?: 1993 CBR900 in blue and white
Kawasaki February 27, 2015 posted by

900cc of Green: 2002 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R

I seem to be on a 900cc theme lately; earlier this week it was the Suzuki RF900, now its a lovely 2002 Kawasaki ZX9R.


Back in the early 1990’s, the 750cc class was the configuration that was closest to the bikes being raced in WSB/Motogp.  Bikes like the ZX-750R and GSX-750R came equipped with technology similar to the bikes being raced in World Superbike/MotoGP.  Meanwhile the big-bore 1,000cc-plus class offered bikes which were ultra-powerful but were big and heavy.

During this time period Kawasaki was fortunate to be selling a lot of bikes in both classes.  Kawasaki’s ZX-750R was a sales champ, flying out the door to riders who wanted the experience of a street legal racing- homologation bike.  Sales were further helped by the fact that Scott Russell was winning championships on a ZX-7 based machine. Also the street legal ZX-7R seriously outclassed the similarly priced GSX-750R which still featured a perimeter frame and an oil-cooled engine.   Meanwhile Kawasaki was also selling lots of its ZX11/ZZR-1100, a hyper-speed king that held the title of the fastest production motorcycle on Earth.

While Kawasaki sales were booming, Honda was designing a game changer; the CBR900/Fireblade.  Upon its introduction in 1992, the CBR900/Fireblade blew away the separation between the 750cc and 1100cc classes.  Suddenly there was a bike that gave big-bore class power with 750cc weight and handling.

Faced with the CBR900/Fireblade onslaught, Kawasaki responded in 1994 with its own 900cc superbike effort, the ZX-9R.   The ZX-9R was originally intended to compete with the CBR900/Fireblade but smaller manufacturer Kawasaki didn’t/couldn’t commit to a entirely new design for the ZX-9R.  The result was that the ZX-9R was almost 30 kg (66 lb) heavier than the FireBlade.  This meant that even though it made about 15 bhp more than the FireBlade, this advantage was nullified by its size, weight and resulting reduced agility.  Faced with the weight issue, Kawasaki positioned the ZX-9R as a more stable and comfortable alternative to the Honda with more straight-line speed.


2002 Kawasaki ZX-9R for sale on ebay

Even though it couldn’t directly complete with the Honda, reviewers found the new Kawasaki to be excellent, with top notch handling, ground clearance, braking and wind protection.  Incremental changes were made from the introduction of the ZX-9R in 1994 to the last generation/F Series editions in 2002/2003 (which is what this seller indicates this bike is).

A very detailed review of the 2002 ZX9R can be found here.


This  ZX-9R looks to be pristine, with the only items that look questionable being the turn signal indicators and possibly a missing rear mudguard. Note:  Inquiries to the seller are that what appears to be a dent in the exhaust canister are merely a reflection.

Mileage is stated at 4733 and this appears to match the shown odometer.


Here is what the seller has to say

  • MILEAGE IS 4,733.


Is this last generation ZX-9R worth the $4,995 USD Buy-It-Now price?  Well the opening bid matches the KBB retail price and given the low mileage of this bike, the price seems pretty fair.  New owners would likely want to invest in new tires and a general fluid update but would then have a very clean last generation ZX-9R.  Since first and last generation bikes are typically the ones with the most value to collectors, this one could be a smart buy before prices start to pop up.


Note:  For anyone who might prefer the 1st generation ZX-9, there happens to be one of these also for sale on ebay right now.  Click here to see the bike (but note the lack of title availability).

900cc of Green:  2002 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R
Yamaha February 26, 2015 posted by

Fast Fizzer – 1987 Yamaha FZR1000


One of the “new classics” that is beginning to appreciate in value, the FZR-1000 can still hold it’s own. The FZR-1000 made over 145hp and was significantly lighter than the ZX-11s and GSXR-1100s of it’s era. Top speed was around 165mph which is still plenty fast, even today. Because the obnoxious color fads of the 1990s hadn’t started yet, these early Yamahas are adorned with subdued but classy color schemes and this particular example looks great in it’s classic red, white and blue.  Just two years later, Cycle World would go on to call the FZR-1000 it’s “Bike of the Decade.”

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale on eBay


From the seller’s eBay listing

Show quality, Original, Stock, un-molested example. LOOK at the pictures…no rust, no pitting, no scratches, excellent paint, graphics, seat, instruments etc., Look at the swing arm, brake caliper and footpeg bracket photos….clean as new. Exhaust is amazing, plastics- perfect.Tank clean etc. Just serviced -Cleaned, synced carbs rebuilt calipers with all new caliper kits, changed all fluids, filters,  new master cylinder. No disappointments,- this bike definitely belongs in a showroom or a collection, just needs a good home where it can be well cared for. good luck bidding


As you can see, despite being almost 30 years old, this one is very clean and appears to be bone stock, other than the tires (obviously).  The stock exhaust, turn signals, reflectors and even the chain guard are all there.  The indicated 16,000 miles means well under 1000 miles a year, which is just enough exercise to keep her in good running condition.

Mike M.

Fast Fizzer – 1987 Yamaha FZR1000
Bimota February 25, 2015 posted by

Hand-Built Italian Style: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale

1983 Bimota SB4 R Side

In an era of mass-produced sportbikes, it’s easy to miss the details that made bikes like the Bimota SB4 so special. Virtually every modern manufacturer makes concessions to mass-production, and machines that, at first glance, look gorgeous can get a bit ugly in the details. MV Agusta’s F3 675 is a beautiful sleek, wasp of a motorcycle, but the stock clip-ons are obviously a cost-saving measure… But these early Bimotas, although far from perfect in terms of performance as-delivered, feature an attention to detail that is virtually extinct.

1983 Bimota SB4 Tank

Powered by the durable and tunable 1075 air-cooled Suzuki GSX four-cylinder and five-speed transmission, the SB4 continued Bimota’s tradition of fitting reliable Japanese engines into state-of-the-art frames. That frame was made from chrome-moly tubing with machined aluminum side-plates and helped the bike achieve a svelte dry weight of about 405 lbs. The SB4 rolled on 16″ modular wheels fitted with radial tires, another pair of exotic features on a bike from an era of bias-ply tires.

1983 Bimota SB4 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale

Bimota SB4 1100cc

model year 1983

VIN 00229

Built alongside the HB2 was the SB4 using Suzuki’s 1100cc Katana power plant, this is the rarer fully faired model painted up is the one off stunning Bimota race colours and is in amazing excellent condition throughout

Ride and collect! Bulletproof investment.

Bike is currently located in Stowmarket, England but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.

We can supply US contact as reference.

1983 Bimota SB4 Swingarm

Bidding is active and currently sits at $7,600 with the reserve not yet met. With just 272 built, the SB4 is exceptionally rare and offers a great value with top-shelf construction and a distinguished pedigree. If you’re looking for a bike that has real potential to appreciate, these early Bimotas are pretty hard to beat.


1983 Bimota SB4 L Side

Hand-Built Italian Style: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale
Ducati February 24, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”

Seller reports that this bike has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati 916 Varese For Sale

It’s no secret that for many visitors (and contributors) of this website, the Ducati 916 is a bedroom wall icon that holds a special place in our virtual or actual collections. However the 916 has been a relative collector’s bargain and only recently has the market shown signs of an uptick in value. While the later evolution models of the 996 and 998 still command a bit of a premium, especially with the limited edition SPS and R variants, there is also a cult following surrounding the very early production 916 units for the 1995 model year.


Just as the 916 was set to debut for the 1995 model year, there was a fire at the Ducati Bologna factory. Rather than miss the launch, construction of these very first 916’s was done in the city of Varese. Because this wasn’t the planned production facility, the units manufactured at this factory were largely hand assembled, adding to their panache and folklore today.


It could be argued that being hand built, especially in Italy, they could actually posses more human error than would be found in normal assembly line construction. Then again, that just adds to the character of these earliest bikes as well.


This particular example looks like a carefully ridden rider that has been well looked after, and is just about to start appreciating – significantly. It’s nearly all stock and the few modifications that are in place are tasteful and period correct.

From the seller:

I am offering this Iconic classic in amazing condition including the original owner’s manual, rear stand and original tool kit. This bike has been extensively gone through mechanically. This bike is one of only 793 total monoposto units built between 1994 and 1995 to be imported into the US… The only years these were available with the Magnetti P8 computer and the billboard graphics was 94-97. Later years went to lesser graphics and the 1.5 ECU.

This bike I purchased last October and have acquired interest in other bikes since then. Cosmetically I have done nothing more than to wash the bike and correct minor flaws! This 916 VARESE Model is harder to find than the Bologna models. This bike has a Production date of 11/94 more detailed pics can be sent by email. Mechanically I have done the following as the bike sat for over for almost a year from the previous owner.

1. All filters were replaced and oil was changed
2. Most of the hardware was replaced with new yellow zinc plated hardware as they were from the factory
3. Injectors were replaced. tank was drained and treated before fresh fuel just added on 1/15/15.
4. New Battery also added 1/15/15

What’s NOT original on the bike??

As I am not the first owner I can only provide you with what I have done or what you see in the pictures.

1. Original clutch slave cylinder was replaced with an aftermarket unit
2.Original exhaust slip-ons were replaced with Termignoni carbon fiber half system
3. Windscreen is an Original Ducati part but not the correct one for this year
4. Complete SAMCO hose kit (yellow)
5. Obviously the tires are not original but I highly recommend that the new owner replaces them as they are over 2 years old

I have additional pictures and I am more than willing to share those with any interested parties. I also have the following.

1. Original owner’s manual in good condition
2. Original tool kit
3. Original rear stand

All the work was performed by me or the local dealer. A short history of who I am can be found on the internet by searching my name (Nick Anglada) . I have built countless custom bikes, my work has been featured in over 100 magazine articles internationally, televison as well as having guest wirtten tech articles for motorcycle magzines in the past 16 years .


For what it may be lacking in total originality, it certainly makes up for in asking price. At just $8,250 buy-it-now on eBay, this represents what we have seen in recent months for any exceptional and original 916. Being an early Varese model only ensures that this example should continue to receive attention for years to come.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Anglada and UsedDucatiParts for supporting the site with another Featured Listing. Good luck to buyers and seller.


Featured Listing:  Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”
Mondial February 23, 2015 posted by

Unobtanium Alert! Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!

mondial black 1


Here are two (2!) of the ultra rare Mondial Piega models, both from the same seller.

For anyone not familiar with these bikes from previous RSBFS posts, FB Mondial was a small motorcycle manufacturer that had racing success in the 1940’s and 50’s but couldn’t translate that success into a long term successful business model.  Mondial produced highly successful race bikes, many with the distinctive Dustbin fairings.  These bikes are considered to be some of the most beautiful bikes ever made and are now highly valued by collectors.  For example, the 1957 Mondial 125cc Grand Prix DOHC ‘Dustbin’ pictured below was recently offered for sale by Bonhams for over 110,000 USD (click the pic for more details).

1957 Mondial 125, Bonhams auction

Mondial Racebike

The Monidal bikes were so successful and so highly regarded that back in the 50’s Soichiro Honda himself approached Mondial about purchasing their 125cc race bikes to help his company get up to speed (no pun intended).  When Honda won the 125cc and 250cc championships in 1961 the badges said Honda but the technology was Mondial.  FYI – This is why today, when you enter Honda’s museum at its race track at Motegi, Japan, the first bike you see on display is a 125 Mondial.

By the mid 1960’s Mondial was starting to struggle and in an interesting reversal, the company worked out an agreement with Honda to offer their bikes with Honda power. The Mondial brand continued on until the late 1970’s but eventually it shutdown and fell into disuse.

In 2000, entrepreneur Roberto Zileti bought the dormant Mondial name from the original owner family and using his considerable wealth had a new Mondial designed.  The new bike was designed to compete in World Superbike racing and was to be powered by a Suzuki TL1000 V-twin engine but just before it was due to be launched Suzuki withdrew.  Ziletti then managed to convince Honda to supply the reborn Mondial with Honda SP-1 engines and the new Mondial Piega was born.

piega tank

While European bikes designed around Japanese engines have been known to promise more than they deliver (Im looking at you, Bimota), the Piega isn’t one of those.  Mondial’s engine modifications were small, consisting of a new intake and exhaust system and a reworking of the fuel injection mapping which bumped out the power a bit.  The major change was to weight; due to the extensive use of carbon-fiber,, the Piega is 45lb lighter than the SP-1.

Reviewers were quite enthusiastic over the bike, stating:

“the bike also feels faster than the latest Honda SP and the handling is at least as good. The SP-1 felt awkward and at times unstable with an especially flighty front end. The Piega is better, with great stability.”

“The main development rider for the Piega was a 250cc race champion and it shows in the results…the Piega somehow manages to feel like a much smaller machine…it can be flicked into a corner and re-positioned mid-turn.  Also the very high quality race-based suspension gives the bike a tactile quality.”

“You don’t have to ride the Piega fast to savor the sensations it offers, because it’s enormously rewarding at most speeds, but when you do it responds with a top-level ability. Of course the bike is also great to look at in its traditional blue and silver livery, although the combination of hard edges and curves occasionally clashes and the droop of the tail plate unit detracts from the bike’s aggression.”

2003? Blue and White Piega for sale on ebay UK

Here is the first one, a year isnt specified but it looks to be one of the early edition bikes, possibly a 2003.  Mileage is listed as Zero/new.  Asking price is 17,000 GBP which comes out to about 26,000 USD.

mondial 1 front

modial 1 side

While normally I am wary anytime someone says Zero/o miles for a bike, this one does look absolutely clean.  NOTE:  There have also been comments on previous RSBFS Piega posts that 11 of these bikes were “taken” by employees who didn’t receive their paychecks after the company went bankrupt and that these are considered stolen.

Now here is the second one, an EF/Finale Edition version in lovely black and carbon fiber.

mondial black 1

2008? Mondial Piega EF/Final Edition

piega black side 2

The build history on the Final Edition/EF versions is a bit vague and the only info I can find is a brief mention of them being launched in 2008.   It seems like the EF version was produced out of Piega backstock with different carbon based bodywork similar to that from the Mondial GP bike.   The seller indicates this 1 of 10 EF versions which may account for its higher asking price of 22,500 GBP/35,000 USD.

modianl black back

Now, the question is, what are these bikes worth?  The Mondial Piega is certainly a rare sportbike based on the listed production numbers and finding one let alone two in brand new condition is pretty amazing.  Even so, I think the price for these may be a bit high.  Previous postings on RSBFS  went for quite a bit less than the asking price but those posts were for US bikes, the bikes weren’t 0 miles bikes and occurred while the financial crisis was still ongoing.  Perhaps someone can work out a package deal for both…?


Note:  This seller appears to have quite a few high end bikes for sale, including a Bimota VDue Evoluzione, which is the upgraded version equipped with carburetors.

Unobtanium Alert!  Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!
Sport Bikes For Sale February 20, 2015 posted by

First time on RSBFS: Suzuki RF900 (1994/1st gen)

Here is a bike getting its very first post on RSBFS; the Suzuki RF900.  These bikes were only made for about 4 years and have kind of been forgotten about.  This appears to be a 1st generation RF900 with the highly desirable color matched frame.


To be honest, I have been looking for a early Suzuki RF900 to post for quite a while but they don’t seem to come up for sale that often.  Part of that is probably due to their not being hugely popular when they were available for sale.  Then again, it could also be that people are hanging onto the RF900 because they are actually really good bikes.  This one isn’t perfect and has a few aftermarket pieces but looks to be in pretty good shape.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the Suzuki RF series, back in 1994 the 900cc sportbike segment was pretty much created by the CBR900/Fireblade.  Kawasaki followed Honda with a laser focused performance-based bike, the ZX9 but Suzuki decided to go a different route by offering a 900cc bike that was a little more subdued, something similar to the Honda VFR 750/800.  Suzuki launched the RF900 in 1994 and like the VFR, the RF900 was more of a big sport standard, something that could be used as a daily rider and medium touring in comfort.

While the focus of the RF900 wasn’t on hyper performance, it wasn’t a slouch in the engine department by any means.  The RF900 engine was actually based on the GSXR-1100 bottom end – a 16-valve inline-four, four-stroke, water-cooled unit.  The RF900 had smaller carburetors and valves than the GSXR but the revised engine produced a smoother power delivery and a more usable engine.  Interestingly, even with the changes the RF900 still produced more power than a Honda Fireblade.

rf900 3

1994 Suzuki RF900 for sale on ebay

The big RF  was designed to be a bike that did everything well; it could go fast, stop quickly and do some medium-level touring.  The riding position was significantly more comfortable than the GSX-750/1100 series and while build quality wasn’t as high as the VFR the big Suzuki was significantly cheaper, mostly due to its frame being steel instead of aluminum.


Reviews of the RF900 by actual owners were overwhelmingly positive but even to this day the RF900 still has one major issue;  looks.  The 1990’s Testarossa-like louvers were either a love-it-or-hate-it affair for most riders.  The only other bikes I have seen with the same louvered look were some italian offerings such as the zane era laverda 750 (Note:  that may explain why I like these so much).

This particular RF900 has about 40,000 miles on it so its not been a garage queen.   The seller indicates some scratches and scuffs and a bit of an issue with 2nd gear but lots of recent maintenance, including the following:

  • front and rear tires (less than 300 miles on them)
  • battery
  • fuel pump
  • chain (still not broken in it will need re-adjusted the next 50 and 100 miles)
  • front and rear sprockets (replaced the same time the chain was replaced)
  • cdi box
  • brakes
  • spark plugs
  • upgraded seat and windscreen
  • aftermarket exhaust

rf900 4

So whats our first RF900 on RSBFS worth?   Well the issue with 2nd gear mentioned previously would need to be resolved.  Also the bodywork appears to be sunfaded but bodywork seems to be readily available via ebay.  Given how infrequently the big RF seems to be offered for sale, the asking price of $2,500 USD seems reasonable.    I think these could become future classics due to their styling but it could also be enjoyed by someone who wants to have what is essentially a GSX-R powered touring machine.



First time on RSBFS:  Suzuki RF900 (1994/1st gen)
Suzuki February 19, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale


The GSX-R750 is one of the longest-lived sportbikes in existence. But there’s really just one version that I actually lust after, the second-generation Gixxer that was made for just two years, from 1989 to 1990. The look and the proportions are just right, and those dual round headlights are one of the best design elements of the era.

So many bikes these days are trying too hard, with overstyled bits and pieces that detract from the fact that the designers are short of ideas. No matter how many vents, angles, and colors you add to a design, if the overall silhouette isn’t distinctive and striking, it just ends up looking like you didn’t know when to put the t-square down and just trust your original design.

But to me, the 89′-90′ GSX-R is just the distilled essence of sportbike-ness. Gotta be blue-and-white though. The black and red scheme does look cool, but the traditional Suzuki colors are just too classic.

Today’s Featured Listing is exactly the kind of bike I’d want for myself: well cared-for, but also well-used and enthusiast-owned.


From the seller: 1990 GSX-R750 for Sale

The bike has 19,524 miles. I am not the original owner. I bought it from a collector in the early 2000’s. The bike is currently in heated dry winter storage. I have never had one single mechanical issue with the bike other then front fork seals which have been professionally replaced. Tires are in good shape and not abused as I have not abused this bike in any fashion. All electrical works properly. Cosmetically I will start from front to back.The bike has 19,524 miles.  I am not the original owner.  I bought it from a collector in the early 2000’s.  The bike is currently in heated dry winter storage.  It is climate controlled and off site. I have never had one single mechanical issue with the bike other then front fork seals which have been professionally replaced by my guys here.  That was last year.  Tires are in good shape and not abused as I do not abuse this bike in any fashion.  All electrical works properly.  Cosmetically I will start from front to back.

Front fender is perfect.
Front fairing is in good shape though there is some slight damage on the right side. This was due to a no speed drop on my part. I repaired it as minimally as possible and left the mirror off. Its fine and has posed no structural issue (see image). I do not have that mirror. The left mirror has a slight crack in the smaller riser arm (was this way when I got it / it has not posed a problem).
The fairing shield is in great shape and paint is in great shape.
Lights and horn work as they should.
The levers are not stock, but off one of my old race bikes. I do not have the original levers any longer but they are correct fitment for this bike and work as they should. Grips and bar-ends are not stock.
Right foot peg is bent slightly just from aggressive riding on my part. There is a non –stock bolt in the heal plate bracket that I used from the shop on that side. The original rattled out.
All gauges work as they should with no issues.
The gas tank is also in great shape. Small dimple on top of tank behind filler cap (was there when I bought it) I left it alone as it is very slight.
Key works as it should. Gas tank inside is in excellent shape.
Both side panels are in good shape upper and lower. The right upper has a very small inner repair that is not noticeable. Again minimal but worth mentioning. All fasteners are in great shape.
Both left and right lower side panels have slight paint repair at apex width(see images). It was this way when I purchased the bike and shows no structural compromise.
The rear panels are also in good shape, with just slight stress cracks due to age. They are also minimal and have not posed a problem.
The rear solo cowl is also solid and in good shape with a slight scuff on the right side again minimal but worth mentioning. I bought this piece after the fact and did not restore it. The yellow stripe is just 3m taping and the gray back pad is now black.
I do have the rear seat “two-up” set up. The seat itself is in great shape.
The rear shock, swingarm, and chain and sprockets are all in good shape though they do show their age a bit. The chain guard is an aftermarket piece.
The rear undertail is mostly stock however the left side blinker mount was cracked when I got the bike and I again repaired it as minimally as possible as to not compromise the original form of the bike. The tail was also cut just below the plate mount by the previous owner.

Bike is insured and inspected in the state of NY for 2015.

As you can see if there was ever an issue or a challenge with this bike I did the least obtrusive fix to therefore not compromise the overall original integrity of the bike. The bike has only run synthetic oil since I have owned the bike with proper oil and filter changes at regular intervals.  The battery is new from this summer and does have a tender lead attached.  The motor, air box, carbs and all related are stock.  The bike was run at a track day by the previous owner so I have been told, so there are some safety wired bits but I was assured it was never raced as a dedicated race bike.  It shows no signs of racing competitively.

Asking price is $6,800. You can contact Chris with your inquiries by email.


While the GSX-R really isn’t all that uncommon in terms of the number manufactured, finding one in this type of condition that has been lavished with appropriate care and maintenance most definitely is.

The miles aren’t perhaps as low as someone might want for their dream Gixxer, but I’d argue that cars and bikes with reasonable, well-maintained miles make far better purchases than those that sit, collecting dust and slowly rotting away. Anything missing or non-stock should be easy to source. If you want to enjoy your purchase by riding it, not just looking at it, this one is worth a close look.



Featured Listing: 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

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