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Future classic?: 1993 CBR900 in blue and white


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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Here is a 1st gen CBR900RR/Fireblade with the desirable blue and red bodywork.  Although these were produced in large numbers, they 1st gen has started to appear on a lot future classic lists and collectors are starting to snap them up.


1993 CBR900RR with blue and red bodywork for sale on ebay

As noted in the ZX-9R post earlier this week, when the CBR900RR/Fireblade came out it was a hammer blow to both the 750 and 1000cc market segments. Led by design chief Tadao Baba, Honda created something not seen before;  a ultralight 899cc inline 4 powered motorcycle that weighed no more than the competitions 750cc models.

NOTE: For anyone who is interested/unfamiliar with the story behind the genesis of the CBR900RR/Fireblade, there is an excellent write up of the development history of the CBR900RR at sportrider.com.

The CBR900RR/Fireblade not only made a lot of 750cc bikes look slow, it also made most 1100/”big-bore” bikes look overweight.  The CBR900RR/Fireblade was 75 pounds lighter than the Yamaha FZR1000, 114 pounds lighter than the Suzuki GSX-R1100 and an astonishing 144 pounds lighter than the Kawasaki ZX-11.

Reviewers gushed about the CBR900RR/FireBlade, naming it bike of the year in 1993.  The bike won reviewers and riders over not by excelling in one category but in almost all categories; more power than a 750, more comfortable than any other “repli-racer” currently on the market (especially when compared to the GSX-750R), lighter and more agile than anything in the 1100cc class, and typical Honda excellent build quality


This particular CBR900 has a fairly low 13,000 miles but isnt perfect and has had multiple previous owners.   Also it would be good if more pics were available but the seller indicates he can provide these to interested parties.

Here is what the seller has to say:

  • Not in off the showroom condition, has some marks on the plastic
  • 2 small cracks one behind the seat and one on the right rear
  • would have the carbs cleaned if you win the bike
  • the stator cover has some marks on it as well-the owner before me said it was not down but I can not say for sure


Previous posts for these on RSBFS seem to show a price hovering between 3-5000 USD right now and given the condition of this one, I would think somewhere in the middle of that range will get someone this bike.  Carbs would need to be cleaned, and probably fresh fluids, pads and rubber too but the seller indicates they will include a fresh battery.

I know some RSBFS readers will say that the CBR900RR/Fireblade bike isn’t really a rare sportbike due to the high number produced.  But people used to make the same argument about the 1st generation Suzuki GSX-750R and now thats considered a classic rare sport bike.   Like the GSX-750R, the CBR900RR/Fireblade really shook up the motorcycle world when it was introduced.  It wasn’t that many years ago that you could get a 1st gen GSX-750R really cheap but thats all but impossible now.  1st gen CBR900/Fireblades seem to be another bike that is starting to climb quickly in value and desirability for collectors (there is even one at the Barber museum).  This may be a rare opportunity for collectors and/or fans to get one in the desirable blue and red bodywork while prices are still pretty reasonable.



  • Absolutely a future classic especially in that livery. Been looking for one like that anywhere near me for some time. Terrible ebay ad however. Learn to show off what you are selling!

  • I had one of these a couple months ago in this exact condition I sold on eBay.

    Original twin round headlamp Blades are getting harder and harder to find; a lot of them have been ruined over the years by previous owners trying to convert to “cafe” or “street fighter” look.

    I still own an all original white/red/black 1994 Blade that will never leave my possession.

  • Something Black+Decker or Sears would market on Christmas or Fathers Day to mom and the kids as a great a gift idea for dad.

  • I do enjoy the earlier first gen. model graphics . Nice style even looks pretty modern still . My friend had a 1996 model . I used to borrow it occasionally . I just loved that all you had to do was turn the key and top up the fuel tank and go . Such a reliable bike/engine . And that is why it truly is destined fro collectability .

  • Sorry I can’t spell after working all day I meant “for” . 🙂

  • If this is a bike that you want to own and ride, you can get it pretty cheap and it will still perform better than you can ride it. If you’re buying this thing because you think it’s collectable and will gain value over the years, you better be pretty patient because they’re not all that rare and were produced in great numbers. It’s a very important bike from a historical standpoint, but you’re not buying anything unique or rare or hard to obtain. Just buy it because you want one, not for any other reason.

  • FYI This bike as some important body damage seller has done a good job not providing pictures but still lightly hinting to the damages in the description. Biggest item of concern is the big dent in the gas tank. To all real buyers ask seller to post pictures of the damages.

  • Like these. Just not this one. Waaay too many red flags.

  • A real r/w/b ’93 is getting pretty rare these days that hasn’t been rashed, crashed, and put back together with duct tape. Polished frame fad of the late 90’s ruined many of these bikes and it will be tough to ever get one of those back to original condition.
    This is a bike made at a time when Honda was probably the best at engineering for vehicles in the world. The CBR900RR when released may not have had the absolute power of an FZR1000 or GSX-R1100 but was incredibly light, as light as a 600. It was the archtype for all the Superbikes we enjoy today.
    Not sure why there is a question mark after Future Classic, this thing already is a classic in reputation. Appreciating value will happen in the next decade for nice stock examples.

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