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Sport Bikes For Sale February 14, 2013 posted by

Free It From The Ice: 1986 Suzuki RG500 (In MN)

rg right

Looks like someone was tired of the smell of Motul in the morning and traded their trusty RG500 in. Hmm, the bike is located in MN so maybe they traded it in for something with two ski’s on the front.

Update 2.14.2013: Bidding reached $11,100 when this was first listed just after the new year but failed to meet reserve. In the comments below someone indicates they’re looking for $15k. Bidding is up to $7100 after having been listed just this morning. Links updated. -dc

rg right rear

Their decision in a moment of weakness is your gain. The bike is up for auction and with hopefully a reasonable reserve. I said “hopefully” because quite often dealerships have unreasonable expectations on the price of “rare” motorcycles.

rg front

rg close

It looks awfully clean. I’m not seeing any sign of the front turn signals though. That would make me think this is replacement plastic on the bike (the seller does mention the bike has been resprayed). Might be worth asking about. Overall it looks quite stock with just after market chambers and Lance Gamma air filters.

rg tank

It has just under 20,000 KM’s which isn’t all that much considering the age of the bike. The seller mentions they have the stock exhaust and air box but no mention of the mirrors or turn signals. If it is aftermarket plastic maybe nothing was ever drilled for the mirrors.

rg left rear

RG500’s are the Camaro’s/Mustangs of the grey bike world. Everyone knows what they are and their legend. It just a matter of finding one in the condition you want and at an acceptable price.

Click for the auction if this one fits the bill for you.


Ducati February 14, 2013 posted by

Tri-Colored Twin: 1986 Ducati 750 F1


From the Pacific Northwest comes this fantastic looking Ducati 750 F1. Despite this bike’s great appearance (reportedly housebroken at an early age) this one is also a rider with some 23,500 kilometers on those white-faced Veglia dials. That works out to be about 14,500 miles or so – give or take – and proves that this beauty is more than just a living room queen.

Update 2.13.2013: Previously listed a few weeks back, this F1 is back after bids reached $16k but failed to meet reserve. Current bid is $9k with 3 days to go. Links updated. -dc


The F1 was impossibly small for its day. In the world of aircooled Japanese inline fours, the F1 was narrow and svelte. This was to be a scalpel in a world of sledgehammers; torque and agility to combat horsepower and top speed.


From the seller:


The 750 F1 utilizes a Pantah-derived L-twin. Rubber belts drive the desmo valve train opposed to the bevel gears of the earlier models. The engine breathes via a pair of Dell’Orto carbs with mesh screens to keep low flying birds out of the intake. Front forks are Forcella 40 mm units, and braking duties are handled by Brembo. While no longer modern by any stretch, the minimalist approach makes this bike a visceral experience: lots of noise, vibration and personality.


Interest has been very high on this bike, as F1s are moving into collector circles these days. The current bid on this beauty is $12,600, with reserve still in place. We have seen these offered at $20k and above, so it will be interesting to see how high this particular bike climbs before the reserve comes off. For all the details, you can check it out here. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 13, 2013 posted by

God of V4 Thunder- ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Caledonia, Wisconsin   Mileage: 4,521   Price: Auction

85 RZ500

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 6.51.54 PM

Do you like uber-rare two stroke 500’s? Of course you do. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this post. Well, here’s a chance to own one of the coolest of the breed and one of the most popular bikes here on RSBFS. The Yamaha RZ500 was never brought for sale to the U.S. but thankfully brave men and women took matters into their own hands and brought them here anyway. It’s a two-stroke powerhouse that reflects a time of the greatest riders and bikes in the history of GP racing. Totally bad ass.

From the seller (why sell this bike? I don’t know)-

I am selling a 1985 RZ500 with 4,521 miles (7,276 k). The person I purchased it from had it stored in a basement for ten years so. When I got it I removed the carbs and clean them up.  I also installed a new gasket set. The tank was drained but was never coated so there is very little surface rust. The tires were new when he stored it but they are hard and will need to be changed.  I took very detailed pictures of the bike, so you will notice some minor rust in the pics and also some minor cracks in the fairings. I did not do anything cosmetically to the bike except clean it up. The bike runs great and everything works. It starts up on the first or second kick and is a thrill to say the least! It is not museum quality, but for a 1985 bike its in great shape with very little wear.

And pics-

This bike looks pretty stock and clean. The seller highlights some of the issues with the fairing and some rust spots that you’ll want to get full detail on. The paint still looks good on the plastics and there are no obvious major modifications that meet my eye. All in all a good looking ride that is reported by the seller to run well.

So here it is folks. These machines don’r run cheap and for a good reason. They are rare and they are special. Take this opportunity if you have the means. They aren’t building any more. To make a play, make the jump!


Honda February 12, 2013 posted by

Endurance find: 1982 Honda CB1100R


Continuing our look back to the 1980s, how about a true homologated race bike from the era? Check out this very clean Honda CB1100R. Born as a racer, but built in limited numbers as a street bike for homologation purposes, the CB1100R is the forerunner to such amazing Honda machines as the RC30 and RC45.


From the seller:
Here is a chance to buy a homologation race bike. 1982 Honda CB1100RC

If you’re looking at this auction, you probably already know what this is. Not many of these come up for sale, because not many were made! The Honda CB1100R was basically a race version of the CB1100F, with higher compression, better brakes, stronger in the important areas. Used in the superbike race series in Europe and in Australia, these bikes were built in small numbers, but large enough to qualify them as a ‘production’ bike. In reality, these bikes were taken out of the crate and raced. in 1981, 1200 CB1100RB bikes were produced but the bike had a tendency to lift at to speed because of the fairing design. In 1982 this was improved, and 1500 CB1100RC machines were produced with a full fairing, anti-dive front forks, and a unique cockpit. In 1983, the paintwork and some other minor changes were made and 1500 CB1100RD machines were produced.

This is a 1982 Honda CB1100R-C, an unrestricted version originally from Holland. Bikes in Germany and France were restricted, UK and Holland had unrestricted bikes.

This is a very clean example. Mostly original except for the exhaust system, which came from a CB1100F bike. it fits just fine but does not have the reverse cones that the original 1100R had. The exhaust is also slightly smaller than the original. This is now really a collector’s bike, but they do ride exceptionally well for an eighties bike. I have taken one of these over to the Isle of Man and the bike will reach speeds of 135mph fairly easily, but then if you want to go fast, buy a modern bike.


Powered by an air cooled inline four cylinder, the CB1100R found success racing primarily in Europe. This bike was never officially imported into the US by Honda – America would have to wait until the CB1100F indtroduction in 1983.


This bike is being auctioned off right now – and the reserve price has already been met. Currently listed at $9,999, this bike is going to a new home inside of a week. For your chance to check it out while its hot, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a great piece of history – Honda’s first homologation special – and would be a find addition to any collection. Good Luck!



Moto Guzzi February 12, 2013 posted by

The Euro Look: 1984 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans III


Up for grabs today is a great looking Moto Guzzi LeMans III. This is a bike for those that march to the tune of a different drummer. And while not as hyper-performance as the rare and homologated bikes you tend to find on the pages of RSBFS, these Guzzis will eat up the miles with reasonably comfortable seating and relaxed engine cadence. And they will last forever.


From the seller:
Up for bid 1984 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans 3.Iam the 2nd owner.Runs great has new avon road riders tires gauzzi shocks progressive springs fork seals halgon bar end mirrors ngk plug wires new battery and air filter.Fast and fun.I have all the orignal paperwork.I have to sell because life is short and too many bikes wife said something must go.


The Italians have their own sense of style, and love it or hate it this Guzzi really stands out. The “safety orange” on the front of the fairing is more than just a styling cue; it was designed to provide reflectivity – and thus make the rider more visible to oncoming traffic.


This bike is located in Ohio. At the time of this writing the bidding was up to $5,500 with moderate action. There is NO RESERVE on this one, so if you are looking for a lower mileage goose in a rare color that appears to be in very good condition, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati February 11, 2013 posted by

That’s a Spicy Meatball! 2005 Ducati 749R

Costa Mesa, CA – 4,180mi — $8,300 with Reserve


You may be wondering what separates the 749R from the others. First off, the 90 degree L-Twin had been reworked with an increased bore and shortened stroke, allowing the engine to reach a higher rev. Titanium valves and connecting rods also help the engine achieve a bump to 121hp (up from 108hp on the standard version). To manage the new found power and offer better performance on the track, an Ohlins fully adjustable shock can be found out back as well as inverted ones up front in combination with four-piston Brembos. A slipper clutch was also utilized in the R version to prevent rear wheel lock upon downshifting and hard engine braking. If you are in the market for a 749R, make note that 2004 was the only year it was available with the carbon fiber bodywork.


Not only is the 749R uncommon, but this particular bike is almost 100% stock aside from the tinted screen and potentially a slipper clutch. Anyone that knows Duc’s knows that their owners tend to customize the crap out of them with all sorts of bits. This bike hasn’t been down that road, and it seems like bone stock Ducati’s are less common than customized ones.


From the seller:

…2005 Ducati 749R in impeccable condition complimented in the traditional outstanding red paintwork with carbonfiber contrasts and then the gold of the Ohlins suspension and black Marchessini forged rims all this coming stock from the factory at an msrp of $21,995.00 yet here’s a chance to buy this bike at half that price the actual production numbers are hard to find out but this is number 0382 from the 2005 production year and they have a tag on the triple tree showing its a genuine limited edition.

The bike has only covered 4180 miles and as can see by the condition it really has been pampered and kept in wonderful condition. I am selling this bike for a good friend of mine that is currently dealing with some health issues so not knowing the possible outcome is selling of some of his bikes, The bike has a clean Oregon title and my firend owned a large Ducati dealership locally so know the bike has been kept up to the high standards and believe he is the 3rd owner. The bike is totally stock other than the dark screen and he thinks maybe a slipper clutch but not a 100% sure but the bike runs and rides just as if it were being wheeled out of the showroom for the 1st time…

Sounds like a clean and well maintained bike to me. It isn’t the 2004 model that came with the full carbon fiber body work, but is still a killer bike that is going to sound and look awesome. Not to mention, it is still going to go like hell. If you feel the same, you can check out the auction here and get up in the mix!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 11, 2013 posted by

Track It Or Street It: Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

22 track 

22 left 2

Keep moving if you like them stock as this one is far from it.  On the other hand, if your wish lists includes the majority of after market parts available for the VJ22, well then this might be your bike.  The seller lists this as a 1989 model but if the swing arm is original this is a 90 to 92 VJ22.  The obvious add ons are the the Tyga bodywork and exhaust but there is quit a bit more.  Read on…

22 tach

Hmm, a lot more modern than your average RGV dash.  So what do we have here?

From the seller:

 electronic programmable ignition, Electronic programmable power valves

Two position switch on handel bars for two ingnition maps,can be changed on the fly

Very interesting and I’d love to know more about what ignition the bike is using and the types of maps.  This is a first for me seeing this on a RGV.  I’ve never heard of programmable power valves and would love to know how they work.  I hope the seller is a RSBFS reader because damn it, I want to know more!

The forks appear to be the basic JDM units but have been valved and resprung.  Out back the shock has been changed to a Nitron unit.

22 forks

6 pot calipers are borrowed from a GSXR and the rear has a Brembo caliper.  Accoreding to the seller,  the bike is now sporting Dymag wheels.

22 right rear

Of course there is more to know about the engine:

 Tyga lightweight race pipes, replaceable insert heads, Power valves are 3 piece Cougar Reds’. Engine crank-shaft replaced  last season with less than 500 kms

It sounds like the owner was getting serious at the the track as the transmission has had some gear ratio’s changed as well.  You may notice the bike is in full track trim with the kickstarter missing.  The seller does say though, he has all the stock parts.

22 left front

Well I’m intrigued.  For the crowd that likes to see how fast they can get around a track I would think this bike would have some appeal.  It has had the full after market catalog thrown at it and does have Canadian paperwork.  I’m guessing the Canadian location might limit the market for the bike though.  The seller has an auction going and a BIN of $6,900 which is higher than your average VJ22 has been selling for.  If you consider the amount of upgrades to the bike and if it is all well sorted that $6,900 doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Check out the auction here.


Honda February 11, 2013 posted by

Road legal and speed friendly Honda V4 – VFR400R NC 30 (in Germany)

For quite some years I have been invisible to speed cameras in the country where I live. Unfortunately, a few months ago it seems I lost my magic powers. I now find myself without a driving license for a few months. The reason for that was speeding on my pristine 1993 Fireblade. In many countries this side of the ocean (Europe),  it is becoming more and more difficult to enjoy the traditional Sunday blast on your beloved “rare sportbike” without bumping into troubles with the authorities because of the more frequent controls and tighter speeding rules. I am waiting for rules that would differentiate speeding between cars and motorbikes. At the moment, I feel the only one thinking that while a motorbike accelerates much faster than a car it also decelerates just as quick (it weighs only a fraction of a car and it is usually fitted with powerful brakes). Therefore if you are driving at a given speed the danger you pose to yourself and others it is not the same as if you were in a car (consider also the reduced dimensions and greater agility of movement of a bike).

Anyway to make a long story short, one solution to this problem could be acquiring a bike that is as sexy as your big 750cc, sounds just as good but actually doesn’t ride as fast…Does anything like this exist ? Yes and that’s not a CBR 600RR, but it is instead for example an exotic and yet affordable Honda NC 30. In the picture below you can appreciate how a pristine one looks like (this is available at a local dealer near where I live


If you are not a collector but still would like to have such a rare bike for the above mentioned Sunday blast, you might then be interested in the auction below:

Honda NC 30_3 Honda NC 30_1

Now, if you closely and compare the pictures, you’ll  notice as the stickers on the bottom side fairing are not right, some are missing on the rear cowl and most scary the paint on the fuel tank doesn’t seem original either. The seller advises to see the bike before purchasing and rightly so.

(translated with Google):

Hello Auctioneer my Honda VFR 400RR NC 30 has a lot of fun that I always visit good technical and optical condition Please motorcycle before commanded duty, the item is being sold by private and there is no guarantee redemption

Honda NC 30_4

Honda NC 30_3

Nevertheless, if mechanically the bike would be in order, it is well worth the current bidding price below 2000 EUR even though the minimum price has not been reached yet with a few days remaining. I reckon that a reasonable value would be in the range between 3000-3500 EUR tops.

1992 Honda NC 30 in Germany 


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