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Track It Or Street It: Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

22 track 

22 left 2

Keep moving if you like them stock as this one is far from it.  On the other hand, if your wish lists includes the majority of after market parts available for the VJ22, well then this might be your bike.  The seller lists this as a 1989 model but if the swing arm is original this is a 90 to 92 VJ22.  The obvious add ons are the the Tyga bodywork and exhaust but there is quit a bit more.  Read on…

22 tach

Hmm, a lot more modern than your average RGV dash.  So what do we have here?

From the seller:

 electronic programmable ignition, Electronic programmable power valves

Two position switch on handel bars for two ingnition maps,can be changed on the fly

Very interesting and I’d love to know more about what ignition the bike is using and the types of maps.  This is a first for me seeing this on a RGV.  I’ve never heard of programmable power valves and would love to know how they work.  I hope the seller is a RSBFS reader because damn it, I want to know more!

The forks appear to be the basic JDM units but have been valved and resprung.  Out back the shock has been changed to a Nitron unit.

22 forks

6 pot calipers are borrowed from a GSXR and the rear has a Brembo caliper.  Accoreding to the seller,  the bike is now sporting Dymag wheels.

22 right rear

Of course there is more to know about the engine:

 Tyga lightweight race pipes, replaceable insert heads, Power valves are 3 piece Cougar Reds’. Engine crank-shaft replaced  last season with less than 500 kms

It sounds like the owner was getting serious at the the track as the transmission has had some gear ratio’s changed as well.  You may notice the bike is in full track trim with the kickstarter missing.  The seller does say though, he has all the stock parts.

22 left front

Well I’m intrigued.  For the crowd that likes to see how fast they can get around a track I would think this bike would have some appeal.  It has had the full after market catalog thrown at it and does have Canadian paperwork.  I’m guessing the Canadian location might limit the market for the bike though.  The seller has an auction going and a BIN of $6,900 which is higher than your average VJ22 has been selling for.  If you consider the amount of upgrades to the bike and if it is all well sorted that $6,900 doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Check out the auction here.



  • Power valves have programmed curves for openings at different RPM. The black box on this bike must give you access to those curves…

  • zeeltronic ign,look it up on the rgv 250.co.uk website

  • Rediculous money for this track bike. Buy a 1993+ Honda RS250 for the same money and get twice the bike. A well sorted RS125 will also tear this thing up on the track. TZ250 or TZ125 are other routes to take over this.



  • Beautiful bike, great upgrades. I’m an RGV owner and I’m afraid Joel is right, for a 2 stroke track bike, you’d be better off with one of the bikes he mentioned. But this bike could be returned to the street, that’s what it was made for. Are the mods too radical for the street? NEVER!!!

  • Absolutely a great bike for the street. Lot’s of fun, tons of possibilities on the street, but being a Canada bike, it would be difficult in most of the US states. Here in the republic of CA, fahgetaboutit.

  • JOEL is completely correct with his comments on these bikes.Just buy a TZ or RS250.These RGV and NSR road bikes are junk.Little boys bikes.Those “FORUM GEEKS” love them for some unknown reason and waste so much time,money,and effort trying to make honey out horseshit.

  • I think grey bike enthusiasts from a certain state that borders Canada might not brush this bike and price off so easily. There, the lust for fee’s has opened the doors for bikes like this to be titled. Who can name the state?

    Actually now that I shot my big mouth off, I’m not really certain this is still going on but it was as of a year or so ago.

  • Man you guys are driving me to another bottle of Bombay Saphire. Climb on down from that GP high horse, nobody is comparing an RGV to a RS or TZ. The average enthusiast has no interest in a pure race bike. The average guy wants to ride in the mountains and take it the track every now and then. This bike might give that type of person the best of both worlds. On the flip side a guy who is serious about lap times would never consider a bike like this. To each his own, some people like to tinker and some don’t. Now where are my limes?

  • Ebay ad says buy it now is $ 5900.

    Ian if you are referring to the State of Maine, I’m pretty sure they still provide Titles almost anything as long as you have the fees.($300 -$400)

  • Just another old RGV waiting to sieze the pistons at the exhaust bridge,or blow the left hand big-end bearing…possibly at the same time.

  • The following is the seller’s response when I asked him to see the RSBFS posting:
    hello,not having a lot of luck on that web site but I’ll try answer some of your questions .the heads are welded and then machined to accept inserts and O rings various inserts with different shapes and compression ratios can be purchased,I have three sets.Blank inserts can also be had if you want to try your own design .Pistons are single ring Vertex.I have done some work on the ports ,mostly to get rid of flaws .The case induction widows have also been worked on to improve flow.
    Moving on, the ignition is fully programable Zeeltronics unit.It can only adjust the advance to the maximum of the physical properties of the engine,in other words the pickup trigger does not move.To enable more advance a five degree offset key is used on the flywheel.Three maps to match the TPS throttle position are written for each individual map .One map has three parts ,zero to one third ,one third to two thirds and two thirds to wide open .The power valve controller is also a Zeeltronics and allows a progressive curve in 12 steps.Another nice feature of the ignition unit is that it allows the use of a quick shifter..something I forgot to mention in my description.
    THe dash is a Veypor and has a lot of features ,the gauge on the top is is an exhaust gas temperature unit ,don’t ask me how it works but I do know that if you see 1200 degrees for very long bad things happen ..coincidentally 1200 degrees is the melting point of aluminum ..Yes I did have the year wrong it is in fact a 1990.
    Hope this helps ..anything else specific you want to know just ask ,regards Mert

  • Craig,
    Thanks for the update, good info there.

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