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Ducati February 19, 2013 posted by

1999 Ducati 996SPS #342 For Sale in Florida!

Update 2.19.2013: Previously listed and sold last July, the seller is relisting this sweet looking 996SPS for $11.5k buy-it-now which is a bit less than it sold for the last time. Seller’s eBay description has more detail now too so make sure to check it out on eBay. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

It would seem that the 916/996/998 is one of the favorite Ducati designs on the recent era. I would definitely agree with that as well. I would also agree that the SPS (sport Production Special) versions of the 916/996 takes it up a notch or two in performance and desirability. The 996SPS shares the same engine as the 916SPS, but still made about 10hp over the base model. The 1999 version also had a Showa front fork which latter gave way to an Ohlins unit in 2000. After that, the SPS moniker gave way to the now used ‘R’ designation.

Where the standard 996SPS wasn’t as dramatic over the standard model, the bike up for grabs here features a 1026 big bore kit to give it some more power. There are some modifications to the bike besides the big bore kit, but the seller says all of the stock parts are included. Add some maintenance to the bike and a chance to score a some fully carbon fiber fairings fro an extra $500 on top pf the auction, and you have one serious bike.

From the seller:

Bike has always been serviced at local Ducati dealership. It was serviced recently at the tune of almost $1900 dollars.

Bike got:

New Clutch Sprang

New Pressure Plate

New Clutch Plates (aftermarket, slips my mind brand)

New Belts

New Clutch slave cylinder

All new fluids

Fresh brake pads and fluid flush

NewBattery(replaced again 3 months ago, faulty)

Everything the bike needed, the bike got! I’ve put a couple of hundred miles on it since I’ve gotten it back and maybe 8-900 miles total since I’ve owned it, it sat in climate controlled garage since I’ve owned it.


Fast by Ferracci 1026 Big bore kit

Terminiogni Full exhaust

Pazzo shorty gold levers

Gilles Rear sets

Open Clutch Cover

Fender Elimator kit

The bike seems well sorted and an excellent way to enjoy some back roads or the track. If riding this 2,900 mile bike at the limit inst you thing, then it would also make a nice addition to any collection. With Ducati ownership changing hands recently, these classic duc’s are sure to see some increase in value. Bidding is already active and this is sure to find a new owner as there is No Reserve and I see this going for over $11k easily. Check out the auction here for more photos and to bid on this Italian stallion!


Honda February 19, 2013 posted by

Nice and Clean ’85 Honda VF1000R

Location: Provo, Utah   Mileage: 16,000  Price: Auction

85 VF1000R

>85 VF1000R

The VF1000R goes way back when it comes to sportbikes in the U.S. It was only offered for a couple years and was a major step in the evolution of Honda’s sportbike line. It has a significant history in a storied line of V-4’s Honda has put out. From the Interceptor to the venerable RC30, to the VFR800, the V-4 from Honda has earned its place in history.

This is a very clean example of the VF1000R. Here’s info from the seller-

Here’s the very nicest 1985 Honda VF1000R you’ll ever find.  I’ve cared for this bike, it’s been kept all original, in pristine condition, just like it was when it was on the showroom floor.  You may find another 85 Honda VF1000R, but not like this one.  This bike should be showcased in a museum, and or personal collection.  A true collector will appreciate this particalur one.   Only reason I’m offering it for sale, is because I am moving, and really, I’m not using this bike, it’s just preserved in it’s original perfect condition.  It runs as good as it looks.  Watch my video on   click on this link   Serious Buyer only need inquire,  please feel free to call me, we can discuss any, and all your concerns, thank you very much  If you’re serious about wanting this bike, call me, I don’t think I will keep it on for the full duration, best offer is going to take it,  thank you

And photos-

The seller describes the bike as the nicest VF1000R you’ll ever find. Well, we’ve seen some nice ones here on RSBFS and this one looks to qualify as close to the top of the list. The bike looks stock, the paint looks to be in great shape and the mileage isn’t all that bad. If the bike runs strong and has been maintained as the seller describes, you should have a pretty sweet ride on your hands.

So if you have been looking to add a VF1000R to your collection or just want an extremely cool ride to make everyone turn their heads, you should check this auction out!


Kawasaki February 18, 2013 posted by

1972 Kawasaki H2 Hybrid Built By George Nash

1972 Kawasaki H2 750 For Sale

The H2, dubbed the Widowmaker in it’s day, was literally a scary fast motorcycle. Notrious for big wheelies and dangerous handling, it’s still a machine that needs to be treated with respect. This H2 however has been resto-modded you could say with modern wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension. Bidding is brisk with 11 bids reaching $10k in less than a day.

1972 Kawasaki H2 For Sale on eBay




Seller’s description:

Up for auction is a from the ground up rebuilt and re-engineered 1972 Kawasaki H2 Hybrid in pearl white built by H2 Guru George Nash. Google “George Nash Kawasaki H2 Hybrid” to see some of the other H2’s he has built. George’s bikes have been bought by buyers in the USA and all over the world. The green Hybrid that is in the one picture is on a ship right now heading to Australia. I have never had an unhappy buyer of one of his H2 Hybrids or restored H2’s. He is old school and meticulous about his work, so as usual this bike is flawless. George completely rebuilt the engine, rebuilt crankshaft, new seals, rebore, new Wiseco pistons and rings, ported cylinders, new paint, with custom decals made by RB’s triples in England, new tires, new seat, new chain and sprockets are just a few of the things he has done. Every part on this bike has been replaced or restored. The expansion pipes are made by Higgspeed in England, they are lightweight stainless steel, so they will never rust. Engine# H2E 24325.

Here are a few of the things he has done that make a Hybrid different from an original H2.

Upside down front forks, mono swingarm, 3 sets of disc brakes, mag wheels, ported, 34mm flat slide carbs, electronic tachometer and odometer that works of of GPS.

I rode this bike, it is super fast and has unbelievable power, but unlike a normal H2 it handles and corners like a modern day bike and it stops on a dime! Those of you that have ridden H2’s know about the horrible handling and non-existent brakes. This is the dream H2, it has it all, old school looks with modern day handling and brakes. Would I say that the widow maker has been tamed…, but it has been made a little more “civilized” but it will still scare the crap out of you, but at least you’ll live to talk about it. Those flat slide 34mm carbs and expansion chambers give this bike unimaginable acceleration power, so it’s nice to know that you have 3 disc brakes to stop quickly if needed. With all that extra power from those chambers and 34mm carbs with that big two stoke engine, those wide tires and the modern day suspension make all the difference in the handling and cornering. And the sound of that perfectly tuned engine coming out of those expansion pipes, it’s music to the ears of any two stroke fanatic. This bike is the “perfect 10” and will turn heads wherever you go. It needs nothing but a brave rider. These bikes are a better investment than the stock market and much more fun! There are only seven H2’s in the world like this. If you are looking for a H2 that really stands out from the rest of them, this is the one for you.

If the winner would prefer the bike in a different color, we can change the color to blue like the one in the last picture or to gold like the early 1972 H2 that came out in gold. Of course the wheels will match the which ever paint scheme is chosen by the winner.


Track Bikes For Sale February 18, 2013 posted by

Midlands Masterpiece: 2002 Spondon Framed TZ250

tz righttz left

Can the boys in the midlands of the U.K. improve on what came from the engineers in Japan?  I’m not aware that there were ever things lacking with late model TZ250 frames but Spondon took a swing at improving on the design.  Whatever the case, the whole unit makes for some serious stroker eye candy.

I’ll skip my incredibly witty small talk and lets see what we have here:

2002 spondon tz250, ex derick welch.
Not raced since 2007 just paraded and kept in my collection.
Spec as is.
Spondon frame and swingarm, carbon dymag wheels, double core kit radiator, kit cylinders new in 2007 very low miles since then, kit ignition, kit pipes, 2003 on airbox and fairings, 7 position curve map, ohlins damper, maxton front and rear suspension, Brembo m,cylinder, setup for avgas so ultra reliable, maintained by dennise trollpe thoughout its life as he was sponsoring him, plenty of data, for most uk circuts.

This bike clocked over 160 mph at the nw200 in 2007 and won and set the outright lap record at aberdare park against the likes of ian lougher and chris palmer.

This bike was reported to be around 100 bhp, from derick himself.

Comes with Spare fairing and seat unit, Some jets, spare battery, bars

This is a championship winning bike ready to race.>


tz front

What RSBFS reader can provide the details:  Spondon vs. stock frame?


tz arm

 That swing arm looks down right spindly compared to the stock TZ unit but a dead giveaway that it is a Spondon frame.  Visually, the chambers are art.


tz rad

 Oh, if I could only see this without the bodywork.  I think it would satisfy my radiator fetish quite nicely.  My bucket list would include a spin on a professionally prepped and tuned two stroke.



tz rear If you happen to have 14,000 GBP (approx. $22,000) sitting in a jar from your last trip to the U.K. you are in luck my friend.

 Here is the classified ad




Sport Bikes For Sale February 17, 2013 posted by

East Coast Opportunity: 1998 Honda RS125

rs left


A clean looking Honda RS125, proudly flying the Honda wing, is looking for a new owner in Holden, MA.  Not that you never see them but they are definitely  a rarer bread on the east coast.  Hey, save on the shipping cost and stock up on VP and Motul.


rs left rear


Looks like it is sporting a much sleeker later model (2004?) tail.

Are you wondering about spares though?  The seller claims a healthy amount that includes:

Seat foam, Frame sliders, Crank seals, Cylinder, Head Gaskets, Crank, Magneto Cover Battle Shifter, Battle Box, Bearings, Exhaust, Rear Sprockets, Reeds, Base Gasket, Chain, Water Pump Gasket, Used Clutch, Subframe, Reed Cage, Brake Pads, Tire Warmers, Front and Rear Stands


rs right

No mention from the seller on what possible mods it has had.  The starting bid is $5,500 on the little ring dinger.


Here is the auction.


MV Agusta February 16, 2013 posted by

Retail Exclusive: 2000 MV Agusta F4 750S Neiman Marcus Edition


When it comes to rare and limited edition motorcycles, none are more strange than the Neiman Marcus catalog editions. The retail giant has included high-performance exotica as automobiles by the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, and two-wheeled exclusivity by Ducati and MV Agusta. This particular bike is the latter, and was offered as part of the 2000 Christmas catalog as a 2001 model.


The Neiman Marcus Edition bike is identical to the mass-produced F4 750S model save for a shiny tag on the headstock (presumably to remind the user of the gross overcharging done over the holiday). To be fair, the 750S is a well-respected bike – but the N.M. plaque does little for the value. The real value in purchasing the bike from the silver book were the tickets (VIP, naturally) to that year’s Superbike race at Laguna, PLUS a day with Keith Code and the California Superbike School on the famed California track following the race.


From the seller:
2000 MV AUGUSTA F4 750S

Made for the 2000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog

1 of 10 PRODUCED

Full Carbon Fiber Amenities

Carbon Fiber Performance Exhaust


Badge-engineered exclusivity is not really my thing (and apparently not for most readers of RSBFS, given the comments on “limited edition” Ducatis and the like). But for some, this is indeed a rare and significant opportunity. When it comes time for riding, this bike is no different than any other 750S – and I imagine that there are not too many who simply want this to park in a museum, den or man cave.


This bike is available now the seller is asking $9,500 OBO. That is a bit of a premium over a standard 750S. This bike does have relatively low miles (3,114 claimed), but does the gold badge on the triple clamps warrant the extra cash? Check it out here and let us know your thoughts. Is a Neiman Marcus edition of *anything* on your wish list?


Ducati February 15, 2013 posted by

1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale with Just 706 Miles!

1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale

If you’ve been searching for a great looking SuperSport your wait may be over. While many will prefer the better equipped SS/SP model that came a few years later, some will agree they prefer the red on white frame combination. Personally I think it just makes the bike look more age appropriate somehow.

1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale on eBay


This example has not even really been broken in yet with just 706 miles. It appears all stock and ready for display. The owner states it runs perfectly but that even the tires are original, so I suspect it will needs some refreshing before any long rides.





Sport Bikes For Sale February 14, 2013 posted by

The Real Deal? Graves Motorsports R1

For Sale: 2000 Yamaha YZF-R1 Graves Motorsports


This is one of those opportunities that make you go “Hmmmmmm.” The seller has listed this as a 2000 Grazes Motor Sport Yamaha R1 (1 of 3 built for Chuck Grazes). Who is Chuck Grazes? When you look at the title picture, you can clearly see that the bike was originally delivered to Graves Motorsports. While Chuck Grazes is an unknown, Chuck Graves is well known as the man who owns the team that currently dominates AMA Superbike racing.


From the seller:
2000 yahma r1 grazes motor sport 1 of 3 built for chuck grazes – racing bike street legal – super modifid r1 -world super bike – less than 500

Its a 2000 R1 Yamaha grades reinforce frame, ohlins shicks. just double triple clamps the graves. Motorsport is the motor. 1 of 3 made for Chuck Graves for the 2000 seasons.


I really HATE to find a fantastic bike, and then resort to picking apart the seller’s offering. If this is a Graves Motorsport racing R1, then what we have here is a pretty neat, and reasonably historical find. However this bike is clearly not configured for street usage, and there is no historical information with regards to who might have campaigned this bike. Was this a Yamaha/Graves entry, a customer bike built by Graves, or something else? The seller mentions World Superbike, but I suspect that AMA Superbike is more likely. The pictures clearly show something special; I just can’t tell you what it is or where its been.


The time is short on this one and the opening ask is a high $25,000. No takers as of yet, but then again the potential pool for used race bikes – especially high-end ones – is relatively small. If you count yourself as part of that pool, click on the link and jump over to the auction. There are a lot of questions, and I welcome knowledgeable readers to chime in. Good Luck!


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