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Free It From The Ice: 1986 Suzuki RG500 (In MN)

rg right

Looks like someone was tired of the smell of Motul in the morning and traded their trusty RG500 in. Hmm, the bike is located in MN so maybe they traded it in for something with two ski’s on the front.

Update 2.14.2013: Bidding reached $11,100 when this was first listed just after the new year but failed to meet reserve. In the comments below someone indicates they’re looking for $15k. Bidding is up to $7100 after having been listed just this morning. Links updated. -dc

rg right rear

Their decision in a moment of weakness is your gain. The bike is up for auction and with hopefully a reasonable reserve. I said “hopefully” because quite often dealerships have unreasonable expectations on the price of “rare” motorcycles.

rg front

rg close

It looks awfully clean. I’m not seeing any sign of the front turn signals though. That would make me think this is replacement plastic on the bike (the seller does mention the bike has been resprayed). Might be worth asking about. Overall it looks quite stock with just after market chambers and Lance Gamma air filters.

rg tank

It has just under 20,000 KM’s which isn’t all that much considering the age of the bike. The seller mentions they have the stock exhaust and air box but no mention of the mirrors or turn signals. If it is aftermarket plastic maybe nothing was ever drilled for the mirrors.

rg left rear

RG500’s are the Camaro’s/Mustangs of the grey bike world. Everyone knows what they are and their legend. It just a matter of finding one in the condition you want and at an acceptable price.

Click for the auction if this one fits the bill for you.



  • Looks to be my old RG. Recognize the small holes in the rear solo cover. Chambers and pod filters have been added since my sale.

  • As far as the mirrors …..screws were placed to the brackets and a bar end was put on in their place. The lower cowl is “Sharkskin” but other than that I believe everything else was stock. I would question if it was tuned once the chambers were put on? We had a mule here that they did many plug chops on, tuned many bikes out of Canada using the same configuration but something that I know Rick doesn’t do. The stock slides on this bike have been cut 3/32 for more air and fuel.

  • The seller is looking for 15K, which is normal for this gamma, I will pass on it though.

  • there is a suzuki rgv lucky strike on ebay it is listed as a 96 but to me some things stand out that it is not body style exhaust were asking 7999.00 no bids now 6500.00 can some one look at it and give there expert opinion of to what it is?? i really would like to here from someone before i try to land it. thanks I think it is a 91 to 94 but not sure thanks al

  • Al,
    Is this the bike in question?

  • NO it is on ebay now also it is a rgv250 said to be a 96 but I dont believe it to be no air induction hole on left side of top faring next to head light and tail is different go to ebay search rgv the one for 6500 starting bid please give me your expert thoughts to what i am really looking at thanks al

  • Al, post the link here for us.

  • Dont know how to do that sorry.I will try to figure it out. he said it is a 96 on the title mabe they made a non sp model mabe it is a 96 thanks al

  • Al,
    Is this the bike?

    If it is, this is the same bike I posted the link to that we posted a few weeks ago. The post should answer your questions about the bike.

  • […] on the heels of the other RG500 for sale on eBay at the moment (which consequently has been bid up to nearly $11k, reserve not met and about a day to go), this […]

  • Al is talking about this bike. Its has tyga tail and stock fairing.


  • Theres an RG500 for sale in Tampa Craigs list for 14K, pics dont look bad, I may have a look.

  • Jimbo – I’m in W Palm Beach area, a friend is selling his RG500 in N Palm Beach http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/mcy/3603799599.html

    As for this RG on ebay, anyone else notice the non-stock upper fairing? Mid-fairings may be stock, but I can’t see the inside to be sure. Not worth $15k IMHO…

    Here’s the one I’m building with my buddy to race vintage in the UK: http://www.drhracing.com/2013-race-bike.html

    We’re working on redoing my SponDent RG500 special too…

    Keep smokin’!

  • wait – same bike in NPB and Tampa – the guy travels for work/ home between the two places…

    Very cool project. Keep us updated on both builds!

  • Thanks Ian – will do! Updates are on the page as we progress, and the SponDent will get a page as well.

    Anyone going to Daytona for the races? Meet you there!


  • I have to say that it’s not going to sell again.

  • I looked at it when it was on eBay the last time. Allot of rust in the tank, oil sitting in the lower fairing and the odometer cable was nicely unhooked and tucked into the fairing, who know’s how many miles are on it. A guy in the store who was also looking at it said he was 1 of 5 owners of the bike and that it had been raced for 5 years and crashed twice that he knew of and one of those was a high side which makes sense because the tailpeice is crooked. He also said the transmision had problems when he sold it. That can’t be the stock upper or the lower so i wonder if they were damaged in one of the crashes and if so the others would most likely have been replaced. I was told $14,500 from them. I dont think it should go to much higher than it is if you have looked at prior sales. $9,500?

  • Hey Scott,
    I have one of my gammas for sale in St pete or North Palm CL, I have 4 gammas now, would like to sell one of them so I can buy a different gamma. its in St Pete right now. Your gamma is looking sweet, hope to see you on a track day at PBIR soon, keep smoking!

  • Jimbo – you can reach me directly via my screen name at yahoo email. Let’s plan to smoke it up at PBIR!


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