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Sport Bikes For Sale February 24, 2013 posted by

Dear Santa: One Owner 1985 Yamaha RZ 500

The RZ500 is one of the most popular bikes on RSBFS, and we love to bring you clean examples of the breed. This particular bike is being sold as a one owner Canadian import with 31,000 km on the clocks.

Update 2.23.2013: Previously listed in December of last year, this RZ500 was bid up to $9,599.99 with no sale (22 bids – showing good interest). Thanks for the heads up Jim. Links updated. -dc

This looks to be an honest specimen; not perfect by any means, but ridden and relatively well cared for. Modifications – if any – are not obvious, although given the mileage a top-end rebuild might be in order soon. Buyers tip: If you are not familiar with two strokes, please do not ask the seller if it smokes upon start up!

From the seller:
1985 Yamaha RZ 500 Red with white color scheme. 31,000 kilometers(about 19,500 miles) V-4 two stroke engine with YPVS. one owner bike purchased new in 1985 from the Candian Yamaha dealer.Brought into the USA and registered and titled in the same state since new. Totally original in very good condition with original paint on the tank. The bike shows well and runs very well, once I purchased it, I had all fluids changed, the bike has a new airfilter and battery.

The body work has some small scratches under the grab rail on the back, the body work around the area where the turn signals come out has a small amount cut out of it probably from the bike falling over at some point as the front brake lever is bent. I see no evidence the bike has gone down at speed and the tank is undented and original paint as is the rest of the body work. The first owner who I purchased the bike from was about 50 years old when he purchased it new so it was always owned by an adult, he used it for commuting which how the miles were put on the bike. The YPVS powers right up when you turn the key on and the bike runs out very nicely.

This is a chance to purchase a very rare and exciting motorcycle. The bike comes with the original factory shop manual, the original factory parts microfische, various jets, a copied parts manual. I have a receipt for a new clutch that installed in the past.

The bike is located in Northwestern Connecticut about 75 miles north of New York City

As if to prove that RSBFS is a bellweather to all things cool and desirable, the bidders have turned out for this auction. The current price is up to $8,100 with reserve still in place, and bidding has been moderate. The bike has been listed elsewhere on the internet for $12,500, so it will be interesting to see at what point the reserve comes off. To check it out and get your chance to bid on this one-owner beauty, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Aprilia February 23, 2013 posted by

Living Room Life: Aprilia RS250 Regianni Replica For Sale in Florida

Aprilia RS250 Reggiani For Sale

I’ve always thought this was an awesome color scheme and this example shows very well indeed! The seller states it has just 7k miles and has lived the last 10 years indoors. It also has that very sought after piece of stamped sheet metal between the turn signals! The bad news is that it needs refreshing from prolonged storage. I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker but there will be some work required before you can ride it in the spring.

1996 Aprilia RS250 For Sale on eBay


Here is a timely thread on the AF1 Aprilia forum regarding RS250 values in 2013. Mind you these values are provided by owners but I’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see if their predictions are correct.



From the seller:

This bike was originally purchased new by an individual in the military, stationed in Japan. He had it registered for the road there, where it was street legal. Florida has/had a law allowing servicemen to bring their vehicle back to the US when returning and get it registered. This he did, and I bought it from him in 1999. The title is transferable and I currently have a road legal Florida title in my name.

I believe there are a few (very few) road legal RS250’s in the US that were modified to pass emission standards. (I read that bit on the web – so take it for what it’s worth) This bike is not one of those and has not been de-tuned.

The bike only weighs 311 lbs. dry. It’s got a highly modified (by Aprilia) Suzuki V-twin 2-stole engine. It puts out 70Hp and has a 6 speed gearbox with a racing pattern. (you push down to go up a gear)

It goes like lightning. Not in the style of a “big-torque” bike, but like a GP race bike. I’ve had over 60 different motorcycles in my life from big bore Harleys to classic Triumphs, Motoguzzi’s and race replica Ducati’s and GSXR’s. This is one of the very best, most fun, and unique bikes to ride.

I gotta say: This thing is a barrel of monkeys, a real hooligan bike.

It only weighs a little over 300 lbs and is on the small side. I’m 5′ 11″ tall and it fits me fine. 70Hp, 311 lbs. – do the math.

The bike is in excellent condition. BUT It has been sitting unused in my family room for about 10 years and will need a fuel system cleaning and brake line and caliper maintenance. The tank is plastic, so, definitely no rust. I’m sure that, with the above work, this bike will run excellently. I’ll get a new battery for it so I can double check the mileage. 7000 is an estimate and the gauges are all digital. The display has a lap counter, etc.


Ducati February 22, 2013 posted by

Nothing To Do With The Beach: 1988 Ducati F1 750 Santamonica

sm left 2 sm left

I know I would be quickly ejected from any Ducati gathering for even considering these bikes were named after a sunny California beach town.  Maybe all those pictures of Bimota Santamonica’s bathed in California sun have influenced me.  As the Ducati faithful surely know, these bikes were named in honor of Lucchinelli’s  TT-F1 victory at the Autodromo Santamonica in 1986.  They are very similar to the F1 Laguna Seca with just wheels, brakes and passenger seat setting them apart (of course the paint is different).

sm tank 2

 When you think back to 1988, Cagiva had a lot going on.  It is basically stock except for the race exahust.  The seller does have the orignal for the “stock is best” crowd.


sm frame

 Although time was starting to pass the F1 design by in 1988,  the Santamonica’s are highly collectible with under 150 being produced.

 sm forks

The Santamonica borrows the Muntjuich wheels and has full floating brake calipers.

sm clutch

It has had some use (13,000KM’s) but looks in great overall condition.

sm front

 If the cobblestones didn’t give it away, this one is located in Italy and listed on Ebay UK.  Bidding is ongoing and the reserve has yet to be met.  This isn’t one for the budget minded. 

Take a shot at it here.


How often do you see all these together?



Yamaha February 22, 2013 posted by

One Year Wonder? 1986 Yamaha SRX600


This wonderful survivor – a 1986 Yamaha SRX600 single – was offered for only one short year in the United States. Utilizing a single cylinder, air cooled motor, the SRX was impossibly narrow, and very nimble and flickable. Ultimately it lost out to the multis of the day; light weight and great handling were no match for serious RPM and horsepower (think GSX-R, Ninja, FZR, VF-R, etc) – at least in the US.


The SRX actually spanned about a dozen years in various markets outside of the US, including a 400cc variant for Japan. That is a pretty good shelf life for a bike derived from the humble and lowly XT600 DP offering. This model lineup even spawned a 250cc version, which lasted just as long as its bigger brother in the States. The timing was not right, and the SRX became one of the forgotten.


From the seller:
Offered here is a VERY RARE ONE-YEAR-ONLY 1986 Yamaha SRX-6 Super Single, in VERY GOOD, VERY ORIGINAL RUNNING condition! Made for one year ONLY in 1986, the SRX-600 was Yamaha’s entry in the “retro-pseudo-British-single-cylinder-revival-market”, which apparently both Yamaha and Honda (with their GB500) had high hopes for, unfortunately it did not work out that well for either manufacturer, motorcycle buyers in 1986 were apparently not impressed, and production ceased after only one model year. Fast forward some 27 years, and now both of these minimalist, light & lean super-FUN singles are now Cult Classics and highly sought after the world over… Funny how that works! In my opinion the Yamaha SRX-6 is a better motorcycle than the GB500 – lighter, more power, better handling, plus a huge selection of after-market go-fast goodies – and it is definitely a much better value, as nice clean GB500s are regularly offered at $5-6K or more, but you can get a clean good-running SRX-6 (like this one!) for around half that amount…

This one is remarkably original and in EXCELLENT running condition – Original frame & engine, cosmetics are very nice with original bodywork in factory candy red with silver side covers, original seat cover in great shape with NO holes or tears, it even has the STOCK airbox with built-in battery tray and COMPLETE STOCK EXHAUST system with original stainless steel header pipes and HUGE factory can & heat shield, which is pretty much unheard of since almost all of these stock cans were immediately tossed in the dumpster and replaced by a lightweight Super Trapp or something similar. As far as I can tell, the only things on this bike that are not original are the mirrors, the bar ends and the very tasty Progressive Suspension rear shocks!


The seller has also shared the good, the bad and the ugly.

From the seller:
There is a short list of issues that need to be pointed out, so I will get them out of the way: The tank had some rust and a few pinholes (shown in the photos below) when I got it, so it has been thoroughly cleaned and lined with POR-15; there is some light pitting on the top part of the fork tubes, between the two triple clamps – the seal travel area of both tubes is flawless, with NO pitting, scoring or wear in the chrome; the previous owner shot some rattle-can silver on the engine covers (his attempt to “deal with” the usual discoloration and clear coat peeling); there is no “SRX-6” sticker on the right side cover; the left front turn signal body is cracked; there are some dings on the speedo bezel; the rear seat cowl has some sun fading; and lastly the only mechanical issue that I am aware of is some clutch slip under very heavy throttle (this is a simple adjustment, just requires removal of the outer cover, I have not gotten to this but I do have the cover gaskets, which will go to the winning bidder)…

On the upside, the following work has been done within the past 6 months: New drive chain along with new countershaft & rear wheel sprockets; new steering head bearings; new fork seals & fork oil; valves adjusted; carbs cleaned & adjusted; engine oil & filter changed… Mechanically, this bike is in great shape – actual mileage on odometer shows 21,260 miles (and counting), relatively low mileage for a 27 year old bike, and with regular oil changes these engines (also used in the XT600 dual sport Yammies) are known to be pretty much indestructible. The SRX-6 is kick-start only – as you surely know – and this one is an easy starter when hot or cold, once you master the thumper starting drill… NO unusual engine noises, NO smoke, engine performs flawlessly up & down the rev range and wow does this engine love to REV! Clutch, transmission, suspension, brakes and all electrics work great, this bike is WAAAAYYYYYY FUN, no doubt about it! Both tires are very good – bottom line is this bike needs nothing other than the clutch adjustment in order to be ridden, and ridden HARD if you are so inclined!

Sold with clean California title in previous owner’s name, last registered in 2001, no longer in the DMV system here in California… As a bonus the winning bidder will also get a genuine Yamaha Factory Workshop Manual and a stack of NOS gaskets!!!


The SRX was noted as a ton of fun to ride – and I would imagine that is the same today as it was 27 years ago. The British look is back in style, and here you have a cafe racer of sorts that doesn’t need to be modified or hacked to achieve the look. Who knowns – something like this might even appreciate in the coming years. The current bid on this one is only $999 with reserve still in place. This one just might turn out to be lots of fun for not too much cash. Check it out here!


Honda February 21, 2013 posted by

Original ’86 Honda Interceptor 700!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana   Mileage: 17,941   Price: Auction

86 VFR700

86 VFR700

Not too accustomed to seeing a VFR700? Does the cc designation throw you a little? Well, that’s okay. The 700cc machine out of Honda was built to come in under the 750cc tariff the U.S. imposed to punish Japanese bike builders. Can you guess which U.S. company wanted the tariff? I’m sure you can. But if you can’t, it rhymes with Harley Davidson. So you had the tariff model VFR700, only made for a few years time as the tariff was eventually lifted.

This is a clean example of a really cool bike. The VFR has a stellar history all its own. Here’s the sellers info-

  • Very clean
  • Good solid original bike
  • Everything is in good shape
  • Runs well
  • Kept in climate controlled storage
  • Original tool kit included
  • Needs a new home
  • Needs to be ridden
  • Located in Indianapolis, IN
  • Inspections are welcome
  • Sold As Is
  • Cash or certified check accepted
  • Deposit due at end of sale (amount to be determined between buyer & seller)
  • Buyer assumes all shipping/delivery fees
  • Delivery can be arranged

And more pics-

This looks like a very well maintained bike that is described as a strong runner and original. Hard to find bikes like this and it’s only gonna get more difficult. The VFR is a significant bike in Honda history, so if you’re a collector, this may be a good opportunity for you. The mileage isn’t bad and I’m betting this thing is still a blast to ride. I also think it looks great too!

So if this bike is your thing, make the jump and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 21, 2013 posted by

Far Beyond Driven: 1994 Suzuki GSX-R1100 For Sale!

Daytona beach, FL – 20,129mi – $2,900 No Reserve


Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to jet on down to Daytona  Beach and pick up this sweet ’94 Big-Gixxer. This GSX-R1100 came with 156hp back in the day along with some ultra-90’s graphics. Sure, it wasn’t touted as the best handling or nimble bike on the road at the time, but with a top speed close to 180mph, you could bet your Discman and Reebok Pump-Ups that this could outrun pretty much everything on the road.


From the seller:

WOW! Where oh where will find another one like this? An ALL original 1994 GSXR-1100…true barn find. The only items on this bike that are not factory, is the Vance and Hines system, the stubbies, and stage-1 system. Other items replaced include fluids, plugs, brakes, and very recent Conti tires. This is a turn key unit….never raced, never down, and never altered. Must see to believe.


Not too much to point out on this bike given the description and the photos. It is near stock, with only a couple of mods and it doesn’t show any evidence of being down, which coincides with the seller’s description. Mileage is on the low side considering it is nearly 20 years old. It would probably be ideal to go through the bike and get it a solid tune-up as well. Bidding is currently at $2,900 with No Reserve. But hurry up as there isn’t much time left. Check out the auction here and make this GSX-R1100 yours!


Honda February 20, 2013 posted by

Rare Racer: 1991 Honda RS125R NF4 HRC

2013 is rapidly turning into the year of cool track bikes. Whether you are looking for a historic roller, a sweet silver track bike or a nearly new HRC machine such as this one, the first part of this year has been full of great choices.


This particular bike appears to be a stock item and is listed with what is claimed to be very little use. The bike is located in Germany, which can either serve as a great vacation and European delivery program, or a possible roadblock to purchase. Here is what the seller has to say about this gem:


From the seller:
More or less bran new HRC Honda RS125R NF4 from 1991 for sale. I need to reduce my collection and I bought this bike new and it did only 1 lap on a Honda road show in 1991 for demonstration. This is all milage the bike has done on a test track. You can only visible see on the tyres that teh bike was ridden this one lap and the rest of the bike is more or less NEW and for it’s age in very good condition. Bike is stored ince then dry. You would need to replace tyres and check brakes. Then this nice bike is ready to race.

Don’t miss the chance to get a very hard to find collectors item for your show room.
Bike is from 1991 and genuine HRC made. Everything untouched and like it left HRC Japan in 1991.

The Honda is located in Germany but shipping to US is not a problem. wooden crate is available and internation shipping agent can be recommended. If oyu like to get a better shipping value rather then shipping only one bike, I could offer more bikes out of my collection and you can upgrade to 3 or more bikes within one shipment.


If you are intent on collecting two stroke GP bikes and are missing a ’91 HRC model, then this might just get you going. If you are looking to start a collection, then perhaps contacting the seller might just be in your best interest. Apparently this individual has much more than just this RS125 to offer:


From the seller:
Let me know if you like to buy more HRC Race bikes (RS125 and RS250) and I will place them on EBAY-Motors for you to buy. Could offer for you 1994 new, 1992, & 1993 close to new Honda HRC RS125R NF4 bikes if you like.

If you are wondering how much fun you might be able to have on a 125, check out this practice video taken at VIR. If you don’t think that mixing it up with other 125cc two strokes and 250cc four strokes looks like fun it is time to have your pulse checked. Note: this video is not the bike being sold here today.

This auction is going on right now, and there have been zero bidders with the opening ask of $7,950. That is not very expensive compared to what the bike went for when new, but few things depreciate faster than last year’s race bike. Check out all of the details here, and then drop us a comment on this one. If you were in the market for a track bike would you go with an ex-GP machine such as this or opt for a “softer” street bike such as an NS-R? Good Luck!


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