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2002 Mondial Piega 1000

Following up on Doug’s Bimota post from Michaels Motorcycles is a 2002 Mondial Piega they also have available.  This is a hand-built, Italian motorcycle powered by a Honda RC51 SP1 V-Twin.  This bike has exotic looks with a dependable power source.  The seller states that this bike is one three in the U.S. with less than fifty made total.  The asking price for this bike is $32,500.  See it on Michael’s Motorcycles here.



  • This is a beautiful bike but has an SP1 engine not an SP2. The back story is that in the 50’s Honda asked Mondial to sell them some engines so the Japanese manufacturer could study the high performance machines. Decades later Mondial asked for Honda to return the favor. Honda doesn’t usually sell engines to anyone but they did in this case.

  • Mark,

    Thank you for the clarification. I had read somewhere that it was a SP1 motor and then another site claiming it had fuel injection which lead me to believe it was a SP2. Thanks!

  • I understood it was hard to confirm if sp1 or 2 motors, as Honda ‘offered’ to supply motors over the entire production period. Either way, the Mondial made more power than both the Hondas and was lighter. Hondas race team manager was asked if they would lend Mondial an engine for the launch show, it needed the permission to come from Honda, and unexpectedly Honda decided to do more, and offered to supply ‘all’ the engines for production, and racing, as Suzuki pulled out just prior to the show. A few were supplied with the race system, easily identified by the dual pipe visible by the right rearset.

  • Oh…. there were more than fifty, actually 120 claimed built, but suspected less. Be careful before you buy one, to make sure it isn’t one of the embezzled/stolen 11 on Mondials website…. they are looking for them. The frame no.s are published plus engine no.s so easy to check.

  • […] Back in 2009 we posted a Piega in the U.S. with 1700 miles and the asking price was $32,500.  With the low miles I guess this could possibly be the same machine. […]

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