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Honda January 19, 2023 posted by

Well On Its Way – 2003 Honda Fireblade 954RR on BaT

2003 Honda Fireblade 954RR on BaT

If you rewind the clock on the motorcycle industry one of the more interesting things that you should notice is the breadth of engines that are floating around in the wake of today’s 200hp superbike motors. You’ve got your massive v-twins, V4s, boxers, and singles and the list goes on. In my opinion, the variety is what makes so many different bikes from different segments entertaining to ride. It’s also what makes the different companies stand out from each other. All the manufacturers have contributed to the engine-rich history of motorcycling but one of stands out above them all: Honda. This 1.2k mile 954RR and its sub liter motor is merely a section of a bygone chapter in Honda’s motorcycling biography but it soon may be one that we come to enjoy revisiting more and more often.

The 954 marked the end up the sub 1,000 cc track-focused suprbikes from Honda. The factory released 5 generations over a decade so when they got to the 954, there wasn’t much left to do. The 929RR engine was already seriously lightened but the engineers were able to shave yet another 2 pounds off for the 954. The displacement increase came from boring out the jugs by 1mm and this resulted in a oversquare setup in the 954RR. All the weight savings and power increase resulted in a 2.4 lb/hp power to weight ratio which is not too far off from some of the liter bikes today. I think what draws me to some of these early 00s sport bikes with motors between 600cc and 1,000cc is the torque. You get close to liter bike-levels of torque but with hp figures that are slightly more manageable. The lightweight chassis also get you closer to a 600 in weight. That combination of hp, torque, and weight seems spot on for delivering an experience that’s both exciting and accessible for the common man.

There’s not much else you can do the 954RR to make it perform better. Power upgrades tend to be intrusive and there aren’t many full exhaust systems on the market. I also think this low mile bike should be kept as stock as possible. An easy cosmetic change is an upgrade to the RC51 rims. The 3 spoke wheels on the 954RR are not my favorite and the 5 spoke RC design fits my tase much better.


From the listing

Features include a full fairing, a solo saddle, a passenger pillion, and a four-into-two-into-one exhaust system with a Two Brothers Racing slip-on muffler as well as black-finished 17″ wheels, triple disc brakes, and rearset foot controls. The bike is said to have spent approximately a decade in storage before it was acquired by the selling dealer in November 2022, and subsequent service reportedly included replacing the battery, the chain, and the rear sprocket in addition to flushing the fuel system and changing the oil. This CBR954RR has 1,200 miles and is now offered at no reserve with an owner’s manual, a tool kit, two keys, a Gorilla alarm fob, the removed slip-on muffler, and a clean California title.

If anything is true about the 9xxRRs it’s that they age well mechanically and cosmetically. Early model year Fireblades have seen the most appreciation but as time passes the later model years find themselves higher and higher on the value curve. I remember seeing nice 954s transact for $3-$4k about 3 years ago. Of course the market still sits higher than it once was but clean examples are getting harder and harder to find. This example is extremely low miles and seems to be in top cosmetic condition.

To me, this is a long-term collector buy. Fireblades haven’t hit the hockey stick part of the value curve but I think they slowly will. I usually like to post rideable bikes but considering the showroom condition I think this one should be to be put on display.

The bid currently sits at $6.5K at the time of writing. Good luck!

Thanks for reading,


Well On Its Way – 2003 Honda Fireblade 954RR on BaT
Honda December 13, 2022 posted by

Stocking Stuffer: 2004 Honda NSR50R

For many a factory race bike is the end all, be all of the motorcycle world.  It represents the pinnacle of what is possible.  The OEM has a budget that few can fathom and when they pour R&D money into a platform some amazing things can happen.  Rarely sold directly to the public these rare machines are coveted by collectors and racers alike.  Sure you can modify a street going bike into a racer and develop it over time.  But taking the short cut and starting with a purpose built race bike yields many dividends.

As with anything there is a spectrum to consider.  When talking factory race bikes people understandably go right to the top tiers and think MotoGP bikes.  While those do come to market from time to time, they demand eye watering price tags and require a team of people to attempt to use them in anger.  For the NSR50R one has to think about as far down the food chain as possible.  All the way down to a 50cc pocket bike.  Sure that might not sound like much and some haters at the local pub will claim it is a scooter.  But what they fail to see is that this offers the first of many steps up the ladder of greatness.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

This 2004 Honda NSR50R is equipped with a liquid-cooled 49cc two-stroke single paired with a six-speed transmission and is finished in white with a black number plate on the front fairing. Equipment includes a twin-spar aluminum frame, full-fairing bodywork, a telescopic front fork, an adjustable monoshock, 12″ alloy wheels, and disc brakes.No title. Message for any questions or concerns.

If one is in the market for a small displacement track bike like the NSR50R it is actually not that hard to find a brand new example like the one here today.   Many were bought with the intention of use, but sadly not all of these dreams came true.  Some were also purchased to be stashed away in collections, or on display in man caves.  It is always impressive to be the owner of a factory built race bike.  Anyone in the know will tell you that these bikes are weapons on go kart tracks.  Offering a very cost effective way for riders of any skill level to hone skills.  You need not be a child to get anything out of this bike.

Stocking Stuffer:  2004 Honda NSR50R
Honda December 8, 2022 posted by

Victor / Victoria – 1990 Honda VFR400 NC30

I’ll start with the obvious: Having owned this bike for over 18 years, the seller is hardly a flipper. And those 18 years of ownership also help the two-faced images you see in the photos. This particular NC30 has enjoyed many years of riding adventure, and is likely not destined for a museum. Rather, this is a plated and proven gray market steed that can be enjoyed by the next rider without fear of mileage, a new scratch or worse. It even includes an outfit change, allowing you to express yourself depending upon your mood. Best of all, the NC30 is a jewel of a bike to ride, and is very likely to continue to be a collector classic well into the next couple of decades.

1990 Honda VFR400 NC30 for sale on eBay

Looking very much like a baby RC30, the VFR400 offers a similar gear-driven cam V4, but of smaller displacement. The bodywork is very much RC30, right down to the endurance racing inspired twin headlights. The single-sided swing arm is another nod to the big daddy of collectibles, and helps establish the NC30 as a road-based scalpel in its own right. Expect about 60 horsepower right up where the tach reaches 13,000 RPM, pushing the 370-ish pound package along smartly.

From the seller:
This is a 1990 VFR400 NC30 with 15826km (9835mi) with clear Colorado title.
I have owned it for 18yrs.with regular use other than 2022.
It has always been maintained by me with regular oil changes, carb tuning and recent reshiming of all valve clearances.

More from the seller:
It currently has the original body work installed which has some cracks and repairs.
Included is a complete as new aftermarket ROTHMANS body set with fuel tank. This is pictured on the bike before replacing with original body work.
Rear wheel is 17″ from NC35 to facilitate more tire choices.
Original 18″ wheel is included along with original front wheel with mounted discs.
Recent fork seals, Avon tires, new battery.
Various spares included, carbs, manuals, sprockets, cables, air filter, etc.

The NC30 was made available in a variety of liveries and colors in different markets. This bike was apparently the black/red scheme when originally shipped, but the seller is offering a mounted set of Rothmans bodywork along with the sale, in addition to the stock bodywork & wheels. Mileage is stated at just under 10k, which isn’t bad for the length of ownership. Keep in mind that these were never federalized in the US, and thus the clocks are in kilometers. This looks to be a pretty neat rider, with zero bids on a $6,500 opening ask and a $9,500 Buy It Now option. Located in Colorado, you can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Victor / Victoria – 1990 Honda VFR400 NC30
Honda October 24, 2022 posted by

Wrongfully Imprisoned: 2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP

Honda knows how to build a motorcycle.  They have been doing it for decades, and the CBR line is the stuff of legend at this point.  Always renowned for excellent road manors and approachable performance, the CBR line has offered plenty of choices for buyers over the years.  What Honda does not always know how to do is market a new version of a new bike.  Case in point is the 2014 CBR1000RR SP.  If you are asking yourself what the SP version is, you are not alone.

In the same vain as an R Ducati, the SP was designed as a type of homologation version of the standard CBR1000RR.  Lighter wheels, more powerful brakes, Ohlins suspension, and a few other trick bits were added to the SP.  These parts really are  bargain at just $2700 over the standard bike.  Honda took great care in developing the bike.  The engines were hand blueprinted and make the better part of 180 horsepower.  Full production numbers were never officially released, but most rumors put the numbers in the mid hundreds for the world.

Today’s example has never been started or used.  It is perfectly preserved.  Seems like only yesterday this was a brand new offering from Honda, but in reality it is about to become a teenager.  Strange to think that something of this era is on the cusp of becoming collectable.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

The new limited-production SP isn’t an exotic like the RC30 or RC45, it’s special in its own right, with a hand-balanced engine, top-level Ohlins suspension, and Brembo brakes. It was the basis for Honda superbikes worldwide and this street bike is among the finest on the road. Everything about the SP’s is just a bit more refined feeling. This example has spent the last few years in The Throttlestop Motorcycle Museum after we uncrated it. It’s never been fuel up or started. It’s like the wrapper was just pulled off, it simple outstanding in every way. This is one of the best-looking modern Superbikes around and this special and limited production SP takes the cake.

This is an interesting listing for a few reasons beyond it being for an amazing motorcycle.  The market over the past couple of years has been insane to watch, and recently started making wild moves again.  Some bikes are still selling for huge money, and others have struggled to find new homes.  If there is one constant, it is change.  Zero mile examples of top tier specs have always been in demand.  These are often unlikely bikes to have been tucked away due to the fact they were incredible machines to ride and use.  While the SP is no doubt a great machine out on the road, the sales were a total flop.  Many bikes languished on dealer floors for years.  Partly due $16,999 MSRP and partly to do with the appallingly bad marketing by Honda.  Buyers simply did not know the bike existed when new.  Does all that translate to a 13 year old bike selling for more than MSRP when new?  Personally I think not as there are surely others out there to choose from.  Maybe it is less of an argument about paying too much, but rather buying too early.  As more and more people start to understand what a great bike there are, demand will finally rise and so will prices.

Wrongfully Imprisoned:  2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP
Sport Bikes For Sale October 17, 2022 posted by

We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R

The Honda CB1100R is a rare – and relatively unsung – homologation bike from the fabled stables of Big Red Racing. Loosely based on the CB900F street bike, the CB1100R was designed as a production racer in the European theater, and was a popular platform for endurance events. As a street bike the CB1100R is potent and a little bit rowdy, while maintaining all of the quality and reliability you would expect from Honda. Produced across a small span of years (1980-1983) and in limited numbers (and markets), the CB1100R continues to stand out from the crowd some 40 years later.

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

There were several changes to the model over the short run of bikes. The 1982 “C” model was the first to have full bodywork, as the initial launch featured a half fairing and solo seat arrangement. The 1983 “D” model resembled the previous year model, however there were many bodywork and chassis pieces that were all new. So while this is a multi-year model, the specific year of the bike is an important detail. The “B” spec original bikes mostly ended up in Austraila & New Zealand, while the C and D models expanded distribution through Europe as well.

From the seller:
Mythical CB 1100R
This is a type C produced in only 1500 copies
Honda’s latest and greatest air-powered 4-cylinder

This motorcycle has remained unused for a long time, which explains its very low mileage. It has just been completely overhauled and put back on the road.

More from the seller:
Refurbishment of carburettors, brakes, fork, new tyres… just waiting to be driven. The engine is healthy and the cycle part in perfect condition. Only a few small paint defects attest to its age. It is of course equipped with the original exhaust line, chrome mirrors, the original screen and we find all the little details that sign an authentic CB1100 R with the Honda finish of the time.

This bike is in its own juice, very beautiful but not perfect, but so authentic and endearing. Completely original, which is very rare on these models, and with a very small mileage.

Today’s 1982 CB1100RC looks to be in very, very clean condition. The large aluminum tank looks to be in great shape, as does the plastics (with some minor scuffs in some areas). The engine and cases look clean, as does the front and rear suspension. Check out those quick release front forks – proof of this model’s endurance racing heritage! There appears to be some confusion with the mileage: The advert states 10,500 miles in the text, but zooming in on the pictures shows 18,949 KM – which converts to approximately 11,700 miles. Still, that is not much rolling for a 40 year old work of art. The bike has been cared for – and shows it.

Pricing for the CB1100R models has varied over the years. From a high water mark in the $30 range, down to half that price for bike with higher mileage and more use, the never-officially-imported-into-the-US model is a rare bird in the States. Today’s seller is asking $25k – which is on the high side of the range, but certainly lower than some we have seen. Whether or not this sells is down to the market, but appearance and the desirability of the model are two key factors;
and this one scores high marks in both. The bike is located in France, meaning that US-based investors, uh I mean riders, will need to consider transportation into the equation. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R
Honda October 13, 2022 posted by

Three for the Road – 1985 Honda NS400R

In the spate of GP racer replicas that littered the 1980s, perhaps none are as perplexing as the Honda NS400R. Patterned after the NS500 that Freddie Spencer rode into the history books (with a nod to the RS500 privateer machines), the NS400R shared the GP bike’s odd 3-cylinder arrangement. And while the NS400R was the biggest two stroke street bike in the Honda arsenal, it was seriously outgunned by both the Yamaha RZ/RZV500 and Suzuki RG500 Gamma. Still, the Honda brought some innovate touches to the party and should be considered for anyone interested in a GP replica from the era of the smokers.

1985 Honda NS400R for sale on eBay

Like the big Yamaha, the Honda NS400R arranges the cylinders in a 90 degree vee formation. But in the Honda’s case, there are two cylinders laying flat in the front of the motor, and the single rear cylinder sticks nearly straight up. This allowed Honda to centralize the mass of weight lower, and closer to the ideal location for weight balance. The lack of a 4th cylinder simplified packaging of the individual expansion chambers and triple flat slide carbs. This unusual powerplant was nestled into a boxed-section aluminum frame which optimized geometry for the GP-inspired 16″ front wheel. Dry weight was reported to be a relatively svelte 360-ish pounds, and with 71 HP extracted from the screaming three cylinders the Honda was perhaps the easiest of the big two strokes to handle.

From the seller:
1985 Honda NS400R in an original unrestored condition as it came from Japan starts and shift like it is a 2 strokes beast. All original including the windscreen which is a very hard to find an NS400R with original windscreen. The motorcycle still wears its original paint. It was not been dismantled nor been altered or tinkered with. I bought it from a motorcycle dealer in England who imported it from Japan. It was not cheap and easy to get it here and register it. I replaced the battery (Yuasa), chain (DID), the front tire (Bridgestone Battlax), grips and the handlebar weight with nos ones. It comes with a clear title Japanese and brochure. The bike is registered with clear Texas title in Hand and in my name. Checks/money orders have to clear before I release the motorcycle. Deposit is non refundable.

Area that needs attention:

Front upper and lower fairing
RPM needle sticks sometimes
Broken Left peg

Fun little Honda quirks abound on the NS400R. Front forks are air adjustable with anti-dive assist. Out back there is an aluminum swingarm acting on a Pro-link single shock with preload adjustment. The aerodynamic fairing covers the majority of the bike, and includes touches such as aero fairings on the forks AND the kickstand. Pretty cool!

The Honda NS400R is a real gem from back when the Japanese were trying all sorts of engine combinations to find success at both the showroom and the racetrack. Today these are hard to find in decent condition, and they always command a pretty steep price. Today’s bike is not perfect – as highlighted by the seller in pictures and text, but it is certainly presentable. There are some scuffs here and there which is to be expected from a used bike of this age. The solo-look seat cowl seems to be missing, and (to me) the front fender looks slightly different than the brochures for the red/white/blue models – but does look consistent to the Rothmans livery models. This might be due to variations in components for different geographies; experts on the model are welcome to chime in. The asking price for this one is, well, steep: $17,500 in Buy It Now format. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Three for the Road – 1985 Honda NS400R
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Closer Look Needed: 2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2

For decades the CBR line from Honda has been offering incredible performance packaged into a useable platform.  Long have reviewers talked about comfort, solid street manors and how approachable the performance envelop is.  The SP name plate was first used for the 2014 model year.  This version had a number of upgrades over the standard CBR1000RR.  Lighter wheels, Brembo calipers and Ohlins suspension were among these changes.  Normally this kind of specification is reserved for uber expensive Italian offerings.  While not exactly a bargain basement offering, the Honda did represent a great value in the market when new.

The MSRP of $25,000 got you more than just the fancy suspension and brakes.  It got some really interesting little details like a titanium fuel tank, oversized valves and over a 30 pound weight reduction when compared to the pervious version.  Without getting extremely nerdy, the valves and details in the cylinder head were really special.  Honda when the extra mile with this homologation bike and designed a head that would work on the street, but would allow race teams to aggressively port and polish the head to extract maximum horsepower.  It is very cool to have such focus on race team changes on a street bike.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

If you know bikes, you know what this is. A unique SC77 Honda SP2 Fireblade. Only 500 ever made, out of which 100 was raced and no longer in circulation. Worldwide only 400 in existence. In the US we have 65 of these still in existence.

I have tastefully modified this bike with a KC2 Stage 3 Race tune with the quick throttle option. Calibrated for 190/55.

Racing Stacks, Yoshimura Alpha 1 Exhaust, ASV Levers, Piug windshield, Axle sliders and a bunch more mods. Too many name. ECU has a lifetime support and warranty.

There is no question that a closer look is needed before pulling the trigger to purchase the bike.  There is odd damage to one of the turn signals and a couple of worrying scratches.  Perhaps it is just a poor presentation of an amazing bike.  The SP2 was not something that was casually purchased when new.  These were not well marketed, offered in limited numbers and commanded a premium price over even the already pricy SP.  Many of these bikes have been used as intended and that should not in itself scare away buyers.

Closer Look Needed:  2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2
Honda October 11, 2022 posted by

Track Day Tuesday – 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer!

Break out those leathers. Dust off your knee sliders. It’s time for another Track Day Tuesday on RSBFS! And today’s find looks like a whole lot of fun. No longer the weak and basic entry-level commuter as Honda intended back in the early 1980s, this FT500 Ascot has been transformed into what looks like a track day beast. There is much to love about embracing simplicity with a bunch of cool upgrades, and the overall effect is, well, check it out for yourself.

1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Frame XR500 Engine Vintage Road Racing Bike (AHMRA, CMRA, WERA)

This bike is unlike anything you have ever ridden. The ’82 Ascot is renowned for being a balanced good handling bike. Great sound from the big single “thumper” with it’s dual exhaust ports. Light, quick, precise steering and surprising power. Nothing is stock on this bike. Most everything was re-engineered. Lots of love and development went into its building and racing.

Frame: 1982 FT500 Ascot frame. All excess metal cut off. The “back bone” boxed & reinforced.

Rear Suspension: 1992 Honda CBR600F2 custom modified swingarm with Penske triple adjust rear mono shock, 4.5 inch width F3 wheel and Nissin performance rear disc brake, new master cylinder.

Front Suspension: 1998 CBR600F3 (ex HRC Ben Bostrom factory bike) front end and Showa forks, F3 front wheel, dual Nissin performance front disc brakes, new Nissin radial master cylinder, stainless braided lines, Renthal grips, external racing steering dampener, clip-on bars, ‘glass lightweight F3 fender.

More from the seller:
Engine: 1980 XR500 single, bored and sleeved to 568cc, Wiseco 12.5 to 1 comp piston, valve to piston clearance and decked for maximum performance. Cylinder head fitted with Kibblewhite Black Diamond 1mm over intake and exhaust valves with seats, ported and polished chamber & runners for max flow, Mega Cycle roller cam, Mega Cycle race springs and keepers, titanium valve spring caps. Eral’s remote oil cooler with steel braided lines and aluminum compression fittings. Nology high performance coil, magneto driven (no battery). Kill switch (required). Fresh Motul 300V 15W50 (only the best!).

Carb: 39mm Keihin flat slide with hand-made aluminum velocity stack for smooth acceleration. Jetted to run strong on 110 Octane leaded race fuel.

Exhaust: Custom built Stainless steel 2 into 1 header with a Termignoni carbon fiber can off a 1099 Ducati cut down for sound and performance. Custom aluminum bracket.

Driveline: Stock transmission, chain gearing uses oversize front / undersize new rear custom sprockets (Sprocket Specialists), new CCI 520 XRing racing chain. Custom rear-sets.

Tires: Fresh Shinko 008 Race slicks (tire warmers recommended) 120/60R17 & 150/60R17 sizes

Fresh tank and side cover paint to match original (Ferrari red), race decals, lots of attitude. Aircraft style quick release fasteners. Hand formed aluminum catch pan.

More from the seller:
Bike comes with a custom built “Flat Track” style electric starter with battery (see pic). Way better than even more expensive electric roller starters.

Lots of spares: 1- XR500 and 1- FT500 engine (both disassembled), 2 CBR600F2 swingarms, engine and transmission internals,, drive sprockets, & misc. hardware in large plastic totes with lids. Race stand included.

It’s a blast to ride and will make more modern 600cc bikes look bad on the track. This is a great vintage “track tool” that is ready to go…. Or just put it into your collection.

Own a unique, “one of a kind” historic racing motorcycle.

Track day bikes can be as basic and stock as taping up the headlight(s), taillight and turn signals. Some folks take that a step further and remove some of the street pieces entirely. But to create a race bike is one step further committed, from safety wiring brakes and drainplugs to engine and chassis upgrades specifically for competition. This FT500 Ascot can trace its roots back to the lowly commuter bike of yore, but looks stunning and menacing it its present form. The best part? You could not build this for what is on offer. Opening bid starts at a lowly $4k, and the Buy It Now is $6k. This has already gone a round or so on eBay without selling, but interest will surely come. Fancy a little circuit training the RSBFS way? Check out all the details on this sweet build of a racer, and Good Luck!!


Track Day Tuesday – 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer!