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Bimota August 26, 2022 posted by

She Got Legs: 1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera

All Bimotas are rare. It doesn’t matter the model, the year, the capacity. Sure, some models are much more rare and drool worthy than others (here’s looking at you, Mantra), but all are built in small-batch goodness. So what happens when you take a really, really cool model such as a YB11 Superleggera (Italian for Super Light) and go a bit bonkers on upgrades? You end up with today’s glorious hot rodded and sublimely modded 1997 model YB11. Powered by Yamaha’s ubiquitous FZR1000 Genesis motor, this California-based bike has left no dollar unturned in the quest for horsepower updates. To tell the story, I’ll hand it over to the seller:

1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Bimota YB11 Superleggera 97-99 5500miles one owner 148bhp Rocket ship for a Fzr (For Sale)
I don’t think there is a better sorted YB11 worldwide .
1997 model ,1999 brought new for $28,000 from Rocket Motorcycles in San Diego (Bimota Importer )
Built engine by U.S.A No.1 FZ/FZR builder Curt Jordan, Jordan Engineering.
-6 Speed custom transmission (5 speed oem) ($2200)
-Performance cams ,degreed
-Stainless valves
-Race valve springs
-12.5:1 Ratio
-Port matched
-Pro shift Kit
-Yamaha kit race clutch
-Modified race airbox
-All internals were Cryo-ed frozen
So much more ,just a sample and is all documented in Curt’s hand writing (invoice) .

More from the seller:
30% Bhp increase (147 at the wheel) ,for a total $9175,$3575 being labor (That’s 20 years ago! ,600miles since that performance rebuild).
I just brought it out off storage and spent a easy $3000 this week ,battery ,tires ,all fluids ,forks ($1000) ,New brake pads ,RK Chain ,carburetor rebuild ,fuel pump and pet-cock and so on.

If you ever wanted to own a Bimota , Yb11 are the nicest to work on by far and parts are easy to obtain and are so much fun to ride them.
I have had this one sitting for 15years and I only rode it once unfortunately. Clean title ,all the Oem paper work truck load off receipts ,factory race stand ,Oem muffler etc … There are Chips in the solo seat (as per photo ) and a small rub mark on the mirror which you really need to look for, It is a 25year on Italian bike so its not a new bike there are marks.

So, mechanically, this 25 year old is really quite a bit newer – and buffer – than a cursory glance would show. And sure, it does have a few minor, uh, um, character lines that show a past history that wasn’t all indoor carnauba wax spa days draped in 100% terry cloth towels. But for a bike that is mean to be ridden, for a bike that seeks to outperform the stocker OEM that donated its guts to power this beauty, usage should be mandatory. Think of it as an experienced partner. And the best part about this one is the cost of the bike is NOT the going rate for a clean YB11 PLUS all the mods and upgrades PLUS all the labor PLUS additional fees. Given what has been done, the Buy It Now of $12,995 seems almost reasonable. Except your leggy Italian supermodel now breathes fire on the way to “you are going to jail” velocities. Check out all the details here, and Good Luck!!


She Got Legs: 1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera
Bimota June 1, 2022 posted by

Long Way To Go: Bimota HB3 in Japan

The 1980s were a last hurrah for the mighty air cooled four cylinder superbikes.  Soon water cooled engines would produce more power and start to dominate the performance charts.  One of the high water marks of that era was the Honda CB1100R.  Those bikes were desirable in period and remain sought after additions to many collections.  For many the closest one will ever get to these rare motorcycles is to build a plastic kit of one.  Bimota saw what Honda had achieved with the engine and thought that they could turn the wick up a bit.

Reducing the weight, adding better suspension and improving the frame design created an even more lust worthy machine.  The Bimota HB3 was the third iteration of a Bimota with a Honda engine.  Just 101 of these motorcycles were built.  As with anything this rear it is far fetched to find one local, let alone at all.  This example is located in Japan, but due to the age there should be little problem importing it to anyplace else in the world.

From The Seller’s Listing:

It was stored for a long time in the warehouse.
The inside of the tank is clean. (Because it is made of plastic, there is no rust.)
Since the front and rear brakes have been disassembled and cleaned, there is no sticking.
The rear brake master cylinder is not working.
(Repairable with general-purpose products)
I cleaned the inside of the carburetor.
Oil was sprayed and cranked in the cylinder.
Battery needs to be replaced.
I have lost my key.
(Since the handle, electrical system, and key are made by Honda, you can create a key from the key cylinder.)
There is no exterior or other rust.

There are 101 cars in the world, and the number of existing cars in Japan is probably one hand.
It is a very rare individual.
We strongly recommend checking the current car.
We have all pointed out the engine, so we will correct it.
I recognized that the engines of CB1100R and CB1100F are the same, but since the point cover and crankcase of CB1100R are gold, my vehicle is the engine of CB1100F.
will add the progress on the engine key and tank key.
Keys can be created from the cylinder. Since you can construct it on a business trip,
we will arrange it immediately if you make a successful bid.

A Buy It Now price is listed of about $20,000 USD and as of writing has not been sold.  The price might be slightly optimistic after digging into the listing.  It appears that the bike has been in long term storage and will need a decent service before being put back on the road.  If static display is more you thing, a basic detail should be all that is needed to end up with a rare sport bike that anyone would be proud to stare at for hours.   The billet work is wonderful on these bikes and the engineering is rather interesting as well.

Long Way To Go:  Bimota HB3 in Japan
Bimota May 20, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing: 1998 Bimota SB6R

In the spirit of full disclosure, this bike is being offered by RSBFS contributor, William. -dc

If you have been a reader of RSBFS for any length of time, you know we are huge Bimota fans.  The appeal is the wonderful marriage of exotic Italian design, incredible engineering and the proven performance of an OEM engine.  In this case the SB6R is powered by a water-cooled GSXR1100 engine.  Service cost are kept in check by the use of the Suzuki engine.  Suspension is Paoli adjustable forks out front and an Ohlins adjustable shock in the rear.  Plenty of stopping power is provided by the Brembo Goldline calipers.  The end result is a machine with the reliable power of the GSXR1100, but the better part of 100 less pounds to move down the road.

We have featured many examples over the years and this particular bike was purchased here in 2019 by me as my first Bimota experience.  I had a long standing passion for the brand and jumped at the opportunity to get this bike back on the road.  At this point my passion has surpassed my garage capacity and this bike needs to be moved on to a new home.  As with any bike that has gone a while without use, the fuel system needed to be cleaned.  Viton seals were installed in the carburetors after a total tear down and ultrasonic cleaning.  New intake manifolds were installed to replace the original dry cracked units.  Tires, breaks and service items were also installed.  Under my stewardship I have covered about 500 miles of trouble free enjoyment.

Details About The Bike:

For the 2020 season:

  • Michelin Power RS Tires

  • New Battery

  • EBC Brake Pads

  • All Hydraulics Flushed

  •  Coolant Flushed

  • NGK Plugs

  • Carburetor Rebuild

  • New OEM Suzuki Intake Boots/Manifolds 

The bike shows very well with low mileage of just over 3,000 miles.  The red bodywork pops in the sunlight, and the Corse exhaust provides and intoxicating sound.  The carbon is glossy and the billet work is amazing to look at.  All lights, gauges, switches and systems work as they should.  Would be at home on display as part of a collection, or out for the occasional Sunday ride.  No leaks, smoke, funny noises or issues to report.  This bike will provide many more miles of enjoyment should the new owner decide.

Sold with a Clear Title and an asking price of $13,500. 

Featured Listing:  1998 Bimota SB6R
Bimota May 12, 2022 posted by

Relative Bargain: 1993 Bimota DB2 In The UK

Less is often said to be more.  Less weight means better handling.  Less power can mean the rider can extract more from the machine and end up having more fun.  Less complications translate to lower service costs.  If someone was going to email the RSBFS crew and want a recommendation for a bike that embodies this mindset, most of the time the answer would be a first generation Ducati 900SS.  We love that bike, and for good reasons.  But today lets explore a bike that is both very similar to the 900SS and very different.  The Bimota DB2.

The Bimota DB2 is powered by the venerable air cooled L twin two valve Ducati engine.  Producing about the same horsepower as in the Ducati.  Quotes range from 82 to 86 horsepower, on average about a 2 horsepower bump over the Ducati.  Maybe that is real, maybe it is marking fluff.  The number that stands out is 30 pounds.  That is roughly how much less weight the engine in the Bimota has to lug around.  That is a hugely impressive achievement when you consider that the 900SS was not exactly a tank to start with.

The uprated suspension and Brembo calipers ensure confidence when the rider is pushing the limits either on the road or the track.  Service costs are kept in check as the Ducati is know for being a reliable and easy to live with power plant.  Components are easily sourced.  This is not a bike that is going to consume brakes and tires like a modern superbike.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

1993 Bimota DB2. Ducati Bimota 904cc
these were only produced in very small numbers using Bimota’s Lightweight trellis chassis and running gear mated with the tried and tested Ducati 904cc V twin engine
( A perfect Combination) This is a very collectible lightweight V Twin that is fantastic to ride especially on B roads, just 20309 km equating to 12,619 miles.
A total of only 408 DB2s produced worldwide, out of these only 123 came with the half fairing seen on this bike.
Fitted as standard with an Ohlins rear shock, Paioli Forks and Brembo Brakes, which make for an exceptional ride.
Worldwide and nationwide delivery available.

Was surprised to see that the But It Now was only 7,500 Pounds Sterling .  Traditionally there is a fairly even world wide demand for motorcycles like that, and with the prices of the 900SS examples ever rising, this really feels like a bargain.  Only 408 were made, and only 123 feature this split fairing bodywork.

Guess the real question is:  “Would you save a couple of bucks and buy a 900SS, or would you splurge and take the DB2?”

Relative Bargain:  1993 Bimota DB2 In The UK
Bimota March 25, 2022 posted by

Tasty Exotic: TL1000R Powered Bimota SB8R

Exotic motorcycles can be polarizing.  For some the cost of admission when new is too high, others will fear service and maintenance woes.  But this Bimota SB8R offers an interesting mix of Italian flair, low production numbers and the reliability and support of an OEM Suzuki engine.

The engine is lifted from a TL1000R so service costs are very low, and an owner can sleep soundly knowing that should an unfortunate even befall the V-Twin, it can be sorted without having to hunt down rare parts.

This particular bike has upgraded lighter wheels, and Arrow exhaust system, a few minor period add ons and low miles.  There are a few questions that need to be raised though.  The seller lists it as a 5 speed, and that is assumed to be a simple clerical error.  The bigger question surrounds the turn signals.  Units installed on the bike are not correct, and two of them are damaged.  It looks like this likely happened while moving the bike around in storage, but it is worth confirming.  Strange that the selling dealer would not at least remove them before the pictures.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2000 Bimota SB8R Motorcycle

Limited-production track ready motorcycle
#3 of around 150 produced total
Aluminum & carbon fiber frame
1,000cc engine producing 135hp and 5 speed manual transmission
3,245 miles shown, but the title is mileage exempt
It’s not everyday that we get in a motorcycle as special as this one, a 2000 Bimota SB8R! MotoeXotica was Missouri’s sole Bimota dealership for many years until the unfortunate bankruptcy of Bimota, thus making this a very special bike for us.

The red paint of this SB8R is in fantastic shape, with only small imperfections, and the carbon fiber is still in tact. The gold wheels are a nice contrast, and are in good shape. The seat has no visible rips or tears. One of the rear turn signals is missing its cover.

Under the seat lies the 135 horsepower 1,000cc engine, mated to a 5 speed manual transmission, which truly makes this bike a rocket. Out back, it also features an Arrow performance exhaust, which gives this bike a truly one of a kind engine note.

This bike is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows 3,245 miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt title. GET OUT AND DRIVE!!!


RSBFS posted about his bike in June of 2019 here, and it does not seem that much has changed since that listing.  The $13,900 asking price is in line with what others have been listed for.  Unsure if the time on the market is starting to turn would be buyers off, or if the pool of Bimota buyers is just too small at the moment.  The upgraded wheels is a very expensive and desirable addition, and not really mentioned properly in the listing.

With the sharp rise in price of this era Japanese sport bike one can only wonder if something like this will demand a premium over a similar condition TL1000R.

Tasty Exotic:  TL1000R Powered Bimota SB8R
Bimota March 9, 2022 posted by

Take Everything Up A Notch: Bimota DB4C Moto Corse

The motorcycle world offers many interesting rabbit holes to dive into.  One can spend hours learning about a bike that only a few dozen are ever built.  Something that defies logic from a monetary standpoint, something that is just so over the top one would struggle to picture the intended buyer.  As one learns more about these rare machines they might understand it is never going to be for them, but they are happy to know it exists as it is a lust worthy creation.  The DB4C, a Bimota that was modified in Japan by the amazingly talented Shin Condo is one such example.  In period a buyer would have to write a check for $60,000 to get one of these motorcycles.

If Bimota took the Ducati 900ss recipe and elevated it, Moto Corse took things to the moon.  Sure the DB4 was more compact, made slightly more power and dropped a few pounds.  This was all well received, even if it came at a premium price point.  Some will be failure with the Moto Corse “kits” that were installed on standard DB4.  This was a set of FCR carbs, a fuel tank to clean them, a Ti exhaust and a few other minor tweaks.  The inhouse built DB4C is more of everything.

Power was increased by way of a big bore 944cc engine build that consisted of high compression pistons, performance camshafts, larger carbs, and a full exhaust.  The power was transmitted tot he road via an upgraded dry slipper clutch.  Weight was further reduced through the extensive us of titanium hardware.  The bikes were fully disassembled so that the signature gold finish could be applied to the frame.   Lighter magnesium wheels were installed, and on some bikes alloy Ohlins forks were utilized.

From The Seller’s Listing:

First year registration: April 2013, meter display distance: 14715 km, vehicle verification description distance: 13800 km.
At that time, it was a complete Motocorse vehicle produced in a limited number of 50 units worldwide.
It is a vehicle that has been exhibited and stored for a long time, and is currently immobile and unconfirmed (it is stored indoors). There was a car inspection in December, H27, and it seems that I was riding until then, but after that it seems that it has not moved at all.

The DB4C, a limited production vehicle of 50 units, was produced as a full-scale collaboration model with DB4C Bimota.
A slipper type butch forged high-comp piston with a 2mm wider bore, a combination of a Ducati L-twin scaled up from 904cc to 944cc and a special gold-finished frame, as well as a titanium exhaust, FCR carburetor, and magnesium wheels as standard equipment. It has produced performance that far surpasses that of the base DB4

Japan has long been the go to country for exotic motorcycles for sale.  This example is listed on Japan’s Yahoo Auctions.  Export should be possible to much of the world.  When dealing with bikes this special it is unlikely to find something local.  If willing to ship across a county, it is not a huge leap to transport around the world.  The wider the net one casts, the better chance they have of catching something.  As when new, the elephant in the room is cost.  The opening bid is set to just over $31,000.  That is a staggering amount of money for any version of a Ducati 900ss or DB4.  There were people out there when these were new that were willing to pay up to have the best, and that might still be true today on the classic market.

Any DB4 is a rare thing to see come to market, so for many of us we just settle for drooling over images, or collecting press material.


Take Everything Up A Notch:  Bimota DB4C Moto Corse
Bimota February 24, 2022 posted by

Whitehouse Custom: Bimota Tesi 1D Forgore Bianca

The rampant excess of the 1990s is a glorious time period to look back on.  For those with the available funds, the sky was the limit.  Nothing seemed out of reach and few places embodied that ethos like Japan.  There were many shops offering custom upgrades to rare and exotic motorcycles.  Tuning companies  were more then willing to help customers spend their money and create unique and wonderful machines.  One such creation that is sure to be at the top of the heap is the WhiteHouse Bimota Tesi 1D Forgore Bianca, or White Lighting.

For the time, many viewed the Tesi 1D as about as outlandish and unique as one could get in two wheeled form, but WhiteHouse offered a laundry list of upgrades, changes and modifications to let buyers take things to the next level.  WhiteHouse already had a history of offering similar services on other more standard motorcycles for the local market.  They still offer parts and services to this day.

Customers could choose almost anything they wanted.  They got to pick the materials the custom bodywork was created from, the paint colors and even got to offer some feedback on the overall look.  The changes were more then just skin deep as well.  Options like FCR racing carbs to replace the weber fuel injection, high flow exhausts, and uprated suspension were also available.  None of this came cheap, with rumors of $50,000 builds are common.  Data is limited, but most agree only a handful of the 417 Tesi 1D got the treatment.

From The Seller’s Listing:

Regarding the vehicle you referred to, the engine has been confirmed to be movable at present, and although there are small scratches and small rust due to normal use (see detailed photo), it will be a base vehicle in good condition.

295 Km

Small oil leak

This bike was for a very specific type of owner when new, and that has remained constant.  Currently offered in Japan with a price tag of $49,500.  Listing is lacking details on exactly what specifications it was built to, or what options were selected.  No indication of service history, but some mention of needed tires and other small jobs.

The market is very strong for period correct high end modified vehicles.  A couple of weeks ago a RUF 911 from the early 00s sold for the better part of a million dollars.  Many view the $30-50,000 price mark as the end of the earth for motorcycles, but when viewed through the lens of cars it is an amazing bargain.  You get all of the experience, style and history for a fraction of the buy in cost.

If you have ever dreamed of creating a custom motorcycle with something like a Bimota Tesi 1D as a base but lack the funds of fortitude to dive into a project like that, maybe it best to dip a toe in the water with a model instead.

Whitehouse Custom: Bimota Tesi 1D Forgore Bianca
Bimota February 16, 2022 posted by

Master’s Thesis: Bimota Tesi 1D

The other day a Vyrus 985 caused quite a stir in the comments.  It seems that having all that engineering on display was polarizing.  Hopefully this Tesi 1D has all of the engineering appeal, in a more visually pleasing package.  The Bimota Tesi series of motorcycles stands high water mark for the design of the brand.  The core idea behind the striking front end is to better control the forces acting on the motorcycle while turning or under braking.  With conventional telescopic forks the suspension geometry changes under braking load.  The front end of the Tesi aims to isolate the braking force from influencing the suspension geometry.  The design also allowed for the center of mass to be lower, and in latter versions the overall front end was lighter then a traditional front end.  Obviously this all was wildly complicated and costly to manufacture and never really gained traction in mass produced motorcycles.  The Yamaha GST1000 used a front swingarm for a sport touring applications, and BMW incorporated some of the concept into their duolever front ends.

In total 418 Tesi 1Ds were manufactured across a couple of different model variations.   All but 51 were powered by a version of the Ducati Desmoquattro engine.  The early bikes with a 851cc displacement and the latter 904cc.  The 51 utilized the 400cc Ducati motor from the Japanese market 400SS to meet tax and import laws.  The demand in Japan for Bimota has always been strong and often Bimota has created smaller displacement models specifically for Japan.  It appears that the example today started life as one of these 51 Tesi 1Dj and at some point a 904cc engine was swapped in.  The add also mentions that the OEM fuel injection was removed and replaced with FCR carburetors.

From The Seller’s Listing:

It is an exhibition of the art work Tesi 1Dj Kai of bimota.

It is a hub-center steering type bimota Tesi without a front fork .
It is a very valuable vehicle.
It is a custom vehicle equipped with ZDM904 on Tesi 1Dj with 50 production units exclusively for Japanese specifications , and has been certified. We have obtained a vehicle inspection.
It has been maintained and has been inspected, so you can drive it anytime, and of course it is stored in the garage. It is a rare vehicle that is rarely distributed in the used car market.

The mileage is unknown because the engine has been transshipped, but the mileage of the car body is currently 4,552 Km .
Engine ZDM904
Carburetor FCR
Wheel front and rear Marquezini
Brake brembo
Tires Replaced with new tires before and after vehicle inspection Obtained Traveling about 200 km

For reference, this is an article published in recent years on bimota Tesi hub center steering.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to ask questions in advance and bid after you are satisfied.
You can check the current car at any time.

As of posting no bids have come in on the $40,320 opening price.  The bike is located in Japan, so many buyers will have to factor shipping and import taxes.  These bikes rarely pop up for sale, but the price seems inline with other data points.  The paint is a non standard design, but the Japanese importer was know to paint bikes in a similar fashion in period.  The images of with the bodywork off are a welcome addition and showcase some amazing billet work.  Eagle eyed readers can spot and opened clutch cover exposing an aftermarket pressure plate, or maybe a slipper clutch set up.  The price point and the location are sure to limit the number of people in a position to add this to their garage, but it is nice dream sometimes.  A quick look around eBay did yield a Bimota Tesi 1D that can be bought much easier because it is 1/12 the size of a real one.


Master’s Thesis:  Bimota Tesi 1D