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1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R #58 For Sale!

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R #58 For Sale.

Location: Tempe, AZ
Mileage: 3,849
Price: $20,000.00 with no reserve

Nothing will brighten your day more than finding a low mileage RC30 while snooping around eBay on a rainy Saturday morning. It looks like this one is going to bring smiles to the faces of other RC30 owners because with a mere 173 views (at time of writing this) there were 16 bids with 9 days and 12 hours left. The smiles will come because this one will help raise the ‘market value threshold’ for the hoarders… er… collectors.

Pretty darned nice if I do say so myself. ‘Clean’ was the first thing that I noticed about this particular machine. Obviously, the owner has taken very good care of #58 and it shows in the high quality photos. They also have disclosed a few ‘imperfections’, but I can only find 1 of them while viewing the photos.

At first read I was a bit surprised at how fast this one jumped up, but then after admiring it several more times my opinion was put in check. Read on and then we can debate it in the RSBFS.com discussion section.

Second owner, originally from Seattle dealership;

-Not raced or modified;
-3,849 miles (most from a single trip by wife from Phoenix to Northern California);
-Parked last 11 years in office and living room. Bike has been taken out and started every spring and fall;
-Oil changed within last year. Other fluids (brake, coolant) within last 2 years
-Original tires
-Original brake pads have lots of life left
-New battery
-Rear stand included
-Owner’s manual and toolkit

Professional repairs from storage damage to tank and rear cowl, mirror and caliper;
– Tank – New decals and clear coat
– Rear Cowl – 4″ fiberglass repair, red paint and clear coat
– New right mirror
– Minor scratches on left front caliper (see photo)

I can certainly appreciate how clean it is and wouldn’t expect much less from a machine of this caliber with such low miles. As I mentioned, this one has really grown on me and I now understand why it has better than average activity on it. I never claimed to be quick so hold the comments please :).

The original tires, original brake pads, toolkit, all the stickers are in place, no modifications, near perfect windscreen and the overall clean condition really make this one special in my mind and no, I didn’t forget about the respray of a few parts. The repair work looks to be excellent and well done and if you can’t live with a few ‘picks’ then check out our featured ad that has a set of brand new OEM RC30 bodywork listed for sale which is simply amazing in itself.

Yes, I imported every picture for your viewing pleasure. I’m going to sit back and watch how this one unfolds, but one thing is for sure- this one will sell and should fit nicely in any collection. Now where is the RSBFS.com ‘WANT’ button?


Interested in placing a bid?

Let me just say that I love my wife and would do anything for her, but it would be a cold day in hell before I let her ride my perfect, collectable machine on a 3,000 mile journey! (psst, don’t tell her I said that)




  • I hate you people…Why do you do this?

  • Just to irritate the wives of viewers such as yourself 🙂

  • There’s a bit genius in letting the wife ride it. If you don’t see it you haven’t been married long enough or you married the perfect women or you have so much money nothing really matters.

  • i think the wife thing is brilliant. the thought of my wife riding an rc30 from here to phoenix is pure sex! gives a whole new meaning to bike porn!

  • Doug , surely you realise you are playing dirty as the VF1000R is nearly finished and a new project reqiured , posting an RC30 right now is just plain nasty , please do it again.
    The wife owns half the VF1000R just wondering on my chances of getting away with her going halfs in an RC30 , think I’ll check the life insurance policy first,lol……..

  • Stu- Just to clarify….

    You’re checking hers so you can pay for this one yourself or you’re checking yours in case you pull the trigger and ship another one 🙂

  • Please stop pumping this bike so the price stays in my budget!

  • Are you sure you want to be rockin round on a 20000+USD bike on 20 year old rubber? A new pair of tyres is cheaper than the annual insurance premium and none of us want to see a beauty like this get binned

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