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Classic Sport Bikes For Sale January 8, 2012 posted by and RSBFS Facebook Weekly Recap

Hope all of our readers had a Happy Holidays! In case you missed what has shown up on or the RSBFS Facebook page during the chaos, here is a look at what has shown up on the sites this week. Ranging from a vintage racer from the 20’s to a flashy middle brother to the OW-01 and OW-02. There might even be a couple homologated specials thrown in there, particularly one wrapped in hand laid fiberglass… Enjoy!

1958 BSA Gold Star on ClassicSportBikesForSale

1974 Moto Morini 3.5 Sport up for auction

Vintage Special! 1928 Zenith Racer

1994 Yamaha YZF-750R on the cheap!

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R in New Hampshire

1989 Honda RC30 For Sale in Canada!


Honda November 17, 2011 posted by

Collector Alert! 1990 Honda VFR750R (RC30) For Sale!

Location: Westminster, MD
Miles: 534
Price: Currently $13,099 ($37,000 BIN)

Update 11.15.2011: Relisted. Last time the Buy-it-Now option was $37k and reserve was off at $30k. -dc

It’s been a while since we have seen an RC30 pop up here at RSBFS that isn’t located overseas. So in case you have forgotten or just don’t know much about these in general, allow me to refresh your memory. The VFR750R (RC30) was a homologated special designed to compete in Super Bike racing. It was produced from 1987-1990 (though some might show as 1991 models depending on the time they were initially registered). The bike features hand-laid fiberglass fairings, titanium connecting rods, as well as several other race-oriented parts.

In 1987, the VFR750R was only produced for the Japanese market and featured a restricted 77hp motor. 1,000 of these JDM units were produced and are distinguished by their smaller diameter headlights and black mirrors. The RC30 was produced for other markets around the world in 1988 and 1989 and had a claimed 112hp engine. These bikes featured the “VFR750R”
branding on the tail as well as larger diameter headlamps and white mirrors. In 1990, the U.S.
received the RC30 with about 86hp on tap for the 49-state model (which features a “0” in the 8th position of the VIN). The California model (which is identified by a “1” in the 8th position of the VIN) was more restricted and had a low lift cam and softer valve springs while redlining at
12,000 rpm (12,500 rpm redline for the rest of the U.S. models). The U.S. version is also distinguished by the “RC30” decal on the tail versus the “VFR750R” seen on non-U.S. models. As a side note, there were some bikes made for the UK market in 1990, so the U.S. was not the only place to receive the 1990 model year.

On to the RC30 that is for sale at hand. No immediate complaints or call-outs come to mind and it is easy to see why, as this bike has only racked up 534 miles in its 21-year life. It does have a “0” in the 8th position of its VIN, so this is not one of the heavily restricted California models. The only flaw I can spot is a hazing of the windshield, and the seller does mention this.

From the seller:

The bike starts up as shown on YouTube video at their website ( There are no scrapes, dings, or road rash. The bike has never been driven in the rain, never washed, waxed, or cleaned. There is a slight opaqueness to the clear plexiglass-type windshield due to aging. There are products available to help clear that up. There are micro surface irregularities on the hand-laid up polyester fairing due to age (too small to photograph). All rubber components show no sign of age cracking, to include tires. All fluids are original as delivered from the factory, except for fuel. Inspection is available for serious buyers with the funds. No test rides.

Perfect bike! Certainly one of the best motorcycles ever produced. Bike is being sold at a very reasonable price. Clear title in hand. Included in this auction are – the motorcycle as pictured and described, owners manual, factory tool kit, accessory bike support, original battery, and
original RC30 brochure.

This bikes looks to be as clean as they come and would be a prime collector’s example. Now, there may be one thing (or 37,000 things) standing in you way of buying this beauty. Yes, the $37k BIN is definitely above the range we have seen RC30’s go for in the past. To find one in this condition with this low of miles for sale is tough, so it is hard to tell if this bike will command its price tag. But it will be very interesting to see just how high this bike get bid-up and you can bet that other RC30 owners will be keeping an eye on this. I will be keeping an eye on this one for sure. You can check out the auction here and make it part of your collection today!


Honda November 4, 2011 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 #004 with 3,568 miles For Sale

Location: Seattle, WA

Miles: 3,658

Price: $38,000

When it rains it pours! And if you live in Seattle you know that all too well. If you live in Seattle, you also have the opportunity to purchase an RC30 in your hometown. That is where the third RC30 to grace the pages of RSBFS is located. We hadn’t had one of these come up in a few months then all of the sudden we have three in two weeks! I am all for it. First there was the near mint example that was pulled from eBay after it reached over $30k in a heated bidding war. Second, we have another one located in Canada that is still up for auction for a lot less than the previous one. Next we have another low-mileage and properly modified example in Seattle with a hefty price tag.

The RC30 in question here is the fourth one to be built for the U.S. in the 1990 (only year for the states) model year. It is also the 49-state model, meaning it is not one of the more congested California units. It does however feature some modification. But, I wouldn’t consider these mods that would drive the price down seeing how most of them are HRC factory performance pieces. These include HRC ride height adjustor, HRC racing exhaust, HRC ECU, HRC carburetor jetting, and HRC 17’’ wheels. If you so desire, you can turn it back to stock as all of the stock parts (wheels, exhaust, signals, and reflectors) are included.

From the Seller:

This RC30 has been with the 1st owner from July, 1990 until August,
2011 when it was traded in to my used bike store, Red Label Moto. This is a
49-state model that was sold new by the Brothers Honda to a local collector and former club racer who is also a good friend and customer. I’ve known about this bike since the late 90’s when I met the 1st owner. I asked him politely about 200 times over the last 13 years to get a shot at the bike if he ever decided to part ways with it. A few months ago he decided that 21 years was long enough so he traded the bike in.
It is # 004 of the 300 sold in the US… JH2RC3003LM200004 with 3568
miles on the clock.
As far as condition goes, it is staggeringly nice/mint in every way having
never been damaged, tracked or abused. I’ve seen a few with even more stupid
levels of low mileage, perhaps some of those are just a tick better than # 004
in the cosmetics department. There may indeed be better examples, but in all
seriousness there are very few areas of this bike that do not present
“as-new” or even “perfect”. It is just as nice in person as
in the pictures.
Mechanically speaking, the bike operates as well as it looks. Over the last
2-plus decades, it has always received the best of care. There have been a few
instances it went unused for a long period of time. Every time that happened
the owner woke the bike up by bringing it to the some of the best local Seattle area technicians/specialists to ensure there were no issues. Most recently (earlier this year) Alex at Max RPM went though the bike head to toe. Carbs, fluids, fork seals, engine tune, battery, etc. I just installed new Michelin Power Pure tires that have been ridden on 0 miles.

This bike has several upgrades that can all be reversed should some future owner wish to have the bike 100% stock. Some of these mods are now impossible to find.

~HRC magnesium racing wheels. 17″ x 5.5″ rear and 17″ x 3.5″ front. The gold paint and HRC decals on the wheels are original as these hoops have never been used for racing or needed refinishing. The 1st owner sourced these in the early 90’s and even back then they were hard to come by. These wheels are very close to perfect condition and have only had tires levered on/off a few times.

~HRC ride height adjustor which is necessary or at least highly recommended for running a 17″ rear wheel.
~HRC full racing stainless exhaust system. Again, not something you are likely
to find on closeout at your local Honda dealer.
~HRC kit engine management ECU.
~HRC kit carburetor jetting and HRC diaphragms/needle slides.
~Custom aluminum open airbox/air filter holder. All of the stock airbox
bits/pieces are in boxes and included. This is a very nice bit of kit that was
custom made by a local fabricator. The bike is jetted/tuned to run pretty hard
with this setup and the fierce intake sound is a nice side effect.
~Tidier front/rear turn signals. No, there were NOT any holes drilled in order
to mount the front signals. There are clever little brackets behind the signals
instead of holes in the fiberglass.
~Deleted reflectors.
~Removed peg feelers.
~Removed kickstand rubber thing. FYI the kickstand does have a few scrapes from touching down a time or two during spirited cornering.
All of the stock parts that were removed are included. Includes both factory
keys, original tool roll, owner’s maintenance manual, an HRC parts list set-up
manual (xerox copy) and the display stand.
In my opinion, this is a very special machine. A fantastic, fully sorted RC30
that is ready to ride, show or collect.

Well again, there you have it, another fine example of the greatest sport bike ever. The last go around, I honestly didn’t expect the bike to go for +$30k, but I was wrong. This example is listed for $38k and I can see it going a good amount given its “desirable” modifications and collection of stock parts and documentation. It is not as low of miles as the last one, but under 4k is still pretty low. If you missed out on the last one, then you can check out the craigslist ad here and put this at the top of your Christmas list!


Honda October 26, 2011 posted by

’89 Honda VFR750R (RC30)- Canadian Style!

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mileage: 14,511

Price: Auction, opening at $18,000 US

Well, here we go. Another Honda RC30/VFR750R for sale. I’m not going to go into all the detail about these bikes cause you can get that information by reading Jared’s excellent write up on RSBFS from about a week ago. And I’m sure most RSBFS fans already know plenty about the RC30. Really what this bike represents is the finest in sportbike design and manufacturing. It’s a truly special machine.

This one isn’t quite the pristine example that was posted by Jared but it’s still the real deal.

Here’s the photos-

The information from the seller-

For sale is a rare 1989 Honda RC30 with 23,354 km (14,511 miles) on the speedo.  This is not a museum quality bike as the pictures show but if it was in any better shape I wouldn’t want to ride it. That said I’ve only put about 200 miles on it in the past 14 years since I bought it. Please look at the pictures closely as I have tried to show any flaws.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have but please don’t ask about trades. Shipping is up to the buyer and I will not crate it but I will drop it off any where inside Calgary Alberta Canada.

$1,000 deposit is required via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction closing.   Full payment with in 10 days via cash or bank transfer.  The bike will not be shipped until the funds clear my bank.


Engine: four stroke 90° V-4, liquid-cooled with gear-driven double overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder.

Bore & Stroke:  70.0 x 48.6mm

Displacement:  748cc

Compression ratio:  11.0:1

Carburetion:  Four 38mm Keihin

Exhaust system:  Stainless steel, four-into-one

Ignition: Computer controlled CDI

Transmission:  Close-ratio six-speed

Primary Reduction:  Straight-cut gear: 1.94

Final Drive:  O-ring sealed chain; 2.50

Chassis: Twin-spar aluminum frame using engine as a stressed member; Pro-Arm single-sided aluminum swing-arm

Suspension:  Front – Center-axle cartridge-type fork with quick-released axle clamps.  Rear – Nitrogen pressurized shock absorber with remote reservoir, adjustable for spring preload and compression and rebound damping.

Wheelbase:  55.5 inches

Brakes:  Front – Dual 310mm floating discs with four-piston calipers.  Rear – Single 220mm floating disc with twin-piston caliper

Fuel capacity:  4.75 gallons

Dry Weight:  407.9 pounds

The seller highlights above and the mileage shows that the bike has been ridden. And with that come all the standard dings and scrapes featured in the photos. So for someone looking for a museum piece, this may not fit the bill. However, it’s still a fairly stock (Yoshimura pipe being the exception) VFR750R. That means you will have one of the most collectible and well built sportbikes in existence. For me, it also takes the crown of best looking bike ever made.

The seller is starting this auction at $18,000 US, which seems somewhere in the ballpark for this machine. The earlier RC30 hit the $30k mark, but this bike can’t be compared to that one. The market continues to develop on these bikes and premium examples will command premium prices. However, this bike is still very desirable for collectors and should increase in value over the years.

So if you couldn’t quite reach the last RC30 on RSBFS but are still looking, this bike deserves your attention. Time to get in the collector bike game? Well, make the jump and place your bid!


Update: Our Facebook page has had some comments on this bike from those who have seen it first hand and some interesting notes on current market values. Make sure to stop by and chime in! -dc

Honda October 13, 2011 posted by

Exotica over the pond: 1992 Honda RC30 in the UK

For Sale: 1992 Honda RC30 VFR750

Located in Lincolnshire, UK is what many refer to as the Holy Grail of homologation sportbikes: the vaunted Honda RC30 (also known as VFR750R). Designed as the road-going model to enable Honda to compete in World Superbike via Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), stats on the RC30 are pretty well known: titanium connecting rods, gear driven camshafts, a 360 degree crank which provide a “big bang” firing order instead of the smoother 180 degree crank on the regular VFR models, a close ratio gearbox suitable for track use and a slipper clutch.

From the seller:
I am selling my rare Honda RC30 that I have had in my conservatory for years.

It is finished in a limited edition Rothermans Grand Prix paint run done from new from the factory.

Carl Fogarty signed and laquered in on the rear panel.

I have just taken it out my conservatory and had it MOT’d and new fork seals fitted as it has been stood.

This is one of the last UK bike not an import registered 01/08/1992 so is the higher powered model.

It has covered 19000miles.

The asking price of this classified listing is £14,995 – which equates to approximately $23,500 US greenbacks. That is a bit above the “average” RC30 pricing we have seen, but this does look to be a clean example that has been well cared for. It is unknown how much status the Carl Fogarty signature adds to the bike; while Foggy is known as being the most successful World Superbike rider of all time, the vast majority of his championships came with Ducati. In fact, Foggy’s Honda-based runs for the championships were aboard the RC45, not the RC30. Still, with a HRC racing heritage, the signature does complete the theme nicely.

If you are looking for what is considered one of the key homologation collectables in the world today – and are either in the EU or willing to move a bike from Jolly Olde England – then this might be your golden opportunity. For more information you can check out the listing here. Good luck!


Honda August 8, 2011 posted by

Japanese domestic model Honda VFR750R RC30 being offered for quick sale- Don’t hesitate!

Honda VFR750R RC30 Japanese domestic model for sale!

Location: Queens, NY
Mileage: 26,040
*asking* price: $17,000.00

If you’ve been looking for a cheap entry into the world of RC30 exotica your train has arrived.

The story goes like this-

This is a Japanese domestic model RC30 that has been converted to US spec due to an unfortunate accident. The seller is in need of some quick cash and looking for a quick transaction.

Here’s the story:

> I love this bike, but I’m in a bind and it’s got to go. NOW!
Bike’s in good shape, but I wrecked it last fall.

On the bike, the wreck damaged the following (everything repaired/replaced):
– fairings (lower was not on bike when crashed)
– seat unit
– mirrors
– gauges
– front turn signals
– switchgear
– brake & clutch master cylinders
– side stand & boss
– front & rear sub frames
– front wheel
– right rear set
– #3 (right front) header
– tank has dents in both sides, but no creases and no rash (I’m hoping to not deal with that)

Amazingly, the headlights were not trashed, but since my spare fairings, sub frames, and switchgear is all US-spec, I had to swap to the US headlights too (the US headlights are larger in diameter). So, it’s a Japanese bike, but with US headlights, switchgear, gauges, and upper fairing. I had to change the left switch electrical plugs pin outs to make them ‘play’ with the Japanese wiring. The harness was NOT changed at all, just the US-spec hi/low and turn signal switch plugs. As noted in the list, the frame-boss that the side stand bolts to was also snapped off. I had my garage-mate mill up a replacement and tig-weld it into place. It’s a good, clean job and I have pictures of everything. The #3 Yosh header (right front) got a nasty long flattening dent in it which I solved by cutting the header at the dent and pounding both halves back out to round, then having garage-mate weld that back together too.

I’m throwing in the Japanese manual, and if it’s wanted, the damaged (though repairable) original tail piece. The lower fairing was not on the bike when wrecked and of course goes with it now. I really do need the space, but also need the money, so I need to do a deal on this one asap.

Clean title, a stack of receipts and dyno graphs showing 117 hp (versus stock of 88).

I’ve collected a bunch of stuff over the years and as is the case with all fabulous machines, I love them each. I’m not a hoarder in general, just an avid enthusiast who’s happened into good grace a few times. the Japanese bike has the longest and richest sentimental and emotional attachments, but it’s also got perfect paperwork, a long documentation-history, and is the only one currently complete, running, and in great shape.

In the early 2000’s the California owner had most of the work done on it, including a full Dan Kyle engine rebuild. In 2003 he sold it to a great friend of mine who flew out to Cali and rode it back to New York. A year later he got laid off and sold it to me. It was my third RC30, but the only one assembled and running. I cherished it for two years, then went through a garage-purge and sold it to another good friend (in ohio). In 2005 he too got laid off and I bought it back. I can’t afford to keep it but i am starting to see a recurring circle coming round.

Pretty lengthy history and rebuild, but it looks to be complete and ready to go. The lower fairing isn’t being shown in the photos, but is intact and was not involved in the accident.

The seller says it runs out straight and looks good other than the couple of tank issues. The other item worth mentioning is that the cluster on the bike reads 1 mile and is US spec.

I can’t stress enough that if anyone is interested in owning a RC30 on the cheap you need to contact the owner ASAP. All offers are being considered and the bike must go!

Contact the seller at 516.642.7988 or



Honda July 11, 2011 posted by

’91 Two Brothers AMA RC30 Race Bike – Seriously.

Location: Somers, Connecticut
Mileage: NA (dude, it’s a race bike)
Price: Auction, currently $3,500

Okay, so here is something I’m guessing we don’t see everyday here at RSBFS. I have seen a few RC30’s and I’ve seen some legit race bikes. But I haven’t seen both in one bike. Represented here is a Two Brothers Racing AMA RC30 superbike. That’s a string of words I like to see together. The RC30 is a legendary bike. Two Brothers is a very well known name in racing (love their exhausts) and if this bike is actually at all connected with “Fast” Freddie Spencer (two-time world champion), then I think we all know what that could mean.

Here’s some more photos-

Here’s the information from the seller-

1991-1992 Two Brothers Racing RC30 AMA Superbike, this may have been Spencers backup bike/ tire testing but I have no documentation to back this up so Im just going to say it is definately a TBR Superbike.

Kevin Erion sold this 1/94 to one of his riders Chuck Burnnett who owned it for several years and had Mike Velasco rebuild the engine, it was dynoed on Elf fuel showing 132hp @ the wheel. The engine is full of HRC NL0 kit parts and 39mm Keihin flatslides.Runs very strong, I ran it at one Wera event a few years ago so the engine still has very low time. I’ve owned this since 2001 and just slapped on some new Michelins.

Frame is a braced HRC unit with an odd 15 digit vin #, 6.25 & 3.75 HRC mags, vented Nissin rotors, HRC fork internals.

I have NO SPARES to sell and please dont ask me my reserve. Thanks

I will help with shipping if needed, I will build a crate and ship to a port, you will pay all shipping costs, please dont ask me how much to ship here or there, I have no idea off hand.

So this is one of those deals that needs some careful consideration. A legit AMA RC30 superbike? Well that’s about as cool as it gets. A piece of racing history for sure. But, as with anything in this world, it’s worth the time to do your homework. And I would be particularly cautious about any real link to Freddie Spencer without solid documentation or specific proof. The seller is right to acknowledge lack of documentation, which is commendable. I also don’t even know how to begin to evaluate the value on this bike, so the auction will be interesting.

However, link to Freddie or not, this bike could be truly special. Not a factory homologated limited run for the street, but the real deal. It will never see the street, and maybe not even the track again.

And it does not represent racing. It is racing.

If you have the means, do yourself (and all of us living vicariously through you) a favor and check this auction out!


Honda June 18, 2011 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R with only 13 miles to be auctioned Saturday, July 25th

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R For Sale to the highest bidder

Location: Norwood, MA
Mileage: 13
Price: How much you got?

Not to be out done by my Greenhorns I had to throw this one up on the main site as well as our FB page. I normally don’t write up CL ads on the main site due to the lack of quality photos and crap descriptions, but this one is deserving of the spotlight.

1990 Honda RC30 showing only 13 miles will be sold for the highest offer on Saturday June 25 at 125 Lenox St, Norwood MA

Only 13 miles and the seller is saving himself a few bucks in fees by holding the auction himself. I can’t say I really blame them, but RC30’s on CL never cease to amaze me.

A couple of things that I am curious about is why in the world would you store a 13 mile bike uncovered in a dusty ass garage? This make me think this one may have a few bumps and bruises which will be a shame with only having 13 miles. Is it still sitting on the original hoops? Carbs drained?

As most of you’ve already noticed there are a few other collectables in the photo as well… hmmm…

If any of you guys make contact with the seller and want to share any info let me know so I can update this post.

See the other (dusty) photos here