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Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by

Before The V: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma

Before The V:  1987 Suzuki  RG250 Gamma

Yes, there were 250 Gamma’s before the VJ21 rolled out with its’ GP like V twin engine and twin spar aluminum frame.  This is the last of the line of the parallel twins in the original RG series.  As time has passed by many may forget this was the first replica racer for the street and created quite a buzz.  The 1983 RG250 was the first mass produces motorcycle with a light weight aluminum frame.  This was the bike to have.

What is neat about the RG250 is that there are so many variants produced.  Full fairings, half fairing, Walter Wolfs in two colors, HB colors.  In 84 they added a noticeable slant to headlight/fairing, it didn’t last long and went back to the blunt look for the rest of the series.  There are probably a couple more  I’m missing.  A Suzuki collector pointed out to me that  Suzuki  even came out with a mid year, domestic model with updated specs to hold people over until the RGV250 (VJ21) came out.  I’ve also been told but haven’t confirmed that Japanese domestic bikes were a model year ahead of what the rest of the world got.  For example, a 1987 UK RG250 would be a 1986 model in Japan.  I did find a tidbit on All Suzuki Motorcycles Ever Built that the 1987  Canadian model RG had 1986 RG250 specs.  So, maybe there is some truth there.

I believe this is a Canadian model and it has the matching tail cover.  Somewhere along the line she made it south of the Canadian border and got a TN title.  I’ll let the seller explain the rest:

 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma. Excellent condition with only 11k miles (18k KM on odo).  Completely stock and everything works perfectly.  A few chips and scratches on the bodywork with one small dent on the top of the tank (see photos).  Tires are recently replaced and the bike is ready to ride, no issues.  Happy to assist with shipping however I can.  Clear TN title on the bike.

They aren’t generally as desirable as an RGV250  but I will be the first to admit they are more rare.  Having seen a couple in person recently,  I can say they are good looking bikes when given some TLC.  The seller is starting the auction off relatively high at $3,900.  Considering decent RGV’s  (not mint) have been selling in the 5’s I’m not sure how much action he will get on the auction.  Having said that, if you want, lust after or crave  an RG250 that is  clean, stock and titled you may need to throw in a bid.  If you’ve been waiting, take action here.


MZ August 8, 2011 posted by

More Relevant Than You Might Think: 0 Mile MZ1000S

More Relevant Than You Might Think:   0 Mile MZ1000S

I know it doesn’t have the wow factor of  a lot of the bikes we post but if you are a history buff you know some of the strokers we feature here owe their beginnings to the East German built MZ’s of the past.  I’ll get to the history in a bit.  What you are looking at is the last gasp of MZ:  well sort of, more on that later as well.  The 1000S sports a unique trellis frame and it houses a MZ built parallel twin engine.  I read one article saying the body work was designed by an engineer that worked on the Stealth F-117 Fighter, who knew?  I’m guessing this a 2005 model but don’t hold me to it.  The bike was introduced to the United States in 05 as a sport/tourer with an emphasis on sport.  Most of the reviews I read were quite positive about the bike with maybe a feeling that it was just kind of “vanilla”.

You can’t deny it has a unique front end.  If someone doesn’t want the usual cookie cutter bike I could see this as an alternative at the right price, with an *.  What about parts and service?  The seller claims only  40 were imported and as far as I can tell all the MZ infrastructer has folded.  The engine was designed in house, as well, so God only knows how you would source parts. 

So why is MZ relevant?  The extremely abbreviated story:  they developed the modern two stroke engine.  Suzuki was having a heck of a time getting a bike through a race and not grenading.  In a real life story of polictical and corporate espianage,  they managed to spring the top MZ rider (he was basically an engineer as well) from East Germany.  He brought with him some parts and the knowledge Suzuki needed to redesign their racing two strokes.  That technology was used in Suzuki race bikes and would trickle down to the RG series we all love so much.  I highly suggest reading Matt Oxleys, Stealing Speed.  It is a great read on the MZ story and all its’ twists and turns.  To a certain extent every two stroke that came out of Japan owes a little (or a lot) to old MZ.

That is the past.  The future is uncertain but there is news on that front.  In 2009 former GP riders Ralf Waldmann and Martin Wimmer (backed by investers) purchased the rights to the MZ name.  There have been rumors of a Moto2 bike and possibly a 600cc road bike.  Keep your fingers crossed.

It has a BIN of $10,000.  That sounds very optomistic to me but for the right price I would think there might be a collector or sport/touring rider who might take a chance.  Das motorbike is here.


Laverda June 8, 2011 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S For Sale in the Bay Area

Always nice to see something from Italy a little different and this Laverda twin is something different.  This bike has a strong following for those who have been exposed but for many others it remains an unknown.  The bike has a very strong engine which is a parallel twin and was put together with high quality components.  For a little bit of background reading try here. They were always highly regarded in the handling department.

The seller shares a bit of background:

Laverda 750s 1999 This is a very unique bike, it can be considered the alternative to the Ducati 748. Bike is a head turner not mention the sound. It has a very deep lope as it is a parallel twin and fires 180 from each other. The power comes best on the top end rather then a low end. If I have to say my favorite part of the bike besides its performance is the sound, the D&D pipes literally make the ground shake, and when the throttle is cracked your heart jumps.
The bike feels very planted in the corners, front brakes feel awesome and the best ive feel ive felt compared to all the newer Japanese bikes. The power is comes in midrange and pulls hard to redline. This if defiantly a bike to take to the twisys. It has a lot of character, very raw and a sense of pride when riding the bike. Has a new pilot power 2CT and a new rear sprocket, tire has maybe 500 miles and is broken in. its been laid down on the left and the only physical damage you can see is a little scrape on the pipe, and clutch perch. The Plastics are from the rare formula S, which I understand only 500 were imported. The plastic has a little damage on the right side but has been touched up and wont notice if you look close. Over all the bike is clean, and has some very nice Factory parts such as Little bit of carbon fiber, and remote reservoir rear shock, brembo hydraulic clutch, rear sets. This is your chance to own a very rare bike. You wont see this everyday.

has about 10,000 miles

Rare Italian made beauty;1999 Laverda 750S with 750SF Formula body work
750cc Parallel twin , DOHC, 408 lbs dry weight, Upgraded Eprom chip, D & D pipes
Factory installed high quality items;
*Marchesini hollow rims
*Steel braided brake lines
*Brembo 4 piston calipers with opposed pistons
*320mm rotors
*Paioli inverted front forks
*Weber Marelli fuel injection with twin throttle bodies.
*Weber-Marelli digital electronic ignition.
*Fuel tank mounted underneath the seat to lower weight
*Battery mounted underneath fuel tank to lower weight

The listing on Craigslist is here

This has been a long favourite bike for me and over the years have bid on a few.  The asking price is fair I think at $4200 as the bike is not fully original with the change in bodywork.  If it is in good condition save for the scratches mentioned, then this could be a nice buy for a lucky person.


Sport Bikes For Sale March 31, 2011 posted by

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with California title!

For Sale: 1987 Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with CA title

Predecessor to the RGV series of two-stroke v-twins, the original Suzuki quarter-liter “racebike with lights” was a parallel twin known as the RG. Introduced in 1983 and manufactured through 1987, the RG250 was very advanced for its day. The Gamma series was one of the first – if not THE first – mass produced sportbike with an aluminum frame. This RG model also sported a single shock “Full Floater” rear suspention, slippery aero bodywork, modern 4-piston brake calipers and an anti-dive fork.

This particular bike appears to be a MK III machine, including a power-boosting Automatic Exhaust Control (AEC) system. Unlike Yamaha’s YPVS system which altered the height of the exhast port, Suzuki’s AEC utilized a butterfly valve in the head to alter the capacity of the exhaust – thereby widening the powerband and increasing total power to approximately 50 bhp. Bolted into a sharp-handling chassis and weighing in at approximately 285 lbs, the Gamma offered racetrack performance.

From the seller:
1987 Suzuki RG 250. Looks good, strong runner. Has Avon Super Venom Tires near new tread depth. Has been run up Palomar Mountain, a worthy 7 mile steep climb from 2,200 to 5,500 feet altitude, with 230 Lb rider.

Milage shown on speedo is in Kilometers, converted to Mph in info area. Original paint except for upper fairing and front fender. Red Suzuki decal has some scratches but reproduction ones may be available on the net. Reg Expired 2007, but is on PNO , so no penalties.

Larger pictures can be e-mailed, direct if closer look for blemishes is desired. Bike always stored indoors , and run every couple of months to keep healthy. Have very large bike collection being thinned down to make more space.

This particular seller is a well known collector. His stable is said to include more than 300 bikes, and thus the “thinning the herd” comment is probably true. We don’t see a lot of RG250 Gammas run through RSBFS, which speaks to their relative rarity. Considering this one has a valid California title (nearly impossible to obtain and a definitive price booster for CA buyers) and appears to be in reasonable condition, I would estimate that it will fetch fair market money.

So what is “fair market money” for one of these? Generally, a RG250 will run from $2,500 – $5,500 depending upon condition and model. The Walter Wolf editions tend to bring just a bit more – but not always; auctions can be fickle beasts. The reserve is apparently set just below $4k, which is about what this bike will likely sell for.

For all the pictures, details and more, . Tell ’em RSBFS sent you!


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale February 13, 2011 posted by

1962 Yamaha YDS1R (YDS2R) Restored In Los Angeles

This is a great looking, restored, YDS1R race bike on eBay!

Bike:  1962 Yamaha YDS1R

Miles:  TMU

Price:  $18,500/Offer

Location:  West Los Angeles, California

What makes a bike collectible?  Well, being the first production road racer from a multi-world-championship-winning motorcycle manufacturer can’t hurt.  The YDS1R was Yamaha’s first production road race bike and based strongly on the factory example–and which also lead to the TD1.  The YDS1R was originally a kit intended to be fitted to a stock YDS1, the kit enabled the bike to produce 30hp with a top speed of just over 100mph but was also a serious race bike in terms of maintenance and tuning.  Yamaha later offered the YDS1R as a complete bike and followed it with a YDS2R before finally releasing the TD1.  Read more about the YDS1R here.

The bike for sale here looks to be in outstanding condition with a 1st place trophy from the now defunct Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance.  Here is what else they list in the ad:

Yamaha YDS1R for sale, Very rare Pre TD1 Road racer. Original Asama Road racer Gas tank,
1-1/2″ Yazaki racing tach, complete. ready for show.
Ordani racing brakes, (I have original Brake you can choice)
International shipping available.

I’ll admit, I don’t know a lot about these bikes but based on the date shouldn’t this be a YDS2R?  Any aficionados, please comment and put me straight! See the bike with .


Sport Bikes For Sale January 11, 2011 posted by

Lone Wolf: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition

For Sale: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma, low mileage Walter Wolf Edition

Back in November, RSBFS contributor (and resident 2-stroke encyclopedia) Ian brought us this auction of a Walter Wolf Edition RG250 Gamma. His assessment at the time was that the bike was priced way too high for the current market, and he was right. That bike is now back on eBay with reduced pricing.

From Ian’s original post:
I’m split on the price. The auction has a buy it now price of $7,900 and an acution starting price of almost $5,000. I’ve honestly never seen an RG250 close to either one of those prices.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a very rare super clean very low mileage Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Edition. *MY DESCRIPTION DIDN’T APPEAR ON THE LISTING WHEN I FIRST PUT IT UP. VERY SORRY. HERE IT IS.* This is the pride of my collection. This bike is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically as you can tell from the pictures. The pictures look good, but they pale in comparison when you see the bike in person. It has just had a fresh complete tune-up at the dealership, including carburator dissasembly, cleaning and adjusting, new fork seals and fork oil etc. It starts on the first kick or two and rides as it should with no funny sounds or wobbles. It brakes well and accelerates hard and corners like it is part of you. I have owned many rare 2 strokes and this is by far the lightest and most agile. It makes my NS400R look heavy, and my 1986 GSXR1100 feel like a TANK! This is a Japanese home market motorcycle as they didn’t import WW RG250s to Canada. It is licenced here in Quebec and has been in Canada for the past few years. The bike is entirely original and unmodified, and everything that wears out on a motorcycle is in good condition. The chain, sprokets (original as far as I can tell) are like new -And clean too! The engine has good compression. The paint is still shiny. The bike is a SOLIDE 9 out of 10, mostly because of a crack in the upper fairing. The crack can be seen when your up close but is practically invisible when next to the bike. If I hadn’t taken a close up in the right light, you could’t tell from the high res pictures I took. Incredible for a 24 year old bike that’s been ridden. I can ship anywhere to Canada or the US for very reasonnable shipping charges. See below for more information. *I also have a very clean ’86 Honda NS400R that I could sell also. I’ve incuded a picture. Let me know if you need additional information on anything. Here are some specs: RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf 1987 Overall Length: 2 010 mm (79.1 in) Overall Width: 675 mm (26.6 in) Overall Height: 1 170 mm (46.1 in) Wheelbase: 1 355 mm (53.3 in) Dry Weight: 130 kg (286 lbs) Engine type: 247 cc water-cooled 2-stroke parallel twin. 45 hp / 8.500 rpm, 3,8 kg-m/ 8.000 rpm. *I can ship anywhere in Canada or the US lower 50 states for $350-650 depending on where you live. I am in the trucking business so I have very competitive rates and a reliable service to offer. Email me for a freight quote with your zip code. For the customs paperwork and preparation I use Norman G Jensen for $355, but you are free to use another freight broker at your convenience or pick up the bike in person. I can crate the bike for $150. Feel free to contact me for any questions.* Thank You and Happy Bidding!

This time around, the bidding has started at a much more sane level, and is currently sitting at $2K with the reserve not yet met. The BIN has been lowered as well, and is set at $5,750. Kudos to the seller for bringing them closer in line with reality.

The 250 version is the most rare of the Walter Wolf Edition Suzukis – and as a whole the WW models are sparse. Their true collectibility has yet to be realized, although we tend seen a slight premium in the current marketplace. For more details and info check out Ian’s earlier post above, and then get in on the after Christmas sale by


Sport Bikes For Sale September 11, 2010 posted by

1989 Yamaha TZR250 3MA Titled & Registered In Missouri

This is a titled & plated TZR250 in Missouri!

Bike:  1989 Yamaha TZR250

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Mileage:  7,348mi

This bike has been recently serviced with items such as:

  • New floats, needle valves and seats
  • Carb tuning and plugs
  • New tires
  • Fresh wheel paint
  • New brake pads
  • New stainless steel brake lines
  • New fork tube seals and dust seals
  • New paint with original colors and graphic
  • Powder coated rear subframes
  • Power coated fairing stay

(Notice that in a couple of the pictures there are two different license plates, just something to note)

The seller states that the 3MA is the most desirable TZR250, and I’d have to agree.  There is nothing better than two tiny silencers sticking through the rear bodywork to get the blood flowing…  The 3MA has the look, smell, and sound of a big GP bike making you even forget to ask where the other two silencers are.  Yes, this is still a 250cc two-stroke (50hp @ 10,000rpm) and it won’t impress your extended swingarm Hayabusa friends but, you’re probably not that close to them anyway.

See the other 3MA bikes we’ve posted .


Sport Bikes For Sale September 9, 2010 posted by

Heads Up! 1992 Yamaha TZR250 3XV Available In California For Cheap!

This TZR250 is for sale on a familiar forum,  It doesn’t have much info or pictures but, it’s cheap and therefore I’m going to have to assume it isn’t titled.

Here is the sellers description:

1992 TZR2503XV – winter project for next season. All the parts are there, just needs to be slapped back together and get it running. Should do very well in 250SB.

$2300 OBO. Not interested in trades, sorry.

Don’t make me part it out…

PM for more details and pictures.

Thank you

If you’re truly interested, get the bike before the seller posts pictures on BARF here.