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Aprilia October 31, 2009 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS 250 almost new!


Aprilia RS 250 on the Los Angeles CL  Bike is located in Long Beach, CA



This non street version has been sitting, but it should be in great shape considering it has less than 300 miles…  Hmmm lets do some 4th grade math; 300/10 = 30 miles per year average,  that’s insane!  If I owned this thing, it would have had a couple Mag Lights duct taped to it and I’d be ripping through the canyons doing my part to put the mosquito population in decline.  The owner has it listed at $3869.00 (sort of an odd number) which seems pretty darn fair considering it’s brand new and still has the spares kit. 


Aprilia RS250 1999, good condition, not street legal, less than 300 miles, comes with front and rear wheel stands and spares kit. This bike has been sitting in my garage for 8 years help me clean out the garage so my wife stops complaining.


Someone help Rob get his wife in line and get this out of his garage and into yours. 



Aprilia October 27, 2009 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS 250 on ebay

I figured what the heck!  Let’s keep the 2 stroke theme rolling along.


 Auction says it has 1,000 miles on it and has been used for racing and track days, but has been stored for the past 15 months.  This beauty has all of the desired up grades already completed.  Bike is located in Seattle, WA.  Owner states that it is streetable, but I don’t see any lights so you be the judge.  Track or street this thing screams FUN FUN FUN!

The owner says:

Has most the upgrades done:

* GP shift (and linkage to change it back to stock)
* carbonfibre cans
* stainless brake lines
* Rachtech forks and shock
* 520 chain conversion
* Woodcraft rearsets
* and more.

$100’s in Extras included:

* clutch kit, clutch cable, clutch levers
* 43T and 49T rear sprockets (I’ve got gearing data for the East CCS tracks in the notes of the manual)
* rear brake pedal
* front fork seals
* extra set of clip ons
* rear stand
* synthetic oil
* and more miscellaneous stuff that really pays to have on hand.

Someday I’ll have one of these and I’ll be kill’n mosquito’s with a huge smile on my face.


Bimota October 24, 2009 posted by

It’s Raining Bimota’s! Here’s a YB11 For Sale in Seattle

I know we’ve been on a real Bimota tear recently and here’s another! Hope you’re enjoying the selection of these newly available exotics!

1997 Bimota YB11 – $5800 on Craigslist:

Bimota YB11 For SaleBimota YB11 For SaleBimota YB11 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

This 1997 YB11 Superleggera has a Clean Title in hand and has never been wrecked or dropped. It has a few small scratches and is 7 or 8 out of 10. This bike is Rare, Red, (Superlight) and in great runing shape. It has 11,050 original Miles. It has a new Battery (purchased 2 months ago and is on a tender), just changed oil (2nd time with only putting 150 miles since purchased two years ago) This Bike has a 1000cc Yamaha YZF1000R engine from the factory with over 150hp and has a dry weight of 403.4 pounds. When it was purchased it came with many upgrades and has a box of stock parts. I owned two other bikes (which I’ve sold) that I rode more often and didnt ride this one for that reason.
I have to sell it because I need to keep my house!

Phil knows far more about these bikes than I do, so hopefully he’ll give us some background on this model. From my limited perspective, $5800 sounds like a great deal on an exotic you can actually ride and enjoy. Not to mention I have a strange weakness for the Thunderace and with it’s motor in this chassis, I’m especially intrigued.

Someone help this guy stay in his house and take the Bimota off his hands!


Bimota October 23, 2009 posted by

Bimota Tesi 3D for sale…on Ebay Poland!

I know, I know, this bike isn’t in the US…but since the Bimota Tesi 3D is such a beautiful rare bird, I got permission from Dan to post this so we can all drool over it.  With that, I give you a 2009 Bimota Tesi 3D for sale on ebay Poland:

There’s not much information offered in the listing, except that the seller have a special statement to allow registration in Poland.”  While I cannot comment on the USD40,000+ asking price and the seller’s zero feedback rating, but coat me in chocolate and throw me in a barrel of cats if that’s not a beautiful bike!

A bit of background on the Tesi series: before working for the exclusive Italian marque, ex-Bimota chief engineer Pier Luigi Marconi wrote his Mechanical Engineering degree thesis on the hub-center steering concept.  While at Bimota, Marconi applied his thesis design to create the Tesi 1D (‘Tesi’ meaning ‘Thesis’ in Italian, and ‘D’ indicating that it has a Ducati engine – a Bimota modified 851 motor – inside) – Bimota’s first alternative front end design.

After the Tesi 1D was introduced in 1990, there came the Tesi 1D SR (slightly larger engine displacement than the 1D), the Tesi 1D EF (Edition Final), Tesi 2D (also known as the Vyrus 984), and now the latest incarnation, the Tesi 3D.  The Tesi was never meant to be a mass poduced vehicle, and the Tesi 1D was probably the most (relatively) common model at 127 units totally produced.  

Although there are no official figures how many 3Ds have been made, my (very) rough guess is 50-80 units worldwide.  This particular example is from a later production batch as identified by the red-coloured steel steering push rods and plastic brake fluid reservoirs.  Units from the very first production run was a limited series (named as the ‘Tesi 3D Concept’ by some importers), with carbon fiber steering push rods, alloy machined brake fluid reservoirs mounted on top of the triple clamp (just like the old DB1), wet clutch, and a small metal plaque stating the serial number. These bikes also came with Bimota Tesi 3D watches (made by Italian watch maker Officina Del Tempo) complete with matching numbers!

Definitely something to drool and fantasize about over the weekend!


Ducati October 22, 2009 posted by

2002 Ducati MHE900 on ebay

Editor note: Today we welcome a new author to RSBFS. This is Steve’s first post and from the looks of it we’ll be looking forward to his future selections with this kind of taste! Please join me in welcoming him on board! -dc

This is a 2002 Ducati MHE900 and is limited production even for Ducati – this happens to be bike #1891 of 2001. These came standard with lots of trick parts but this one has a quite a few upgrades including a complete carbon fiber body kit and upgraded fuel tank – five gallons instead of three. This MHE900 has 5,433 miles on the odometer but looks showroom new. The Buy It Now price was recently lowered to $12,995. See this Ducati on ebay: 

2002 Ducati MHE900 MH900evoluzione for sale

More information from the ebay listing:

This is a very special bike! There were only 2000 made and this is number 1891.  When offered in 2001, they sold out online in under 1 hour!  The prices have climbed steadily and this represents a blue chip investment you can enjoy! This bike is loaded with carbon fiber body work complete by Carbon Dream. A Staintune exhaust was added for premium sound and maximum performance.  An upgraded 5 gallon tank was a big step up from the factory tank that held just under 3 gallons.  All parts were purchased through Ducati Corsa including the Ducati high performance mirrors. This bike has been well cared for, serviced at the Ducati dealer (Fast By Ferracci) its whole life.  We have all the service records for this bike since birth along with any upgrade that was added.  We also have all the original body work including fenders, factory tank and more.  The Ducati has just recently gone through inspection and has had regular synthetic oil changes when called for.  There is no other bike out there like this, offering you modern styling and extraordinary performance this is a great one to add to the collection.  This bike holds true to the Ducati name and look.

The standard MHE900 is rare enough but the upgrades done to this bike make it one of a kind. I do however, question the need for a larger fuel tank as I expect the ergonomics to wear the rider down faster than the engine consumes gasoline – or I just might be getting old. Either way, this is definitely a motorcycle I wouldn’t mind adding to my stable…

Ducati October 19, 2009 posted by

1996 Ducati 900 SP #973 of 1000

 900ss sp #973 of 1000 on



I know we’ve had several SP’s recently, but here is another one for everyone to drool over. 

  • 1996 Ducati 900SS SP # 973 0f 1000 made. Bike is showroom mint with only 5451 miles.   Always stored in a heated garage.
  • All steel braided lines for brakes and clutch.
  • Brand new Pirelli Corsa tires.
  • Micron exhaust.
  • K&N modified air box.
  • New mikuni carbs with stage one jet kit.
  • Black hollow spoke Brembo wheels.
  • Oil cooling jets for pistons.
  • Full floating front brakes.
  • I have the factory exhaust the tools and stands all included in auction.

This one has a very low 5451 on the clock and has some very nice mods.  I am particularly fond of the black Brembo wheels on this one.  The seller has saved the stock parts, tool kit and rear stand which is always nice when considering a purchase of a limited production bike.  At $9,250 it seems to be a fair price, but having just completed a check of previous 900SS posts on RSBFS they might be hanging on this one for a while.  It seems the market won’t support the asking prices of most SP owners.  I’ve seen several stall around 5 – 6k this year. 


Cagiva October 14, 2009 posted by

1987 Cagiva/Ducati 650 Allazzura

Update: bike sold for $3,500.00 on ebay


Found this Cagiva/Ducati this morning and I thought it was a pretty cool ride so here it is.

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It has 12,600 miles on it and looks to be in outstanding condition for it’s age.  I personally have never seen one of these, but that isn’t saying much!  Apparently, when Cagiva owned Ducati in the 80’s this was their attempt at rebadging of the then defunct Ducati Pantah.  As you can tell by the pictures the owner has a very nice collection of toys and this one needs a new home.  He is even offering your money back if you don’t like it.  Beat that in the used motorcycle market.

  The timing belts were changed at 12,000 miles. It has a fresh battery and fresh tires. The torque from the desmo valve 650 provides serious umph. Comes with a clear title. This is a cool bike that is unique and will give you years of riding enjoyment. If you buy this little bike and are not satisfied with it when you get it you can send it back to me for a refund.

This would make a great commuter bike and appears to be a super cheap entry into the world of Ducati.  I usually don’t like this style of motorcycle, but this one has hit my soft spot.


Aprilia October 12, 2009 posted by

2004 Aprilia Mille RSV Factory R

I know this isn’t exactly ultra rare, but with only 490 miles and nearly a $20,000.00 MSRP for only $8,500.00 buy-it-now I just had to post it up. 


The RSV R’s don”t get much talk due to that other Italian Motorcycle company, but they make a fine piece of exotica.  The RSV R’s have Ohlin’s, OZ wheels, Brembo brakes and all carbon fiber body work and that is a lot of high end material for what is basically a brand new bike.  The bike has a story and the seller explains….

I purchased this bike new in 2005 for $16,000 and was injured in a car accident not long after, so the bike has been in storage (started, tested and ridden by a friend from time to time) ever since.  So this bike is basically in new condition with less than 500 miles on the odometer. It’s never been abused, dropped and is absolutely perfect in every way.

This is a great looking Italian V-Twin, with super high end components and is cheap, cheap!