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Ducati January 15, 2010 posted by

1995 Ducati Supermono (drool!) 572cc w/ 0 miles!

1995 Ducati Supermono for sale and is listed as having 0 miles!

This is almost unbelievable, because these are as elusive as those Snipe things they told us about at camp. This super rare Supermono is located in Italy and is Mike, located in Scotland, turned me on to this rare bird first thing this morning. Talk about excited, I had a grin from ear to ear all day just thinking about what a rare opportunity this is. Currently there is a bid of 25,100 pounds, which equates to $40,882.92 usd, and the reserve is still on. I can’t begin to tell you the correct valuation on this bike. Hopefully, one of you will be able to shed some light on what these are worth. My guess is that it is going to take a whole lot more than the current $40,000.00 to buy this one.

Ducati only built 65 of these over the course of a three year span from 1993 to 1995 and then two more were built between 1996 and 1997. This one shows #14 on the triple clamp badge and is said to be #59 of the 67 that were ever produced. The 1995 model’s were made to 572cc vs the previous years 550cc motor’s. Some of the articles I read, while doing research for this model, said that the 572’s are more desireable becaue they were more refined and tested vs. the earlier models. At a mere 277 wet #’s and pumping out 61hp, I bet these things would rail around the track. The top speed was said to be 141mph, but I have to believe they could easily do better with a jockey sized rider and a few modifications.


1995 Brand new and possibly the only new one left in the world. It’s number 59 and the 14th one produced in 1995 so that means it’s one of just 25 of the 572CC models produced and comes with it’s certificate of origin. Only 67 Supermono’s were ever built which makes it one of the most sought after and collectable Ducati’s ever, this really is a once in a life time chance to own a new one…..Open to offers.

I did find an older add listing one of these for sale and the price was 115,000, but I couldn’t find anything about the article such as where it was located and a date for the article. So if you know what it is worth please let us know.

Here is a great video that lets you hear what a pure racing 570 single sounds like.

In this next video watch how quickly the rider flicks the Supermono from side to side. It looks effortless in every corner. By the way, go ahead and turn up your volume before you watch it so you can hear a different kind Ducati music.

For some people these are the rarest Ducati’s ever produced and I can’t blame those who think so. I know Ducati makes a LE every year, but this is one LE I think they should make every year and let the general public have a chance.



Laverda January 14, 2010 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S Formula

1999 Laverda 750s Formula parallel twin for sale with Termi’s

Ah yes, another sexy Italian motorcycle for sale. You have to give it to the Italians for having the ability to consistently build great looking motorcycles year after year. And the cool thing is that it doesn’t matter what manufacturer it is, they all seem to have a keen eye for styling and Laverda was right there with the best of them (read: MV). If my memory serves me correctly Laverda was purchased by Aprilia which in turn is now owned by Piaggio. None of which amounts to much other than Laverda was eventually phased out sometime in 2004/2005 and is now for sale, again.

If you take a peek at the photos you may notice Laverda’s different way of thinking when building motorcycles. Laverda’s chain drive is on the right side of the bike and the brake rotor on the left side. Another point of interest is that while practically every other Italian motorcycle company was building some type of opposing twin cylinder engine, Laverda opted for the parallel twin. I’m not aware of any other company that built parallel twins that matched Laverda’s cc’s. Kawasaki makes the Ninja 500 in a parallel twin and that’s as big as I’m aware of in recent sport bike history.

I liked these when they were introduced and I still like the Laverda design. I’m especially fond of the orange Marchesini wheels. Asking price is $6,900.00 and is located on the Charlotte Craigslist should you be interested.

From the listing:

Rare Italian sportbike. One of two in NC. Low mileage, never dropped, garage kept. Black with orange magnesium wheels and orange accents. Upside down forks, carbon fiber, Paioli suspension, Termi exhaust, chip. 100 Hp, 396 lbs. Parallel Twin.

I’ve added a video of a Laverda parallel twin so you can hear how they sound if you aren’t familiar with them.

I like the sound of parallel twins when they are of a larger variety as I think they have a deep throaty sound, but when they get too small they sound like a scooter.



Bimota January 14, 2010 posted by

Bimota YB10 Dieci for sale in New Orleans

Here’s another Bimota for sale:  an unknown year Bimota YB10 Dieci in New Orleans (thanks for the tip Doug!)

Produced between 1991 to 1994, the YB10 uses a Yamaha FZR1000 engine house in Bimota’s own beam frame design (same frame as the YB6 and championship winning YB4).  Max output is 145 hp at 10,000 rpm and max torque is 11 kg at 8500 rpm, pushing a claimed dry weight of 188 kgs.

I am more of a fan of the DB series, but the YB series (especially ever since the YB4 won the F1 championship in 1987) has a strong following.  The seller didn’t offer much details, but judging from the photos, this bike is part of a larger collection.  The bike is a bit dusty and probably hasn’t been started in a few years, but at least it’s sitting inside in a clean and dry environment (as I would expect from anyone who would own a Bimota).

With only 224 units built ever, the asking price of $13,999 is not unreasonable, but I would knock off a few bucks with the bike being so dusty.  😉


Bimota January 14, 2010 posted by

2007 Bimota DB6 in Las Vegas

I’ve been MIA for a while because of something called “work” (what a PITA, eh?) but I see that the team has been working overtime to bring you all the best there is out there (guys, you’re making me look bad)! I’ve sure got a lot of catching up to do!

Being the Bimotisti that I am, I found a nice ’07 DB6 Delirio with super low miles (like most Bimotas are) for sale in Las Vegas:

Flawless and immaculate – better than showroom condition, less than 300 miles purchased new in 09.
Ducati 1000 cc L twin power.
Light nimble and extremely fast.
Beautiful Italian trellis frame is a work of art.
Big Brembo brakes will stand it on the front tire.
Comfortable and big fun to throw into corners.
Now has ZARD aftermarket carbon fiber exhaust on it, not shown in picture.

300 miles is almost brand new, and the ZARDs are a nice touch that can make the Duc engine sing like it should.  Shame that this isn’t the more potent DB6R version, but I’ll gladly take this one anyday.  The asking price of $20,000 seems a tad high – $16,000 to $18,000 would be a more realistic price range.


Ducati January 13, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati 998s Ben Bostrom LE #25 of 155

Bostrom Ducati 998s #25 of 155 is available for the taking.

I am a huge Boz Bros fan and this just happens to be my favorite Ducati racer replica. It would have been even sweeter had they offered it in the true L&M design, but these are still sweet. I enjoyed watching Ben the most when he raced for NCR Ducati.

He seemed much looser and just happy to be there with no pressure to win because he wasn’t on the Corse factory team. But then L&M happened and he ripped off 5 wins in a row (so much for the NCR deal), which no one ever expected him to do being on the 3rd Corse team with Dunlops under him. In their prime Ben and Eric both were tenatious competitors when they had confidence in their machinery. I really enjoyed watching Eric on the Kawasaki the most, but I’ll save that story for another post. One of the stupid reasons I like Ben is because he liked Evil Knievel almost as much as me 🙂 Godspeed Evil…..

Here are the pictures of #25 for sale on the San Fran Craigslist.

Limited Edition, #25 of 155
Bostrom Autographed bike and matching autographed helmet
Ready to ride or show,
$10,500, entertaining offers

I found this tidbit of info on the net.

One hundred and fifty-five Bostrom replica 998Ss will be built for North America, all signed on the tank by Ben Bostrom himself, and fitted with carbon-fiber bodywork, an Ohlins fork instead of the usual Showa, and the good four-pad Brembo front calipers, for only $22,695!

With an asking price of $10,500 and offers being considered I like this 998s considering the above listed upgrades it received from Ducati. If I had the $10g’s lying around I’d probably already own it and I would have an Evil Knievel suit to go along with it in true Ben style. Throw in a Suomy Bostrom replica helmet and I’d be set. I guess I hope these are still around when I do have a few thousand to toss around so I can pick one up.

Did anyone else have one of those Evil Knievel crank motorcycles that would do wheelies and jump the ramp that you got with it?

Heres a video of Ben from back in the day aboard the L&M Ducati. I would marvel at how he would let the bike move around under him. If you’ve never witnessed it, check it out as it is a must see to appreciate kind of thing.



Ducati January 12, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900 on ebay

Check out this 2002 Ducati MH900 with only 3 miles on eBay!

That’s right only 3 miles and this thing looks to be better kept than most house pets. Located in Suffolk, VA this MH900 looks to be all its said to be and then some. These bikes are a perfect blend of classic looks with modern sport bike amenities. Originally, sold on the internet only, these sold out very quickly during their first production run. If my memory serves me correctly it was within hours of going on sale. I’m sure some of you will let me know that the 02’s aren’t as collectable as the 2000 model year, but this one only has 3 miles on the clock!! Only 3 miles!!! There I said it again. These types of low mileage bikes always seem to amaze me. They amaze me that the owners had enough self control to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a piece of rare Italian art and not even take it around the block 2 times. It simply amazes me to no end…. Enough babbling about my inability to understand the mind set of a collector. Here’s what they have to say.

“Mike Hailwood” edition 2002 Ducati. This is a numbered series and is bike #1740 of 2000. Only 200 of these bikes were imported into the U.S. I hav all the books, plaques and even the tee shirt (unworn) that came with the bike new. It has a Vermont title( clear) from the original owner.

I would have at the very least been pimping around in the T-shirt hoping someone would ask me “do you own a MH900?”

Right now I only have one picture of the bike. Its in the house and that’s where it’s always been.

I tried to research what these originally sold for when new, but had no luck. The owner is asking That seems a little high based on the other 2002’s we’ve posted on RSBFS, but with only 3 miles on the clock it will fetch a premium price.

I found this really cool looking MH900 on Youtube that has been chromed out in a sick way. It has Termi’s on it and it sounds wicked when he takes off. Give it a look as I think you’ll enjoy it.



Aprilia January 9, 2010 posted by

3 – 2009 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory race bikes for sale!

3 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory Race Bikes for sale!

That’s right, you can own the same Factory supported RSV1000R’s that Chaz Davies and Aaron Gobert used in the 2009 AMA season. All three have been gone through with fresh motors and suspension by KWS, and are ready for the track. Make no mistake these are factory race bikes with all the trick components that are not always available to the general public. Some of those components are KWS Super Bike spec motors cranking out 140hp, Millennium Technologies adjustable triple clamps, top of the line Ohlins forks and shocks, Millennium Technologies quick change brake hanger (just in case you need to change your rear tire in 13 seconds), 5.5″ rear wheel, a nice sprinkling of exotic Brembo brake components, Kevlar fuel cell, and some really trick Millennium Technologies rear sets.

The 2010 season is drawing near and I can only imagine Chip would love to move these to a good home. The price is $14,985.00 per bike. If you consider the 2010 RSV4R’s have a retail of $15,999.00 and $20,999.00 for the RSV4 R Factory, KWS is practically giving them away. Imagine showing up at your local track day on a Factory Aprilia racer and blowing past your buddy on his 1098 or pulling the trigger on one of these in a regional Heavyweight Twins race. They wouldn’t know what hit them!

You know the one thing I haven’t mentioned is the super cool paint scheme on these bikes. Can a race bike look any better than these?

Heck, if racing isn’t your thing you can poke around on ebay, buy some stock parts and put it on the street as a sleeper.

You can contact Chip at 843-552-7177 or

There are more pictures available on the KWS Motorsports site and I would recommend checking them out. They are pure eye candy!

If you’ve got an extra 10 minutes to spare check out this video. You can listen to the guys at KWS talk about developing the RSV 4R into a competitive racer. You can also listen the sweet, sweet music the Leo Vince exhaust makes.



Benelli January 8, 2010 posted by

Update on Bay Area Collection For Sale

Here is an update from Rory on the remaining inventory in the collection — with pictures!

Update 1.20.10: I got another update from Rory, and he tells me the RC45 and 888 are both sold now.

We’ve been a bit surprised by the great response through your site and been scrambling a bit to keep up with the inquiries. Invariably, people have been asking for details on bikes that we haven’t pulled out of storage to work on. And, as you already know, a real enthusiast from the East Coast struck a deal for 5 of the bikes, redirecting our focus for a time. A fellow drove up from LA on Christmas Eve to take the Ducati F1, and we have someone coming from Reno today to look at the Honda RC45.

We’ve at least rolled all the remaining bikes out to take photos and determine general condition and mileage. Anyone can contact us directly for more info.

Here is what is remaining as of January 5th:

’04 Benelli Tornado Tre – This bike has only 2 miles showing on the odometer and looks as though it has never been on the road.

’00 MV F4 – 426 miles The VIN# on this bike ends with 100000. While we can’t be absolutely sure, I spoke with someone at MV USA who believes that this probably the first F4 in the country.

’98 Ducati 916 SPS – 6059 miles. I’ve ridden this one around the block – great bike.

’93 Ducati 888 SPO – 2031 miles. Next on our list to get running.

’06 Yamaha R1 Rossi replica – 17 miles.

’06 Yamaha R1 Special Edition – 0 miles. No photo, but it’s the traditional Yamaha yellow and black paint scheme.

’99 Yamaha R7 OW02 – 3646 km.

’94 Honda RC45 – 3718 miles. Has two 1” diameter paint scuffs on side and rear panels but otherwise good shape. This bike is running now.

’72 Norton 810 Dunstall – 1983 miles. A very nice example and also now running.

Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection. I’m still tempted to get a second mortgage and get a big trailer for most of them!

If you have a special bike or collection that needs attention, email us at We’d be happy to consider your submission for regular posting, or we can provide a feature service for a small fee that will promote the listing on every page of our site.